0470200707: Introduction to Convergence
0470200715: Partial Differential Equations : A Basic Course
0470200723: Quantum Mechanics
0470200766: Introductory Course on Theory and Practice of Mechanical Vibrations
0470200774: Organic Trace Analysis
0470200782: Practical Guide to Computer Communications and Networking
0470200839: Software Portability and Standards
0470200847: Atlas of Invertebrate Macrofossils
0470200855: Bio-Energy : Technology, Thermodynamics and Costs
0470200863: Aspects of Stratigraphical System : The Devonian
0470200871: Introduction to Simulation and Slam II
0470200928: Artificial Intelligence : Human Effects
0470200944: Introduction to Structures
0470200952: Environmental Protection
0470200960: Manual of Geology for Civil Engineers
0470200987: Handbook of Materials Handling
0470201045: Mind and the Machine : Philosophical Aspects of Artificial Intelligence
0470201053: Communicating with Databases in Natural Language
0470201061: Theory and Applications of Linear Differential and Difference Equations : A Systems Approach in Engineering
0470201088: Advanced Project Management
0470201118: Field Description of Igneous Rocks
0470201134: Design of Microprocessor Based Systems
0470201150: Mechanical Vibrations with Applications
0470201169: Incline Algebra and Its Applications
0470201177: Nickel and Its Alloys
0470201231: Logic for Artificial Intelligence
0470201266: Principles and Applications of Photogeology
0470201282: Statistics for Analytical Chemistry
0470201290: Cluster Dissection and Analysis Theory FORTRAN Programs Examples
0470201339: Design, Construction and Refurbishment of Laboratories
0470201347: Advanced Graphics with the IBM Personal Computer
0470201355: Remote Sensing in Civil Engineering
0470201371: Introductory Medicinal Chemistry
0470201436: Numerical Methods for Scientific and Engineering Computation
0470201452: Communication Storage and Retrieval of Chemical Information
0470201533: Handbook of Enzyme Biotechnology
0470201649: Noise in Electronic Devices and Systems
0470201657: Automatic Natural Language Parsing
0470201665: Introducing Artificial Intelligence
0470201673: Data Flow Computing
0470201681: Learning the Art of Mathematical Modelling
0470201711: Progress in Artificial Intelligence
0470201762: Mathematical Foundations for Communication Engineering
0470201770: Mathematical Foundations for Communication Engineering : Statistical Analysis and Finite Structures
0470201797: Linear and Nonlinear Programming
0470201800: Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture
0470201819: Artificial Intelligence : Applications to Logical Reasoning and Historical Research
0470201827: Dictionary of Data Communications
0470201843: Applied Statistics Algorithms
0470201851: Highly Dispersed Metals
0470201878: Advances in Catalysis Science and Technology
0470201886: Organosilicon Chemistry : Structure, Bonding, Reactivity and Synthetic Application
0470201894: Microcomputers in the Process Industry
0470201908: Engineering Design for Profit
0470201916: Mathematics in the Social and Life Sciences : Theories, Models and Methods
0470201924: Programming the Unix System
0470201932: Computer Experience and Cognitive Development : A Child's Learning in a Computer Culture
0470201940: Computer Experience and Cognitive Development : A Child's Learning in a Computer Culture
0470201959: Elastic and Plastic Fracture : Metals Polymers Cream Ics Composites Biological Materials
0470201967: Introduction to Microcomputer Engineering
0470201983: Random Walk in Relativity and Cosmology : Essays in Honor of P. C. Vaidya and A. K. Raychaudhuri
0470202009: Expert Systems : A Practical Introduction
0470202017: Chemical Process Simulation
0470202068: Linear Models in Biology : Linear Systems Analysis with Biological Applications
0470202084: Finite Element Methods in Structural Mechanics
0470202157: Topics in Enzyme and Fermentation Biotechnology
0470202165: Mutagenicity Testing in Environmental Pollution Control
0470202173: Satellite Broadcasting Systems Planning
0470202181: Programming in Micro-Prolog
0470202203: Thyristorized Power Controllers
0470202211: Review of Digital Communication : State of the Art in Digital Signalling, Digital Switching and Data Networks
0470202238: Lasers and Nonlinear Optics
0470202289: Introducing Satellite Communications
0470202297: Noise and the Solid State
0470202319: Program Design Using JSP : A Practical Introduction
0470202343: Manufacture of Soap, Other Detergents and Glycerine
0470202378: POP-11
0470202386: Process Plant Layout
