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"I am now sending my first fan letter that I have ever written to AbeBooks. I love your website. I have found dozens of books, both fiction and non-fiction. I am now giving used books as gifts and I have no qualms about telling the gift recipients that they are going to receive a used book from me. I believe this is a ‘green’ practice. In the rare instance that there was a problem with a book order, your seller responded in a responsible and timely manner and the issue was resolved to my satisfaction. Way to go Abe. The world would be a better place if there were more businesses with your integrity. Thank you." Sue from Texas

"I am a philosophy teacher in the adult ed program. All of my students purchased their books from AbeBooks and today we began to read from the books. I want to say it was the most wonderful sight to see all of my students holding their books (from AbeBooks). The book was Plato’s Trial and Death of Socrates. Next semester, I am teaching Homer's Iliad and I will certainly order books from you. Thank you on behalf of my students." Irene from New York

"I wanted to let you know that I was extremely impressed with your follow through on the want that I created for this order. I placed the want some time back and thought nothing would come of it. When I received your email telling me that you had located the book I was very happy. I ordered the book on Tuesday January 26 and received the book on Thursday January 28. It was in excellent condition. I just wanted to say thank you for locating the book and thank you to the bookstore in which you located the book for their prompt mailing of the book." Barbara from Washington State

"I love AbeBooks, I'm from Ontario taking an eight-month program, and was looking for an alternative to save some money. I am halfway through my program now, and have saved well over $300. I have also sold textbooks back with no problem at all. Not to mention even suggested AbeBooks to friends at school, they really appreciate it! Thanks so much for such a reliable website, and saving me some money in my college education." Daniel from Ontario

"I just want to thank AbeBooks for sending the email about the most expensive books sold. Although I may never be able to be in this buyer category, I appreciate being able to see the listing of these wonderful books and I congratulate the fortunate owners who were able to buy such lovely copies... Thank you." Terese from Arizona

"AbeBooks is a lifeline. My entire professional library is from AbeBooks. Thank you for excellent reliable and friendly service. I am most grateful." Brenda from Johannesburg, South Africa

"My whole experience with AbeBooks has been positive. It is wonderful to be able to find long lost books to reread so easily. I have recommended the site to many people. Thank you." Christine from Australia

And what are people tweeting about AbeBooks on Twitter...

KileyGMC: If it were possible to marry a website, I would like happily ever after with AbeBooks.com. ^_^

Adriana_G: Can I tell you that I'm impressed by the AbeBooks site? Ordered two books, and they promptly arrived today - yeh!

Majeeda: Textbooks purchased. Poverty averted. Thank you, AbeBooks.

Marrisonla: Just found out her book bill could be $1200, thank god for AbeBooks I got $800 worth for $75 bucks, and the other for $400 from friends for $40.

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