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American Widow by Alissa Torres

Words & Pictures - Remembering 9-11 With the Graphic Novel

Seven years ago, Alissa Torres' husband Eddie went to work at the brokerage firm of Cantor Fitzgerald, located in the World Trade Center. It was his second day at the job, and she never saw him again. At the time of Eddie's death, Torres was almost eight months pregnant. Since then, she has focused on raising her son, living her life and coming to terms with loss, while trying to make sense of the bureaucracy, grief, political ramifications and consequences. Part of Torres' need to move on culminated in writing a graphic novel, American Widow, about her experience.

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A panel from the comic introducing Google Chrome

Google Chrome Comic in Demand

"Google Chrome" became one of the most popular search terms on following the launch of Google's open source Internet browser, Google Chrome, in September 2008. Along with the browser launch, Google released a comic book. The comic was created by Scott McCloud, a leading American cartoonist famous for his science fiction series Zot!, and it effectively served as the press release for Chrome. McCloud's work is much loved and can be collectible.

Google Chrome Comic