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0444892222: Nonparametric Statistics and Related Topics : Proceedings of the International Symposium on Nonparametric Statistics and Related Topics, Ottawa, Canada, 5-8 May 1991
0444892230: Support Functionality in the Office Environment
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0444892265: Expert Systems for Scientific Computing
0444892273: Recent Technical Developments in Telecommunications
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0444892435: The European Council
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0444892494: Numerical Ecology
0444892508: Numerical Ecology
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0444893024: Cognitive Issues in Motor Expertise (Advances in Psychology)
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0444893148: World Information Technology Manual (2 Vols.)
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0444893601: Combinatorics and Theoretical Computer Science
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0444893679: Correct Hardware Design Methodologies
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0444893911: Integrated Broadband Communications: Views from Race : Usage Aspects (North-Holland Studies in Telecommunication, Volume 18)
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0444894101: NMR Spectroscopy and Its Application to Biomedical Research
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0444894144: Directions in Infinite Graph Theory and Combinatorics: With an Introduction by C.St.J.A. Nash-Williams (Topics in Discrete Mathematics S.)
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0444894284: Handbook of Game Theory with Economic Applications
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0444894330: Capillary Electrophoresis Principles Pra
0444894373: Basic and Clinical Aspects of Chronic Abdominal Pain
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0444894411: Quo Vadis, Graph Theory?
0444894462: Topological Rings
0444894489: Aging and Life Extension of Major Light Water Reactor Components
0444894527: Combinatorics '90
0444894535: Squeezed Light
0444894594: Shelf Life Studies of Foods and Beverages: Chemical, Biological, Physical and Nutritional Aspects
0444894608: The Market and the State in Economic Development in the 1990's
0444894632: Evolution of Mesozoic And Cenozoic Continental Margins
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0444894799: Plastic Limit Analysis of Plates, Shells and Disks
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0444894934: Deconvolution and Inverse Theory (Methods in Geochemistry and Geophysics)
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0444894950: Explaining Economic Growth
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0444895043: Cognitive Ergonomics: Contributions From Experimental Psychology
0444895051: Admissibility of Logical Inference Rules
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0444895175: Protocol Test Systems, IV
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0444895221: Impact of Heavy Metals on the Environment
0444895248: Meyler's Side Effects of Drugs
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0444895302: Reproduction in Domesticated Animals
0444895310: Opal Mod 1 Neural Student Win - Hardcover
0444895337: Physics of Non-Equilibrium Plasmas
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0444895388: The Human Hypothalamus in Health and Disease: Proceedings of the 17th International Summer School of Brain Research, Held at the Auditorium of the U
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0444895639: Finite Elements, Electromagnetics and Design
0444895655: Theory and Applications of Problem Solving
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0444895671: Continental Rifts : Evolution, Structure, Tectonics
0444895698: Monodispersed Particles - Hardcover
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0444895744: Readings in Econometric Theory & Practic
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0444895833: Melatonin and the Pineal Gland, from Basic Science to Clinical Application: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Melatonin and the Pineal Gland: From Basic Science to Clinical Application, Paris, 6-9 September 1992
0444895868: Coal
0444895884: Modeling and Optimization of Fermentation Processes
0444895906: Labor Demand and Equilibrium Wage Formation (Contributions to Economic Analysis S.)
0444895914: Imagery, Creativity, and Discovery
0444895922: Deep Models for Medical Knowledge Engineering (Medical Artificial Intelligence, Vol 1)
0444895930: Humic Substances in the Global Environment and Implications on Human Health
0444895949: Research Designs and Methods in Psychiatry (Techniques in the Behavioral and Neural Sciences, Vol 9)
0444895957: Research Designs and Methods in Psychiatry (Techniques in the Behavioral and Neural Sciences, Vol 9)
0444895965: Handbook of Convex Geometry : Volume A
0444895973: Handbook of Convex Geometry/Volume A and B
0444895981: Handbook of Convex Geometry/Volume A and B
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0444896031: Neurobiology of Ischemic Brain Damage (Progress in Brain Research S.)
