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Space...the final frontier. Our quest for knowledge finds its furthest physical reaches with voyages to outer space - and these spectacular explorations have, of course, been carefully recorded in books. Fine Books & Collections guides us through collecting space exploration, while our book experts answer your questions on identifying valuable paperbacks and collecting Easton Press.

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Priceless Summer Reading

Nabakov's Butterfly

Oft maligned as a season ruled by trashy romance and cookie cutter thrillers, summer actually lends itself beautifully to the leisurely perusal of brilliant writing.

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Have Your Books Valued

Treasures in Your Attic?

Want to know how much your most prized book is worth? Find out from The Book Guys' Allan Stypeck.

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Steinbeck and the 60s

Win a Weekend at the Steinbeck Festival! An annual event, this year's theme is "Steinbeck and the 60s: A Culture of Discontent" If you’re interested in attending the festival, enter the AbeBooks contest to win a pair of four-day passes, along with two night’s accommodation.

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Collecting Space Exploration

Collector Profile

Mystery Pier Books on the Sunset Strip
Hervy Jason of Mystery Pier Books
From celestial bodies to celestial beings: With a glamorous location on the Sunset Strip in LA, Mystery Pier Books is at the epicentre of earth-bound stars. Though you may well spot an A-list celebrity or two while you browse, the true attraction is the breathtaking selection of signed first editions. Read the Interview

Ask the Expert

Our Expert Booksellers answer your questions on rare and collectible books. View the Q&A

This Issue's Questions

1. Do old paperbacks have any real value? What about signed paperbacks?—Windy

2. I have about half of Easton Press’ “100 Greatest Books Ever Written” collector’s edition. These are leather bound books in excellent condition. Do they have true collectible value? —Marty

3. I have a book by James Patterson with a seller’s description that says the author “laid the signed bookplate in the book!” Should I keep the description? Or does it really mean anything? —Dayton Larson

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Collector Profile

For July, the pick of the month is a first edition of The Right Stuff, Tom Wolfe's tribute to the heroism of the first astronauts. This edition has a scarce, trial dust jacket that was pulled from production in favour of a more sedate illustration. Read More.

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