0443082383: Controversies in Nephrology and Hypertension
0443082413: Pediatric Neurologic Physical Therapy (Clinics in Physical Therapy)
0443082421: The Hereditary Hemolytic Anemias
0443082472: Key Facts in Immunology
0443082480: Allergy
0443082502: Echocardiography: An Integrated Approach
0443082510: Lung Cancer: Advances in Research and Treatment (Contemporary Issues in Oncology, Vol 3)
0443082561: Small Animal Endocrinology
0443082588: Tubulo-Interstitial Nephropathies
0443082596: Divalent Ion Homeostasis
0443082618: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
0443082634: Renal Transplantation
0443082650: Burnside's Medical Examination Review
0443082685: Pediatric Nephrology
0443082707: Key Facts in Pathology
0443082731: Clinical pharmacology of psychotherapeutic drugs (Monographs in clinical pharmacology)
0443082758: Otologic Medicine and Surgery
0443082774: Monitoring in Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine
0443082820: Measurement in Physical Therapy
0443082855: Handbook of Regional Anesthesia
0443082898: Tumors and Tumor-Like Conditions of the Ovary
0443082901: New Dimensions in Antimicrobial Therapy: Contemporary Issues in Infectious Diseases Series (Contemporary issues in infectious diseases)
0443082944: Handbook of Small Animal Therapeutics
0443082952: Vascular and Doppler Ultrasound
0443083037: Pediatric Emergencies
0443083053: Introduction to Dialysis
0443083061: Radiology for Anesthesia and Critical Care
0443083096: Endocrine Aspects of Acute Illness.
0443083118: Key Facts in Gross Anatomy
0443083126: Manual of Small Animal Cardiology
0443083185: Disorders of Fluid and Electrolyte Balance : Diagnosis and Treatment
0443083193: Abnormal Pulmonary Circulation
0443083223: Manual of Small Animal Emergencies
0443083258: Endocarditis (Contemporary Issues in Infectious Diseases, Vol 2)
0443083266: Bacterial Meningitis (Contemporary Issues in Infectious Disease Vol 3)
0443083282: Anesthesia
0443083290: Heart and Renal Disease
0443083320: Pathogenesis of Skin Disease
0443083339: Medical Emergencies
0443083363: Acute Pain Management
0443083371: Invasive Procedures in Critical Care
0443083398: Herpes Simplex Infections of the Eye (Contemporary Issues in Opthalmology, Vol
0443083428: Noninvasive Respiratory Monitoring (Contemporary Issues in Pulmonary Disease Ser., Vol. 3)
0443083460: Reproductive failure.
0443083517: Pathology of the Testis and Its Adnexa (Contemporary Issues in Surgical Pathology Ser., Vol. 7)
0443083533: Hand Rehabilitation
0443083541: Surgery of the Eye
0443083568: Primary Care Orthopedics
0443083584: Obstetrics
0443083606: Spinal Cord Injury (Clinics in Physical Therapy, Volume 6)
0443083614: Neuroanatomy: A conceptual approach
0443083622: Surgical Emergencies (Contemporary Issues in Small Animal Practice, Vol 2)
0443083657: Ultrasound in perinatology.
0443083665: Acute Respiratory Failure
0443083703: Hormone-Producing Tumors of the Gastrointestinal Tract
0443083738: The Progressive nature of renal disease (Contemporary issues in nephrology) by
0443083746: Cornea
0443083789: Manual of pediatric anesthesia
0443083800: Computed Tomography of the Head and Neck
0443083894: Therapeutic Considerations for the Elderly
0443083916: Radionuclide Imaging of the Gi Tract
0443083932: Essentials of Urology
0443083959: Manual of Cataract Surgery
0443083975: Septic Shock
0443084009: Clinical Signs And Diagnosis In Small Animal Practice
0443084025: Liver Pathology
0443084033: Drugs and Renal Disease
0443084041: Electrodiagnosis in clinical neurology: Edited by Michael J. Aminoff
0443084068: Prolactinomas
0443084076: Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation
0443084084: Exotic Animals
0443084092: Genitourinary Ultrasound
0443084181: Modern Techniques of Ion Transport
0443084211: Introduction to Diagnostic Imaging
0443084246: Atlas of Ultrasonography Volume 1 2ND Edition
0443084254: Hemorrhagic and Thrombotic Diseases in Childhood and Adolescence
0443084327: Pediatric Dermatology
0443084343: Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy
0443084378: Outpatient Anesthesia
0443084394: Anesthetic management of difficult and routine pediatric patients
0443084408: Oncology Contemporary Issues in Small Animal Practice, Volume 6
0443084440: Sports Physical Therapy
0443084475: Dermatology
0443084491: Staging of Neoplasms (Contemporary Issues in Computed Tomography, Volume 7) by
0443084505: Respiratory Infections (Contemporary Issues in Infectious Diseases, Vol. 5)
0443084548: Renal and Urologic Emergencies.
0443084556: Prenatal Ultrasound : A Color Atlas with Anatomic and Pathologic Correlations
0443084572: Shoulder
0443084599: Handbook of Small Animal Practice
0443084602: Difficult Diagnoses in Dermatology
0443084610: The Cat: Diseases and Clinical Management: Volume 1
0443084645: Infection Control in Intensive Care
0443084653: Practical Computer Applications in Radio Nuclide Imaging
0443084688: Cardiovascular Emergencies
0443084696: Practical Cytopathology
0443084777: Manual of Therapy for Skin Diseases
0443084793: Essentials of Neuroimaging
0443084815: Operative Hand Surgery
0443084823: Canine and Feline Cardiology
0443084882: Open Angle Glaucoma (Contemporary Issues in Ophthalmology Ser., Vol. 3)
0443084890: Difficult Diagnoses in Urology
0443084904: Functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.
