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(Victoria, BC – 2 May 2007) Technology journals might not sound particularly glamorous, or even collectible, but – the world’s largest online marketplace for new, used, rare and out-of-print books – has sold a set of software journals for more than $9,500.

A set of 34 volumes of Software: Practice and Experience topped the list of AbeBooks’ most expensive sales in April ahead of traditional collectible and rare classics like Poems by war poet Wilfred Owen and a 1935 edition of James Joyce’s Ulysses signed by illustrator Henri Matisse.

Software: Practice and Experience is a long-running and internationally respected journal for the dissemination and discussion of practical experience with new and established software.

AbeBooks’ most expensive sales in April 2007

1 – Software: Practice and Experience - $9,652
Volumes 1-34 (1971-2004) from this respected software journal

2 - A Description of the East by Richard Pococke - $9,460
A key travel book on the Eastern Mediterranean, Pococke traveled extensively in the 1730s

3 - Poems by Wilfred Owen - $8,713
A 1920 first edition with a long manuscript from Owen’s former lecturer

4 - Oxford Dictionary of National Biography by Colin Matthew - $7,500
A huge set of 60 books with 50,113 biographical articles on key British historical figures

5 - Ulysses by James Joyce - $6,500
A pristine 1935 edition - #74 of 1500 copies signed by illustrator Henri Matisse

6 - American Life by Ronald Reagan - $6,325
Presented in an oak case, a first edition – one of 2000 copies signed by the late president

7 - The Querist by George Berkeley - $6,220
First London edition from 1936, this book has theories on politics and finance originally published in 1735-37.

8 - New Discovery of a Vast Country in America by Louis Hennepin - $6,000
A description of the Americas from 1698, including the first published view of Niagara Falls

9 - Tibetan Painted Scrolls by Giuseppe Tucci - $4,800
A three-volume set from 1949 on Tibetan history and culture

10 - Illustrated Letters by Madame de Sevigne - $4,777
Madame de Sevigne, a French aristocrat (1626-1696), was a famed letter writer – one of 420 copies with original illustrations by Henry Lemarié

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