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Time for a Break!

It's easy to forget, but there's more to reading than textbooks. A good book is a really affordable, relaxing way to take a break from it all. Fiction, fashion, sports bios, travel books... you name it, you can find it - and afford it - on AbeBooks. We've chosen a few of our new favorites for you. Check them out!

A Lifetime of Secrets by Frank WarrenThe Fug Awards by Heather CocksRite of Passage by Lonely PlanetSee More Books

Just a few of the ways AbeBooks can help you catch a break:

101 Ways to Eat Macaroni and Cheese by Andrew MannFind books that will help you eat for cheap. You can cut out a lot to make ends meet... but not food. This cold fact of life has lead to the publication of books such as 101 Ways to Eat Macaroni and Cheese: A Guide for the Poor and Starving College Student

Save on books that help you save.
1000 Best Smart Money Secrets for Students
can make a big difference to your budget - and will only cost you $2.90.

Cheap and easy gifts for far away family. Your mom's birthday is next week. Ok, maybe it isn't, and if not sorry to scare you. But whenever it is, who has time to mail parcels? Order her a book on and our booksellers will send it straight to her. Choose from the best of recently released titles.

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Not that we're condoning it...

...but it has been known to happen. From time to time the hapless college student wakes to find he or she has inadvertently over-indulged the previous night. Don't worry - there's help. We even found some for your prof.

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Spring Break Madness

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