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0444016325: Practical Aspects of Interview and Interrogation
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0444100423: Chemistry of Extended Defects in Non-Metallic Solids
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0444101047: Immunogenicity
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0444103899: Lectures on Microeconomic Theory V2
0444103902: An introduction to applied macroeconomics
0444103929: Principles and application of magnetic cooling
0444104003: Lacunary Polynomials Over Finite Fields
0444104011: Polymerization in Biological Systems
0444104038: Role of Membranes in Secretory Processes : Proceedings
0444104046: Practical Methods in Electron Micro Volume 1
0444104070: Uptake of Informative Molecules by Living Cells
0444104097: Polarons in Ionic Crystals and Polar Semiconductors: Antwerp Advanced Study Institute 1971 on Frohlich Polarons and Electron-Phonon Interaction in Polar Semiconductors
0444104119: Electron Diffraction and Optical Diffraction Techniques
0444104143: Protein Turnover
0444104151: Intrauterine Infections
0444104224: Mitochondria: Biogenesis and Bioenergetics / Biomembranes: Molecular Arrangements and Transport Mechanisms
0444104240: Enzymes Structure & Function
0444104259: A Survey of Combinatorial Theory
0444104267: Automata, Languages and Programming : Proceedings
0444104283: Speech Understanding Systems: Final Report of a Study Group
0444104291: Spectral Theory and Complex Analysis
0444104305: Opà rateurs maximaux monotones et semi-groupes de contractions dans les espaces de Hilbert (North-Holland mathematics studies)
0444104313: Stochastic Programming: Methods and Applications
0444104321: Fast Ion Transport in Solids
0444104364: Crystallographic Groups
0444104380: Matched asymptotic expansions and singular perturbations (North-Holland mathematics studies).
0444104399: Few Particle Problems in the Nuclear Interaction
0444104402: An introduction to functional analysis (North-Holland texts in advanced mathematics)
0444104445: Immediate hypersensitivity;: The molecular basis of the allergic response...
0444104526: Analysis on Real and Complex Manifolds
0444104534: Peptide Hormones (Methods in Investigative and Diagnostic Endocrinology, Vol. 2A)
0444104542: The Skyline of Information Processing
0444104607: Temperature Regulation in Mammals and Other Vertebrates
0444104615: Fundamental Interactions and the Nucleus
0444104666: Currents in Hadron Physics
0444104674: Topics in Differential Games
0444104704: Multiple sclerosis: Clues to its cause
0444104712: The theory of economic planning (Advanced textbooks in economics, v. 3)
0444104755: Model Theory.
0444104763: Serotonin in Down's syndrome
0444104771: Logic in Algebraic Form: Three Languages and Theories.
0444104836: Principles of Quantum Mechanics
0444104860: Statistical Theory of Sample Survey Design and Analysis
0444104887: Ion Implantation, Volume 8 in the Series Defects in Crystalline Solids
0444104917: Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science IV: Proceedings of the Fourth International Congress for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, 1971
0444104941: Catalysis, Volumes 1 and 2.
0444104976: Progress in Optics, Volume XI. Volume 11
0444104984: Computer application on ECG and VCG analysis: Proceedings of the 2d. IFIP TC-4 Working Conference on Computer Application on ECG and VCG Analysis, Hannover, 11-14 October 1971
0444105123: Operational Research '72
0444105166: Identification & System Parameter Est PT
0444105190: Electromagnetic Interaction in Nuclear Spectroscopy
0444105212: Local Currents and their Applications
0444105239: Introduction to Complex Analysis in Several Variables
0444105247: End of Life
0444105263: Population in Economic Growth
0444105271: Human Ecology
0444105298: Viruses and invertebrates (Frontiers of biology)
0444105328: Multivariate Statistical Inference
0444105344: Advances in Tagmemics.
0444105360: Dynamical Properties of Solids - Volume 2: Crystalline Solids, Applications
0444105395: The Role of Rna in Reproduction and Development
0444105409: Human Ecology.
