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0444828117: Epilepsies
0444828125: Autonomic Nervous System
0444828133: Autonomic Nervous System
0444828141: Metal and Ceramic Based Composites
0444828176: Neuronal Degeneration and Regeneration
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0444828370: Molecularly Imprinted Polymers : Man-Made Mimics of Antibodies and Their Applications in Analytical Chemistry
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0444828419: Computational Complexity : A Quantitative Perspective
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0444828443: Forensic Diatomology and Drowning
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0444828486: Elites, Minorities and Economic Growth
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0444828699: Supercritical Fluids in Chromatography &
0444828702: Second Supplements to the 2nd Edition of Rodd's Chemistry of Carbon Compounds : Heterocyclic Compounds : Part C: Five-Membered Heterocyclic Compounds with Two Hetero-Atoms in the Ring from Groups V and/or VI of the Periodic Table; Part D: Five-Membered He
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0444829997: Event-Related Desynchronization
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0444850341: Applications of Statistics
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0444851119: Numerical Methods for Differential Equations and Simulation
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0444853022: Translating and the Computer
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0444853162: Issues in Data Base Management
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0444853251: Notes and problems in microeconomic theory
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0444853820: Computational methods in nonlinear mechanics: Proceedings of the TICOM second...
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0444854150: The Human Side of Information Processing
0444854177: Management Development Programs: The World's Best
0444854207: Current Topics in Materials Science. Volume 6
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0444854290: Organization of Decision Making: a Systems-Theoretical Approach
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0444854606: Proc of the International Scho Course 75
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0444854738: Statistical Methods of Econometrics
0444854797: Methodology of Interaction
0444854800: Personal Documentation for Professionals
0444854851: Structural Control
0444854894: Combinatorial Optimization. Mathematical Programming Study. 12
0444854932: Letter and Word Perception: Orthographic Structure and Visual Processing in Reading
0444854940: Numerical Optimization of Dynamic Systems, by Dixon
0444854975: General Competitive Analysis
0444855335: Nutritional Requirements of Lactarius Species, and Cultural Characters
0444855548: Plutarch's Political Thought
0444855726: Molluscan Neuro-Endocrinology (Werkdocument / Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie
0444856439: Gopalakelicandrika, a Krsna-Play by Ramakrsna (Sanskrit text with notes). Ed. by F. B. J. Kuiper.
0444856730: Neurobiology: Molluscan Models
0444857338: Consumption of Time & the Timing of Cons
0444857648: Taxonomy and Biogeography of West African Beach Ostracods
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0444858121: Transitional Boundary Layers in Aeronautics (Progress in Biotechnology) - Paperback
0444860002: Numerical Techniques for Stochastic Systems
0444860088: Computing Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering
0444860096: Management of Research and Innovation. Studies in the Management Sciences Volume 15
0444860126: Data Handling for Science and Techology
0444860134: Distributed Lags
0444860142: Contemporary Political Economy : Studies on the Interdependence of Politics & Economy (Vol. 135)
0444860150: APL 80 International Conference on APL June 24-26, 1980
0444860169: Finite Element Method for Elliptic Problems
0444860177: Analysis, Manifolds and Physics Pt. I : Basics
0444860258: Qualitative Analysis and Econometric Estimation of Continuous Time Dynamic Models
0444860355: Special Topics of Applied Mathematics. Functional Analysis, Numerical Analysis and Optimization
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0444860509: Signal Processing Theories & Applicat
0444860541: Handbook of Mathematical Economics
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0444861041: Recent Developments in Statistical Inference and Data Analysis
0444861076: Eurographics 80:
0444861084: Three-Dimensional Constitutive Relations and Ductile Fracture
0444861092: Distributed Computer Systems: Impact on Management, Design, and Analysis.
0444861157: Pattern recognition in practice: Proceedings of an international workshop held
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