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Okehampton, United Kingdom

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Joined September 9, 2021

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AbeBooks' uniqueness is our network of independent booksellers who work with us to provide the most diverse selection of rare, used and out-of-print books on the Internet. It is these sellers, with their experience, commitment and love of the used and out-of-print book business who help all our buyers find that treasure they've been looking for.

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Qwertyword Ltd sell mainly non-mainstream books on behalf of charities, retiring academics or downsizing collectors aiming to obtain a reasonable price within a reasonable timeframe. All serious offers/ enquiries will be considered as re-homing special books is also a priority. We have no idea what we have here awaiting listing except that we know there is a currently a large volume of sheet music, books relating to statistics, history, films, literary fiction, vintage books, and Folio Society b...

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Shipping Terms

We use clingfilm to hold books tightly closed, in a lightweight padded envelope. Hardcover books are also framed in cardboard to protect corners and the spine.
For shipments within the UK we use Royal Mail 48 for weights up to 2kg. Rates based on average of parcel weight of 1kg per book.
Where possible, we use Royal Mail 48 Large Letter, charge based on an average weight of 500g.
Books weighing 2-4kg are sent by Royal Mail 24

For international shipments Royal Mail International Priority is used. Generally speaking, we do not send books weighting over 2kg overseas.