Judgment Day! (audiobook Mp3): Islam, Israel, and the Nations

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9781928660569: Judgment Day! (audiobook Mp3): Islam, Israel, and the Nations

In what is possibly the most comprehensive and clear-cut examination of ancient biblical prophecy and modern-day Middle East politics regarding Islam, Israel, and the nations, Judgment Day! is an eye-opening page-turner for scholars, analysts, pastors, professors, politicians, and laypeople alike. Amazing historical facts and firsthand insight make this book a thrilling, sometimes troubling, read—but one that is necessary for an accurate understanding of the prophetic times in which we live.
Drawing parallels between the “land for peace” appeasement of Hitler (prior to his systematic extermination of more than 6 million Jews) and today’s strategy of the nations united against Israel is not at all difficult—but Dave Hunt goes much deeper than that. With painstaking clarity and detail, Judgment Day! reveals the ancient agenda against the Jews, and traces its twisted trail to modern-day deceptions of U.S. Presidents, foreign ambassadors, covert (and overt) military operations, businesspeople, educators, and world leaders alike.
In this no-holds-barred documentary, Dave Hunt skillfully dissects the myth of Palestinian claims to “the Promised Land” and exposes the fraud, deceit, and treachery of an international community allied against the Jewish nation. As the author writes, “In the final analysis, the battle over Israel is a battle for the souls and destiny of mankind. If Islam and the nations siding with her should accomplish their goal of destroying Israel, then mankind [from a biblical perspective] is eternally lost....”
Why are the stakes so high? What will the outcome be? Discover the uncomfortable but irrefutable truth in Dave Hunt’s impassioned exposé—Judgment Day!
(Read by Gary Carmichael.)

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About the Author:

Dave Hunt ministered worldwide for nearly forty years, encouraging millions of believers to diligently study God's Word and leading many to Christ. A prolific best-selling author, international lecturer, and Bible teacher, his writings have been translated into at least 50 languages. More than four million copies of Dave’s books have been sold, which include: The Cult Explosion, The God Makers, The New Spirituality, The Seduction of Christianity, Global Peace and the Rise of Antichrist, Occult Invasion, A Cup of Trembling, A Woman Rides the Beast, In Defense of the Faith, An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith, Seeking and Finding God, Judgment Day!, Yoga and the Body of Christ, What Love Is This?, Psychology and the Church, and Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny. For nearly a decade, Dave also co-hosted a weekly radio program, Search the Scriptures Daily, broadcast on over 400 stations in the U.S. and worldwide.


