Book PilesAbeBooks and LibraryThing have teamed up together and are launching a book piling contest. The theme for this contest is cooking. Simply arrange your books in interesting cooking themed piles and submit your photos to Flickr. See below for more details. Happy piling!

Contest Details

How To Enter:
  • Take a photo of a pile of books ( it's not about the size of your pile, but how creative you can get in organizing/piling your books - remember that the theme for this contest is "cooking")
  • Post your photos on Flickr (you will need an account on Flickr - it's easy, fast & free!)
  • Make sure you tag your photos "LibraryThingAbeBooks"

  • 1st place - $100 to use on
  • 2nd place - Free lifetime membership on

  • May 15 , 2007
Contest Rules


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Past Contest Winners

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