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This month's Avid Collector is full of mystery and intrigue. We're featuring a Fine Books & Collections article on the delights of collecting an entire series of books, like the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew. We have a good chat with AbeBooks' bookseller Bruce Ausen of Murderers' Row Books and, in honor of the 199th anniversary of Lincoln's birth, our Pick of the Month is a copy of The Assassination and History of the Conspiracy. Uncover some fascinating literary secrets!

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Collecting Children's Series Books

Murderers' Row Books
Pacific Vortex by Clive Cussler Bruce Ausen of Murderers' Row books has been selling on AbeBooks for more than nine years. Based in Shorewood, Minnesota Bruce specializes in mystery, crime fiction and modern literature. Read Our Interview with Bruce Ausen and discover his passion for books.

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This Issue's Questions

1. I recently purchased For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway. If possible can you tell me if it's a valuable copy?—Hugh

2. I just bought a Margaret Atwood first and it has "p. cm.", "PR9199.3.A8 07 2003", "813' .54-dc21", and "2002073290" on the copyright page. Can you please explain these numbers?—Lindsay

3. As near as I can determine, the top books for identifying first editions are those written by Bill McBride and Edward Zempel. Zempel's book is much more expensive. Is there any advantage to one book over the other?—Gerald

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The Assassination and History of the Conspiracy With Abraham Lincoln born 199 years ago this month, February's pick is a very near fine copy, preserving the original paper covers, of The Assassination and History of the Conspiracy.

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