“Dave Hunt’s Judgment Day! has encyclopedic dimensions of the most crucial and vital issues of our times... ‘Life and Death’ issues, which affect us both as individuals and as a Judeo-Christian community. In 1948, when the State of Israel was just re-established, 600,000 Israelis faced 80 million Arabs! Sixty-thousand ill-trained and ill-equipped Israeli ‘soldiers’ of a newly organized army (six months old) crushed 600,000 (a ratio of one to ten) soldiers of four Arab armies, well trained and heavily armed, reinforced by units from seven additional Arab countries, not to mention the active help of the British. Shame and humiliation overwhelmed the whole Islamic world! To eliminate Israel, a strategy was conceived, establishing the ‘unholy trinity’: Islamic terrorism, a hostile, anti-Semitic Europe, and a corrupt United Nations. The slogan of conquest is: ‘First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.’ Europe has already been invaded by hordes of Muslims. It is all there in Dave Hunt’s Judgment Day! Who is next? USA?! Like the biblical prophets, Dave Hunt has a vision and is not hesitant to issue a Battle Cry. Judgment Day! is a must-read and a call to action! James’ statement (2:26), ‘Faith without works is dead,’ cannot be ignored! Not only will Faith be dead, but, alas, the faithful too...unless we act! Dave Hunt makes it utterly clear in Judgment Day! It is a powerful book!” Shimon Erem, General Israeli Defense Forces, Retired (One of the most celebrated Israeli generals of all time)
“Judgment Day! is a tour-de-force, both in scope, scholarship, and insight. This superbly researched work examines the most vexing global security issue facing our world today. Among his other achievements in Judgment Day!, Dave Hunt invites the reader to honestly examine and evaluate almost 1,400 years of Islamic history. For students of history, Judgment Day! is refreshingly honest when one considers the whitewash given this topic in mainstream academia today. For those who believe that Islamic militancy is an aberration of the Muslim faith, that the Jihadists have no (ruthless) designs for world domination, or that Muhammad was a man of peace, this book is required reading. Dave has exposed the blind side of Western liberal thinking with respect to the threat posed by the Islamists to individual freedom, democracy, and world peace. How else does one explain that in the Islamic State of today there is virtually no room for the basic freedoms that we enjoy in the West? Those of us living in the democracies of the West ignore this sobering, well-documented assessment at our own peril.” —Richard Scott, Colonel, USMC, Retired (Former Marine Chair for Security Studies, George C. Marshall Center, Garmisch, Germany)
“Judgment Day! is a great revelation to the general public regarding the truth about the Islamic religion. It is a highly academic and well-documented presentation of the facts, yet written in a warm-hearted style that makes for outstanding reading. Dave develops a foundation of the beginnings of the nation of Israel and the religion of Islam, building to the end results today, as the forces of Allah threaten to take over the world. For those knowledgeable about Islam and those who are unfamiliar with the nature of it, Judgment Day! will help the reader to understand what the Muslims do, what their mindset is, and what our response should be.” — Florene Miller-Watson, USAF, National Chaplain, WASP (One of the only 25 women pilots who formed the original WWII Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS) in 1942.)
“Once in a great while, a book appears that dares to challenge the prevailing spirits of the culture. Dave Hunt’s book, Judgment Day!, is such a book. Dave has dared to take on the divisive and potentially destructive liberal stronghold of political correctness by presenting an excellently documented work about one of the greatest threats faced by the United States, and probably the entire western world: Muslim terrorism and the eventual ‘Muslimization’ of the West. Mr. Hunt and I do not agree on a number of theological points, one being the role of the nation of Israel in future history. However, I learned many years ago that if I limited my reading and listening to only those people with whom I fully agree, my life would at best be an empty vanilla existence and at worst blindsided by facts from my adversaries. Judgment Day! is a book that is a must read for every leader, church worker, and person of influence. It clearly sets forth not only the current goals of Islam but also recounts the long history of a religion that has prospered by the sword and reveals how Muslim-dominated nations deny the most basic elements of a free western civilization. Even though most Muslims are not Arabs, the Wahhabi sect domination of Islam is forcing the religion back to an eighth-century desert culture. The United States must develop an accurate working knowledge of Islam and become unified in the war against Muslim terrorism or live in a world filled with hate, destruction, threats, and eventual capitulation of our most respected human rights. We must demand that our nation’s leaders, in every venue, project a clear understanding of the threat and set forth both domestic and international goals to defend the United States! As Dave Hunt so clearly reveals, we must not continue to permit Muslim education, apologists, or religionists to have access to use our freedoms and institutions for their destructive purposes.” —Clyde F. Autio, Major General, USAF, Retired
