0448140470: Sports Encyclopedia of Baseball, 1982
0448140497: Volleyball
0448140519: Hi and Lois: Beware, Children at Play
0448140535: Official Star Trek Catalog
0448140543: Total Sensuality
0448140551: Total Sensuality
0448140578: James Sherwood's Discriminating Guide to London
0448140586: The Yogurt Book: 100 Ways to Use Yogurt Besides Eating It Out of a Container
0448140594: The yogurt book: 100 ways to use yogurt besides eating it out of a container
0448140624: How to Make Love to a Single Man
0448140632: How to Make Love to a Single Man
0448140764: John Wayne and the Movies
0448140772: Baby's First Years
0448140780: Collecting Seashells
0448140799: Fred Astaire.
0448140802: Fred Astaire
0448140810: Hi and Lois #4: On the Grill
0448140829: John Wayne and the Movies
0448140888: Fonz & La Zonga, The
0448140896: Happy Days Bike Tycoon
0448140918: AstroAnalysis: Aries, March 21-April 20
0448140926: Taurus: Astro Analysis
0448140942: Astro Analysis Cancer June 20
0448140950: Astro Analysis Leo
0448140969: AstroAnalysis: Virgo, August 22 - September 22
0448140977: Astro Analysis Libra
0448140985: Astroanalysis: Scorpio
0448140993: Sagittarius Astroanalysis
0448141000: Astro Analysis Capricorn Dec 21 Jan 19
0448141027: Astro Analysis Pisces
0448141248: Capricorn Super Horoscope 1979
0448141280: Mark Fidrych
0448141299: Franco Harris
0448141302: Bruce Jenner
0448141310: Dr. J
0448141329: Ruffian (Tempo books) by Campbell, Joan
0448141337: Larry Mahan
0448141345: Stan Fischler's Sports stumpers (Tempo books)
0448141353: Greatest Car Mazes
0448141361: Island of Dr.Moreau
0448141426: I just want to talk to you, Beetle Bailey
0448141434: Lookin' Good Beetle Bailey
0448141442: BLONDIE
0448141469: Tomorrow we reap,
0448141485: Hagar's Knight Out
0448141515: Illustrated Night Before Christmas, The
0448142694: Whatever Happened to Blue Sude Shoes? A Nostalgia Quiz Book of the Fifties
0448142708: Whatever Happened to Blue Suede Shoes?: A Nostalgia Quiz Book of the Fifties
0448142716: The Carter Family Scrapbook : An Intimate Close-up Of America's First Family
0448142724: The Carter family scrapbook: An intimate close-up of America's First Family
0448142732: Adult Party Games
0448142740: Adult Party Games
0448142759: Farrah & Lee
0448142767: How to be an antiques detective
0448142775: How to Be an Antiques Detective
0448142848: One-Eyed Jack and Other Rhymes
0448142902: Hemingway: High on the Wild
0448142929: The World's Greatest Comics Quiz
0448142937: Illustrated Children s Bible (#07300)
0448142953: Sports Quest And Ans
0448142988: Designs for Coloring
0448142996: Designs for Coloring
0448143011: Faces of Prayer
0448143038: The Pritikin Program for Diet and Exercise
0448143046: Monsters
0448143054: Monsters
0448143062: Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis
0448143097: Energetics
0448143119: Wheres Willie?
0448143135: Olly Olly Oxen Free
0448143143: Creature Costumes
0448143232: Non-Prescription Drugs and Their Side Effects
0448143240: Non-Prescription Drugs and Their Side Effects
0448143259: The private lives of private eyes, spies, crimefighters & other good guys
0448143267: The private lives of private eyes, spies, crimefighters & other good guys
0448143275: Hagar the Horrible Brings 'em Back Alive - Number 8.
0448143283: Mr Tweedy #1
0448143305: How to watch and control your blood pressure
0448143313: How to watch and control your blood pressure
0448143321: The World Book of Odds
0448143356: The Biggest Little Cat Book in the World
0448143364: The Biggest Little Cat Book in the World: a Guide to Understanding and Caring Madly for Your Cat.
0448143372: The live longer now quick weight-loss program: By Jon N. Leonard
0448143402: Mother Goose
0448143410: Child's Book of Poems
0448143429: The World Of Dinosaurs
0448143437: Our Best Friends
0448143453: Video games
0448143488: Trey of swords
0448143496: Witches all: A treasury from past editions of the Witches' almanac
0448143569: Heathcliff No. 3
0448143585: Gable: A pictorial biography
0448143593: Gable: A pictorial biography
0448143607: The family formula book
0448143615: The family formula book
0448143623: Phobias & therapies
0448143631: AstroAnalysis Sun Signs Compatibility Guide
0448143658: The Sexually Healthy Woman
0448143666: The Sexually Healthy Woman
0448143674: I just met someone I like & its's me!: How to live with yourself and love it
0448143682: I Just Met Someone I Like and Its's Me!: How to Live With Yourself and Love It
0448143690: Betty Bear's Birthday
0448143712: Funky Winkerbean Closed Out
0448143747: RN : The Memoirs of Richard Nixon
0448143763: Glorious World of Golf
0448143771: GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!
0448143828: Plan Your Own Landscape
0448143836: Plan Your Own Landscape
0448143844: New Illustrated Grosset Dictionary
0448143887: Woody Allen's Play It Again, Sam
0448143895: Woody Allen's Play It Again, Sam
0448143909: Strange happenings
0448143917: STRANGE HAPPENINGS Is There a World Beyond Our Senses?
