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Is there a special book that you read, or perhaps had read to you, at some point in your life but you can't remember the author and title? Perhaps you know the plot, or a character, or maybe even what the front cover looks like. BookSleuth is here to help you find that book! Simply post a short description of what you can remember here on our board. Visitors from all over the world will read your post, and one of them is bound to know exactly what you're talking about and post a response. Not missing anything? Why not see if you can help anyone else find their long-lost books?

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Soldier with a Tinderbox
I'm trying to find a picture book I had in the early 70s. The story involved a soldier with a tinderbox who met a witch who lived up a tree (I think). When the soldier struck the tinderbox, he was greeted by the arrival of huge monsters - perhaps oversized cats 'with eyes as big as saucers'. The cat was yellow. That's all I remember. Thanks. - Rachel in Edinburgh
SOLVED: The Tinderbox by Hans Christian Andersen OR The Little Tin Soldier by the Brothers Grimm OR The Magic Tinderbox by the Brothers Grimm, solved by Tig in St. Andrews; Jasper in York; Andrew in Chesterfield, UK; Anne O-L in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Anne in Nottingham, UK; Annette in Kent; Audrey in Lancashire; Barbara in Victoria; Barbara in Topanga; Bridgit in Lexington, KY; Barbara in MA; Carol in Scottsdale, Arizona; Charles; Cisca; Donna H.; Marg; Phil in Livermore, CA; Elaine in Canton, MA; Elisabeth; Elizabeth in Vancouver; Elly; Emil in London; Erika; Esther S. in Brighton, UK; Graeme; Gemma in Cambridge, UK; Hugo; Irene in Yale, BC; Emma; Jax in Sheffield, UK; Jeryl M. in NYC; Clare H.; Karin in Charlottesville; Les; Linda U.; Caroline in Manchester, UK; Lynn in Brentwood; Mandy; Marian; Mark; Mike; Mike L.; Malcolm F. in Birmingham, England; Nikki in California; Olive in Nottingham, UK; Pat in Reading, UK; Trevor; Rachel in the UK; Rachel in Devon, UK; Shawn; Rebecca S. in London UK; Rog; Sally in Buckinghamshire; Samantha; Robin in Nashville, TN; Anna B.; Sheila in Boulder, CO; Sheila in London; Heidi in Toronto; Sue; Susan in Singapore; Susan in Mesa, AZ; Susan Q.; Susan in Richmond, VA; Linda in Ramsgate, UK; Becky in England; and Cecilia
POSTED: Monday August 11, 2003

Girl and Witch Trade Places on Halloween
I am trying to find a book I read as a child. It was a chapter book about a little girl and a little witch who trade places on Halloween night. The little witch goes trick or treating for the first time and the little girl goes up to the witches mountain on the broomstick for adventures. One chapter contains a crystal cave. - Nancy G.
SOLVED: The Witch Family by Eleanor Estes, solved by Maria; Fred L. in Commodore, Pennsylvania, USA; Tara in Melbourne; Deborah in London; Leslie in Ramstein Air Base, Germany; Stacy in Amarillo, TX; Laurie in Jacksonville; Lorna S. in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Katherine in Washington, DC; Barbara in Victoria; and Anna in Birmingham
POSTED: Monday August 11, 2003

Chinese Girl and Her Life in San Francisco
This was published by peacock books the teenage arm of puffin books. It was the story of a chinese girl and her life in San Francisco. Her parents ran a grocery store. I read this some time between 1969 and 1973. - Emma P. in London, England, UK
SOLVED: Fifth Chinese Daughter by Jade Snow Wong OR In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson by Bette Bao Lord OR San Francisco Boy by Lois Lenski, solved by Ardythe in Winnipeg; Deb in Memphis; Julie in Evanston; Phil in Livermore, CA; Anne in Melbourne, Australia; and Jane T. in Hatfield Herts
POSTED: Monday August 11, 2003

Doll Changes Owners Many Times
This story of Victorian society told through the experiences of a doll who changes owners many times. At one stage she is left in a dusty attic for years. I read this book when growing up in Bangor Co. Down in the 1960s where I was a regular visitor to the Children's library in the Carnegie Library on Hamilton Road. On a visit there recently I was told that the stock had changed considerably since then! Best wishes. - Máire C. in Sheffield
SOLVED: Hitty: Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field OR Arabella: The Story of a Doll which was based on a book by Gollancz Revivals OR Impunity Jane by Rumer Godden OR Memoirs of a London Doll by Richard H. Horne OR The Up's and Down's of a Doll's Life by Brenda, solved by Anna in Belmont, CA; Marian in Orange; Ann S.; Adrian G. in Hants, UK; Jeryl M. in NYC; Deborah in London; Jennifer in Toronto; Phil in Livermore, CA; Robin W.; Mike B.; and Harold L.
POSTED: Monday August 11, 2003