0443084920: Controversies in Ultrasound
0443084939: Physical therapy of the low back (Clinics in physical therapy)
0443084955: Pathology of the Head and Neck
0443084971: Computed Tomography of the Musculoskeletal System
0443084998: Manual of Physical Therapy
0443085013: Breast Disease
0443085048: Renal Disease : A Conceptual Approach
0443085064: Manual of Anesthesia in Cancer Care
0443085080: Manual of Small Animal Infectious Diseases
0443085102: Manual of Glaucoma : Diagnosis and Management
0443085129: Computed Tomography of the Gastrointestinal Tract (Contemporary Issues in Computed Tomography Volume 9)
0443085137: Principles of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy
0443085145: Pathology of the Vulva and Vagina
0443085161: Surgery of the Musculoskeletal System
0443085188: Bedside Logic in Diagnostic Gastroenterology
0443085196: The Physiology of the Cornea and Contact Lens Applications
0443085307: Body Fluid Homeostasis
0443085315: Rhinoplasty
0443085323: Atlas of Congenital Cardiac Surgery
0443085331: Pediatric Body CT
0443085358: Managing Low Back Pain
0443085390: Atlas of Thoracic Surgery
0443085404: New Surgical and Medical Approaches in Infectious Diseases
0443085412: Pharmacotherapy of Renal Disease and Hyperteision - Contemporary Issues in Nephrology (Vol17)
0443085447: Pediatric Anesthesia
0443085471: Headache
0443085498: Crucial Ligaments: Diagnosis and Treatment of Ligamentous Injuries About the Knee
0443085501: Radiology of Skeletal Trauma
0443085536: Bone Tumors
0443085544: Orthopaedic Physical Therapy
0443085552: Anesthesia and Co-Existing Disease
0443085579: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation : Scientific Basis, Current Standards and Future Trends
0443085587: Cardiopulmonary Symptoms in Physical Therapy Practice
0443085595: Immune Hemolytic Anemias
0443085609: Sports Medicine of the Lower Extremity
0443085625: Examination of the Cranial and Peripheral Nerves
0443085633: Doppler Color Flow Imaging
0443085668: Histopathology of Disease
0443085706: Biochemistry
0443085714: Basics of Anesthesia
0443085722: Manual of Drug Interactions for Anesthesiology
0443085730: Manual of Pediatric Anesthesia
0443085757: Neurology and General Medicine: The Neurological Aspects of Medical Disorders
0443085765: Laboratory Medicine : Test Selection and Interpretation
0443085773: Nuclear Cardiovascular Imaging
0443085781: Foot and Ankle Trauma
0443085803: Manual of Cardiac Anesthesia
0443085811: New American Pocket Medical Dictionary
0443085838: Infections in Emergency Medicine 2 Volume Set;hc;1989
0443085846: Hand : Primary Care of Common Problems
0443085897: Thoracic Surgical Oncology
0443085943: Anesthesia
0443085951: Clinical Cases in Anesthesia
0443085978: Cancer of the Head and Neck
0443085986: Atlas of Adult Cardiac Surgery
0443085994: Drug Therapy in Emergency Medicine
0443086036: Pathology of the Urinary Bladder
0443086044: The Foot: Examination and Diagnosis
0443086060: Neonatal and Pediatric Ultrasonography
0443086087: Hematology : A Pathophysiological Approach
0443086095: Diagnosis and Therapy of Fetal Anomalies
0443086141: Obstetric Emergencies
0443086168: AIDS and the Nervous System
0443086184: Private Practice Management in Physical Therapy
0443086192: Physical Therapy of the Geriatric Patient
0443086206: Handbook of Breast Imaging
0443086222: Handbook of Common Foot Problems
0443086230: Clinical imaging : an introduction to the role of imaging in clinical practice.
0443086257: Atlas of Suction Assisted Lipectomy in Body Contouring
0443086265: Endocrine and Metabolic Emergencies
0443086273: Renal Transplantation
0443086281: Anesthesia and the Brain : Clinical, Functional, Metabolic, and Vascular Correlates
0443086311: Immunopathology of Renal Disease
0443086338: Principles and Practice of Dermatology
0443086346: Digital imaging in diagnostic radiology.
0443086389: Health Care for an Aging Society
0443086397: Kidney Electrolyte Disorders
0443086400: Textbook of Paediatric Rheumatology
0443086419: Postreproductive Gynecology
0443086427: Manual of Gynecologic Oncology
0443086435: Hematology
0443086443: Cosmetics in Dermatology
0443086567: Textbook of Human Anatomy
0443086575: CT and MRI of the Genitourinary Tract
0443086583: Chest Radiographic Analysis
0443086591: Essays in Surgery: In Honor of David B. Skinner, M.D.
