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It's likely that we all have fond and vivid memories of the picture books that were our introduction to the world of literature. And most of us are probably farily convinced that the electronic devices entertaining today's youth could never replace this experience. Thankfully, there are many booksellers and collectors dedicated to preserving the beautiful volumes that launched many of us into a lifelong passion for books.

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Record of a Regiment on the Line

10 Questions With Andy Ray

Andy Ray created his first library at precocious age of nine years old, and hasn't looked back since.

Read our 10 Questions With Andy Ray

Have Your Books Valued

Treasures in Your Attic?

Want to know how much your most prized book is worth? Find out from The Book Guys' Allan Stypeck.

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Collectible Cookbooks

Salvador Dali - Les Diners De Gala

Children's books aren't the only volumes full of whimsy and wonderful illustrations. This copy of Dali's Les Diners de Gala is fun example of exceptional cookbooks.

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Collecting Children's Picture Books

Jo Ann Reisler, Ltd.
Jo Ann and Don From a life on the road scouring the country for wonderful children's books, Jo Ann and Don Reisler have became a driving force behind the field of original illustrative art. Read Our Interview with Jo Ann and Don from Reisler Books

Ask the Expert

Our Expert Booksellers answer your questions on rare and collectible books. View the Q&A

This Issue's Questions

1. I bought this book for very little money, but I would like to think that it is a first edition. Is it? The book is Angelaís Ashes. —A. Salemink

2. What is the best way to pack and store books when moving.—Walter

3. I own a Bible that was the family Bible of John Church Hamilton, one of Alexander Hamiltonís sons. What can you tell me about this Bible?—Randy

4. I recently purchased books with strong cigar smell. Is there a treatment that will help?—Chaim

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Collector Profile

The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams For November, the pick of the month is a near fine first edition of The Velveteen Rabbit, by Margery Williams. This renowned children's book tells the story of a toy rabbit who wants to be real, and this first edition stands out due to the luminous chromolithographic illustrations. Read More.

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