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Is there a special book that you read, or perhaps had read to you, at some point in your life but you can't remember the author and title? Perhaps you know the plot, or a character, or maybe even what the front cover looks like. BookSleuth is here to help you find that book! Simply post a short description of what you can remember here on our board. Visitors from all over the world will read your post, and one of them is bound to know exactly what you're talking about and post a response. Not missing anything? Why not see if you can help anyone else find their long-lost books?

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Kids' Adventure Story Set in North of Scotland
Please help! I am looking for a kids' adventure story, set in the north of Scotland (Sutherland). The girl is called Alison MacKenzie, and her brother is called Niall, and they lived with their uncle. - Anne M.
SOLVED: Alison series by Sheila Stuart which includes Alison's Christmas Adventure, Alison's Spy Adventure, Alison's Pony Adventure, and Alison's Poaching Adventures, solved by Pat in Reading, UK
POSTED: Monday June 16, 2003

The Crew of the Belinda
This was a girls' book we had in the 1940s about three sisters in Scotland, whose father was an archaeologist(?). He went away, and instead of going to stay with their aunt, they opted to go on a boat on a loch. The boat was called The Belinda. The eldest girl was called Lilias. It was a very funny book. Does anyone know the author, please? - Moira in Scotland
SOLVED: The Crew of the Belinda by Jane Shaw, solved by Sheila in London, Pat in Reading, UK, Margaret in Argyll, Scotland, Jim in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, and Leigh
POSTED: Monday June 16, 2003

Halsteads of Virginia
About twenty or so years ago, a Halstead family of Virginia published a genealogical history of the Halstead families in Virginia. They had only a limited number of these books published. I have written a member of the family seeking because I wish to purchase a copy. I was told that none were available except those previously sold or given to certain Virgina libraries. The Halstead line in Virginia goes back many years to the beginning of our colonies. - Polly H.
SOLVED: Halstead: An Outline Guide to the Descendants of Jonas Halstead of New York by Claude Halstead & Hester Halstead Pier, solved by Deborah in Dallas
POSTED: Monday June 16, 2003

Wicked Wicked Ladies
Looking for a book I read about 30 years ago about a young girl named Maureen who lived next to a abandoned house called "The Old Meserman Place". After getting in trouble, the girl ventures into the house after being warned not to trespass. She finds 5? 6? 7? paintings of women (we later find our they are sisters) in the upstairs hall, and each of them has a name beneath the portrait (one is Blanche I know). She makes fun of the subjects as she looks at the pictures, and while she is in the house finds a bracelet with a name on it (Blanche?) and takes the bracelet home with her. She also finds trunks full of clothes, one with the name of each sister on it. The pictures then come alive, and decide that to get the bracelet back and teach Maureen a lesson, they will take her back in time until she returns the bracelet and leaves them alone. At the end of the story the sisters decide it is time to leave the house and all of their things are gone, perhaps their paintings too, and the house may even burn down. The book may be called "The Old Meserman Place" or "The Wicked Wicked Ladies In The Haunted House".
SOLVED: The Wicked Pigeon Ladies in the Garden OR The Wicked Wicked Ladies in the Haunted House by Mary Chase, solved by Deborah in Dallas; Stacy in Amarillo, TX; Phil in Livermore, CA; Kirsty in Berkeley; Matthew G. in Chicago, IL; Steph on Cape Cod; Truman P. in Monmouth, Oregon; Cathy in Marin County; Rebekah in Portland; Jill in Pittsburgh; Barbara in Victoria; Barb S. in Naches, WA; Gary; Laurie P. at Vanderbilt University; Michele in Boston; David in Seattle; Jezriel; and Anna in Belmont, CA
POSTED: Monday June 16, 2003

Orkney Express
I am searching for [and purchase] a book for my father-in-law. He believes the title is "The Orkney Express" or simply Orkney Express. It is historical fiction, he thinks published in the 70's or early 80's and recounts the actions of a group of Norwegians who travelled across the North Sea to the Orkneys to assist Britain in WW II. Apparently it is a marvellous story. Can you help me find it? I have tried all the advance search but he does not know the exact date of publishing, publisher or author. - Chris T. in Toronto, Canada
SOLVED: The Orkney Story by Liv Kjorsvik Schei OR The Shetland Bus by David Howarth, solved by Deborah in Dallas, Aileen in Southampton, UK, Carl in Union, and Mark in Aberdeen
POSTED: Monday June 16, 2003