Girl Witch on Glass Mountain
There were several books about a little girl witch who lived with an old witch on a glass mountain with a cat. She had a broomstick and a girl school friend who was not a witch. I read them from our public library around 1965. Loved the view of an ordinary school from a witches point of view. - Sarah
SOLVED: The Witch Family by Eleanor Estes, solved by Anna in Birmingham; Anna in Belmont, CA; Leslie in Ramstein Air Base, Germany; Barbara in Victoria; Bridgit in Lexington, KY; Katherine in Washington, DC; Phil in Livermore, CA; Erin; Laurie in Jacksonville; Lorna S. in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Maria; Rachel in Devon, UK; and Tara in Melbourne
POSTED: Monday August 11, 2003

Tug Boat
I am looking for a childrens book that I loved as a little girl in the 1950's - the story centred on a little tug boat. It was published on that heavy paper used at that time and there were many illustrations (the little tug boat surrounded by much larger boats I seem to recall) Can any one help with this one? - Mandy in Harlow
SOLVED: Little Toot by Hardie Gramatky which includes Little Toot on the Mississippi and Little Toot on the Thames OR Tuffy the Tugboat by Alice Sankey OR Scruffy the Tugboat a Golden Book OR Scuffy the Tugboat OR Trusty the Tug, solved by Barbara in Topanga; Barbara in MA; Carol in Delaware; Kirwar in Houston, TX; Phil in Livermore, CA; Elaine in Canton, MA; Elizabeth; Ellen in Memphis; Jeryl M. in NYC; John W.; Laurie in Jacksonville; Martin in Cambridge; Maura in Milton, MA; Pam in RI; Jason in Denver; Rose S. in Chattanooga; Sandra in North Augusta, SC; and Melissa in Fort Wayne, IN
POSTED: Monday August 11, 2003

Model Canoe Travels Down St. Lawrence
I remember loving this book about a model canoe complete with Native American paddler travelling down the St Lawrence past the grain elevators and the big ships to the sea, but I can't recall either title or author. It must date from the 1940s or 50s. - Judy P. in Cambridge
SOLVED: Paddle-to-the-Sea by Holling Clancy Holling, solved by Anne in Nottingham, UK; Leslie in Ramstein Air Base, Germany; Barbara in Victoria; Jamie in Portland, Oregon; Barbara in MA; Kirwar in Houston, TX; Diane in Missouri City, TX; Donna H.; Elaine in Canton, MA; Elizabeth in Vancouver; Irene in Yale, BC; Jeryl M. in NYC; Catherine in Sarnia, Ontario; Liz in Lidgate, England; Lorna S. in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Melinda; Pam in RI; Ardythe in Winnipeg; Robin W.; Roger in London, UK; Michael in Dunedin, NZ; and Vicki in Halifax, NS
POSTED: Monday August 11, 2003

Nowhere in Africa - Author Stefanie Zweig
Recently a foreign film called "Nowhere in Africa" won, I believe the Oscar for best foreign film. It is about a young German girl, Jewish, who escapes with her family to Kenya in the mid-1930's. It is apparently based on a true story, a book written by, I believe, Stefanie Zweig. There may also be a sequel called something to the effect of "Somewhere in Germany". I have hunted through book lists by the only author with a similar name is Stefan Zweig, and none of the titles look promising to be the books I am looking for. Can anyone help with the correct title and author's name for either book? Thanks. - Heather
SOLVED: Nirgendwo in Afrika and the sequel is called Irgendwo in Deutschland both in German and by Stefanie Zweig (although neither book appears to have been translated into English), solved by Anna in Belmont, CA; Erin; Elisabeth; James H. in Southend, UK; Barbara in MA; Andrew in Chesterfield, UK; Sheila in London; Ulrike in Frankfurt; Bruce A.; Deborah in Dallas; Robyn; Jillian in PA; and Ardythe in Winnipeg
POSTED: Monday August 11, 2003

Magic Fudge
I'm looking for a book I read in the ealy-mid '80s about a brother and sister who have a neighbor who gives them magic fudge. One piece lets them understand the language of animals, two lets them talk to them, 3 makes them act like them, and four makes them become an animal until the magic wears off. I think it was a short book, but it was great! - Amanda in Santa Monica, CA
SOLVED: No Such Thing as a Witch by Ruth Chew, solved by Anna in Belmont, CA; Leslie in Ramstein Air Base, Germany; Cathy in Tallahassee; Donna in Herndon, VA; Phil in Livermore, CA; Emil in London; Erika; Erin; Felicity in Tasmania, Aus.; Fred L. in Commodore, Pennsylvania; Linda U.; Melissa K.; Paul N.; and Sherrel
POSTED: Monday August 11, 2003

