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Like a well tended garden, a book collection that has been nurtured over the years is an unending source of reflection and delight. For our May issue, Fine Books & Collections takes us on a leisurely stroll through the history of collectible gardening books, offering a selection of rare volumes that will enhance any library. Visit a garden of collectible delights!

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As You Were: A Brief History of Viking Portables

Viking Portables: Hemmingway

Valued as comprehensive compendiums of works by well-loved authors, Viking Portables are a legacy of wartime publishing and were designed for "the convenience of men who are mostly on the move..."

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Have Your Books Valued

Treasures in Your Attic?
Want to know how much your most prized book is worth? Find out from The Book Guys' Allan Stypeck.
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A Bower of Botanical Prints
Branches de Rousselet, Peche, Prune, et Raisin

Merging the scientific and the aesthetic, botanical prints are striking examples of collectible ephemera.

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Rare Gardening Books

Collector Profile
Bromer Booksellers of Boston, MA
Anne and David Bromer
Bromer Booksellers are true authorities in the rare book world, and particularly in the utterly charming, historically fascinating field of miniature volumes.
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Ask the Expert

Our Expert Booksellers answer your questions on rare and collectible books. View the Q&A

This Issue's Questions

1. What is the definitive source of first edition identification information? —George McGuinness

2. I’ve started collecting ARCs and proofs. When I buy one, I ask for the publisher's letter or promotional material. Is this worth getting or a waste of time? —JoAnna Garner

3. I invested in the recently published Penguin Designer Classics Series. The value at the moment appears to be attached to whether it is in the shrinkwrap and plastic box. Is this the best condition to keep the books in? —Andy Lomas

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Collector Profile

May's pick is the stunning collection of engravings found in Choix des Plus Belles Fleurs [A Selection of Beautiful Flowers] by French master Pierre-Joseph Redoute. Read More

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