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In 2020, Nina decided to become a wordsmith as a complete change of career as a result of Covid-19 impacting her work. Before becoming an author, she spent 25 years working for well known art galleries specialising in 19th Century and Old Master paintings, where she managed the financial and administrative function of the business. To prepare herself for becoming an author, Nina completed several creative writing courses with Dr Caroline Greville from Christ Church University, The City Lit and City Academy as well as BBC Maestro and the London School of Journalism. Nina is a 77 year old, Kent-based writer whose main inspiration comes from her early post-World War II memories, when reading picture books was a treasured pastime. She plans to expand her portfolio of work to include books about all wildlife from Antarctica and the Arctic. Becoming a wordsmith was a complete change of direction in my career, as I always wanted to write something that would create a shared experience between parents and children. I hope children will be delighted by the imagery, and parents will use the fun facts about penguins and polar bears to captivate their attention further. I imagined the books to be a treasured item that readers would come back to time and time again to get bite-size information about the wonderful world of Antarctica and the Arctic. I am keeping the book prices bite-sized too, so children and parents alike can buy them with their pocket money, the author says.

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