The Diana ChroniclesThere is always much to be said about the English Royal Family, and some people have a built a career around covering the comings and goings of its members. Some Royals seem to get more attention than others though, and the late Princess Diana tops the list.

Her life and tragic death 10 years ago in a car accident in Paris have inspired many to write about her life. Our un-official AbeBooks count has the number of books written about Diana reaching at least 202, and this would probably increase if we included more foreign language titles and short run self published books. A large number of these 202 were rushed out just after her death, many are out-of-print, and most are not collectable in the least. Even so this summer, on the 10th anniversary of her death, there are at least a dozen more books set to be published, including Tina Brown’s controversial title The Diana Chronicles. Brown, a former Vanity Fair editor and media buzz poster child, apparently tackles the media and how it worked with and against Diana as a major theme in the book.

With so many titles already available, covering everything from her family to fashion, one must wonder if there is still demand for more Diana books.

If you haven’t read about the life of Diana, here are the 200-plus books about the People’s Princess.

Love & Marriage

In Pursuit of Love


Death & Conspiracy

Whose Death in the Tunnel


Charity & Messages of Peace

The Book of Love


Memoirs, Biographies and Life Stories

Diana: Her True Story



Royal Fashion & Beauty Secrets



How God Sees Princess Diana



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