Australia is world famous for its natural wonders and the Outback, but it also offers travelers a rich history, culture, tradition, and way of life. You can experience the Literature, Food, Art, or take a virtual tour with volumes of Travel Writing and Photography!


Bush Ballads and Galloping Rhymes

Adam Lindsay Gordon

Bush Ballads and Galloping Rhymes by Patrick White

Published in 1870, Bush Ballads and Galloping Rhymes is the last collection released by Gordon; he committed suicide the day following its printing. This collection is now regarded as one of the most important pieces of Australian literature.

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Patrick White

Voss by Patrick White

Set in 19th-century Australia, this is the story of the secret passion between an explorer and a young orphan. Although they have met only a few times, Voss and Laura are joined by overwhelming, obsessive feelings for each other. The Australian author won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1973.

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Cooking the Australian Way

Elizabeth Germaine and Ann L Burckhardt

Cooking the Australian Way by Elizabeth Germaine and Ann L Burckhardt

As a part of the British Commonwealth, Australia's culture shares many similarities with British culture—and their menu is no exception. Paired with the cuisine of the Aboriginal peoples that first populated the island, Australian dishes often feature meats and fruits, many of which naturally thrive in the warm temperatures found throughout the country. This standard fare has evolved in the years since World War II as more and more immigrants settle down under.

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Australian Food: In Celebration of the New Australian Cuisine

Alan Saunders

Australian Food: In Celebration of the New Australian Cuisine by Alan Saunders

Australia, the land of sun, sand, and sea, is hot for yet another reason these days- it's a hub for exciting, original global cuisine. Author Alan Saunders celebrates this new cuisine in a sumptuously illustrated volume of recipes from fifty-four of the country's leading chefs, purveyors, and food writers.

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Art and Music

One Sun One Moon: Aboriginal Art in Australia

Hetti Perkins

One Sun One Moon: Aboriginal Art in Australia by Hetti Perkins

This dazzling exploration of Australian indigenous art is destined to become the definitive work on the world's oldest living artistic tradition. Drawing from Australia's most outstanding collections—The Art Gallery of New South Wales, the Holmes Court Collection, Heytesbury, and the Art Gallery of the Northern Territory—this beautifully illustrated volume features contributions by twenty-five of the field's leading scholars as well as sixteen interviews with key contemporary artists.

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Uncommissioned Art: The A-Z of Australian Graffiti

Christine Dew

Uncommissioned Art: The A-Z of Australian Graffiti by Christine Dew

Combining beautiful color images from Australia's thriving graffiti and street art culture with analysis of the history and evolution of the scene, this illustrated guide discusses the complex issues raised by graffiti's presence in public spaces. Increasingly gaining currency as a potent and respected art form worldwide, the immediacy and ephemeral nature of street art comments on political and social change and the shape of the urban landscape itself, and this collection contributes to the local, national, and international conversations about art and design, popular culture, and urban planning.

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Travel Writing and Photography

Thumbs Up Australia: Hitching the Outback

Tom Parry

Thumbs Up Australia: Hitching the Outback by Tom Parry

On the Road meets Down Under in this witty, rough guide to the adventures of a hitchhiker and his reluctant girlfriend in the Australian Outback. Thumbs Up Australia is a travelogue of the real Outback through encounters with eccentric characters on its dusty roads: from a yarn-spinning opal miner turned mechanic, to the Aboriginal elder with his tales of dreamtime, to the Dutch hitchhiker who paused at a commune 20 years ago and never left.

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Great Barrier Reef

David Doubilet

Great Barrier Reef by David Doubilet

For many years, Doubilet, a veteran National Geographic photographer, has worked to photograph the entire length of Australia’s immense and spectacular Great Barrier Reef. Great Barrier Reef is the stunning culmination of his efforts. This breathtaking, collector-quality edition features 125 spectacular photographs and essays that capture the complex web of life along the 1,250-mile length of the Great Barrier Reef and presents a rare, complete portrait of this natural underseas wonder.

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