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I accept Paypal, personal checks and USPS postal Money Orders.
I gladly accept returns, when initiated within 30 days of the delivery date, for all reasons under AbeBooks' Return Policy

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Orders usually ship within 2 business days. Shipping costs are estimates based on an "average" book weighing 2 pounds and measuring no more than 10 x 7 inches. If your book(s) are heavy and/or large, we may contact you to request extra shipping charges... DOMESTIC SHIPPING: Media Mail (Book rate) is $5.00 for 1st volume and $3.00 for each additional volume. Priority mail is $14.00 for 1st volume and $3.00 for each additional volume. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Books of "average" size might be sent overseas via Global Priority Airmail for $39.00 each volume, but oversized or overweight books must be sent by other methods or carriers, and will almost certainly cost more, depending on the actual weight. The day after sale of the book. I will package and weigh and send cost for international shipping. The only charge aboce shipping fee is for the packing material ( usually $4.00 ).

  • Shipping speeds are estimates based on the carriers' delivery times and cannot be guaranteed. If your order will pass through Customs, please expect a delay. Any applicable Customs duties or brokerage fees are the responsibility of the buyer. If local sales taxes apply, or if the book is heavy or oversized and requires additional shipping, the bookseller may contact you directly about extra charges.