Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama

As soon as Barack Obama's victory was realized and the world knew he was to be the 44th President of the United States, demand for a piece of Obama history generated huge interest in signed copies of his books.  In the week after his triumph at the polls, AbeBooks.com sold 20 books autographed by the President-elect priced at $500 or higher, with one buyer shelling out $5,500 for a signed copy of Dreams From My Father.

Before the election, the most expensive Obama book sold by AbeBooks.com – a marketplace for used, rare and out-of-print books – was a signed copy of Dreams From My Father for $1,798. Twelve of the 20 signed copies sold in the week following Obama’s victory were priced over $1,000.

The most desirable Obama books are the signed 1995 first editions of Dreams From My Father. Originally published when he was still working as a lawyer and lecturer, the book went out-of-print and had a small print run. Asking prices for these scarce editions stretch well past $10,000.

Even prior to his moving into of the White House, prices for Obama's signed books were already comparable to previous presidents: AbeBooks.com sold a signed copy of Bill Clinton’s My Life for $3,450 and a signed copy of Ronald Reagan’s An American Life for $6,325. And the prices just keep rising - in January 2009 AbeBooks.com sold a signed copy of Dreams From My Father for $12,500.

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