Salt Lake Telephone Directory, Spring 1923 Using to Trace Your Ancestors

Genealogy is much more than just a hobby – it is an obsession that enthralls thousands of people worldwide. Like so many things, genealogy has been radically changed by the rise of the Internet and the availability of information that was previously hard to find.

Although most people think of as a haven for booklovers, the website also appeals to genealogists as its inventory has grown over the past 11 years – self-published local histories, ship passenger lists, books listing births, deaths and marriages, and even old telephone directories (see AbeBooks list of its 10 most expensive sales of phone directories) have all been snapped up by online buyers researching their family roots.

A number of booksellers dedicated to genealogy sell through, including Jim Skidmore of Janaway Genealogy Books in Santa Maria, California. Thousands of customers have discovered precious ancestral information from books or documents offered for sale by AbeBooks' sellers around the world. Learn more about Using AbeBooks to Trace Your Ancestors

Tips for Genealogists Using AbeBooks

Look through our tips for genealogists using to trace ancestry.

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AbeBooks' 10 Most Expensive Sales of Telephone Directories

Old out-of-date telephone directories probably rank as the dullest and most unwanted books in the history of publishing....or are they?

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10 Books about Ellis Island

As the main entry point for immigrants into the United States until 1954, many North Americans can trace their ancestry through Ellis Island.

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10 Regimental Histories

Used for tracking histories during wartime, regimental histories can be a good source for genealogists.

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