0443086621: Sports Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation
0443086656: High Risk Foot in Diabetes Mellitus
0443086699: Atrial Natriuretic Peptides
0443086702: Clinical Pharmacology of Psychotherapeutic Drugs
0443086710: Medical Microbiology
0443086745: Pathology of the Kidneys and Ureters
0443086753: Pharmacoepidemiology
0443086788: Anesthetic Management of Difficult and Routine Pediatric Patients
0443086818: Practical Laboratory Hematology
0443086869: Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases
0443086877: Surgical Pathology of the Nervous System and Its Coverings
0443086893: Manual of Visual Fields
0443086907: Handbook of Lower Extremity Infections
0443086915: Churchill's Medical Dictionary
0443086923: Surgical Pathology : Principles and Practices
0443086958: Introduction to Respiratory Medicine
0443086966: Handbook of Neurological Lists
0443087008: Neonatal Neurology
0443087016: Seizure Recognition and Treatment
0443087024: Practical Biomechanics for the Orthopaedic Surgeon
0443087032: Aesthetic Facial Surgery
0443087091: Brain Surgery : Complication Avoidance and Management
0443087105: Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases
0443087148: Obstetrics
0443087156: Hand : Examination and Diagnosis
0443087164: Peritoneal Dialysis : New Concepts and Applications
0443087172: Cutaneous Pathology
0443087180: Diabetes Mellitus : Diagnosis and Treatment
0443087199: Clinical Neuroanesthesia
0443087229: Child Abuse : A Medical Reference
0443087245: Human Embryology
0443087253: Joint Replacement Arthroplasty
0443087261: Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
0443087288: Pediatric Orthopedics for Primary Care Physicians
0443087326: Stroke : Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Management
0443087334: Atlas of Liver Surgery
0443087342: Surgery of the Knee
0443087350: General Ultrasound
0443087377: Hormones, Autacoids and the Kidney
0443087385: Examination in Physical Therapy Practice : Screening for Medical Disease
0443087393: Atlas of the Skin and Systemic Disease
0443087407: Diagnostic Imaging of the Premature Infant
0443087415: Pulmonary Management in Physical Therapy
0443087423: Atlas of Biliary Tract Surgery
0443087431: Manual of Obstetric Anesthesia
0443087512: Clinical Pharmacology : A Conceptual Approach
0443087520: Chiropractic Technique : Principles and Procedures
0443087539: Knee Ligament Rehabilitation
0443087547: Eccentric Muscle Training in Sports and Orthopaedics
0443087555: Basic Respiratory Physiology
0443087598: Cases in Pathology : A Clinical Approach for Students
0443087636: Doppler Color Imaging
0443087652: Rehabilitation of the Coronary Patient
0443087660: Postoperative Pain Management
0443087679: Current Practice in Surgery
0443087687: Prognosis and Risk Assessment in Cardiovascular Disease
0443087695: Management of the Hypertensive Patient
0443087709: Atlas of Gastric Surgery
0443087733: Treatment of Genetic Diseases
0443087792: Lipids and Renal Disease
0443087806: Essentials of Prenatal Diagnosis
0443087814: Cardiovascular Medicine : Principles and Practice
0443087822: Foot and Ankle Radiology
0443087830: Pediatric Clinical Skills
0443087857: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
0443087911: Workshops in Fluid and Electrolyte Disorders
0443087954: Electrodiagnosis in Clinical Neurology
0443087970: Occupational Disorders of the Upper Extremity
0443087989: Thoracic Surgery
0443087997: Treatment of Serious Infections in the 1990s
0443088012: Tumors and Tumor-Like Lesions of the Uterine Corpus and Cervix
0443088039: Operative Hand Surgery
0443088055: Atlas of Forearm and Hand Cross-Sectional Anatomy with Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Correlation
0443088071: Orthopaedics
0443088098: Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging
0443088136: Anesthesia and Co-Existing Disease
0443088144: Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics
0443088152: Physical Therapy Assessment in Early Infancy
0443088160: Office Practice of Neurology
0443088187: Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases : Handbook of Antimicrobial Therapy
0443088195: Progressive Nature of Renal Disease
0443088217: Hand Rehabilitation : A Practical Guide
0443088225: Critical Care
0443088241: Esophagus - Stomach - GI Bleeding
0443088268: Prevention and Screening in Office Practice
0443088306: Critical Care Toxicology
0443088322: Esophageal Surgery
0443088330: Churchill Livingstone's Medical Word Guide
0443088349: Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine
0443088357: Orthopaedic Physical Therapy
0443088365: Upper Extremity Injuries in the Athlete
0443088411: Vascular Diseases : Surgical and Interventional Therapy
0443088438: Manual of Orthopedic Anesthesia and Related Pain Syndromes
0443088446: Sports Injuries of the Shoulder : Conservative Management
0443088454: Cardiac Surgery
0443088519: Complications of Trauma
0443088527: Transesophageal Echocardiography
0443088535: Advances in Ultrasound Techniques and Instrumentation
0443088578: Infections in Immunocompromised Infants and Children
0443088594: Viral Infections
0443088608: Management of Pediatric Fractures
0443088632: Anterior Segment Complications of Contact Lens Wear
0443088640: Color Doppler Sonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology : With Related Applications
0443088675: Maternal Serum Screening for Fetal Genetic Disorders
0443088683: Imaging and Invasive Radiology in the Intensive Care Unit
0443088705: Management of the Acutely Ill Neurological Patient
0443088713: Hematologic and Oncologic Emergencies
0443088721: Obstructive Lung Disease
0443088748: Fundamental Neuroscience
0443088772: Manual of Drug Interactions for Anesthesiology
0443088780: Pharmacological Basis of Anesthesiology : Basic Science and Practical Applications
0443088799: Cat : Diseases and Clinical Management
0443088802: Cancer in the Nervous System
0443088853: Genital Dermatology
0443088918: Atlas of Cardiovascular Monitoring
0443088926: MRI Atlas of Sectional Anatomy of the Head and Neck
0443088934: Handbook for Anesthesia and Co-Existing Disease
0443088942: Physical Therapy of the Low Back
0443088950: Thyroid and Its Diseases
0443088969: Pharmacology and Management of Hypertension
0443088993: Clinical Cases in Anesthesia
0443089027: Atlas of Total Hip Replacement
0443089043: Pediatric Anesthesia
0443089051: Ultrasound in Gastroenterology
0443089086: Physical Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury
0443089094: Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
0443089108: Crisis Management in Anesthesiology
0443089124: Monitoring in Anesthesia and Critical Care Management
0443089132: Movement Disorders : A Contemporary Model for Stroke Rehabilitation
0443089140: Hematology
