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Abebooks pledges to offer efficient, friendly customer service to all Abebooks Customers. This document details the customer service policies of Abebooks North American Contact Center.

1. Types of support

Abebooks offers you e-mail support 7-days a week.

Abebooks is unable to accept requests for support via fax or by regular mail.

Abebooks does not accept orders for books via e-mail or regular mail.

2. How to contact Abebooks

Abebooks offers e-mail support for both booksellers and book buyers. Book buyerswho e-mail Abebooks at buyertech@abebooks.com will usually receive a response within 24 hours on business days. During times of exceptionally high volume, please be aware that the time to first response may be longer.

  • To ensure a prompt response, please do not send more than one initial e-mail per issue. This will add to the volume of outstanding questions and result in delays in response.
  • Please do not include important information in the Subject line of your e-mail messages. The program that delivers your messages to us removes the Subject line from our view.
  • Our system connects your e-mail to your account based on your e-mail address. Please ensure that you send us e-mail from the e-mail address registered with your bookbuyer account. If e-mail is sent from a different address, we may not be able to determine that you are a book buyer or that you have an account with Abebooks. If we cannot find your account, we will have to ask you for more information, resulting in delays in providing a response to your questions.

3. Required information when contacting Abebooks

In order to serve you efficiently, Abebooks may require some or all of the following information. Please have this information included in your e-mail.

  • The nature of the problem
  • The purchase order number
  • Your computer's operating system
  • How long the problem has occurred
  • The exact text of any error messages that may have been displayed on your computer

4. What we support

Abebooks will provide support for the following products and services:

  • Explain all functions and processes on our Web sites
  • Explain and interpret all existing and proposed Abebooks program rules and regulations
  • Investigate technical issues reported by users on our Web site

In order to provide timely responses to all of our Customers, Abebooks does have some limitations on what we can support in our Contact Center. The following products and services are not supported:

  • Orders made directly with a bookseller, outside of the Abebooks ordering system
  • 3rd party software or hardware
  • Functionality or technical problems with your computer or operating system
  • Technical training on the use of your computer
  • Recommendations on upgrading computer hardware

To assist you with questions about your computer or other common hardware or software, we recommend consulting the following links:

5. Expectations of the Customer

To effectively manage your books and orders on Abebooks, we require that you have basic working knowledge of computer and Internet usage including basic file management (folders, cut, copy, paste, search, desktop) and Web site navigation.

Abebooks is pleased to serve all Customers who e-mail the Contact Center. You will be treated in a professional, courteous manner. Abebooks also understands that some Customers may have concerns when calling us. However, we request all Customers treat the Contact Centre staff in the same professional and courteous manner.