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Harry Potter, Florida

Harry From Florida

Harry Potter, a retired US naval seaman living in Florida, is deeply proud of his famous name because it encompasses several generations of his family.

His grandfather, his father and his son - who also lives nearby - are all called Harry Potter.

"Prank phone calls from kids are the biggest problem," said Harry, who spent 23 years in naval aviation maintenance. "I have a blocker on my phone that cuts out those numbers. I've never considered changing my name. I was christened Harry Potter and I'm very proud of it because there have been four of us in my family with that name.

"It tends to impress young children. I tell them that I'm a Christian and not all Harry Potters are wizards. I have four grandchildren - two boys and two girls - and they gave me the first Harry Potter book as a present but I've never read it. I like the Church, so I read books about faith and I also enjoy history books."

"It's a very old English name and it means a lot to my family. Hindsight is a wonderful thing if I'd have known that Harry Potter would become such a famous name I would have copyrighted it and become a very rich man."

Jacksonville's Harry Potter is very active. "My wife and I are both scuba divers," he added. "People call us the scuba diving grandparents. I spend a lot of time at my church where I am a deacon and also looking after a few folks."