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0444510524: Modelling in Transport Phenomena : A Conceptual Approach
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0444510575: Embase List of Journals Indexed 2002
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0444510818: Handbook of Agricultural Economics
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0444510877: Contemporary Accounting Research : Synthesis and Critique
0444510885: Input-Output Analysis of European Integration
0444510893: Geophysical Inverse Theory and Regularization Problems
0444510907: Cancer Chemotherapy and Biological Response Modifiers Annual 20
0444510915: Nanotechnology and Nano-Interface Controlled Electronic Devices
0444510923: Lubricated Wear
0444510931: Immunotoxicology Of Drugs And Chemicals: Principles And Methods Of Immunotoxicology
0444510966: Advances in DNA Sequence Specific Agents
0444510990: Frontiers in High Pressure Biochemistry and Biophysics
0444511016: Sample Preparation for Trace Element Analysis
0444511024: Stochastic Dynamics : Modeling Solute Transport in Porous Media
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0444511083: Chromatography Pt. B : Fundamentals and Applications of Chromatography and Related Differential Migration Methods: Applications
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0444511121: Advances in Quantative Structure - Property Relationships
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0444511237: Complex Numbers in N Dimensions
0444511245: Numerical Analysis of Wavelet Methods
0444511253: Progress in Brain Research
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0444511288: Handbook of Differential Equations Vol. 1 : Ordinary Differential Equations
0444511296: Virus Escape from Immunosurveillance
0444511318: Handbook Of Differential Equations
0444511326: Life Cycle of the Phosphoria Formation : From Deposition to the Post-Mining Environment
0444511342: Computational Neuroscience : Trends in Research 2002
0444511350: Calcium Homeostasis and Signaling in Aging
0444511369: Fine Sediment Dynamics in the Marine Environment
0444511377: Metrics of Material and Metal Ecology : Harmonizing the Resource, Technology and Environmental Cycles
0444511385: Biochemistry of Lipids, Lipoproteins and Membranes
0444511407: Surfaces, Chemistry and Applications : Adhesion Science and Engineering
0444511415: Handbook of Statistics : Data Mining and Data Visualization
0444511423: Progress in Medicinal Chemistry
0444511431: Progress in Medicinal Chemistry
0444511458: Handbook of Environmental Economics
0444511466: Handbook of Environmental Economics
0444511474: Cell and Molecular Response to Stress : Sensing, Signaling and Cell Adaptation
0444511482: Progress in Optics, Volume 44
0444511490: Advances in Coastal Modeling
0444511504: Geochemical and Tectonic Evolution of Arc-Backarc Hydrothermal Systems : Implications for the Origin of Kuruko and Epithermal Vein-Type Mineralizations and the Global Geochemical Cycle
0444511512: Melt Inclusions in Volcanic Systems : Methods, Applications and Problems
0444511520: Surface Alloys and Alloy Surfaces
0444511539: Computer Aided Property Estimation for Process and Product Design : Computers Aided Chemical Engineering
0444511555: Godunov-Type Schemes : An Introduction for Engineers
0444511563: Measuring Market Power
0444511598: Mechanisms of Cardiovascular Aging
0444511628: Caloric Restriction : A Key to Understanding and Modulating Aging
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0444511660: Soil, Fertilizer, and Plant Silicon Research in Japan
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0444511741: Impact of Zeolites and Other Porous Materials on the New Technologies at the Beginning of the New Millennium
0444511776: Technological Change and the Dynamics of Industries : Theoretical Issues and Empirical Evidence from Dutch Manufacturing
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0444512381: Developments in Neuroscience
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0444512551: Structural and Evolutionary Genetics : Natural Selection in Genome Evolution
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0444512586: Electrical Stimulation and the Relief of Pain
0444512594: Biological Response to Planned and Unplanned Injuries
0444512608: Dynamic General Equilibrium Modelling for Forecasting and Policy
0444512616: Characterization of Porous Solids VI
0444512624: Color Atlas of Clinical Helminthology of Domestic Animals
0444512632: Defense Mechanisms : Theoretical, Research and Clinical Perspectives
0444512640: Handbook of Algebra
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0444512675: Interhemispheric Water Exchange in the Atlantic Ocean
0444512683: Mathematical Modeling for System Analysis in Agricultural Research
