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(Victoria, BC - April 6, 2005) With the 2004/2005 NHL season canceled, poet Richard Harrison has expressed the frustration of countless hockey fans by writing a new poem entitled NH Elegy.

Online bookseller suggested and published this poem to mark the one year anniversary of the last playoffs (April 7, 2004) and America’s National Poetry Month. An elegy is a poem mourning the death of a friend.

NH Elegy
Once, men came home from war,
or from the sides of family graves,
to lace up skates and play for it
as if everything could be remade
in a silver bowl passed hand to hand.
For years it etched the seasons
with their winning names,
and took the touch of triumph
into each triumphant house. It paused
just once – to mourn the dead, and
stayed unmarked to mark their passing.
Today, left idle in the Hall of Fame,
while rich men quarrel to no profit at its base,
untouched upon its plinth it stands.
And all who see it can tell you now
how a fallen thing is one that no one holds.
Richard Harrison.

Harrison is an award-winning poet and diehard hockey fan. NH Elegy completes a trilogy of poems about the Stanley Cup. The first was featured in an acclaimed collection of hockey poetry called Hero of the Play in 1994 and the second was published in the 10th anniversary edition of the book last fall. The full trilogy is published on – the world’s largest marketplace for new, used, rare and collectible books with over 70 million books for sale – supports several poetry initiatives. It sponsors a contest for young writers staged by literary magazine The Claremont Review and also supports Random Acts of Poetry which sees poets reading poetry to random strangers on the streets.

" encourages creative writing," said Harrison, the author of five poetry books. "They published this poem because they understand the power of poetry. Love hockey in all its forms as I do, I still miss the Big League game. I feel bitter, saddened and angry, and writing this poem is my way to express those emotions and, I hope, make something positive out of them."

"The fans have been taken for granted and I think they want to have a say. What’s sad is that all that’s exciting and even noble about hockey – the spectacular plays, last-second wins and losses, stories of players who overcome personal pain and keep going – has taken second place to a battle between businesses. We should be watching the playoffs – not talking about the damage that has been done."


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