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Besides our specialties below, we try to keep an eclectic, interesting assortment of titles available for sale. This is mostly based on the biases, idiosyncracies and preferences of the owner! Excellent Customer Service is a must for us [our horse is a very strict task master]. However [isn't there always a however?], it is possible to make an error, or sometimes a book gallops away from us. They appear to find the same hiding place as missing socks [you know, a pair goes in the laundry, only one comes out....]. Book Buying: I am always looking for quality books to add to my inventory. Contact me if you have books to sell; I will come to YOU at your convenience. I pay CASH $$$$$$ for books. SPECIALTIES We specialize in dressage, equestrian, horse [nonfiction and fiction], dog, other animal books, as well as titles on fine art, architecture, decorative arts, including exhibition and museum catalogues; antiques/collectibles, and Native American/Indian ethnographic monographs, OEM/Manufacturer's [printed/bound and CD-Rom] Service Manuals. Dressage & horsemanship specialties include books by classical and modern masters, such as Francois Robichon De La Gueriniere, de Pluvinel, Udo Burger, Cavendish, L'Hotte, Harry Boldt, Charles de Kunffy, Reiner and Ingrid Klimke, Wilhelm Museler, Nuno Oliveira, Paul Belasik, Stephen Clarke [2010 WEG (World Equestrian Games), Lexington; dressage judge. 2012 London Olympics Dressage judge] Buck Brannaman, Ray Hunt, James Wofford, et al. If the book is not in stock, a FREE book search service is available. Interested in EQUINE BIOMECHANICS and training/conditioning? The great classic The Rider Forms the Horse, by Udo Burger and Otto Zeitzschmann fully translated into English, is availablel, a 'must have' for any serious equestrian. These are essential books for any serious horse person's library.

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