AbeBooks is an online marketplace for new, used, rare, and out-of-print books, with a virtual inventory of millions of books. Thousands of booksellers from many countries list their books on the AbeBooks sites.

• AbeBooks has high traffic sites, with millions of people visiting each month
• Customers perform millions of book searches on the AbeBooks Web sites each day
• The AbeBooks websites are: www.abebooks.com, www.abebooks.co.uk, www.abebooks.fr, www.abebooks.de, www.abebooks.it, www.iberlibro.com, Fillz.com, www.Gojaba.com, www.BookFinder.com, www.justbooks.de, www.justbooks.co.uk, www.justbooks.fr and www.justbooks.nl.
• The AbeBooks blog Reading Copy is a daily source of company and book-related news.

Corporate Information

The company was founded in 1995, and the AbeBooks.com site was launched in 1996
European leader JustBooks GmbH was acquired in October 2001
AbeBooks currently has 135 employees in Canada, USA, and Germany
Spanish antiquarian and rare book marketplace Iberlibro.com was purchased by AbeBooks in October 2004
• Price comparison shopping service BookFinder.com was acquired in November 2005.
• Book inventory and order management company FillZ was acquired in February 2006.
• AbeBooks took a 40% stake in Librarything.com - a book cataloguing and social networking site in May 2006.
• In February 2008, AbeBooks launched Gojaba.com - a new no-frills, low-cost online marketplace for used, rare and out of print books in emerging markets. Sweden and Russia were the first markets to be served.
• Online bookstore provider Chrislands.com was acquired in April 2008
• Amazon.com Inc acquired AbeBooks in December 2008.


How AbeBooks Works

• All transactions occur between buyer and seller; AbeBooks never sees the book (a “low touch” model similar to Ebay)
• Revenue comes from three sources:
1. Monthly subscription fees that booksellers pay to list their books on AbeBooks (i.e. a bookseller with 0-500 titles pays US$25 a month)
2. A sales commission of 8% is charged on the total item value of the order (book plus shipping).
3. Payment service fees applied to Visa and MasterCard orders as AbeBooks accepts payment (5.5% on each book sold plus shipping)


Richard Davies, PR & Publicity Mgr., AbeBooks.com
Office Ph: 250-412-3238