Friend Murdered at Ivy League College
I can't remember much but I think he was a poor kid who somehow made it to this rich kid college. He has a group of friends. One of them is very annoying and I think they actually push him off a cliff or something like that. It takes place in the woods or something. Anyway, I can't remember the title or author. - Jeri-Anne
SOLVED: The Secret History by Donna Tartt OR A Separate Peace by John Knowles OR The Day of the Last Rock Fight by Joseph Whitehill OR Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, solved by Alex; Bruce A.; Anne C.; Anne in Nottingham, UK; Bernadette in Bristol, UK; Carol in Pullman, WA; Carolyn in London; Nancy in Brooklyn; Donna in Herndon, VA; Dorelle in New York; Elly; Emil in London; Erin; Esther S. in Brighton; Holly in Malden, MA; Fiona in the UK; Lori in Calgary, AB; Harold H.; Harold L.; Julie H.; Jane in Belfast; Jax in Sheffield; Jean in Burbank, CA; Jessica B.; Jessica H. in New York; Jillian in PA; Joanna in Brooklyn; Caitriona in the UK; Karen M.; Leslie in Titusville; Larry in Denver, CO; Laura S.; Linda U.; Lynda in Buckinghamshire, England; Maggie in Cheltenham; Marci in Euless, TX; Mark in Aberdeen; Megan L.; Melissa K. in Fort Wayne, IN; Neil in London; Penny; Rachel in the UK; Rachel in Devon, UK; Rebekah in Portland, OR; Sue; Sarah in Ottawa; Sheila in London; Julie in West Sussex, UK; Susan in Dunedin, NZ; Tana in Dublin; Tom in Oxford; Val in London; and Vittoria in New Malden, England
POSTED: Monday August 11, 2003

Sci-Fi: Planet Where Inhabitants Only Live for a Week
This is a short story in a sci-fi collection - I thought it was by Frederick Pohl but have failed to track it down. The planet's inhabitants live in caves and have accelerated lives - they are children for two days, teenagers for a day, then adults for three days, then old, then die - cheerful stuff. BUT THEN our hero firnds his way to a crashed spacecraft where the atmosphere or the skin of the craft protects him from the harmful rays outside and slows his ageing down. When I read it as a kid I took a kind of 'Sieze the Day' message from it. - David in Leeds, UK
SOLVED: Frost and Fire which can be found in R is for Rocket both by Ray Bradbury, solved by JoAnn inPort Jefferson Station, NY; Rose S. in Chattanooga; Fred L. in Commodore, Pennsylvania, USA; Kirwar in Houston, TX; and Jason
POSTED: Monday August 11, 2003

A Pilgrim's Progress
I'm trying to track down a kids version of A Pilgrims Progress by Chaucer?? It involves a group of people (?all children) trying to get across rough terrain (and multiple trials of themselves) to get to the holy city and paradise. Characters involved are called things like Patience etc. Ring any bells. - Catherine M.
SOLVED: The Land of Far Beyond by Enid Blyton OR A Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan OR Little Pilgrim's Progress by Helen L. Taylor, (adapted from John Bunyan's classic) OR The Pilgrim's Progress retold by James Reeves OR The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge, solved by Abbie in Wales; Bruce A.; Seamus in Portage MI; Phil in Livermore, CA; Emma in Hertfordshire; Joe in Australia; Patricia P.; Rachel in Devon, UK; Rebecca S. in London, UK; René N. in Lockport, NY; Ardythe in Winnipeg; Susan C. in Vancouver, BC; Sally in Buckinghamshire; Scott in Des Moines; Sheila in London; Julie in West Sussex; Susan in Singapore; Tara in Melbourne; Terry; Becky in England; and Vivian R.
POSTED: Monday August 11, 2003

Book Set on Krakatoa
I'm looking for a children's book, which I can only vaguely remember! Can't remember the author or title, but it was set on Krakatoa (sp?) and at some point the children played on bumper cars. I can't remember whether it was a picture book, or a children's novel, nor can I remember whether it was contemporary (for my childhood that would be circa early to mid 70s). If this rings a bell with anyone, I would be so happy, as I'm hoping to find it and read it to my children. Thanks. - Gerry H.
SOLVED: The Twenty-One Balloons by William Pene Dubois, solved by JoAnn in Port Jefferson Station, NY; Anna in Belmont, CA; Erin; Heidi in Toronto; Sunny in Northern California; Donna in Herndon, VA; Kirwar in Houston, TX; Dave; Rog; Joe in Australia; and Jess
POSTED: Monday August 11, 2003

Quentin Blake
I am looking for a series of children's books which I believe was illustrated by Quentin Blake. All I remember about them was that they starred a little boy and he befriended a giant and they went on adventures together.
SOLVED: The BFG by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake, solved by Anne in Toronto; Bruce A.; Carolyn in Manchester; Diane in Missouri City, TX; Donna; Emma in Hertfordshire; Jennifer in Toronto; Karen O. in Milton, Ontario, Canada; Karen S. in Surrey; Lynda in Vancouver; Martin; Philip D.; LeMarchand in Fareham, UK; Sheila in London; and Susan in Dunedin, NZ
POSTED: Monday August 11, 2003