0444105417: Energy Balance and Obesity in Man;
0444105603: Psychopharmacology, sexual disorders and drug abuse: Proceedings of the symposia held at the VIIIth Congress of the Collegium Internationale Neuro-psy ... armacologicum, Copenhagen, August 14-17, 1972
0444105654: Modern Mathematical Methods in Technology, Volume 2
0444105670: Romanitas et Christianitas studia Iano Henrico Waszink A. D. VI Kal. Nov. A. MCMLXXIII XIII lustra complenti Oblata
0444105794: Studies in Bayesian Econometrics and Statistics
0444105808: A New Key to the Yeasts: A Key for Identifying Yeasts Based on Physiological Tests Only
0444105816: Illegal Transactions in International Trade : Theory and Measurement (Studies in International Economics, Vol. 1)
0444105832: Economic Structure and Development
0444105840: Nominalization and complementation in modern German (North-Holland linguistic series)
0444105883: System Development Methodology
0444105891: Methods for Linear and Quadratic Programming. Studies in Mathematical and Managerial Economics, Volume 17
0444105905: A Survey of Statistical Design and Linear Models
0444105921: Clinical Features of Sickle Cell Disease
0444106030: Proceedings of the International Conference on Nuclear Physics. Volume 2: Invited Papers
0444106073: Elsevier's Dictionary Of Symbols And Imagery
0444106103: Non-Standard Analysis
0444106219: Analytic Functions and Manifolds in Infinite Dimensional Spaces (North-Holland Mathematics Studies, No. 11)
0444106286: Carcinogenesis as a Biological Problem;
0444106308: The Biology of Nitrogen Fixation
0444106316: Cardiovascular Applications of Ultrasound
0444106332: Mathematical Programs for Activity Analysis
0444106340: Semantics and communication: Proceedings of the 3d colloquium of the Institute for Communications Research and Phonetics, University of Bonn, February, 17th-19th, 1972
0444106391: The theory of Brillouin zones and electronic states in crystals
0444106464: A Multi-Sectoral Study of Economic Growth. Contributions to Economic Analysis, Volume 21. Second, Enlarged Edition
0444106480: Particle physics: Proceedings of the Adriatic Summer Meeting on Particle Physics, Rovinj, Yugoslavia, September 23-October 5, 1973
0444106499: European Economic Integration
0444106502: Developmental Systems and Languages
0444106529: The Biology Of Cholinesterases (frontiers Of Biology)
0444106553: Medical Experimentation: Personal Integrity and Social Policy
0444106561: The Principles of Human Biochemical Genetics
0444106596: Peptide Transport in Protein Nutrition
0444106634: Applied Consumption Analysis
0444106642: Proceedings of the International Conference on Reactions Between Complex Nuclei
0444106650: Practical Methods in Electron Microscopy. Volume 3: Part 1 Fixation, Dehydration, and Embedding of Biological Specimens. Part 2 Ultramicrotomy
0444106707: Genetics of Behavior
0444106723: Data Base Management Systems: Proceedings of the SHARE Working Conference on Data Base Management Systems, Montreal, Canada, July 23-27, 1973
0444106812: Superfluid Hydrodynamics
0444106820: Public Finance and Stabilization Policy: Essays in Honor of Richard A. Musgrave
0444106839: Distribution of Income, East and West
0444106847: Essays in Economics : Volume 2 Consumption and Econometrics
0444106901: Modern General Topology; Second, Revised Edition
0444106995: Modification of the Information Content of Plant Cells: Proceedings of the Second John Innes Symposium, Held in Norwich, July 1974
0444107010: Lymphocyte Stimulation
0444107096: Integrated Automation Practice
0444107118: Computer Architectures and Networks: Modelling and Evaluation Proceedings of an International Workshop
0444107142: Applied Consumption Analysis
0444107231: Towards a plan of actions for mankind: Problems and perspectives
0444107274: Pivoting and Extensions. Mathematical Programming Study. 1
0444107290: Technological Forecontrol: Prospects, Problems, and Policy. Studies in Management Science and Systems, Volume 1
0444107355: Ship Operation Automation. Computer Applications in Shipping and Shipbuilding
0444107371: Divisor Theory in Module Categories
0444107398: Basic Questions of Design Theory
0444107479: Trends in Control Components
0444107517: Molecular Population Genetics and Evolution
0444107630: In search of the Jericho potters: Ceramics from the Iron Age and from the Neolithicum (North-Holland ceramic studies in archaeology ; v. 1)
0444107649: Comparison Theorems in Riemannian Geometry. North-Holland Mathematical Library, Volume 9
0444107665: Economic Equilibrium and Growth. Volume 1: Equilibrium
0444107673: Applied Operations Research
0444107681: Applied Operations Research: Systems Analysis in Hierarchical Decision-Making...
0444107738: Conceptual Information Processing
0444107789: Cooperative Effects
0444107819: Theory and Measurement of Consumer Demand, Volume 1 (Studies in Mathematical and Managerial Economics, No. 20)
0444107878: Magnetic Bubbles
0444107975: The Economics of the Natural Gas Shortage (1960-1980) (Contributions to Economic Analysis Ser., Vol. 92)
0444107983: Asymptotic Wave Theory
0444108009: Command Languages: Proceedings of the IFIP Working Conference on Command Languages
0444108017: Vacuum Technology.