0470202408: Principles of Digital Communication
0470202416: Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
0470202424: Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture
0470202491: Discovery and Isolation of Microbial Products
0470202505: Course of Experiments with HE-NE Laser
0470202521: Digital Systems : From Gates to Microprocessors
0470202548: Mathematical Description of Shape and Form
0470202580: Drinking Water Materials : Field Observations and Methods of Investigation
0470202602: Computational Mathematics : An Introduction to Numerical Approximation
0470202637: Prolog Programming and Applications
0470202645: Microwave Circuits and Passive Devices
0470202653: Microwave Techniques and Laboratory Manual
0470202696: Fifth Generation Computers : Concepts, Implementations and Uses
0470202734: Ideal and Incompressible Fluid Dynamics
0470202750: Biology of Sewage Treatment and Water Pollution Control
0470202769: Pottery Science : Materials, Processes and Products
0470202777: Expert Systems and Micros
0470202858: Biohalogenation : Principles, Basics Roles and Applications
0470202904: Categorical Combinators, Sequential Algorithms and Funtional Programming
0470202912: Canonical Forms in Finitely Presented Algebras
0470202920: Introduction to Simulation and Slam II
0470202947: Group Technology
0470202963: Lebesque Measure and Integration
0470202998: CAD/CAM in Practice
0470203013: Fundamentals of Robot Technology
0470203072: Probability and Random Variables
0470203099: Machine Learning : Applications in Expert Systems and Information Retrieval
0470203110: Elements of Microwave Engineering
0470203145: Hydrometallurgical Extraction and Reclamation
0470203153: Artificial Intelligence : Applications in the Future of Software Engineering
0470203188: Machine Learning : Applications in Expert Systems and Information Retrieval
0470203226: Polymer Science
0470203242: Cognition and Computers : Studies in Learning
0470203250: Robotics : An Introduction
0470203269: Robots in Assembly
0470203293: Strata Control in Mineral Engineering
0470203307: Parallel Array Processing
0470203358: On Machine Intelligence
0470203382: Computer Aids to Chemistry
0470203455: Combinatorics : Theory and Applications
0470203463: Advances in Cognitive Science
0470203544: Linear Systems Analysis
0470203560: Orbits for Amateurs with a Microcomputer
0470203579: Magmas and Magmatic Rocks
0470203595: Practical Introduction to Standard PASCAL
0470203609: Statistical Process Control
0470203641: Recent Developments in Structured Continual
0470203684: Field Theory As Human-Science : Contributions of Lewin's Berlin Group
0470203773: Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
0470203870: Computation : Computability, Similarity and Duality
0470203919: Functional Programming : Language Tools and Architecture
0470204028: Infinite Dimensional Analysis : Stochastic Processes
0470204265: Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Their Applications : College de France Seminars
0470204397: Rural Development
0470204540: Design for Human Affairs
0470204567: Biological Control of Insect Pests and Weeds,
0470204656: Marriage Today : Problems, Issues, and Alternatives
0470204664: Marriage Today : Problems, Issues, and Alternatives
0470204745: Introduction to Quantitative Genetics
0470204923: Arid Lands : Their Use and Abuse
0470205105: Dictionary of Statistical Terms
0470205113: Classical Mechanics
0470205415: Pest Management
0470205563: Soviet Union
0470205849: Genetics and Development
0470205954: Worked Examples in Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers
0470206136: West European City : A Social Geography
0470206373: Finance and Protection of Investments in Developing Countries
0470206586: Rice
0470206640: Contemporary Climatology
0470206675: Geomorphology
0470206748: Soviet Union : A Geographical Study
0470206780: Norton's Star Atlas and Reference Handbook
0470206799: Tropical Fruits
0470206837: Developing World
0470206888: Land Use
0470206934: Fertilizers and Manures
0470206950: Reviews of Renewable Energy Resources
0470206969: Power Electronics : Devices, Drivers and Applications
0470206985: Ground Water
0470207027: Elevator Technology
0470207094: Vaporisers : Selection, Design, Operation
0470207159: Eastern Europe
0470207205: Polymers As Materials for Packaging
0470207264: Intelligent Information Systems : Progress and Prospects
0470207280: Another Unique Species : Patterns in Human Evolutionary Ecology
0470207299: Biotechnology. A Handbook of Practical Formula.