Cheese, Peas and Chocolate Pudding
My husband remembers this story from his childhood about a finicky eater who only ate cheese, peas and chocolate pudding. We have been able to find text for it online, but would like the actual story book. Thanks for your help. - Dina in Burbank, CA
SOLVED: Cheese, Peas, and Chocolate Pudding by Betty Van Witsen, solved by Jill in Pittsburgh
POSTED: Monday June 16, 2003

Caroline and Her Friends
Hello I am looking for a children's book from the early 1960's called "Caroline and her Friends" about a little girl who travels the world with her animal friends. It was published in Czechoslovakia, but purchased in England and was written in English. It was my favorite childhood book. Please help. Thanks. - Angela D.
SOLVED: The Golden Treasury of Caroline and Her Friends, Caroline and Her Friends, and Caroline's Wonderful Journey by Pierre Probst, solved by Deborah in Dallas, Truman P. in Monmouth, Oregon; Jill in Pittsburgh; and Barbara in Victoria
POSTED: Monday June 16, 2003

Jackie Bow Wow and Petie
My Mother read to me from a book that had in it the characters Jackie Bow Wow and Petie. It was a bedtime book whilch would have been in print 50 years ago. (or Jackie and Petie Bow Wow was in the title of the book).
SOLVED: Uncle Wiggily stories by Howard Garis which includes Uncle Wiggily and Jackie and Peetie Bow Wow, Jackie and Peetie Bow WowThe Rabbit Gentleman's Adventures OR Curly and Floppy Twistytail, solved by Pam in Hanover, NH; Phil in Livermore, CA; Adrian in Tampa, FL; Dani; Siobhan, Vancouver; Jill in Pittsburgh; and Laurie P. at Vanderbilt University
POSTED: Monday June 16, 2003

Witch Comes Down Mountain and Turns into Green Smoke
I'd like to find (pre-science fictional?) is a story read to our class by my third-grade teacher in the late 1950s. I thought it was called 'Anne of the Mountain,' but this apparently false memory has led nowhere. What I do remember is that a witch comes down a mountainside and turns into a puff of green smoke. - Mark
SOLVED: The Mountain of Magic by Beverley Nichols part of the Magic Woodland series which includes The Tree That Sat Down and The Stream That Stood Still, solved by Kate in Wolverhampton, UK
POSTED: Monday June 16, 2003

Mysterious Game Makes Boy Shrink
I am looking for a picture book about a little boy who mysteriously gets smaller and smaller, until he is in danger of disappearing. It takes his distracted parents quite a while to notice what is happening - they think he just isn't sitting up straight at the table etc. Eventually he can just walk under his bed without bending over, and he finds a board game he had played ... it's a game of life, or growth or something, and I think he had landed on a "go back xx spaces" ... so he rolls again and goes forward, and then he grows again. The book had black and white illustrations that I thought were by Maurice Sendak, but that doesn't seem to be right. - Hilary in Rochester NY
SOLVED: The Shrinking of Treehorn by Florence Parry Heide and Edward Gorey, solved by Jack in Cambridge; Elaine in Canton, MA; Ardythe in Winnipeg; Catherine in Sarnia, Ontario; Esther in Manchester, UK; Susan in Singapore; Gemma in Cambridge, UK; Leslie in Ramstein Air Base, Germany; Rhiannon in Oxford; Caroline; Barbara in Victoria; Lisa R. in Portland, Maine; Joanna in Brooklyn, NY; Tamar in Maryland; Christine in Lowestoft; Pam in Hanover, NH; Sheila in London; and Will in Rochester
POSTED: Monday June 16, 2003

True Story Man Who Invented Way Typewriter Keyboard Was Set Up
The true story of the man who came up with the way a typewriter keyboard was set up. Due to time & motion, this was the result. Story of his family (children). - Lara in New Zealand
SOLVED: Cheaper by the Dozen by Frank B. Gilbreth and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey OR Mr. Typewriter: A Biography of Christopher Sholes by Arthur Foulke OR a book about Dvorak, solved by Margaret; J. in New Zealand; Mark in Aberdeen; Ardythe in Winnipeg; Kris in Sydney; Lisa in San Jose; Carla D.; Mike in Cincinnati; Barbara in Victoria; Deb in Memphis; Stewart L, in Columbia, South Carolina; Marie in Pearland, Texas; and Terry in Hackettstown
POSTED: Monday June 16, 2003