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0444896120: Current Trends in Inventory Research
0444896139: Rock Mechanics on a Geological Base (Developments in Geotechnical Engineering) - Hardcover
0444896147: Elsevier's Dictionary of Insurance and Risk Prevention in English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese
0444896155: Atmospheric Oxidation and Antioxidants: v. 1
0444896163: Atmospheric Oxidation and Antioxidants: Vol 2
0444896171: Atmospheric Oxidation and Antioxidants, Vol. 3
0444896228: Dictionary of Glass-Making : In English, Spanish and Portuguese - Hardcover
0444896236: Cyclostratigraphy and the Milankovitch Theory (Developments in Sedimentology) - Hardcover
0444896260: Macroeconomic Modelling and Policy Implications
0444896287: Elsevier's Dictionary of Chemistry: Russian-English
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0444896317: New Trends in Referred Pain and Hyperalgesia
0444896368: Advances in the Innervation of the Gastrointestinal Tract: Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in the Innervation of the Gastroi (International Congress Series)
0444896384: Membrane Biogenesis & Protein Targeting (Pain Research and Clinical Management,)
0444896392: Cognition and Culture : A Cross-Cultural Approach to Cognitive Psychology
0444896414: Evidence Theory and Its Applications (Studies in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Vol 8)
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0444896538: Economic Modeling in the Nordic Countries (Contributions to Economic Analysis)
0444896554: History of Conseil Europeen Pour La Recherche Nucleaire: Vol 3
0444896570: Side Effects of Drugs Annual 16: A Worldwide Yearly Survey of New Data and...
0444896597: Bone and Mineral Research: A Regular Survey of Developments in the Field of Bone and Mineral Metabolism (Bone and Mineral Research)
0444896600: Perioperative Care
0444896619: Decentralized A.I. 3
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0444896694: Microcirculatory Stasis in the Brain. (International Congress Series 1031)
0444896732: Decision Support Systems: Experiences and Expectations: Proceedings of the IFIP TC-Wg8.3 Working Conference on Decision Support Systems: Experiences and Expectations, Fontainebleau, France, 30 June-3 July 1992
0444896740: Recent Progress in General Topology
0444896775: Modern Tools for Manufacturing Systems
0444896791: Respiratory Allergy: Advances in Clinical Immunology and Pulmonary Medicine : Proceedings of the III International Meeting on Respiratory Allergy, N (Manufacturing Research and Technology)
0444896813: Senology
0444896864: Theorem Provers in Circuit Design. IFIP Transactions A: Computer Science and Technology A-10
0444896902: Microbial Enhancement of Oil Recovery - Recent Advances
0444896945: The Diabetes Annual (Diabetes Annual)
0444896953: Issues in Empirical Investment Research
0444896961: Principles of Laser Dynamics
0444896996: IT Security: The Need for International Cooperation - Proceedings of the IFIP TC11 Eighth International Conference on Information Security, IFIP/Sec '92 Singapore, 27-29 May 1992 (IFIP Transactions A: Computer Science & Technology S.)
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0444897011: Computational and Applied Mathematics: Selected and Revised Papers from the IMACS 13th World Congress, Dublin, Ireland, July 1991: Algorithms and Theory No. 1
0444897038: Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems and Symbolic Computing
0444897054: Robotics and Flexible Manufacturing Systems
0444897119: Molecular Neurobiology of Epilepsy (Epilepsy Research. Supplement, No 9)
0444897127: OSI Conformance Testing Methodology and TTCN
0444897143: Intelligence, Mind, and Reasoning: Structure and Development (Developments in Geotechnical Engineering)
0444897151: Experimental and Genetic Models of Hypertension. Handbook of Hypertension, Volume 16
0444897178: Cholinergic Function and Dysfunction (Progress in Brain Research, Vol 98)
0444897224: Thermal Hazards of Chemical Reactions
0444897232: Thick Film Sensors (Handbook of Sensors and Actuators Volume 1)
0444897283: Computer Applications in the Automation of Shipyard Operation and Ship Design: Proceedings of the IFIP TC5/WG 5.6 Seventh International Conference (ICCAS '91), Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 10-13 September 1991 (IFIP Transactions B: Computer Applications in Technology S.)
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0444897313: Production Research 1993: Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Production Research, Lappeenranta, Finland, 16-20 August, 1993 (Advances in Industrial Engineering)
0444897348: Clinical Trends and Basic Research in Animal Reproduction: Proceedings of the 12th International Congress on Animal Reproduction, The Hague, The Netherlands, 23-27 August 1992 (International Congress S.)
0444897372: Advances in Transport Processes Vol IX (9)
0444897399: Aerospace Heat Exchanger Technology 1993
0444897402: Dimension and Extensions (North-Holland Mathematical Library)
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0444897437: Erasmi Opera Omnia : Volume II-1
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0444897453: Vacuum Structure and Qcd Sum Rules
0444897488: Information Processing 92 Vol. II : Education and Society (IFIP Transactions Ser., Vol. A-13)
0444897496: Information Processing 92 : Personal Computers and Intelligent Systems
0444897526: Artificial Intelligence V: Methodology, Systems, Applications
0444897542: Topological Algorithms for Digital Image Processing (Machine Intelligence and Pattern Recognition, Vol 19)
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