0470207310: X25 Explained : Protocols for Packet Switching Networks
0470207353: Food
0470207396: Microcomputer Modelling by Finite Differences
0470207418: Game Theory and Its Applications
0470207434: Paleomagnetism and the Continental Crust
0470207469: Electromagnetics
0470207574: Information Technology and Education : The Changing School
0470207604: C for Professional Programmers
0470207639: Chemical Modification of Enzymes : Active Site Studies
0470207647: Automatic Correction and Improvement of Programs
0470207655: Bacterial Fish Pathogens : Disease in Farmed and Wild Fish
0470207671: Introductory Applied Stress Analysis
0470207701: AI in Practice : Examples in POP-11
0470207779: Oakland Conference on Partial Differential Equations and Applied Mathematics
0470207795: Pascal in Practice : Using the Language
0470207841: Industrial Geography
0470207906: Aggression : The Myth of the Beast Within
0470207922: New Horizons in Educational Computing
0470207949: Corrosion for Students of Science and Engineering
0470208023: Occupational and Environmental Chemical Hazards : Cellular and Biochemical Indices for Monitoring Toxicity
0470208031: Numerical Methods in Engineering & Applied Science
0470208058: Microcomputers in Geometry
0470208066: Fourier Optics : An Introduction
0470208074: Flow Injection Analysis
0470208147: Microcomputers in Geometry
0470208252: Communications Satellites : An Introduction to the Technologies of Space Communications
0470208260: Formal Methods in Artificial Intelligence
0470208295: Laser Raman Spectrometry : Analytical Applications
0470208309: Complexation Reactions in Aquatic Systems : An Analytical Approach
0470208325: Incremental Finite Element Models in Non-Linear Solid Mechanics
0470208333: Knowledge-Based Expert Systems in Industry
0470208422: Linear Topologies on a Ring : An Overview
0470208430: Dynamical Systems and Bifurcation Theory
0470208465: Surveying an Mapping for Field Scientists
0470208473: Computability and Logic
0470208511: Power Lasers
0470208562: Enzyme Induction
0470208589: Digital Computer Principles : An Introductory Course
0470208597: Science of Engineering Materials
0470208627: Latin American Society
0470208678: Networks and Systems
0470208686: Digital Control Engineering
0470208694: Hyperbolic Equations
0470208732: Structural Reliability : Analysis and Prediction
0470208759: Electroanalytical Measurements in Flowing Liquids
0470208767: Tess : The Extended Simulation Support System
0470208783: Applied Elasticity : Matrix and Tensor Analysis of Elastic Continua
0470208805: Foundation for Quantum Chemistry
0470208848: Wood and Celluosics : Industrial Utilization Biotechnology Structure and Properties
0470208872: Air Pollution and Acid Rain : The Biological Impact
0470208902: The Thermodynamics of the Steady State.
0470208937: Industrial Robot Applications
0470209038: Mathematical Analysis
0470209054: Dictionary of Spectroscopy
0470209062: Plant Corrosion : Prediction of Materials and Perfromance
0470209119: Expert Systems Development in Prolog and Turbo
0470209127: Designing AI Based Software
0470209135: Computer Translation of Natural Language
0470209143: Dictionary of Chromatography
0470209151: Program Design for Knowledge Based Systems
0470209194: Galois' Theory of Algebraic Equations
0470209240: Analysis of Surface Waters
0470209291: Tunnel, the Channel and Beyond
0470209313: Parallel Complexity Theory
0470209321: Implementing Flexible Manufacturing Systems
0470209372: Flow Properties of Polymer Melts
0470209402: Economic and Monetary Union in Europe : The Economic Implications of Monetary Integration
0470209461: Build Your Own Expert System : For the IBM PC and Compatibles
0470209534: Computational Fluid Dynamics
0470209577: Antenna Theory and Practice
0470209615: Cellular Interactions in Animal Development
0470209658: Applying Social Psychology : Implications for Research, Practice, and Training
0470209666: Statistics Explained : Basic Concepts and Methods
0470209712: Abstract Interpretation of Declarative Languages
0470209747: Expert Systems : Strategic Implications and Applications
0470209771: Gravity : In the Environment and the Laboratory
0470209798: Concurrent Programming for Software Engineers
0470209852: Heat and Mass Transfer in the Biosphere : Transfer Processes in the Plant Environment
0470209895: Artificial Intelligence Programming Environments
0470209917: Map and Top : Advanced Manufacturing Communications
0470209925: Combinatorial Configurations : Designs, Codes, Graphs
0470210001: Mechanics of Wool Structures
0470210087: Manufacturing Systems : An Introduction to the Technologies
0470210117: Microprocessors for Engineers : Interfacing for Real Time Applications
0470210222: Software Engineering Environments
