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Isle of Lewis, United Kingdom

+44 07810448911

Joined December 8, 2016

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AbeBooks' uniqueness is our network of independent booksellers who work with us to provide the most diverse selection of rare, used and out-of-print books on the Internet. It is these sellers, with their experience, commitment and love of the used and out-of-print book business who help all our buyers find that treasure they've been looking for.

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All items will be dIspatched once the sale has gone through. if you have any questions about any of the books you can contact me by telephone 07810 448911 or by email kennymacleod39@gmail.com
I aim to have the books posted within 2 working days, once the order has been processed or earlier. I will notify the buyer if i can't post an item or items within this timescale. Payments can be made by cheque, paypal or through abe.

Shipping Terms

All items will be posted 2ND class unless otherwise agreed. the rates are depending on the size of book/books 2.85, & 1.51 or 1.20. If the item/Items are heavier than 2kg then the postage charge will be more expensive.