“JUDGMENT DAY! is without a doubt a must read! Dave Hunt’s superb historical research documents the seriousness of the Islamic threat not only to Israel but to every non-Muslim nation on earth. As the scholarship of this book clearly proves, militant Islam is not an aberration but a global force intent on destroying the very foundations of freedom and democracy for every man, woman, and child on the planet—and will not stop until worldwide submission to its god, Allah, is achieved. As JUDGMENT DAY! so aptly illustrates, at the heart of Islam is an appetite for absolute rule that cannot be appeased; it leaves freedom-loving leaders no other choice but to defend now—or be dominated for life.” —David Funk, MSG, USA, Retired “What’s going on in our world? Where are we headed? What does it all mean? Dave Hunt has nailed it. This book is a wake-up call to a sleep-walking world trying to make sense of events that were foretold in the greatest book ever written, the Bible.” — Joseph Farah, Founder, WorldNetDaily.com
“This latest book from Dave Hunt is a must read for everyone everywhere. Well written and heavily documented, Judgment Day! makes us realize that we need to wake up to the truth of what is happening in our world. The information it contains is shocking, but the reader will be thankful for the facts. The further one reads, the more compelling it becomes. Especially impressive is the courage of the author to name many of our most highly respected leaders—exposing the truth of where they have stood regarding Islam and Israel.” —Earl Poysti, Founder of Russian Christian Radio (An active missionary during the Iron Curtain days, his influence continues today as President Emeritus of RCR.)
“Dave Hunt’s Judgment Day: Israel, Islam and the Nations is written from a clearly biblical perspective. His treatment of the subject offers no room for political correctness, ecumenical accommodation, or denominational loyalty. Hunt believes that many who claim to be Christians either fail to understand what the Bible says about Israel, or they willfully go against what is written. Whether they are presidents, prime ministers, popes or pivotal Protestant leaders, they risk much by going against what is plainly written in the Bible. The forces arrayed against Israel are well-organized, and quite committed to her destruction. It would be a move of wisdom for Christians to make sure which side they are on. As a Jew of Israel, I have come to appreciate the Biblical imperative for sola scriptura Christians to support Israel—spiritually, theologically, and personally—through the writings of Dave Hunt.” —David Siegel, Freelance researcher and editor of memoirs of Holocaust survivors; Israeli citizen
“I have studied Dave Hunt’s writings for years as he has stood against the tide, relentlessly exposing evil. In comparison with so many who have come and gone, or others who water down the truth, Dave runs the course and fights the good fight. Indeed, for years Dave Hunt has been a great inspiration to me and to many who came out of the darkness of Islam. In his new book, Judgment Day!, Dave calls a spade a spade and tells it as it is. He accurately, and with much historic and biblical evidence, shows beyond any doubt that the world is on a downward spiral—and is clueless regarding the significance of the Bible, Israel, and the coming danger—by the irrational sellout of Israel. Judgment Day! is a must-read and is crucial in exposing the things you never see in the world media regarding human destiny and the eternal consequences we face if we ignore the detailed biblical warnings so carefully detailed in this book.” —Walid Shoebat, Former PLO Terrorist and author of Why I Left Jihad
“One of the basic tenets of warfare is ‘Know your enemy.’ Dave Hunt’s Judgment Day! introduces and explains the radical faith of Islam and the actions of its subscribers. Any military that takes on this perversion of truth in battle is doomed for defeat unless they can look beyond the current psyche that all men and their religious beliefs are good, if just understood. A ‘must-read’ for all U.S. State and D.O.D. personnel as they execute this current world war. Military chaplains should read it, as they have an obligation to prepare their troops concerning the historical and religious workings of the pending enemy.” —Thad Hoyer, Colonel, USMC, Retired
“This is the most important book on the issues of the Middle East and the Holy Land. Strangely enough, historians, politicians, journalists, and even Christians believe the lies and falsification of “history” conceived by the Muslims and repeated as fact through decades and centuries of propaganda. Dave Hunt goes to the roots and digs up from history...the coming judgment on Israel, Islam, and the nations. Everyone who loves the truth—whether Christian, Muslim, or Jew—should read it. This book can change hearts—and even today’s politics.” —Hans Kristian, President of the International Sakharov Committee, author of 33 Books
“It has been said that there may be moderate Muslims, but Islam is not moderate. Dave Hunt ably exposes this fact and reminds us that the Islam producing today’s terrorism is the Islam of its founder, Mohammed. As such, it is as much a threat to Judaism and Christianity today as it was when it was first spread by the sword in the seventh century A.D. Dave’s impassioned warning, however, goes beyond the political to the prophetic, alerting us of the judgment that is about to befall this planet and how to prepare an escape before that day arrives.” —Randall Price, Ph.D., Founder & President World of the Bible Ministries, Inc. (Holding a Th.M. in Old Testament and Semitic Languages, and a Ph.D. in Middle Eastern Studies, Dr. Price is a prolific author who lectures worldwide about Israel and Islam; he also leads educational tours and directs archaeological excavations in Israel.)

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