0444108041: Cost-Benefit Analysis and Economic Theory. Studies in Mathematical and Managerial Economics, Vollume 19
0444108084: The Mode of Action of Immunosuppressive Agents (Frontiers in Biology Ser., Vol. 41)
0444108114: Chemical Modification of Proteins Selected Methods and Analytical Procedures
0444108149: Delayed Hypersensitivity
0444108157: The Immunological Basis of Connective Tissue Disorders: Proceedings of the Fifth Lepetit Colloquium, Held in Madrid, Spain, 11-13 November 1974
0444108165: Design of the Electron Microscope Laboratory by
0444108238: Approaches to Integer Programming. Mathematical Programming Study. 2
0444108297: Fundamental problems in statistical mechanics III: Proceedings of the International Summer School on Fundamental Problems in Statistical Mechanics III en, the Netherlands, July 29- August 15, 1974
0444108300: Urban travel demand: A behavioral analysis : a Charles River Associates research study (Contributions to economic analysis)
0444108327: Income Distribution : Analysis And Policies
0444108378: Computer Simulation of Water Resources Systems.
0444108475: Role of Natural Selection in Human Evolution.
0444108483: Economics of Informatics
0444108564: Atomic and Molecular Physics and the Interstellar Matter, Session XXVI, 1 Juillet-23 Aout 1974
0444108602: Hewitt-Nachbin Spaces.
0444108629: Data Base Description
0444108645: Electrophoresis of Proteins in Polyacrylamide and Starch Gels
0444108653: Capital theory and the distribution of income (Advanced textbooks in economics
0444108866: Problems of Vibrational Nuclei : Proceedings of the Topical Conference on Problems of Vibrational Nuclei, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia, September 24-27, 1974
0444108874: The investigation of nuclear structure by scattering processes at high energies : proceedings of the International School of Nuclear Physics, Erice, 22 September-1 October, 1974.
0444108882: Immunization with Hormones in Reproduction Research. Proceedsins of the International Symposium on Immunization with Hormones in Reproduction Research.Bonn Bad Godesberg, Germany, March 21-22, 1975
0444108890: Introduction to Equilibrium Analysis : Variations on Themes By Edgeworth and Walras
0444108939: Statistical and Computational Methods in Data Analysis
0444108971: Pragmatics of Language and Literature
0444109048: Econometric studies of U.S. energy policy (Data resources series ; v. 1)
0444109064: Foundations of Econometrics. Advanced Textbooks in Economics, Volume 7
0444109110: Areal-Typological Study of American Indian Languages North of Mexico
0444109145: Progress in Optics (Vol 1)
0444109153: Ion Transport in Plant Cells and Tissues
0444109226: Electron Transfer Chains and Oxidative Phosphorylation.
0444109250: Use of Isolated Liver Cells and Kidney Tubules in Metabolic Studies : Proceedings
0444109307: Proteins of iron storage and transport in biochemistry and medicine: Proceedings of the EMBO Workshop Conference on Proteins of Iron Storage and Transport, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, 2-5 April, 1975
0444109331: Biochemistry of the Cell Nucleus
0444109390: Parameters and policies in the U.S. economy (Data resources series ; v. 2)
0444109439: Foundations of Econometrics. Advanced Textbooks in Economics, Volume 7
0444109455: Proceedings of the Twelfth Interantional Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases. Eindhoven, the Netherlands, August 18-22, 1975. Part 1.
0444109552: Towards Global Optimisation
0444109595: Global Gheory of a Second Order: Linear Ordinary Differential Equation With a Polynomial Coefficent (North-Holland mathematics studies)
0444109625: Nuclear Self-Consistent Fields
0444109668: The Econometrics of Structural Change, with Special Emphasis on Spline Functions
0444109692: Frontiers in social thought: Essays in honor of Kenneth E. Boulding
0444109706: Dynamical Properties of Solids Vols. 2: Crystalline Solids (Vol. 2, Applications)
0444109722: The Social Significance of Speech: An Introduction to and Workbook in Sociolinguistics
0444109730: Frontiers of Quantitative Economics
0444109854: Laboratory Techniques in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: 2 Parrts
0444109870: Workshop on the Microarchitecture of Computer Systems, June 23-25, 1975, Nice
0444109897: European Finance Association: 1974 proceedings : meetings held in Jouy-en-Josas October 31st-November 2nd, 1974
0444109919: Statistical Inference in Continuous Time Economic Models
0444109935: Institutes of Justinian
0444109978: Methods for Detection of Environmental Agents that Produce Congenital Defects
0444109986: From Theoretical Physics to Biology de la Physique Theorique a la Biologie
0444110011: Monetarism (Studies in Monetary Economics ; Vol. 1)
0444110097: Computational Practice in Mathematical Programming. Mathematical Programming Study 4
0444110135: Annual Growth Model Of The U.S. Economy, An
0444110208: Biological Membranes Neurochemistry
0444110224: Fundamental aspects of metastasis
0444110232: Recent Issues in International Monetary Economics : Proceedings
0444110283: Economic modeling for water policy evaluation (North-Holland/TIMS studies in the management sciences ; v. 3)
0444110291: World Modeling: A Dialogue
0444110313: NMR in biological research: Peptides and proteins
0444110372: Boole's Logic and Probability. A Critical Exposition from the Standpoint of Contemporary Algebra, Logic and Probability Theory.
