Sex and the City The Movie by Amy Sohn

In the age of cellphones, email and instant messaging, you would think love letters would be a thing of the past, but a love text message (I luv u) hardly compares to a letter from the heart. The producers of the Sex and the City movie agreed, and in 2008, their movie helped revive interest in love letters.

In the film, Carrie Bradshaw reads to her sweetheart, Big, from a book apparently entitled Love Letters of Great Men – a book that did not, in fact, exist, even though the love letters contained within go on to play a prominent role within the movie’s plot.

Love Letters of Great Men and Women by C.H. Charles

However, a book called Love Letters of Great Men and Women: From The Eighteenth Century To The Present Day by CH Charles did exist. This is probably the book that inspired the SATC plotline. The book was originally published in London in 1924 by S. Paul & Co and was republished in March 2007 by Kessinger – a publishing house dedicated to breathing life into great books that should never have gone out-of-print.

The CH Charles book features work by politician and famous letter-writer Horace Walpole, Germany's greatest man of letters Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the world’s first ‘dandy’ Beau Brummell, French short story icon Guy de Maupassant, French novelist Amandine Aurore Lucile Dupin who wrote as George Sand, and Lord Nelson’s sweetheart Lady Hamilton.

And then, as marketing opportunities so rarely go overlooked, an English publisher released Love Letters of Great Men, editor Ursula Doyle, which is supposed to contain the poems from the movie, so it appears the book does now exist, after all.

If you are love-struck and can’t get that boy/girl out of your head, borrow some love letter prose from the masters – William Wordsworth, F Scott Fitzgerald, John Keats, Dylan Thomas, Henry Miller, and Mark Twain all penned love letters that have been published in collections.

Love letter written by Jack Kerouac to Helen Weaver

Why not warm up your loved one with a love letter and then that evening turn up on the doorstep with a book of classic Pablo Neruda love poetry such as Love: Ten Poems or Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair. Who could refuse such literary advances?

And if money was no object, AbeBooks offers a 1921 letter from Giacomo Puccini, who composed the operas La Bohème and Tosca, to German soprano Roae Ader ($3,850) or a limited-edition copy of My Dearest Love: Letters of William and Mary Wordsworth ($673.61).