0443089167: Physical Therapy of the Knee
0443089183: Physical Therapy of the Cervical and Thoracic Spine
0443089191: Electrotherapy : Principles and Practice
0443089205: Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular Anesthesia
0443089221: Basics of Transesophageal Echocardiography
0443089248: Temporomandibular Disorders
0443089256: Physical Therapy of the Foot and Ankle
0443089264: Soft Tissue Reconstruction in the Upper Extremity
0443089272: Guide to Clinical Neurology
0443089302: Pediatrics for the Anesthesiologist
0443089310: Crucial Ligaments
0443089329: Postoperative Management of Cardiac Surgical Patients
0443089337: Neurology and General Medicine
0443089353: Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases
0443089361: Handbook of Critical Care Drug Therapy
0443089388: Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases : Antimicrobial Therapy, 1993-1994
0443089396: Hematology : A Pathophysiological Approach
0443089418: Clinical Oncology
0443089426: Manual of Pediatric Anesthesia
0443089434: Principles and Practice of Pediatric Infectious Diseases
0443089442: Study Guide for Human Embryology
0443089469: Essentials of Neuroimaging
0443089477: Shoulder Injuries in the Athlete : Surgical Repair and Rehabilitation
0443089493: Intrapartum Obstetrics
0443089507: Operative Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy
0443089523: Renal and Urologic Aspects of HIV Infection
0443089531: Transvaginal Ultrasound
0443089558: Short Course in Pathology
0443089566: Examination in Physical Therapy Practice : Screening for Medical Disease
0443089574: Ultrasound in Gynecology
0443089582: Gynecologic Surgery
0443089590: Epileptic Seizures : Pathophysiology and Clinical Semiology
0443089620: Basics of Anesthesia
0443089647: Head Injury and Postconcussive Syndrome
0443089698: Manual of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
0443089728: Current Practice of Surgery Essentials
0443089736: Current Practice of Trauma Surgery
0443089744: Current Practice of Breast, Skin and Soft Tissue Surgery
0443089752: Current Practice of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Surgery
0443089760: Current Practice of Cardiothoracic Surgery
0443089779: Current Practice of Vascular Surgery
0443089795: Diabetes Mellitus in Pregnancy
0443089817: Clinical Practice of Transfusion Medicine
0443089825: Reconstructive Surgery of the Joints
0443089833: Anesthesiology Review
0443089868: Anesthesiology Review
0443089876: Eccentric Muscle Training in Sports and Orthopaedics
0443089884: Principles and Practice of Dermatology
0443089892: Decision Making in Oncology : Evidence-Based Management
0443089906: Gastrointestinal Mucosal Biopsy
0443089914: Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery
0443089922: Orthotics : Clinical Practice and Rehabilitation Technology
0443089930: Clinical Decision Making in Rehabilitation : Efficacy and Outcomes
0443089949: Surgery
0443089981: Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery
0443100004: Clinical Applications of Neuromuscular Techniques
0443100039: Cystic Fibrosis Care : A Practical Guide
0443100098: Clinical Gait Analysis : Theory and Practice
0443100101: Structural Bodywork
0443100144: How to Get a Job in Medicine
0443100152: Medical Biochemistry
0443100187: Manual Therapy In Children
0443100195: Calculations For Pharmaceutical Practice
0443100209: Best of Five Questions for MRCP Part 1
0443100217: Hagedorn's Foundation for Practice in Occupational Therapy
0443100241: Rehabilitation
0443100268: Key Topics in Public Health : Essential Briefings on Prevention and Health Promotion
0443100306: Ophthalmology in Focus
0443100349: Biochemistry Illustrated : Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the Post-Genomic Era
0443100365: Neuroanatomy : An Illustrated Colour Text
0443100381: Legal Aspects of General Dental Practice
0443100411: Essential Anatomy and Physiology Maternity Care
0443100446: Interventional Radiology : A Survival Guide
0443100454: Emery's Elements of Medical Genetics
0443100462: Churchill's Pocketbook of Primary Care Medicine
0443100497: Final Mb
0443100500: Communication Skills for Final Mb : A Guide to Success in the Osce
0443100543: Paediatric Exams : A Survival Guide
0443100551: Obstetric And Gynaecological Ultrasound Made Easy
0443100616: Churchill's Pocketbook of Differential Diagnosis
0443100667: CT Made Easy
0443100705: Bipolar Disorder : Your Questions Answered
0443100713: Neurology : An Illustrated Colour Text
0443100802: ENT in Focus
0443100837: Practical Guide for Medical Teachers
0443100845: Pass the Preregistration Pharmacy Exam
0443100888: Running a Safe and Successful Acupuncture Clinic
0443100918: Stoma Care and Rehabilitation
0443100926: Techniques in Clinical Neurophysiology : A Practical Manual
0443100969: Chiropractic Manipulative Skills
0443100993: Psychological Basis of Psychiatry
0443101051: Health Visiting
0443101124: Practical Ophthalmology : A Survival Guide for Doctors and Optometrists
0443101132: Comprehensive Disability Management
0443101183: Immune Function in Sport and Exercise
0443101191: Clinical Anatomy of the Lumbar Spine and Sacrum
0443101205: Patient Safety
0443101280: Skills for Midwifery Practice
0443101302: Anatomy and Physiology for Midwives
0443101353: Reshaping Herbal Medicine : Knowledge, Education and Professional Culture
0443101450: Medical Problems In Dentistry
0443101485: Churchill's Pocketbooks Obstetrics And Gynaecology
0443101612: Patient Management Problems in Psychiatry
0443101884: Churchill's Differential Diagnosis CD-ROM PDA Software
0443101892: Churchill's Differential Diagnosis/PDA
0443101957: Churchill's In Clinical Practice Series: Stroke (Churchill's in Clinical Practice)
0443102139: Radiography and Radiology for Dental Nurses
0443102163: Manual Therapist's Guide to Movement
0443102228: Gray's Anatomy - Diabetes Posters
0443102236: Gray's Anatomy - Stroke Posters - Paperback
0443102279: Gray's Anatomy - Hypertension Posters
0443102287: Gray's Anatomy - Coronary Heart Disease Diseases and Disorders Posters - Paperback
0443102295: Gray's Anatomy - Understanding the ECG Posters
0443102325: Ethnicity And Screening for Sickle Cell/ Thalassaemia: Lessons for Practice
0443102503: In Clinical Practice : Schizophrenia
0443102945: Churchill's in Clinical Practice Series : Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
0443102953: Churchill's in Clinical Practice Series : Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
0443103852: Gray's Anatomy Calendar
0443139385: Beat Museum--Bardo Hotel, Chapter 2
0443849773: Alien
0444000003: Invariant Imbedding & Radiative Transfer in Slabs of Finite Thickness
0444000011: In Variant Imbedding And Time-Dependent Transport Processes -
0444000062: Introduction to Paleoecology.