0470210257: Integrated Services Digital Networks : From Concept to Application
0470210265: Networks for the 1990s
0470210311: Biotechnology of Water Treatment and Exploitation
0470210338: Speech and Language Based Interaction with Machines
0470210346: Design of Precast Concrete Structures
0470210389: Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
0470210397: Database Projects
0470210400: Middle East : A Geographical Study
0470210419: Fully Abstract Models of Programming Languages
0470210435: Fundamentals of Optical, Spectroscopic and X-Ray Mineralogy
0470210486: Stochastic Process in Demography and Applications
0470210494: Thermal Conduction in Semiconductors
0470210516: Characterisations and Analysis of Block Designs
0470210567: Principles of Measurement Systems
0470210613: Measurement of Oxygen by Membrane-Covered Probes
0470210745: Field Guide to Water Wells and Boreholes
0470210753: Basic Engineering Thermodynamics
0470210834: Expert Systems in Business : A Practical Approach
0470210877: Salmon and Trout Farming
0470210923: Polymer Materials: An Introduction for Technologists and Scientists
0470211008: OSI Explained : End-to-End Computer Communications Standards
0470211016: AIDS and Aids-Risk Patient Care
0470211024: Mechanics of Plastic Structures
0470211032: Artificial Intelligence : A Handbook of Professionalism
0470211059: Brick, Terracotta, and Earth
0470211075: Metals
0470211091: Roofs and Roofing : New Materials, Industrial Applications, Uses and Performance
0470211237: Modern Applied Energy Conservation
0470211245: Collapse Load Design of Slab-Beam Systems
0470211261: SGML Users Guide to ISO 8879
0470211318: Mechanism and Machine Theory
0470211326: Knowledge Engineering for Expert Systems
0470211342: Handbook of Plastics Test Methods
0470211369: Information Mechanics : Transformation of Information in Management, Command, Control and Communication
0470211415: Automated Biomonitoring : Living Sensors as Environmental Monitors
0470211431: Profit by Quality
0470211474: Critical Points at Infinity in Some Variational Problems
0470211512: Statistical Thermodynamics
0470211520: Foundations of Discrete Mathematics
0470211539: Topics in Statistical Methodology
0470211563: Field Geophysics
0470211598: Smart Cards : Principles, Practice, Applications
0470211644: High Resolution Computer Graphics Using Pascal
0470211660: Database Applications Using Prolog
0470211679: Mathematics for the Biosciences
0470211709: Management control and information;: Studies in the use of control information by middle management in manufacturing companies
0470211725: User Interface Design for Computer Systems
0470211822: Main Group Chemistry
0470211830: General Relativity - a guide to its consequences for gravity and cosmology
0470211857: Laughing Matters : A Serious Look at Humor
0470211881: Geography and Energy : Commercial Energy Systems and National Policy
0470211903: Geography and Resource Analysis
0470211911: Potato
0470211938: Western Europe : Geographical Perspectives
0470212020: Ion Chromatography in Water Analysis
0470212047: Activation Analysis with Charged Particles
0470212101: Computer-Aided Design of Electrical Equipment
0470212136: Mobile Communication Systems
0470212144: Numerical Analysis Algorithms and Computation
0470212160: Volterra Integrodifferential Equations in Banach Shoes and Applications
0470212179: Topology : A Geometric Account of General Topology Homotopy Types and Fundamental Groupoid
0470212187: Knowledge Based Management Support Systems
0470212217: PROLOG and Databases : Implementation and New Directions
0470212225: Land Disposal of Hazardous Waste : Engineering and Environmental Issues
0470212284: Computerized Multiple Input Chromoatography
0470212292: Practical Lans Analysed
0470212306: Asteroids
0470212314: Chemical Reactions of Natural and Synthetic Polymers
0470212357: On Being a Machine
0470212373: Molecular Biology and Genetics of Childhood Cancer : Molecular Genetics in Diagnosis and Therapy
0470212446: Advanced Microware Engineering : Special Advanced Topics
0470212497: Nonlinear Variational Problems
0470212535: Designing Analog and Digital Control Systems
0470212543: Stochastic Processes with Multidimensional Parameter
0470212578: Sulphur-Containing Drugs and Related Organic Compounds Vol. 1, Pt. A : Chemistry, Biochemistry and Toxicology - Metabolism of Sulphur Functional Groups
0470212624: Peptide Hormones As Prohormones : Processing, Biological Activity, Pharmacology
0470212667: Printed Circuit Board Assembly : The Complete Works
0470212683: Systems of Equations of Composite Type
0470212748: Hilbert Space Approach to Some Classical Transforms
0470212780: Practical Waste Treatment and Disposal.
