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Tips for BookSleuth

  • The more details you can provide, the better the chance that someone will be able to recognize your description. So include as much as you can remember
  • Categories: If you can remember the genre your lost book was, submit your description in the specific category folder. (For example: Romance, Sci-Fi, or Children's.)
  • Be sure to make your discussion title relevant and descriptive.
  • Once you post a description for a lost book, you can subscribe to that discussion to be notified when posts are made in response to yours. To do this, simply click the "Subscribe" link at the bottom left of the discussion page.
  • BookSleuth is a system built to help you find books you cannot remember. It is not a forum to help you find a copy or edition of a certain book. Therefore, please only post descriptions that are suitable (i.e. books which you are unsure of the title and/or author.) If you are looking for a certain copy or edition, please first try searching our database (Search Now,) and, if not available, try our Wants system. You can access our Wants system by clicking the "Your Account" button in the top right corner of the site, and then clicking "Your Wants." (You will need to have an account with us). For more information about our Wants system, click here.