0444000119: Cost Estimating and Contract Pricing
0444000186: Functional Bandaging
0444000356: Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation
0444000364: Information in the language sciences (Mathematical linguistics and automatic language processing, 5)
0444000372: Surface Operations in Petroleum Production
0444000380: Electromagnetic scattering on spherical polydispersions
0444000399: Statistics and Style (Mathematical Linguistics and Automatic Language Processing, No. 6)
0444000410: Methods for Unconstrained Optimization Problems
0444000437: Chemical Weathering of the Silicate Minerals.
0444000445: The Dictionary of Exceptions to Rules of Russian Grammar
0444000453: A Functional Approach to Syntax in Generative Description of Language (Mathematical Linguistics and Automatic Language Processing, No. 7)
0444000461: Prominent scientists of continental Europe
0444000488: Mathematics of Adaptive Control Processes
0444000526: Depressed Metabolism
0444000534: Theory of Problem Solving : an Approach to Artificial Intelligence
0444000542: Nonlocal Variations and Local Invariance of Fields
0444000550: Introduction to Geodesy.
0444000569: Interior Design
0444000593: Some Topics in Two-Person Games (Modern Analytic and Computational Methods in Science and Mathematics Ser., No. 22)
0444000607: Quasilinearization and nonlinear problems in fluid and orbital mechanics...
0444000623: Field ion microscopy;: Principles and applications,
0444000631: Biology of Populations
0444000674: Systems Approach to Architecture
0444000682: Data: Mirrors of Science
0444000690: Hierarchical structures;: Proceedings
0444000712: 250 Problems in Elementary Number Theory
0444000720: Vertical Transportation for Buildings.
0444000739: Laminar Wakes
0444000798: Markovian Decision Processes. Modern Analytical and Computational Methods in Science and Mathematics
0444000801: Brown Adipose Tissue
0444000844: A Computer Model of Transformational Grammar (Mathematical Linguistics and Automatic Language Processing, No. 9)
0444000852: Applied Diffraction Theory
0444000860: Multitype Branching Processes
0444000879: Cost considerations in systems analysis
0444000887: Approximate Methods in Optimization Problems
0444000895: Associative Information Techniques.
0444000909: Heaviside Operational Calculus: An Elementary Foundation
0444000925: Habitable Planets for Man
0444000933: The Agricultural Potential of the Middle East
0444000941: Middle Eastern Oil and the Western World: Prospects and Problems
0444000968: Introduction to the Theory of Matroids
0444000984: Problems in Complex Variable Theory
0444000992: Oil and Gas Production from Carbonate Rocks
0444001026: Two-point boundary value problems: shooting methods (Modern analytic and computational methods in science and mathematics)
0444001034: Chemical Reactions in Urban Atmospheres
0444001042: Scientific Allocation of Water Resources: Water Resources Development and Utilization - A Rational Approach
0444001069: Ventures in Policy Sciences
0444001077: Economic Development and Population Growth in the Middle East
0444001093: Applied Statistics in Decision-Making
0444001107: Political dynamics in the Middle East (The Middle East: Economic and political problems and prospects)
0444001115: Ballistic Missile Defense.
0444001123: Pre-View of Policy Sciences
0444001131: Social policy research and analysis;: The experience in the Federal social agencies (Policy sciences book series)
0444001158: Computer-Aided Decision-Making
0444001166: Secondary recovery and carbonate reservoirs
0444001174: Nobel, the man and his prizes
0444001190: Mathematical programming and the numerical solution of linear equations (Modern analytic and computational methods in science and mathematics)
0444001204: Lectures in probability theory and mathematical statistics (Modern analytic and computational methods in science and mathematics)
0444001212: Mathematical physiology.
0444001220: Technological Forecasting for Decisionmaking
0444001239: The Invariant Imbedding Theory of Nuclear Transport
0444001247: Microbiology of foods and food processing
0444001255: Fundamentals of Plasma Physics
0444001263: Aerospace Propulsion
0444001271: Introduction to Linear Algebra for Science and Engineering
0444001298: Fields and particles;: An introduction to electromagnetic wave phenomena and quantum physics
0444001328: Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics
0444001336: Real analysis
0444001344: Quantitative Methods in Construction Management
0444001379: Environmental Policy and Administration (Environmental Science Ser.)
