In 2005, AbeBooks conducted a worldwide search for ordinary people called Harry Potter. Read their stories about how a literary coincidence changed their lives.

Harry Potter from Massachusetts

Harry Potter From MassachusettsA funeral director from New Bedford, Massachusetts. Harry thinks his name helps put mourners at ease. His great-grandfather was Harry L. Potter.
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Harry Potter from Indiana

Harry from Indiana

A science teacher from Indiana, Harry, who has read three of JK Rowling’s books, insists he would never change his name even though he hears jokes almost daily and often hesitates before introducing himself.
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Harry Potter from London

Harry from London

A barrister in criminal law and part-time priest, Harry says it is beneficial having such a famous name. He even owns a priceless hand-written letter from JK Rowling addressed to Harry Potter.
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Harry Potter from Florida

Harry from Florida

A retired US naval seaman, Harry comes from an entire family of Harry Potters and is deeply proud of his name. His grandfather and father were called Harry Potter, and his son completes the fourth generation of Harry Potters.
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Harry Potters from Texas

Harry from Texas

A former mathematics teacher, Harry has an extra ‘S’ but still gets ribbed about his famous name. Harry makes puppet videos for schools but has also written a children’s book called Tory: The Dust Devil.
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