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0444990348: sexual racism
0444990356: Rumor and Gossip
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0444990682: Dilemmas of Care
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0444990771: Prison victimization
0444990798: Organizing Crime
0444990844: Women as Widows: Support Systems
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0444990887: Sociobiology and Behavior
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0444990917: Sociobiology and behavior
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0445000260: Mr. Pinkerton Has the Clue
0445000813: The Lost Colony
0445001038: The Last Plantagenets
0445001178: Vanishing Race the Last Great Indian Cou
0445001232: Jacqueline Kennedy the White House years
0445001321: The American Indian Craft Book
0445001550: Reality Games,
0445001593: A Dream Of Dracula - In Search Of The Living Dead
0445001631: Pleasure of His Company
0445001704: Who Is Julia
0445001747: Did You Love Daddy When I Was Born?
0445002034: The Raider
0445002077: When the Sky Burned
0445002131: THE WINNING EDGE
0445002190: Duke
0445002204: The Death Master (aka The Funhouse)
0445002379: Road to Bithynia
0445002468: Lesson in Love
0445002484: Karma Machine
0445002565: Stardrift (aka Nail Down the Stars)
0445002581: The Castle on the River
0445002719: Augusta, the First (Saga of the Phenwick Women, 1)
0445002751: World Unknown
0445002786: Jane, the Courageous (Saga of the Phenwick Women, 2)
0445002808: Portrait of a Dead Lady
0445002832: She Waits
0445002840: The Haunted Woman
0445002867: Margaret, the Faithful (Saga of the Phenwick Women, 3)
0445002891: Fiends and Creatures
0445002948: Patricia, the Beautiful (Saga of the Phenwick Women, 4)
0445002972: Unsuitable Job for a Woman
0445002980: The Many Worlds of Barry Malzberg
0445003006: Lottery, The
0445003049: Rachel, the Possessed
0445003057: Prey Of The Eagle
0445003081: Unnatural Causes
0445003162: Change (Chance)
0445003200: Rebecca, the Mysterious
0445003359: Specimens
0445003448: The Valley Where Time Stood Still
0445003472: Joanne, the Unpredictable (Saga of the Phenwick Women, 8)
0445003588: The Shores Of Kansas
0445003626: Virgin & the Wheels
0445003650: Saga of the Phenwick Women: Olivia the True
0445003693: Not found - converted to zShop
0445003707: For Texas & Zed
0445003774: Shroud for a Nightingale
0445003820: Harriet, The Haunted: #10 Phenwick Women
0445003839: Terror at Deercliff House
0445003863: The White Dress
0445003901: Dark Side of Paradise, The
0445003936: Maigret And The Bum
0445003944: The Adventures of Jules De Grandin
0445003960: The Glass Painting
0445003979: Girl in the Tiffany Dress
0445003995: Nancy, the Daring (Saga of the Phenwick Womwn, 11)
0445004053: Two Planets
0445004134: Marcia, The Innocent (Saga of the Phenwick Women #12)
0445004150: Five Passengers From Lisbon
0445004169: Prester John
0445004177: The time connection
0445004185: Of Love Incarnate
0445004193: Castle for the left Hand
0445004207: The Falcon Saga #9. Falcon Sunset
0445004215: The Falcon Saga - 9 : Falcon Sunset
0445004223: Mrs. Satan: The incredible saga of Victoria C. Woodhull
0445004231: A Fire in the Wind
0445004258: Bullet Law
0445004266: Gideon's Press
0445004274: Go Away Death
0445004282: Hellfire Files of Jules de Grandin, The
0445004304: Kate, the Curious
0445004312: Witch Love
0445004347: The Lonely Law
0445004355: GIDEON'S WRATH
0445004398: Ancient Evil
0445004401: Murder in Three Acts
0445004444: Warrior Creek
0445004452: Hardman #10: Hump's First Case
0445004479: Hell in His Holsters
0445004487: Thank You MR Moto
0445004495: The Face Out Front
0445004509: Hardman #11: The Last of the Armageddon Wards
0445004517: Gideon's Power
0445004533: Think Fast MR Moto
0445004541: Enemy Within, The
0445004614: Bitters Wood
0445004673: Grass is Singing
0445005092: The Legend of Piper's Hole (Queen-Size Gothic)
0445005130: THE SEA EAGLES
0445005238: THE IMAGE SELLER
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