0444110399: Multivariable Computer Control: A Case Study,
0444110429: Food Production and Consumption: The Efficiency of Human Food Chains and Nutrient Cycles
0444110453: Rice and Risk : Decision Making Among Low-Income Farmers
0444110488: Heavy Element Properties
0444110569: Techniques of Sample Preparation for Liquid Scintillation Counting
0444110682: Proceedings of the 1975 Discussion Meeting on Magnetic Semiconductors
0444110690: Mathematical Programming Methods
0444110739: Atomic Collisions in Solids
0444110941: Minicomputer Software : Proceedings
0444110992: The Economics of Price and Wage Controls. Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy, Volume 2
0444111107: Computational Semantics: An Introduction To Artificial Intelligence And Natural Language Comprehension (Fundamental Studies In Computer Science)
0444112006: Progress in Differentiation Research
0444112022: Chalones.
0444112065: Immunoenzymatic Techniques
0444112162: Isoelectric Focusing. Laboratory Techniques in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
0444150072: Atherogenesis; Proceedings: Held In Tokyo, 18-20 May 1972, under the Auspices of the Japan Arteriosclerosis Research Foundation
0444150080: Atherogenesis: Initiating factors (Ciba Foundation symposium, new ser. ; 12)
0444150099: Haemopoitic Stem Cells Ciba Foundation Symposium 13 (New Series)
0444150102: Locomotion of Tissue Cells
0444150129: Corneal Graft Failure: Ciba Foundation Symposium 15 (new series)
0444150145: Law and Ethics of A.I.D. and Embryo Transfer
0444150153: Immunopotentiation (Ciba Foundation symposium, new ser)
0444150161: The human lens--in relation to cataract (Ciba Foundation symposium)
0444150188: Medical Research Systems in Europe : Proceedings (Ciba Foundation Symposium, No. 21)
0444150196: Aromatic Amino Acids in the Brain (Ciba Foundation Symposium)
0444150218: The physiological basis of Starling's law of the heart: Symposium on the Physiological Basis of Starling's Law of the Heart held at the Ciba Foundati ... 3 (Ciba Foundation symposium, new ser. ; 24)
0444150226: Parasites in the Immunized Host: Mechanisms of Survival
0444150269: Hypothalamic Hypophysiotropic Hormones-Physiological and Clinical Studies : Proceedings (International Congress Ser., No. 263)
0444150331: World Congress of Psychiatry 5th Mexico, Mexico, 1971 Part 2
0444150390: Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology: Proceedings of the 12th Congress of the International Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, Tel Aviv, October 9-12, 1972
0444150404: Anatomic & Clinical Pathology Proceedi
0444150420: Methods of Analysis of Anti-Epileptic Drugs
0444150501: T and B lymphocytes: origins, properties and roles in immune responses
0444150552: Exploratory concepts in muscular dystrophy, II: Control mechanisms in development and function of muscle and their relationship to muscular dystrophy and ... 15-19, 1973 (International congress series)
0444150692: Clinical use of stimulant drugs in children: Proceedings of a symposium held at Key Biscayne, Florida, 5-8 March, 1972 (International congress series)
0444150714: Otorhinolaryngology: Proceedings of the X World Congress, Venice, May 21-25, 1973 (International congress series)
0444150757: Advances in Voluntary Sterilization
0444150951: Lipid Metabolism and Atherosclerosis
0444150994: Emotional factors in gastrointestinal illness (International congress series...
0444151141: Activation of Macrophages
0444151176: An Introduction to experimental surgery: A guide to experimenting with laboratory animals
0444151184: Relief of intractable pain (Monographs in anaesthesiology)
0444151192: Muscle Relaxants
0444151265: Neuropsychopharmacology
0444151303: Recent Advances in Myology : Proceedings of the Third International Congress on Muscle Diseases, Newcastle upon Tyne, 15-21 September, 1974
0444151354: Somatic manifestations of depressive disorders (International congress series)
0444151400: Clinical effects of interaction between drugs
0444151419: Receptor-Specific Proteins: Plant and Animal Lectins
0444151435: Advances in Beta-Adrenergic Blocking Therapy Sotalol
0444151443: The poisoned patient : the role of the laboratory
0444151451: The Ciba Foundation, an Analytic History, 1949-1974
0444151478: The Structure and Function of Chromatin Ciba Foundation Symposium 28 (New Series)
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