Keep AbeBooks Newsletters Coming!

If you have signed up for one of our newsletters and not received it, it may have been filtered. With spam awareness on the rise, email filtering is becoming more prevalent. And most of the time you won't even know when a message hasn't been delivered.

To make sure you receive emails from AbeBooks, please take a moment to add us to your address book or list of safe senders.

Many of the most commonly used email clients (Outlook, etc.) will let you add to a safe senders list by:

  1. Right clicking, from within the email, on the email address in the "From" field (ex: and selecting "Add to Contacts" or "Add to Address Book"; or
  2. Before opening the email, right clicking on the message and selecting "Add to Contacts" or "Add to Address Book".

If you are unable to find those options, try going to the help section of your email client and searching "safe senders" or "whitelist" to find the instructions specific to your program.