Are Mountains Growing Taller?: Questions and Answers about the Changing Earth

Berger, M.

ISBN 10: 0613666135 / 0-613-66613-5
ISBN 13: 9780613666138
Publisher: Topeka Bindery
Publication Date: 2003

About this title:
How do waterfalls form? When do landslides occur?
From Pangaea to plate tectonics, this title delivers clear answers to complicated questions about a vast array of Earth science topics.

Are mountains growing taller?

Some are. Mount Everest, for example, is the highest mountain in the world. And it is still growing about 1 inch (2.5 cm) every year.

In the well received conversational style that sets the Q & A series apart, the Bergers provide a wonderful introduction to Earth science.

Children will be eager to explore the changing earth they inhabit. They will learn how rocks are made, what makes a volcano erupt, and that mountains can not only grow taller, but shorter, too!

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