0444001387: Air Pollution: The Emissions, the Regulations, & the Controls
0444001395: Abbreviations Dictionary New International 4th ed.hc;1976
0444001417: Microstructural Science, Volume 1: Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Technical Meeting of the International Metallographic Society
0444001425: A laboratory manual for compiler and operating system implementation (Operating and programming systems series)
0444001441: Thermoregulation and bioenergetics;: Patterns for vertebrate survival
0444001468: An introduction to landscape architecture
0444001476: Microstructural Science Volume 2
0444001492: The Economics and Politics of the Middle East
0444001506: Implementing Operations Research/Management Science
0444001514: Estimation Theory
0444001522: Preliminary chemical engineering plant design
0444001530: Analysis for public decisions
0444001565: The computational complexity of algebraic and numeric problems (Elsevier computer science library : Theory of computation series ; 1)
0444001581: The Design of an Optimizing Compiler
0444001603: Advanced Strength and Applied Elasticity
0444001611: Microstructural Science Volume 3. Part B
0444001638: A Computer Model of Skill Acquisition
0444001654: Technological Forecasting for Decision Making
0444001662: Social Policy Research and Analysis the Experience in the Federal Social Agencies
0444001697: Business Practices for Construction Management
0444001700: Innovation in big business
0444001719: An introduction to landscape architecture.
0444001727: The Programmer's Introduction to Snobol (Elsevier Computer Science Library Series No. 3)
0444001735: The programmer's introduction to SNOBOL (Programming languages series)
0444001751: Microprogrammable Computer Architectures
0444001778: Architectural Structures an Introduction To 2ND Edition
0444001786: Interior Design
0444001816: Technological Substitution: Forecasting Techniques and Applications
0444001840: Microstructual Science Volume 4 Proceedings
0444001859: Conjectures and Refutations in Syntax and Semantics (Studies in Linguistic Analysis).
0444001867: Materials Management & Inventory Systems,
0444001875: Grammars for Prog Languages
0444001883: The Management of Organization Design Volume I
0444001891: The Management of Organization Design. Research and Methodology. Volume II
0444001956: An introduction to linear algebra for science and engineering
0444001964: Energy policies of the world
0444001980: SOCIAL SYSTEMS DESIGN Normative Theory and the MAPS Designed Technology
0444001999: Grammars for programming languages (Programming languages series)
0444002006: Learning How to Mean
0444002014: Explorations in the Functions of Language
0444002022: Language Study: The school and the community
0444002049: Microstructural Science. Volume 5
0444002057: Elements of Software Science
0444002065: Energy Policies of the World Volume 2 Indonesia The North Sea Countries The Soviet Union
0444002111: Using the Computer in the Social Sciences: A Nontechnical Approach
0444002138: Abbreviations dictionary: Abbreviations, acronyms, anonyms and eponyms, appellations, contractions, geographical equivalents, historical and mythological ... forms and slang shortcuts, signs and symbo
0444002197: Program Behavior: Models and Measurements
0444002200: Program Behavior: Models and Measurements
0444002219: The process view of simulation (Operating and programming systems series)
0444002243: Studies in Automatic Prog Logic
0444002286: Modern Materials Management
0444002308: Consumer and Industrial Buying Behavior
0444002316: Fuzzy automata and decision processes
0444002324: The Synthesis, Assembly and Turnover of Cell Surface Components (Cell Surface Reviews Ser., Vol. 4)
0444002332: Ordinary Differential Equations
0444002340: Introduction to nonlinear optimization: A problem solving approach (North-Holland series in system science and engineering)
0444002359: Duality, Separability, and Functional Structure: Theory and Economic Applications
0444002375: Disease Diagnosis and Control in North-American Marine Aquaculture
0444002383: Numerical analysis for computer science
0444002391: Societal Systems
0444002413: Interpreting Machines: Architecture And Programming Of The B1700/b1800serie s
0444002421: Interpreting machines: Architecture and programming of the B1700/B1800 series (Operating and programming systems series)
0444002456: Calcium-Binding Proteins and Calcium Function
0444002480: Disorders of Fluency and Their Effects on Communication.
0444002499: Automata
0444002537: Handbook of drug therapy
0444002553: Examples and Counterexamples in Graph Theory
0444002561: Error-Detecting Codes, Self-Checking Circuits and Applications (Computer Design and Architecture Ser.)
