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The Avid Collector

Dear Book Lover,

Welcome to the first edition of The Avid Collector - the newsletter for rare and collectible book enthusiasts. In this issue, take a journey around the world of rare books, meet an avid appraiser, and learn the basics of caring for your fine bound friends. Plus, give us your impressions and you could win a collectible copy of In Cold Blood.

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  Pick of the Month
Pick of the Month Expert bookseller Neil Cournoyer recommends Scott's Last Expedition by Captain R.F. Scott.
$825 or less
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Book Care: A Few Good Book Habits
Book Care Tips By Margo Rosenberg, Dog Lovers Bookshop
Whether you're a longtime collector or a neophyte, you need a few good habits to protect and preserve your bound best friends.
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Bookseller Profile: Recipe Inc.
Bookseller Profile Recipe Inc., specializing in rare, vintage, and out-of-print cookbooks, tell us about manifold cooking and the books every chef needs.
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Authors From Around the World

Feature Article

The Avid Appraiser - Allan Stypeck
Alan Stypeck
Allan Stypeck, of The Book Guys NPR radio show, talks to us about the fine art of appraising - whether it be a book worth seven figures, the gun that shot Lincoln, or a book worth nothing at all.

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Ask the Expert

Every issue of the Avid Collector, our Expert Booksellers will answer your questions on rare and collectible books. [View the Q&A]

This Issue's Questions

Q. Some of the pages in this book are unopened (they are still joined at fold) Why is it this way? Does this make my book more valuable? - Linda

Q. In your opinion, who would be some of the authors whose signatures would stand the test of time and appreciate? - Matt

Q. What's the difference between "First Printing" and "First edition"? - Howard

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Collector Profile

Greek to Us - Timothy Spalding
Collector Profile: Timothy SpaldingTimothy Spalding, founder of book lovers'
web site LibraryThing, talks to us about his extraordinary Greek & Latin collection.

[Read the Profile]

Tell Us What You Think & Enter to WIN
We'd love to get your opinions and feedback on The Avid Collector. Please take a moment to tell us what you thought - you could win a collectible 1st edition of Truman Capote's In Cold Blood. [Give Your Feedback]
Contest is open to residents of USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

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