0448143933: The Wonderful World of Country Music
0448143984: The Electric Company game show book
0448144107: Jumbo Designs for Coloring
0448144115: Sky Is Falling
0448144123: The Family of Children
0448144131: Science Fiction - An Illustrated History
0448144166: Illustrated History of Pro Football Sports
0448144174: The World Book of Odds
0448144182: The nouvelle cuisine cookbook: The complete international guide to the world of nouvelle cuisine
0448144204: The Second Twelve Months of Life: A Kaleidoscope of Growth : Includes a Mini-Course in Infant and Toddler Development
0448144239: The Hardy Boys Adventure Activity Book
0448144247: Nancy Drew Mystery Activity Book (No. 2) (Elephant Books Ser.)
0448144255: The Complete Kitchen Guide
0448144328: The official Rocky scrapbook
0448144344: Barney Google and Snuffy Smith
0448144352: Mister Magoo's, a Christmas Carol
0448144379: Piute Pete's Down-home square dance book
0448144409: Southern Cooking
0448144433: Jogging
0448144441: The natural way to health and beauty (Grosset good health books)
0448144484: Singing Games and Singing Fun (Elephant Books Ser.)
0448144506: Fun with crafts: Easy things to make
0448144514: My Activity Book about Nature (Originally Published as Exploring Nature)
0448144522: Fun With Magic Tricks
0448144549: Piute Pete's Down-home square dance book
0448144557: Empire of the Ants
0448144581: Great Battles of the 20th Century
0448144638: Bob Dylan: An Illustrated History
0448144646: The Stevie Wonder Scrapbook
0448144654: The Stevie Wonder Scrapbook
0448144662: How to be Your Own Doctor (Sometimes)
0448144778: Broom Hilda #8: Baying at the Moon
0448144786: Illustrated Eternal Sea
0448144794: Psycho-Nutrition
0448144867: Electric Company
0448144883: Story of Astronomy.
0448144905: Your Guide to Prescription Drugs
0448144913: Diet Watchers Guide,
0448144921: The Low Carbohydrate Diet
0448144948: Illustrated Children's Bible
0448144956: Reason for a Flower
0448144999: The Kindergarten Book
0448145006: Bodylife
0448145022: Suzy Prudden's Family Fitness Book
0448145049: Nancy Drew Mystery Mazes
0448145057: Hardy Boy's Secret Codes
0448145065: Nancy Drew detective logic puzzles
0448145073: Hardy Boys Puzzle Mysteries
0448145103: Hardy Boys Detective Logic Puzzles
0448145138: NANCY DREW CLEVER CROSSWORDS, Challenging Crosswords for Junior Detectives!
0448145162: Tales of the Spooky Natural and Vampire Jokes
0448145200: Monday Morning Quarterback
0448145219: The New Grosset Road Atlas of the United States, Canada and Mexico
0448145235: The trace your own roots workbook
0448145243: Choices in childbirth
0448145251: Choices in Childbirth
0448145278: Casper and Wendy; Ghosts and Witches
0448145308: Bat Man
0448145316: Wonder Woman
0448145324: Superman, Five of Superman's Most Memorable Adventures!
0448145340: WORLD'S FINEST
0448145359: Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes
0448145375: Ritchie Rich, the Poor Little Rich Boy: Treasure Chest
0448145391: The natural way to stress control
0448145405: Diet Workshop Success Diet
0448145448: Superstars Walton Thompson Lanier Collin
0448145464: Discovery of Tutankhamun's Tomb
0448145472: Point Blank
0448145499: Captain & Tennille
0448145502: Barry Manilow: An unauthorized biography
0448145529: Quincy's World
0448145537: Marmaduke digs in!
0448145553: Jeanne Rose's Herbal guide to inner health
0448145642: Children's fears
0448145685: Other Man the Other Woman
0448145715: Lillian Roxon's Rock Encyclopedia
0448145723: Lillian Roxon's Rock Encyclopedia
0448145758: High anxiety
0448145766: High anxiety
0448145774: Gentlewoman
0448145782: Gentlewoman
0448145804: Devil in Iron
0448145820: Diabetes: The New Approach
0448145839: Starting and Succeeding in Your Own Small Business
0448145863: Billy Graham: America's Evangelist
0448145871: Billy Graham, the man and his ministry
0448145901: The Outlaw Trail
0448145944: When No One Is Looking
0448145960: Captains Courageous.
0448146029: Tom Swift and His Flying Lab:
0448146037: Tom Swift and His Jetmarine
0448146045: Tom Swift and His Rocket Ship:
0448146053: Tom Swift and his giant robot
0448146061: Tom Swift in the Caves of Nuclear Fire.
0448146126: Bible Stories : One Hundred and Twenty One Stories Fully illustrated with an essay on biblical Stories for Children By Dr. Charles Sheldon author of in His Steps
0448146134: Let's Grow a Garden
0448146142: Perfect Speller
0448146169: Plants are Like Kids: Indoor and Outdoor Gardening
0448146177: Strange and Incredible Sports Happenings
0448146207: Recipes for Diabetics
0448146215: Guide for the Weekend Athlete
0448146223: The Weight Training Book
0448146231: Missing Links: Golf and the Mind
0448146258: The Beach Boys and the California Myth.
