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(Victoria, BC – 12 July 2006) Once an essential element of every boy’s bedtime reading, pirates have been replaced by cowboys, spacemen, and wizards – but tales of adventure on the high seas are set for a revival thanks to Johnny Depp’s big screen outing in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Pirate literature, fiction and fact, first appeared over 300 years ago but the majority of the 50,000-plus books about piracy found at - the world’s largest online marketplace for new, used, rare and out-of print-books - are no longer in print.

“People are fascinated with the lifestyle of pirates,” said Gary Crawford, co-owner of Crawfords Nautical Books on Tilghman Island in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland – one of several specialist ‘nautical’ bookstores that list books for sale on “Piracy appeals to young and old. There is a romantic ideal about pirates because they are against the establishment.”

Published in 1883, Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island is the classic ‘pirate’ adventure novel and first editions are priced from $5,000 to $25,000, while versions illustrated by NC Wyeth are highly collectible. However, two earlier ‘real-life’ accounts sparked public interest long before Blind Pew and Billy Bones - A Cruising Voyage Round The World by Captain Woodes Rogers in 1718 and The Buccaneers of America by John Esquemeling in 1684.

Rogers recounts his voyage around the world including the rescue of marooned Alexander Selkirk (the inspiration for Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe) and his harassment of the Spanish. While former pirate Esquemeling details the plundering of Henry Morgan and other notable raiders.

From Blackbeard to Captain Kidd, Calico Jack and Black Bart, offers the chance to relive countless pirate adventures - fiction and non-fiction - from the past 300 years, including:

Cup of Gold by John Steinbeck – the author’s first noveldetails the life of pirate Henry Morgan.

Howard Pyle’s Book of Pirates Pyle was famed for his illustrations and mentoring NC Wyeth.

Modern Boys Book of Pirates by WE Johns - 31 pirate stories from the creator of Biggles.

The Pirates: Time-Life Seafarer Series by Douglas Botting – showcases piracy’s golden age.

A Log of the Spanish Main by Jo Mora - 12 pirate biographies published by a cruise ship chain.

The Water Witch by James Fenimore Cooper – a classic tale of abduction on the high seas.

The History of Pirates by Angus Konstam – a modern tribute to the infamous buccaneers.

For prices and more details about these pirate books, visit our Pirate Books page.


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