0444002588: A New Economic Era
0444002626: Membrane Fusion
0444002634: Introduction to Numerical Methods Optimization Techniques
0444002642: Landscape Architecture Construction
0444002650: Mechanisms of Oxidizing Enzymes
0444002677: Introduction To Marine Micropaleontology
0444002685: Applications of graph theory algorithms
0444002715: Senile Dementia : a Biomedical Approach
0444002723: Understanding Spoken Language. Artificial Intelligence Series
0444002782: Logic and Economics of Clinical Laboratory Use
0444002790: Handbook of Sexology: Vols. I - V
0444002812: Handbook of Sexology: Procreation & Parenthood
0444002820: Handbook of Sexology
0444002839: Handbook of Sexology
0444002847: Pl/I for Programmers
0444002855: Topics in Topology
0444002863: Innovations in Organizations : Innovation Adoption in School Organizations
0444002898: The Chromosomes in Human Cancer and Leukemia
0444002936: Sedimentary Environments and Facies
0444002952: Neurogenetics
0444002979: Genetic Control of Autoimmune Disease : Proceedings of the 1978 Conference in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. (Developments in Immunology Ser., Vol. 1)
0444002995: Stochastic Methods in Quantum Mechanics
0444003002: Operations Research Introduction To Linear Opti
0444003010: Introduction to Stochastic Processes, An (Probability and Applied Mathematics Ser., Vol. 2)
0444003029: An introduction to multivariate statistics
0444003045: Physical aspects of protein interactions: Proceedings of the Symposium on Protein Interactions, American Chemical Society meeting, Miami Beach, Florid er 12-13, 1978 (Developments in biochemistry, Volume 3)
0444003053: Chemistry and Biology of Pteridines
0444003061: Genetic Basis for Human Disease
0444003088: Fundamental Principles of Circulation Physiology for Physicians
0444003118: Physical Chemical Aspects of Cell Surface Events in Cellular Regulation. Vol. 4. Developments in Cell Biology
0444003142: A Guidebook for Technology Assessment and Impact Analysis
0444003169: Immunologic Tolerance and Macrophage Function
0444003177: Reviews in Biochemical Toxicology (Vol. 1)
0444003185: Toxic Dinoflagellate Blooms: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Toxic Dinoflagellate Blooms, Key Biscayne, Florida, October 31-November 5, 1978
0444003193: B Lymphocytes in the Immune Response
0444003223: Induction, Recursion and Programming
0444003231: Advances in Inorganic Biochemistry (Vol. 1)
0444003258: Linear Programming
0444003266: Production/Operations Management
0444003282: Technology Assessment: Creative Futures
0444003320: Artificial Intelligence: A Theoretical Approach
0444003347: Artificial Intelligence: A Theoretical Approach
0444003355: Fire Department Deployment Analysis: A Public Policy Analysis Case Study
0444003401: Knowledge-Based Program Construction
0444003428: Complex Function Theory
0444003436: Cancer Chemotherapy Handbook
0444003444: Approximate Solution of Random Equations
0444003452: Drug Action and Design: Mechanism-Based Enzyme Inhibitors Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, Amherst, New York, U.S.A., on May 21-23, 1979
0444003479: Introduction to Biochemical Toxicology
0444003487: Virus-Lymphocyte Interactions : Implications for Disease (Developments in Immunology Ser., Vol. 7)
0444003495: Methods for Determining Metal Ion Envir
0444003517: Energy Policies of the World (Volume 3)
0444003525: Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics ***2nd Edition***
0444003533: Fast Ion Transport in Solids: Electrodes and Electrolytes
0444003568: Immunobiology and Immunotherapy of Cancer (Developments in Immunobiology Ser., Vol. 6)
0444003576: The Cambridge CAP Computer and Its Operating System. (Operating and Programming Systems Series, Volume 6)
0444003584: The Cambridge CAP computer and its operating system (Operating and programming systems series)
0444003606: Practice of geriatric psychiatry
0444003630: Phytoflagellates
0444003649: Immunology of skin diseases
0444003657: Logic for Problem Solving (Artificial Intelligence Ser., Vol. 7)
0444003665: Systems Engineering Models of Human-Machine Interaction, Series Volume 6
0444003681: Logic for Problem Solving
0444003703: Microeconomic theory: A synthesis of classical theory and the modern approach
0444003711: The regulation of coagulation: Proceedings of the International Workshop on Regulation of Coagulation, the University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, U mber 4-8, 1979 (Developments in biochemistry, Volume 8)
0444003762: Comprehensive Immunogenetics
0444003770: Biology of Myeloma (Clinics in Diagnostic Ultrasound)
0444003789: Advances in comparative leukemia research, 1979: Proceedings of the IXth International Symposium on Comparative Research on Leukemia and Related Disea ... ld in Pitsunda, U.S.S.R., on 3-6 October 1979
0444003797: Introduction to Queueing Theory
0444003800: Abbreviations Dictionary
0444003819: Managing Software Reliability
0444003835: An Introduction to Category Theory
0444003991: Pain, Discomfort and Humanitarian Care.
0444004017: Phenothiazines and Structurally Related Drugs : Basic and Clinical Studies (Developments in Neuroscience Ser., Vol. 7)
0444004076: Polypeptides and Protein Structure
0444004106: Operator Methods in Quantum Mechanics
0444004157: Maintenance of Fluency : Proceedings of the Banff Conference
0444004165: Clinical Immunology Update: Reviews for Physicians 1979 Edition.
0444004203: General Systems Thinking: Its Scope and Applicability
0444004211: Computational Algorithms for Closed Queuing Networks
0444004238: An outline of projective geometry
0444004246: DYNAMIC OPTIMIZATION The Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control in Econ
0444004254: Mathematical Methods in Finance and Economics
0444004270: Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation
0444004289: Advanced Strength and Applied Elasticity
0444004300: Consumer Behavior: Adapting and Experiencing
0444004335: Neoplasm Immunity, Experimental and Clinical
0444004351: Glucagon, Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Morphology of the Pancreatic A-Cells
0444004386: Human anatomy: A synoptic approach by Mizeres, Nicholas James
0444004394: Principles of mineral behaviour (Geoscience texts)
0444004408: The Role of Viruses in Human Cancer
0444004416: Liposomes and Immunobiology: Proceedings of a National Symposium Held March 14-15, 1980, in Houston, Texas.
0444004432: Biological and clinical aspects of superoxide and superoxide dismutase
0444004440: Principles of Mineral Behavior (Geoscience Texts Volume 1)
0444004467: The Biochemical Basis of Chemical Teratogenesis.
0444004483: Principles of real analysis
0444004505: Where is the free lunch??: The voter's guide to government economic policy
0444004513: Profit planning decisions with the break-even system
0444004521: Managing Paperwork: A Key to Productivity
0444004548: How to sell to the People's Republic of China
0444004572: Science Anxiety
0444005536: The human herpesviruses, an interdisciplinary perspective
0444005544: Cellular Functions in Immunity and Inflammation
0444005552: Prolactin
0444005625: Capacity Expansion: Analysis of Simple Models with Applications
0444005633: Large scale matrix problems.