0448146266: The Beach Boys and the California Myth
0448146274: Hilter's Propaganda Machine
0448146282: The illustrated history of the Third Reich
0448146312: Great Unsolved Mysteries
0448146355: Minute Meals With Minigrills
0448146363: The Grosset Webster large-type dictionary
0448146398: The Witches Almanac
0448146401: State of Blood: The Inside Story of Idi Amin
0448146428: Dog catalog
0448146436: Vitamins & you
0448146444: Vitamins & you
0448146452: The Family First Aid Handbook
0448146479: Dr. Nash's Natural Diet Book
0448146517: Kids' Letters to President Carter
0448146525: Once upon a murder
0448146541: SHOWDOWN! Baseball's Ultimate Confrontations
0448146606: WE LOVE YOU TRUDY
0448146614: Benchwarmer's Sports Trivia
0448146622: Tv's Superwomen Scrapbook
0448146630: Kicks! Learning Soccer The Easy Way
0448146649: One Step Apart
0448146657: Beckenbauer Rote Banks Best
0448146673: A garden of your own
0448146681: Haunted House Handbook
0448146703: The One and Only Bing
0448146711: FACES OF PRAYER
0448146738: Play Bridge in Four Hours
0448146746: Water Monsters
0448146762: Giants of Baseball
0448146770: My Greatest Day in Baseball
0448146789: Moonfleet
0448146797: Surfing by Hemmings, Fred
0448146827: How to win at backgammon
0448146835: How to Read Faster & Remember More
0448146843: Grief and How to Live with it
0448146851: Living Heart
0448146886: Her Father's Daughter
0448146991: THE SHAUN CASSIDY SCRAPBOOK: An Illustrated Biography, Abridged
0448147017: Bomba / the Jungle Boy
0448147025: Bomba the Jungle Boy. The Moving Mountain
0448147165: The private lives of Eva & Adolf: adapted from Eva and Adolf
0448147173: Love Letters to Elvis
0448147181: Fossils of all ages: From the collections of the National Museum of Natural...
0448147254: Gem Kingdom, The
0448147262: Millie's Secret
0448147270: My Favorite Things
0448147289: Famous fairy tales
0448147297: Sahara
0448147300: The Private Lives of Eva and Adolf: Adapted from Eva and Adolf
0448147319: Good Housekeeping Dictionary of Symptoms
0448147343: Prescription Drugs and Their Side Effects
0448147378: Meet Moose, The All-American Loafer
0448147386: Shaun Cassidy Scrapbook an Illustrated B
0448147408: Star mazes: A celestial collection of out-of-this-world mazes! (Tempo books)
0448147416: The Greats of Soccer Beckenbauer * Rote * Banks * Best (The Greats of Soccer)
0448147424: Run to Daylight
0448147432: Casper the Friendly Ghost
0448147440: Flintstones
0448147475: A thinking person's guide to pro basketball
0448147483: Letters From Camp
0448147491: Santa Mouse Meets Marmaduke
0448147556: Sounds All Around.
0448147564: How to Spell It : A Dictionary of Commonly Misspelled Words
0448147599: Deluxe Designs for Coloring 1 with Color Transfers
0448147602: Deluxe Designs for Coloring Transfers/Book 2
0448147653: The Ouija Board Murder
0448147661: Carew, Garvey, Munson, Brock
0448147688: No Laughing Matter
0448147718: Hardy Boys Code Activity Book No 4 by
0448147807: The Nancy Drew Mystery Activity Book No.1
0448147815: The Nancy Drew Code Activity Book
0448148013: The Mystery of the Ruby Queens
0448148021: Connie Blair: The Clue in Blue
0448148137: Acrostics for the Connoisseur (Acrostics for the Connoisseur)
0448148226: The natural foods diet book (Grosset good health books)
0448148242: Vitamins (Grosset good health books)
0448148358: The Kennedy family scrapbook
0448148374: Biography of J.R.R. Tolkien, The: Architect of Middle-Earth
0448148382: My Life in Pictures
0448148455: The Kennedy Family Scrapbook
0448148471: The Joys of woodstoves & Fireplaces
0448148498: The John Travolta Scrapbook Illustrated Biography
0448148528: Cherry Ames #3: The Mystery of Rogue's Cave
0448148722: Designs For Coloring 6.
0448148730: Sea shells (Designs for coloring)
0448148749: Designs for Coloring Alphabet & Numers 8
0448148757: Birds. Designs For Coloring 9.
0448148765: Designs for Coloring: 10 (Designs for Coloring)
0448148773: Animal Designs for Coloring 11: Cats
0448148781: Animal Designs for Coloring 12: Owls
0448148803: Tales of Wonder Friendly Ghost 3
0448148846: Casper in The Wishing Cake
0448148889: Topical Teasers
0448148897: Peter Frampton
0448148919: Chicken Jokes
0448148935: Thunder: The Mighty Stallon of the Hills
0448148943: Thunder: Mighty Stallion to the Rescue
0448148951: X Rated X Rays
0448148978: The Grosset Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine
0448148986: The Lottery Rose
0448149001: Mystery of the lost dogs (Her A Picture book--Nancy Drew ; 1)
0448149206: Treasure Island
0448149214: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
0448149222: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
0448149400: Black Beauty (Nancy Drew's Favorite Classics)
0448149427: Grimms Fairy Tales
0448149532: Born Leader
0448149540: Hagar the Horrible -- My Feet Are Drunk
0448149559: Payton, Jones, Haden, Dorsett
0448149753: Demi's Basket of Books
0448149907: Let's Draw Dinosaurs
0448150050: The Night Before Christmas Coloring Book
0448150565: Popeye and the Haunted House
0448150786: There Are Aliens on Earth!