0444512691: Soil Water Repellency : Origin, Consequences and Amelioration
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0444512713: Infection and Autoimmunity
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0444512837: Computer Aided Molecular Design : Theory and Practice
0444512861: Handbook of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry : Applications to Polymers and Plastics
0444512888: C0-Semigroups and Applications
0444512926: Analytical Pyrolysis of Synthetic Organic Polymers
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0444512969: Tribochemistry of Lubricating Oils
0444512977: Membrane Lipid Signaling in Aging and Age-Related Disease
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0444513000: Computational Materials Science
0444513019: Origins of Occupational Health Associations in the World
0444513027: Foot and Mouth Disease
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0444513051: Handbook of the Geometry of Banach Spaces : Volume 2
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0444513140: Experimental Methods in Kinetic Studies
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0444513167: Basic Biology and Clinical Impact of Immunosence
0444513183: Tribology of Elastomers
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0444513264: Handbook of Viral Bioterrorism and Biodefense
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0444513329: Assessment of Safety and Risk with a Microscopic Model of Detonation
0444513345: Progress in Optics
0444513353: Global Economy and Digital Society
0444513361: The Political Arena (1934-1961)
0444513396: Rapid Thermal Processing for Future Semiconductor Devices
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0444513450: Elsevier's Dictionary Of Symbols And Imagery
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0444513671: Minerals in Animal and Human Nutrition
0444513698: Embase: List of Journals Indexed 2003
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0444513795: Intelligent Systems for Information Processing
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0444513841: Computational Molecular Biology
0444513868: Crystal Growth : From Fundamentals to Technology
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0444513922: Elsevier's Dictionary of Nuclear Engineering: Russian-English
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0444514007: Biotechnology Annual Review
0444514015: Update on the Chemical Thermodynamics of Uranium, Neptunium, Plutonium, Americium and Technetium
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0444514031: Chemical Thermodynamics of Selenium
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0444514155: Bioactive Natural Products
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0444514252: Geosciences, Environment and Man
0444514279: Non-Linear Theory of Elasticity and Optimal Design
0444514295: Water Resources Systems Planning and Management
0444514309: Advances in Macromolecular Carbohydrate Research
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0444514325: Encyclopedia of Neuroscience
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0444514376: Surface Dynamics
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0444514449: Viral Gastroenteritis : Perspectives in Medical Virology
0444514473: Non-Self-Adjoin Boundary Eigenvalue Problems
0444514481: Atherosclerosis XIII
0444514503: Hypertension In The Twentieth Century: Concepts And Achievements
0444514511: Non-Neuronal Cells of the Nervous System : Function and Dysfunction
0444514538: Transport Mediated by Electrified Interfaces
0444514554: Providing Quality of Service in Heterogeneous Environments
0444514589: Cancer Chemotherapy and Biological Response Modifiers Annual 21
0444514597: Handbook of Magnetic Materials
0444514600: Opera Omnia : Recognita et Adnotatione Critica Instructa Notisque Illustrata
0444514619: Opera Omnia : Recognita et Adnotatione Critica Instructa Notisque Illustrata
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0444514635: Studies In Multidisiplinarity: Multidisciplinary Approaches To Visual Representations And Interpretations (Studies in Multidisciplinarity)
0444514643: Modeling
0444514651: Dynamic Model Development
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0444514686: Progress in Optics
0444514708: The Quaternary Period in the United States: Developments in Quaternary Science (Developments in Quaternary Science Series)
0444514724: NGF and Related Molecules in Health and Disease
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0444514740: Studies In Computational Mathematics
0444514775: Coalitions in Oligopolies
0444514783: Ice Age Southern Andes: A Chronicle of Palaeoecological Events
0444514791: Land and Marine Hydrogeology