0444005641: Transporatation Engineering: Introduction to Planning, Design, and Operations
0444005706: Evaluation of Short-Term Tests for Carcinogens. Report of the International Collaborative Programs. Progress in Mutation Research Volume I
0444005722: Current Research Trends in Prenatal Craniofacial Development
0444005757: Living and Dying with Cancer (Coping with Medical Issues Ser., Vol. 1)
0444005811: Ordering in Two Dimensions: Proceedings of an International Conference Held at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, U.S.A., May 28-30, 1980
0444005846: Advances in diagnosis and treatment of infertility: symposium held in Bad Reichenhall, West Germany, June 30-July 3, 1980
0444005854: Megakaryocyte Biology and Precursors : In Vitro Cloning and Cellular Properties
0444005862: Age and the Pharmacology of Psychoactive Drugs
0444005897: Progress in Oculomotor Research. Developments in Neuroscience, Volume 12
0444005919: Introduction to mathematical programming: Quantitative tools for decision making
0444005927: Otolaryngologic Allergy
0444005978: Nuclear and Electron Resonance Spectroscopies
0444005986: Advances in Immunopathology : Proceedings of the San Diego Conference, Oct. 1980
0444006052: Neurohypophyseal Peptide Hormones and Other Biologically Active Peptides (Developements in Endocrinology, Volume 13)
0444006060: The Replication of Negative Strand Viruses. Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Negative Strand Viruses
0444006079: Three dimensional microanatomy of cells and tissue surfaces: Proceedings of the Symposium on Three Dimensional Microanatomy held in Mexico City, Mexico, August 17-23, 1980
0444006117: B Lymphocytes in the Immune Response: Functional, Developmental and Interactive Properties (Developments in Immunology, V. 15)
0444006125: Principles of Mechanical Metallurgy
0444006133: Structure of the Eye
0444006141: Immunotherapy of Human Cancer
0444006168: Information resources in toxicology
0444006176: Cognitive Social Psychology
0444006192: Construction productivity: Measurement and improvement through work study
0444006214: An Introduction to Applied Multivariate Statistics
0444006222: Metabolism and Clinical Implications of Branched Chain Amino and Ketoa
0444006230: Chemical Synthesis and Sequencing of Peptides and Proteins
0444006257: Mycobacterial Diseases
0444006265: Ternary Superconductors.
0444006273: Language Behavior in Infancy and Early Childhood: Proceedings of a Pediatric Round Table Held at the Santa Barbara Biltmore Hotel, Santa Barbara, Ca (The Johnson and Johnson pediatric round table)
0444006281: Scientific Examination of Questioned Documents ( Revised Edition )
0444006303: A Clinical Manual of Psychiatry
0444006311: The molecular basis of mutant hemoglobin dysfunction (The University of Chicago Sickle Cell Center hemoglobin symposia)
0444006338: Microstructural Science Volume 9
0444006370: Metal Ions in Genetic Information Transfer 3
0444006397: Current Clinical Neurophysiology: Update on EEG and Evoked Potentials
0444006400: Custom Draperies in Interior Design
0444006419: Principles of inventory and materials management
0444006427: Systems Analysis and Design: A Foundation for the 1980's
0444006435: Relaxin: Proceedings of a Workshop on the Chemistry and Biology of Relaxin Held at the East-West Center, the University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii, June 10-14, 1980
0444006443: Electron Transport and Oxygen Utilization
0444006494: Psychiatry and the biology of the human brain: A symposium dedicated to Seymour S. Kety
0444006508: Development of Iron Chelators for Clinical Use
0444006516: Principles of Neutral Science
0444006524: Transformational psychotherapy: An approach to creative hypnotic communication
0444006532: Biological Roles of Metallothionein: Proceedings of a USA-Japan Workshop Held at the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, March 22-27, 1981
0444006559: The Kidney in liver disease
0444006567: Psychosomatic Approach to Illness
0444006575: Clinical Reproductive Neuroendocrinology (Current endocrinology)
0444006583: Statistical Software. A comparative review
0444006605: Electronics for the modern scientist
0444006621: Human Endocrinology
0444006648: Aging (Coping with medical issues)
0444006656: Analysis for public decisions
0444006672: Decision Models in Stochastic Programming. Operational methods of decision making under uncertainty. North-Holland series in system science and engineering volume 7
0444006702: Interior Design
0444006710: Introduction to Policy Analysis
0444006729: Flavins And Flavoproteins
0444006753: Energy Coupling in Photosynthesis.
0444006834: Haemophilus influenzae: Epidemiology, immunology, and prevention of disease
0444006842: Essentials of Clinical Biochemistry
0444006850: Reviews in Biochemical Toxicology. Volume 4
0444006885: The Biochemistry and Physiology of Iron : Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Problems of Iron Storage and Transport, University of California, San Diego, Aug. 24-26, 1981
0444006907: Mobilizing Capital Program Innovation &
0444006915: Materials processing in the reduced gravity environment of space: Proceedings of the Materials Research Society annual meeting, November 1981, Boston erials Research Society symposia proceedings). Volume 9
0444006923: Metastable Materials Formation by Ion Implantation
0444006931: Laser and Electron-Beam Interactions with Solids
0444006958: Melting, Localization, and Chaos
0444006966: Perspectives in Differentiation and Hypertrophy
0444006974: Grain Boundaries in Semiconductors. Materials Research Society Symposia Proceedings, Vol. 5
0444006982: Rapidly Solidified Amorphous and Crystalline Alloys. Materials Research Society Symposia Proceedings. Vol. 8
0444006990: Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management: Materials Research Society Symposia Proceedings Volume 6
0444007016: Thoth System : Multi-Process Structuring and Portability
0444007040: Patronage Behavior and Retail Management
0444007059: Fundamentals of Soil Dynamics
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