0448150794: My Animal Friend
0448150808: Year In, Year Out
0448150816: Dreamland
0448150824: Here I Am
0448150832: Tiny Word Book
0448150840: Good Morning!
0448150859: 123 Counting Book
0448150913: Mother Goose
0448151030: Faraway Friends
0448151154: Come Out/ Play (Tiny Board Book)
0448151278: Make-Believe (Gyo Fujikawa Ser.)
0448151391: Fairyland
0448151618: The new tyranny: How nuclear power enslaves us
0448151626: The double-cross circuit: A novel
0448151642: Little Lives
0448151669: The Jewish paradox
0448151715: The Challenge of Peace
0448151723: B-15, the miracle Vitamin
0448151758: The complete hair book: The ultimate guide to your hair's health and beauty
0448151790: Lovers and Gamblers
0448152290: easy to do cooking chinese
0448152304: Easy-To-Do Cooking French
0448152312: Easy to Do Italian, Grosset Cooking Guides, 8
0448153025: Supergirl Official Activity Book
0448153254: Sometimes It's OK to Tell Secrets
0448153262: Your Body Is Your Own
0448153270: What Should You Do When . . . ?
0448153289: It's Ok to Say No
0448153505: The Last Starfighter Activity Book
0448153750: Baby's Peek-a-Boo Album
0448154595: Nancy Drew Sleuth Book
0448154617: The Wonderful World of Soccer
0448154641: New Wise Cookbook
0448154676: Insects
0448154714: Creative Walking for Physical Fitness
0448154722: The Encyclopedia of Herbs and Herbalism
0448154730: Aircraft Carriers
0448154919: How Your Child's Body Grows
0448154935: The Compleat Astrologer's Love Sign (The Ultimate Astrological Guide to Love)
0448154943: Friendship: How to Have a Friend and Be a Friend
0448154951: SAIL AND STEAM
0448155117: The Hemorrhoid Book
0448155176: Emerging Cosmology
0448155303: Beetle Bailey Activity Game Challenge
0448155699: The Dolly Parton Scrapbook
0448155729: Chart Your Own Horoscope : For Beginner and Professional astrology
0448155745: The Family Medical Handbook
0448155753: Casey Kasem's American Top 40 Yearbook
0448156822: Where Love Begins
0448156830: Barney Google and Snuffy Smith
0448156857: Belonging
0448156865: Cheerleading and Baton Twirling
0448156881: MasterMind Great Puzzles
0448156903: To Pursue a Dream
0448156911: Secrets
0448156946: Double Standards
0448156962: A Special Love, No. 9
0448156989: Double standards
0448157012: The glove compartment book
0448157039: Gotcha!
0448157047: Cashing in at the Checkout
0448157098: Funk and Wagnalls Crossword Puzzle Word Finder
0448157136: The Dorset Disaster
0448157152: X
0448157187: A Love Song for Becky
0448157195: S.W.A.K. Sealed With A Kiss
0448157209: Easy Way Out!: Tom Delos and the Guardians Adventure Number 3
0448157217: Tiger
0448157225: Tiger Turns On
0448157756: Forces of power
0448157764: Isaac Asimov's Book of facts
0448157772: The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility an Account of a Search for a Secret Navy Wartime Project That May Have Succeeded--Too Well
0448157780: At first sight
0448158035: Lucy Lemon
0448158094: Spud
0448158795: Mork & Mindy: Code Puzzles From Ork
0448158809: Mork & Mindy Puzzlers
0448158906: Fangface: A Heap of Trouble
0448159120: Dinosaur Mazes
0448159139: Popeye Puzzle Party
0448159236: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
0448159481: Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm: The Man from Planet X
0448159511: Close Encounters of the Third Kind Galactic Games
0448159546: Close Encounters of the Third Kind Dot to Dots
0448159627: Pebbles' & Bamm-Bamm's Mini Sticker Fun : Punch Out, Stick and Color
0448159708: Christmas Cookie Cookbook
0448159767: The Flintstones, the computer that went bananas
0448159783: Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm and the Wicked Witch
0448159791: The Flintstones in the Great Pizza Robbery
0448159937: Ms Marvel Pick a Word Shape (Marvel Activities Ser.)
0448160013: The Hardy boys adventure pictures to color # 1
0448160048: Nancy Drew. Mystery Pictures to Color. #2
0448160056: The Bionic Woman Goodtime Coloring Book
0448160544: The Lawrence Welk Scrapbook
0448160552: Just tell me what I want to know about wine
0448160579: My mom's having a baby
0448160587: Stages, the Crises That Shape Your Marriage
0448160617: Atlantis illustrated
0448160625: Every woman Can
0448160633: The Best of Italian Cooking
0448160641: Animals and Their Babies
0448160676: Official Associated Press Sports Almanac
0448160684: The Skateboard Book
0448160692: Peter Pan
0448160811: Master MInd Great Puzzles
0448161044: Walt Disney's Pinocchio
0448161052: Disney Classics Alice in Wonderland
0448161060: Peter Pan (Walt Disney's)
0448161087: Sleeping Beauty.
