Depending on your specific needs, AbeBooks offers many options to help you list & upload your books.

Option 1

New to selling books? Are you listing only with AbeBooks? Do you want an easy way to organize your online inventory?

  • Try our online book inventory manager. Once you become comfortable with this, you may want to try our free software, AbeBooks HomeBase.

Option 2

Would you like an easy and more flexible solution to maintaining your inventory of books both offline and online?

  • AbeBooks signature inventory management software AbeBooks HomeBase, makes it easy to list and maintain your books, clients, invoices and wants. You can also upload your books to other sites using AbeBooks HomeBase. Interested in our FREE solution?
  • Looking for a web-based solution that will help you manage your inventory plus help you re-price your stock competitively and also help you process your orders too? If so, check out AbeBooks subsidiary FillZ.

Option 3

Do you have an existing customized inventory system?

  • We can help you convert your inventory to be listed with AbeBooks.In addition, we can convert your data into a file you can download and import into AbeBooks HomeBase. More information on our requirements for the database structure.
  • Do you want to continue to use your existing system? If so, consider FillZ. FillZ accepts most file formats (standard .csv & .tab) and can allow you to continue to use your customized system and easily list and sell online. In addition, you can also manage your ecommerce website through FillZ.

Option 4

Would you like to integrate your inventory system with our order system? Do you need an efficient method of accessing and processing book orders? Would you like to have the choice of processing orders in bulk or item-by-item? Do you have existing software to facilitate this at your site now?

  • Contact us to discuss our Batch FTP solution for inventory and orders or find out more about our XML based APIís for inventory and orders by e-mailing us at
  • Alternatively, you can also consider integrating directly with FillZ. FillZ also has a batch FTP solution for inventory and orders and an XML API for orders. Now you can seamlessly integrate your offline solution with your online sales channels. Check out FillZ to find out more.

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If you are interested in becoming a bookseller with AbeBooks and have further questions, please contact us.

If you have an existing buyer or bookseller account and have an enquiry related to your account, click here to send us a question.