0444514813: Urban Dynamics and Growth : Advances in Urban Economics
0444514821: Stable Gas in Liquid Emulsions : Production in Natural Waters and Artificial Media
0444514848: Concepts and Challenges in Retinal Biology
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0444514872: Viral Hepatitis : Molecular Biology, Diagnosis, Epidemiology and Control
0444514880: Developments in Neuroscience
0444514899: Nano and Micro Engineered Membrane Technology
0444514902: Human Hypothalamus : Basic and Clinical
0444514910: Theories of Chemistry
0444514929: Energy Metabolism and Lifespan Determination
0444514937: Handbook Of Temporal Reasoning In Artificial Intelligence
0444514945: Nano and Giga Challenges in Microelectronics
0444514953: Recent Advances in Psychology and Aging
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0444515011: Geochemistry and Fluid Flow
0444515054: Progress in Forensic Genetics 10 : Proceedings of the 20th International ISFG Congress Held in Arcachon, France Between 9 and 13 September 2003
0444515062: Precambrian Earth
0444515070: Discrete Optimization
0444515089: Water Resources Perspectives : Evaluation, Management and Policy
0444515097: Precambrian Earth
0444515100: Bioactive Natural Products
0444515127: Biosensors : Kinetics of Binding and Dissociation Using Fractals
0444515135: Diabetes In Pregnancy
0444515178: Clinical Neurophysiology of Sleep Disorders
0444515186: Energetic Materials Pt. 1 : Decomposition, Crystal and Molecular Properties
0444515194: Energetic Materials Pt. 2 : Detonation, Combustion
0444515208: Bridging Hippocrates and Huang Ti : A Comparative Thesaurus of Traditional Chinese and Western Urology, Andrology and Sexology
0444515275: Design and Optimization in Organic Synthesis : Second Revised and Enlarged Edition (Data Handling in Science and Technology)
0444515283: Advances in Mass Spectrometry: Plenary and Keynote Lectures of the 16th Int'L...
0444515305: Algorithmic Graph Theory and Perfect Graphs Vol. 57 : Annals of Discrete Mathematics
0444515313: Mountain Geomorphology-Intergrating Earth Systems
0444515321: Integration of Computer Modeling and Field Observations in Geomorphology: Binghamton Geomorphology Symposium 2000
0444515348: Economics of Time Use
0444515364: Long-Term Performance of Permeable Reactive Barriers
0444515380: Current Topics on Tonsils and Mucosal Barriers of Upper Airways: Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Tonsils and Mucosal Barriers of Upp
0444515399: Handbook of Statistics: Bayesian Thinking, Modeling and Computation
0444515445: Spitsbergen Push Moraines: Including a Translation of K.Gripp Glaciologische Und Geologische Ergebnisse Der Hambergischen Spitzbergen-Expedition 1927
0444515453: Advances In Fertility And Reproductive Medicine: Proceedings Of The 18th World Congress On Fertility And Sterility Held In Montreal, Canada, Between 2
0444515461: Research Papers In Fertitlity And Reproductive Medicine
0444515518: Biotic Indicators for Biodiversity and Sustainable Agriculture
0444515534: Introduction to the Physics of Cohesive Sediment Dynamics in the Marine Environment
0444515569: Handbook of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics
0444515577: Integration of Process Design and Control
0444515593: Electrochemistry in Molecular and Microscopic Dimensions
0444515615: Elsevier's Dictionary of Technical Abbreviations : English-Russian
0444515658: Economic Growth and Social Welfare : Operationalising Normative Social Choice Theory
0444515666: Handbook of Numerical Analysis 12 : Computational Models for the Human Body
0444515674: Quantitation in Biomedical Imaging with PET and MRI : Proceedings of the International Workshop on Quantitation in Biomedical Imaging with PET and MRI Held in Osaka, Japan, Between 26 and 27 January 2004
0444515690: Nonlinear Theory of Pseudodifferential Equations on a Half-Line
0444515704: Polymer-Layered Silicate and Silica Nanocomposites
0444515712: Side Effects of Drugs Annual 28: A Worldwide Yearly Survey of New Data and Trends in Adverse Drug Reactions
0444515720: Progress in Medicinal Chemistry (Progress in Medicinal Chemistry)
0444515739: Institutional Economics of Market-Based Climate Policy
0444515747: Supercritical Fluids As Solvents And Reaction Media
0444515828: Generalized Boltzmann Physical Kinetics
0444515836: Protein Phosphorylation in Aging and Age-Related Disease
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0444515860: Universal Spaces And Mapping
0444515879: Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths
0444515887: The Role of Chemistry in the Evolution of Molecular Medicine: 27-29 June 2003, Szeged, Hungary : A Tribute to Professor Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
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