0448161095: Walt Disneys Lady and the Tramp
0448161206: Phonics
0448161214: Spelling and Dictionary Skills
0448161230: Reading Comprehension
0448161257: Number : Multiplication
0448161451: The Mork book of Orkian fun: Puzzles, games, cutouts, coloring fun
0448161516: If I Met Mickey Mouse
0448161567: Drawing Horses, Dogs and Cats
0448161605: The Sailor's World
0448161613: The World of the Automobile
0448161621: The Flier's World
0448161656: Short Tales for Sleepyheads.
0448161699: Getting Along: Games For Couple Compatibility
0448161729: Fighters (Classic Aircraft)
0448161737: Bombers (Classic Aircraft)
0448161826: The Homebuyer's Guide for the 80's
0448161834: Official Dolly Parton Scrapbook 1st Printing. Dolly Parton.
0448161850: Handbook for Space Pioneers
0448161869: The royal Swedish longevity diet & weight control program
0448161877: Child inside me: Those special, magical moments while awaiting the birth of a...
0448161893: Steve Cauthen
0448161966: Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula
0448161974: The haunted house
0448161990: Richie Rich : The Family Tree
0448162377: Ancient Egypt.
0448162385: Conan
0448162415: The Complete All-Time Pro Football Register ABRIDGED
0448162458: The Divine Garbo
0448162466: Wine secrets
0448162482: The best of Barbara Cartland
0448162504: ABC mazes (Tempo books)
0448162520: Broom-Hilda : Growing Old Gracelessly
0448162539: Monday Morning Quarterback
0448162547: Superwomen Of Rock
0448162571: The Oral Roberts scrapbook
0448162598: The Oral Roberts Scrapbook
0448162628: Dogs
0448162636: Cats
0448162652: Family of Woman
0448162687: Family of Woman
0448162709: Colors All Around
0448162725: Morning Noon / Night
0448162733: One to Ten
0448162741: Word Fun
0448162768: On the Farm
0448162776: Skitter Bugs, Baby's First Book
0448162784: All Through the Year
0448162792: Friendly Pets
0448162806: Happy And Sad
0448162814: Baby Animals
0448162938: The Tummy Trimmer Primer
0448162954: The Official Battlestar Galactica Scrapbook
0448162962: The Official Battlestar Galactica Blueprints
0448163004: Herman Melville's Moby Dick
0448163012: Sir James Barrie's Peter Pan
0448163039: Five Little Peppers
0448163047: Black Beauty
0448163055: Swiss Family Robinson
0448163292: A basic guide to dog training and obedience
0448163314: A Treasury of Things to Make
0448163322: Sol's daughter
0448163365: Jaws 2-Sharks : all That's Good and Bad about Them
0448163373: Jaws 2-Shark Tales
0448163462: Designs for Stained-Glass Windows
0448163470: More Designs for Stained-Glass Windows
0448163500: Ancient Egypt: Three Thousand Years of Splendor
0448163535: Battlestar Galactica Activity Book
0448163675: The Monkey's Clue ; The Stolen Sapphire: Two Mysteries for You to Solve!: Match Wits With Detective Tommy Preston
0448163683: Mysteries for Crime Busters
0448163705: Baffling Detective Cases
0448163802: The Diane Keaton Scrapbook
0448163845: The Bagel Book
0448163861: Bravo Baryshnikov
0448163888: Bravo, Baryshnikov!
0448163993: Baer's Agricultural Almanac for the Year 1976 - 151st Year
0448164043: Make your own magic show
0448164175: No-Nonsense Guide to Cosmetic Surgery
0448164205: To marry again
0448164256: Art and the Automobile
0448164264: Sports Encyclopedia, Pro Football
0448164272: Grow Healthy Kids
0448164299: Illustrated Treasury of Humor for Children
0448164507: Money of the World: A Ridge Press Book
0448164515: Animals of the World
0448164558: Tolkien Scrapbook
0448164590: Little Women
0448164612: The New Grosset Road Atlas of the United States, Canada, and New Mexico
0448164655: Shags Finds a Kitten
0448164663: That's Not Fair!
0448164728: Race of the hours
0448164736: Mandrake the Magician Cartoon
0448164760: Leif Garrett
0448164779: Machine Gunners
0448164868: Football's special teams: Cowboys - Raiders
0448164876: heathcliff wanted
0448164884: More Stan Fishchler's Sports Stumpers
0448164892: Casper the Friendly Ghost: Ghost Stories Mass Market Paperback by Joe Oriolo
0448164914: No More Candy
0448164930: A Time to Hurt, A Time to Heal
0448164965: Up a Road Slowly
0448164973: Make-up Monsters
0448164981: John Travolta
0448165015: Holly Hobbies Fun & Games Activity & Fun Book
0448165252: It's Your Body: A Woman's Guide to Gynecology
0448165279: Winning the Fight Against Breast Cancer: A Nutritional Approach
0448165287: The Family of Children
0448165295: The LA Costa Diet and Exercise Book
0448165309: Grow Healthy Kids
0448165333: Second Twelve Months of Life
0448165341: Barbra
0448165384: Catch Me If You Can
0448165422: How Things Work in Your Home
0448165457: Gyo Fujikawa's Come Follow Me .. to the Secret World of Elves and Fairies and Gnomes and Trolls
0448165546: The Book for Normal Neurotics
0448165554: Second Opinion
0448165597: Witches' Almanac : Aries 1979 to Pisces 1980
0448165600: Gretchen's World
0448165619: Dragons and Other Fabulous Beasts
0448165627: Disco Dancing
0448165635: The Christmas Book
0448165643: Super Jokes
0448165651: Mickys Ques/answ Bk
0448165686: Monty Python's the Life of Brian
0448165759: Need a House? Call Ms. Mouse!
