A Full House of Books

With the World Series of Poker and the proliferation of online poker sites, poker is now hotter than it's ever been. If poker is your game, you're bound to find some helpful hints from the full house of books listed below. Read about the legacy of Stuey Ungar, one of the world's greatest poker players, learn from the experts such as Doyle Brunson and impress your poker buddies with your improved skills.



The Winner's Guide to Casino PokerThe Winner's Guide to Casino Poker
Edwin Silberstang

An in-depth analysis of the popular game of poker for the home or casino player, this comprehensive guide gives readers an expert's look at: Representative hands, including step-by-step advice; popular casino poker games, including Seven-Card Stud, Omaha, Jackpots, and the Loball and Hi-Lo variations; betting strategies and the art of bluffing.

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Doyle Brunson's Super System IIDoyle Brunson's Super System: A Course In Power Poker
Doyle Brunson

This is a classic book on every major no-limit game played today and is considered by many pros to be the best book ever written on poker! Jam-packed with advanced strategies, theories, tactics and money-making techniques - no serious poker player can afford to be without this essential book!

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The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide KingThe Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King: Inside the Richest Poker Game Of All Time
Michael Craig

The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King opens the door to a world much imagined but never seen. With poker’s surging popularity as a backdrop, its most able practitioners demonstrate the precariousness of their profession, where one wrong move, even at the pinnacle of their success, can pave the road to ruin. It is a world of outsized skills, egos, and ambitions.

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Caro's Book of Poker TellsCaro's Book of Poker Tells
Mike Caro

If you're serious about winning and you've mastered the basics, you'll realize most of the profit comes from being able to read your opponents. Their body language hides secrets you never knew existed! This book reveals them to you. Learn to interpret tells, such as subtle shrugs, sighs, shaky hands, eye contact and many more.

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Internet Texas Hold'emInternet Texas Hold'em
Matthew Hilger

On any given night, thousands of players are playing poker for real money on the Internet. This book is an excellent tool for players at all levels to be successful at limit Texas Hold'em with specific topics focused on Internet play.

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Killer Poker OnlineKiller Poker Online
John Vorhaus

Internet poker. Five years ago, it didn't exist. In another five years it could make live poker seem passe. Right now, it's a wild frontier of nonstop action, as players from every corner of the globe fight for their share of the loot. In this revolutionary guide to winning on the Web, John Vorhaus, author of Killer Poker: Strategy and Tactics for Winning Poker Play, shows you everything you need to know about crushing the online game.

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One of a KindOne of a Kind: The Rise and Fall of Stuey 'the Kid' Ungar the World's Greatest Poker Player
Nolan Dalla
Recently reviewed in The New York Times

In One of a Kind, authors Nolan Dalla and Peter Alson tell the startling tale of a man who managed to win millions of dollars and live the highest of high-roller lives without ever quite understanding or respecting the value of money. Whether tossing away his winnings at the racetrack or on a single roll of the dice, Ungar was notorious for gambling every single dollar in his pocket on a daily basis.

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Winning Low-Limit Hold'emWinning Low-Limit Hold'em
Lee Jones

Since its first publication in 1994, Winning Low-Limit Hold'em, by Lee Jones, has become the major reference on playing Texas Hold'em at the lower limits. However, poker has changed over the several years and Lee has continued to study the game. If you play low-limit Hold’em, or would like to learn to play Hold’em, this book is for you. It won’t teach you a lot of advanced poker theory, but it will give you a solid foundation with which you can be a winner at low-limit Hold’em.

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Thursday Night PokerThursday-Night Poker: How to Understand, Enjoy--and Win
Peter O. Steiner

Intended for the serious biweekly or monthly player, this gaming guide devotes chapters to calculating probabilities, estimating odds, bluffing and being bluffed, reading your opponents' down cards, and more. Virtually everyone will learn from this clearly written, fully illustrated instructional book.

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