Getting started with genealogy can be a daunting task. These tips will help you on your way to tracing a family tree.

    Depression Pioneers
  • Search for books published by the Works Progress Administration (also known as WPA and Works Projects Administration) in the 1930s and 1940s
  • Search on variations of a family or place name for instance, Johnson might have started out as Johnsen or Jonnsen or Jonnson.
  • Search for regimental histories these military books list serving soldiers but also check out brigade and company histories.
  • Search for parish registers remember parish registers in the UK go back much further than the US
  • Search for old telephone directories phones books were preceded by city directories, books that listed local residents and businesses
  • Search passenger lists of shipping lines bringing immigrants to the US
  • History of Tennessee
  • Search for books published by either Lewis or Goodspeed around 1880 they printed local 'vanity press' books about counties or towns that included biographies of residents
  • Search for official documentation deeds, land records, certificates of marriage, birth and death, voter registers
  • Search for local histories authors of small run historical books can provide valuable information
  • Search for family bibles birth, deaths and marriages were commonly listed within these family heirlooms.