0448165767: Gretchen and the Lost Carousel (Phillips, Joan. Gretchen Book.)
0448165775: B. B. BLACKSHEEP AND COMPANY, A Collection of Favorite Nursery Rhymes
0448165783: Illustrated Treasury of Fairy Tales
0448165813: Gymnastics, the new era
0448165821: Mickey Visit Dentist
0448165848: Donald and His Nephews Visit the Doctor
0448165856: Travels of J. B. Rabbit
0448165864: Country Life of J.B. Rabbit
0448166003: Killer Clown: The John Wayne Gacy Murders
0448166062: New College Cookbook
0448166070: Test without trauma: How to overcome test anxiety and score higher on every test
0448166119: Mala Rubinstein Complete Beauty and Diet Book
0448166178: Getting more for your money
0448166186: Norman Rockwell's Four Seasons
0448166364: London in Your Pocket (Grosset Travel Guides)
0448166372: Spain in Your Pocket
0448167549: The Lucy Xmas Activity Book
0448168006: Eat Yourself Thin
0448168014: The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
0448168022: Live Longer Now Cookbook
0448168030: Bodylife (Health, Nutrition and Well Being Bks.)
0448168049: Active Parent Concern
0448168073: How to Save a Million
0448168235: Running Back
0448168278: Disney Wrld Of Riddl
0448168286: See How They Run: Suzy Prudden's Running Book for Kids
0448168316: Up from Nowhere
0448168324: Hagar: Sack Time
0448168340: Myself and I
0448168391: Otto
0448168413: Flame Throwers: Carlton Gossage
0448168421: Casper: Laughquakes
0448168456: BLONDIE #4 -- A Family Album
0448168464: Before Love
0448168472: Is That All (Beetle Bailey Series, No 14)
0448168510: Make It Now Bake It Later
0448168537: Make It Now Bake It Later
0448168545: Make it now, bake it later, #4!: More make aheads--all tasty and fun
0448168553: Make It Now Bake It Later
0448168561: Make It Now - Bake It Later! #6
0448168588: The Incredible Hulk
0448168596: Happy Hour
0448168618: I'll Flip You For It, Beetle Bailey
0448168626: Pink and White Striped Summer, No. 6
0448168634: Heathcliff Does it Again
0448168715: The Happy Hollisters on a River Trip
0448168723: Happy Hollisters at Sea Gull Beach
0448168839: Hagar the Horrible, No. 1
0448168855: Hagar the Horrible On the Loose #3
0448168871: On the Rack
0448168901: Swiss Family Robinson
0448168928: The Girl Who Wanted To Run the Boston Marathon
0448168936: Terri's Dream, No. 4
0448168952: Beetle Bailey, No. 2 : Fall Out Laughing
0448168960: At Ease, Beetle Bailey
0448168995: Beetle Bailey on Parade
0448169126: Hi and Lois # 3 -- Beware! Children at Play
0448169207: Pennies for the Piper
0448169215: Three's a Crowd
0448169223: Baseball's Dream Team
0448169231: Baseball's Hall of Fame (Tempo Books)
0448169258: Growing Up at Gold Creek
0448169266: All the Days Were Summer (Tempo Books)
0448169274: The Ghost Boy of El Toro
0448169282: Sports Genes
0448169304: Street Smarts
0448169312: Flash and the Swan
0448169320: Who's in Charge Here, Beetle Bailey?
0448169371: Baseball Stars of Tomorrow: Inside Look
0448169398: Richie Rich Around The World
0448169401: The Jungle Book
0448169428: We're All in the Same Boat, Beetle Bailey
0448169436: Beetle Bailey : I'll Throw the Book at You
0448169452: Heathcliff, triple threat (Heathcliff)
0448169460: Heathcliff Puzzle Sleuth
0448169479: BLONDIE
0448169584: No More Candy
0448169614: The Flintstones (Read a Round Story Books)
0448169657: Hi and Lois, No. 6: Mama's Home
0448169681: Aesop's Fables
0448169738: Hi and Lois Family Ties
0448169746: Kidnapped
0448169770: Don't Make Me Laugh Beetle Bailey #21
0448169789: Esp and Your Pet
0448169797: Jenny
0448169800: Cheer Me On!
0448169819: Sunrise
0448169843: Arabian Nights
0448169878: No More Cnady
0448169886: Casper and Richie Rich : Million Dollar Fun
0448169924: Monday Morning Quarterback
0448169932: Midnight Munchies (Hagar the Horrible Series, No 12)
0448169940: Walk to Survival
0448169967: Heathcliff #5 Heathcliff Spins a yarn
0448170019: Take a Walk, Beetle Bailey
0448170027: I've Got You On My List, Beetle Bailey
0448170043: Its a Mile from Here to Glory
0448170086: Hi and Lois: Suburban Cowboys
0448170094: Hagar the Horrible: My Feet Are Drunk
0448170124: Animal Haus!
