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Harry Potter, Massachusetts

Harry From Massachusetts

When people walk into Harry Potter's funeral home in Massachusetts, they are often surprised to be greeted by a funeral director with such a famous name.

"I think it helps lighten the mood," said Harry, who is a co-owner and director at Potter Funeral Service Inc. where he runs its New Bedford funeral home. "I have a small Harry Potter figurine on my desk and it helps to put people at ease.

"I get a lot of recognition about my name. Over the years, I've been interviewed on several radio stations, been in magazines and appeared on TV three times, including nationwide once. I've read the books and watched the movies, and collected various paraphernalia."

Harry started in the funeral business when he was 19 and has remained in the job since then for all but six years. The business was originally co-founded in 1892 by Harry L. Potter Harry's great-grandfather.

Harry would never consider changing his name but admits that he sometimes hesitates when introducing himself.

"There have been problems ordering things by telephone and making reservations because people think it is a crank call," he said. "I usually get a long pause and then they ask if it really is my name. I always speak with these people about the coincidence and we always have a good laugh. I was once invited to speak to a church children's group. I have also gotten autograph requests. In general, it has added a bright spot to my life. I have even been given free movie tickets and received special attention when visiting some places."