0448170159: Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde (Tempo Books)
0448170175: She Lives!
0448170183: Great Baseball Stories
0448170191: The Young Gymnasts
0448170205: Pebbles and Bamm Bamm's Secret Mazes
0448170213: Miss Peach
0448170221: The Kids' Book of Running
0448170248: Tennis Superstars: The Men
0448170264: Peter Frampton
0448170299: Give us a smile, Beetle Bailey
0448170302: Skateboard
0448170329: Across Five Aprils
0448170353: Barry Manilow
0448170418: Nose Knows Echo Riddles
0448170442: The Poison Factory
0448170450: The New Heartthrobs
0448170477: Complete All-Time Pro Baseball Register
0448170493: Signpost to Terror
0448170507: Superkids
0448170515: Its a Mile from Here to Glory
0448170531: The Nose Knows: A McGurk Mystery
0448170566: Lisa's Choice
0448170582: Steve Canyon
0448170590: Gridiron greats: Campbell, Zorn, Swann, Grogan
0448170604: Pro football's greatest teams
0448170612: Where Have They Gone? : Rock 'n Roll
0448170620: Earths Secret Inhabitants
0448170639: Black Beauty
0448170647: Roller Skating
0448170663: Country Music Superstars
0448170671: Friendly Ghost Casper Classics, The #8
0448170701: The Adventures of Reddy Fox
0448170728: The Adventures of Little Joe Otter
0448170736: Lightfoot the Deer
0448170809: Walking Out
0448170817: TV Comedians
0448170833: Baseballs Hall of Fame
0448170957: Casper and Hot Stuff Super Sizzlers #9
0448171007: Takers and Returners
0448171015: Belonging
0448171023: Funky Winkerbean: Play It Again, Funky
0448171031: Where have they gone? Hockey stars
0448171058: Flip side of memory
0448171074: Sam and Silo
0448171082: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
0448171120: Beetle Bailey On Parade
0448171139: Hi and Lois in Darkest Suburbia
0448171171: The Meteor Scrapbook
0448171244: Secret of Stonehouse
0448171287: Robin Williams
0448171295: Sea Fever
0448171309: Broom Hilda Rides Again!
0448171317: A Pebble in Newcomb's Pond
0448171341: The Wizard of Oz
0448171368: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
0448171414: Make-up Monsters and Creature Costumes
0448171422: Giants of Soccer: Cruyff, Beckenbauer, Rote, Chinaglia
0448171457: Super Fantasy Mazes
0448171465: The Longest Weekend
0448171473: Daddy-Long-legs
0448171481: The Swiss Family Robinson
0448171503: JUNGLE BOOK
0448171554: Amazing Adventures of Flash Gordon
0448171597: Dunagin's People
0448171600: Dick Tracy Meets the Punks
0448171619: Funky Winkerbean #3: Yearbook
0448171627: Heavy Hitters Lynn Parker Carew Rose
0448171635: Dunagin's People #2
0448171651: Gag Galaxy: Outer Space Jokes and Riddles
0448171708: 1979's Awesome Foursome; Harris, Fouts, Pastorini, Bell
0448171724: Fangface: A Time-Machine Trip to the Pirate's Ship
0448171740: Headliners: The Eagles
0448171767: The Cave Girl
0448171775: Headliners; Hottest Band in Rock! Blondie
0448171783: shape up or ship out, beetle bailey
0448171872: Blondie
0448171880: Wind in the Willows
0448171899: Heathcliff Rides Again
0448171902: Drygulch Town
0448171910: Thurman Munson
0448171929: Super Sundays
0448171953: Bob Dylan: An Illustrated History, Revised and Updated
0448172003: Speedway
0448172011: Chairmen of the Boards
0448172038: Up, Up and Away, Beetle Bailey.
0448172046: Hi and Lois Family Ties
0448172054: Betty Zane
0448172062: How to Save a Life
0448172089: Amazing Adventures of Flash Gordon
0448172143: Sports Date Book
0448172151: War of the Citadels: Flash Gordon book Two
0448172186: Zodiac Mazes
0448172216: Mythology Mazes
0448172232: The Christopher Reeve Scrapbook
0448172240: Canyon War
0448172275: FIRST DO NO HARM
0448172283: Super groups
0448172313: Flash Gordon, Flash Gordon, Number 3
0448172348: Citadels Under Attack :Flash Gordon Volume 5
0448172380: Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
0448172429: Amazing Adventures of Flash Gordon
0448172453: Amazing Adventures of Flash Gordon
0448172461: Baseball Hall of Fame
0448172496: Computer Sports Matchups
0448172526: The Friendly Ghost Casper and Wendy, Ghosts and Witches
0448172534: Casper : Big Doings (Casper the Friendly Ghost Cartoon Bks.)
0448172542: Flash Gordon: Citadels on Earth, Number 6
0448172569: Little Women
0448172577: Lottery Rose
0448172666: Give Us A Smile, Beetle Bailey
0448172674: Sims, Francis, Jefferson, Campbell (Paperback)
0448172682: Signal Callers: Sipe, Jaworski, Ferguson, Bartkowski
0448172704: Willow Farm, Original Title: The Turkey's Nest
0448172712: No Promises in the Wind
0448172720: Star Hawks
0448172747: A Matter of Time
0448172755: Thunder: The Mighty Stallion of the Hills
0448172852: Casper's Monster Joke and Riddle Book
0448172887: Small Town Summer
0448172909: Haunted Mazes
0448172968: Thimble Theatre Starring Popeye
0448173034: Glory in the flower
0448173042: Peace, Beetle Bailey #20
0448173050: Beetle Bailey No. 10 : Take Ten
0448173077: The Keeping Days
0448173107: Pigskin Power: Rams, Colts, Lions, Eagles
0448173115: Star Hawks
0448173255: Baseball's Belters : Parker, Brett, Jackson, Schmidt
0448173298: The World's Greatest Comics Quiz Unknown Binding by Robinson, Jerry
0448173328: You're Out of Hup, Beetle Bailey
0448173336: Heathcliff Rides Again
0448173344: Heathcliff Public Pussycat #1
0448173352: Heathcliff
0448173379: Beetle Bailey : I Thought You Had the Compass
0448173387: Call of the Wild and Other Stories
0448173395: Heidi
0448173409: Cheerleading and Baton Twirling
0448173417: Kristy & Jimmy-TV's Talented McNichols
0448173425: Where Have They Gone?
0448173433: Diamonds in the rough: life in baseball s minor leagues
0448173441: Grand Slammers: Rice, Luzinski, Foster, Hisle
0448173468: Baseball's Hall of Fame
0448173484: The Amazing adventures of Flash Gordon Volume Two
0448173492: Amazing Adventures of Flash Gordon, Vol. 1
0448178230: Torrent of Faces
0448180014: The Bobbsey Twins
0448180030: Bobbsey Twins 00: Secret at the Seashore GB (Bobbsey Twins)
0448180049: The Bobbsey Twins' Mystery At School
0448180057: The Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge
0448180065: The Bobbsey Twins on a Houseboat (Bobbsey Twins, No 6)
0448180081: The Bobbsey Twins' Big Adventure at Home (Bobbsey Twins, No 8)
0448180103: Bobbsey Twins 00: On Blueberry Island GB (Bobbsey Twins)
0448180146: The Bobbsey Twins and the Cedar Camp Mystery
0448180154: The Bobbsey Twins and the County Fair Mystery
0448180170: Bobbsey Twins 00: Adventures of Baby M GB (Bobbsey Twins)
0448180200: Bobbsey Twins 00: Mystery at Cherry Corner GB (Bobbsey Twins)
0448180251: Bobbsey Twins 00: Circus Surprise (Bobbsey Twins)
0448180278: Bobbsey Twins 00: Solve a Mystery GB (Bobbsey Twins)
0448180472: Bobbsey Twins 00: At Big Bear Pond GB (Bobbsey Twins)
0448180480: Bobbsey Twins 00: On a Bicycle GB (Bobbsey Twins)
0448180499: Bobbsey Twins 00: Own Little Ferryboat GB (Bobbsey Twins)
0448180510: Bobbsey Twins 00: Forrest Adventure GB (Bobbsey Twins)
0448180545: Bobbsey Twins in Volcano Land
0448180553: Bobbsey Twins 00: The Goldfish Mystery GB (Bobbsey Twins)
0448180588: Bobbsey Twins 00: Search for the Green Rooster GB (Bobbsey Twins)
0448180596: The Bobbsey Twins and Their Camel Adventure
0448180626: Bobbsey Twins 00: The Doodlebug Mystery GB (Bobbsey Twins)
0448180642: Bobbsey Twins 00: Red, White, and Blue Mystery GB (Bobbsey Twins)
0448180677: Bobbsey Twins 00: The Flying Cl GB (Bobbsey Twins)
0448180707: Bobbsey Twins 00: Smokey Mountain Mystery GB (Bobbsey Twins)
0448180723: Bobbsey Twins and the Coral Turtle Mystery
0448189011: The Tower Treasure (Hardy Boys, No. 1)
0448189038: Secret of the Old Mill (Hardy Boys, No. 3)
0448189046: The Hardy Boys: The Missing Chums
0448189054: Hardy Boys 05: Hunting for Hidden Gold GB (Hardy Boys)
0448189062: Shore Road Mystery
0448189070: The Secret of the Caves (The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories Ser.)
0448189089: Hardy Boys 08: The Mystery of Cabin Island GB (Hardy Boys)
0448189097: Hardy Boys 09: The Great Airport Mystery GB (Hardy Boys)
0448189100: What Happened at Midnight
0448189119: While the Clock Ticked
0448189127: Footprints Under the Window
0448189135: The Mark on the Door
0448189143: Hardy Boys 14: The Hidden Harbor Mystery GB (Hardy Boys)
0448189151: Hardy Boys 15: The Sinister Signpost GB (Hardy Boys)
0448189178: Secret Warning
0448189186: Twisted Claw (Hardy Boys,No. 18)
0448189194: The Disappearing Floor (His Hardy Boys Mystery Stories)
0448189208: Hardy Boys 20: The Mystery of the Flying Express GB (Hardy Boys)
0448189216: Hardy Boys 21: The Clue of the Broken Blade GB (Hardy Boys)
0448189224: Flickering Torch Mystery (Hardy Boys, No. 22)
0448189232: The Mystery of the Melted Coins
0448189240: The Short-Wave Mystery: Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #24
0448189259: The Secret Panel: Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #25
0448189267: Hardy Boys 26: The Phantom Freighter GB (Hardy Boys)
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