0470213019: Radioanalytical Chemistry
0470213205: Modern Construction Equipment and Methods
0470213221: Control Systems Engineering and Design
0470213256: Grinding Technology : Theory and Applications of Machining with Abrasives
0470213264: Concurrent Programming in OCCAM
0470213299: Horizons of Physics
0470213310: Computer Simulation of Electronic Circuits
0470213329: Fluid Mechanics Through Problems
0470213361: Analytic Function Theory of One Complex Variable
0470213426: Microelectronic Devices
0470213450: Shape Theory : Categorical Methods of Approximation
0470213469: Concurrent Programming
0470213485: Commutative Rings : Dimension Multiplicity, Homological Methods
0470213493: Dictionary of Statistical Terms
0470213515: Function Spaces, Differential Operators and Nonlinear Analysis
0470213566: Programming with FORTRAN 77 : A Structures Approach
0470213574: Electrical Measurements : Fundamentals, Concepts, Applications
0470213620: Gas Dynamics Through Problems
0470213639: Phonons in Condensed Matter Physics
0470213647: Acoustics, Waves and Oscillations
0470213655: Checking Experiments in Sequential Machines
0470213663: Planet Neptune : An Historical Survey Before Voyager
0470213698: Unit Groups of Group Rings
0470213752: Designing Asics
0470213817: Security of Information and Data
0470213841: AI and Expertise : Heuristic Search, Inference Engines, Automatic Proving
0470213922: Packet Switched Networks : Theory and Practice
0470213930: Intelligent Robotics
0470213965: High Temperature Superconductors
0470213981: Distributions and Analytic Functions
0470214023: Electronic Data Processing in Practice : A Handbook for Users
0470214058: Quality Assurance : The Route to Efficiency and Competitiveness
0470214074: Environmental Analysis Using Chromatography Interfaced with Atomic Spectroscopy
0470214082: Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems : The Implications
0470214120: Intelligent Buildings : Applications of IT and Building Automation to High Technology Construction Projects
0470214147: Vogel's Textbook of Practical Organic Chemistry
0470214171: Algebraic and Special Methods for Nonlinear Wave Equations
0470214236: Satellite Data Vol. 2 : Processing, Archiving and Dissemination - Functions, Principles and Design of a Data Center
0470214244: Software Engineering Management
0470214309: Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
0470214341: Perspectives in Artificial Intelligence : Expert Systems, Applications and Technical Foundations
0470214392: Speech Input and Output Assessment : Multilingual Methods and Standards
0470214414: Carbon Disulphide in Organic Chemistry
0470214422: Fourth Applications in Engineering and Industry
0470214503: General Oceanography: An Introduction..
0470214538: Understanding Genetic Engineering
0470214589: Linear Programming : Methods and Applications
0470214627: Understanding Software Testing
0470214643: Basic Corrosion Technology Scientists and Engineers
0470214678: Stack Computers : The New Wave
0470214694: Neuropeptide Cholecystokinin (CCK) : Anatomy and Biochemistry, Receptors, Pharmacology and Physiology
0470214716: Brain Imaging : Techniques and Applications
0470214732: Political Geography : World-Economy, Nation-State and Locality
0470214759: Jordan Decompositions of Generalized Vector Measures
0470214783: Hilbert Modules over Function Algebras
0470214791: Electromagnetism
0470214856: Water Sampling
0470214880: Optical Storage for Computers : Technology and Applications
0470214910: Construction Engineering Networks
0470214937: Vibrational Spectroscopy
0470214961: Evaluating Usability of Human-Computer Interfaces : A Practical Method for Assessing Usability
0470215038: Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Language Learning
0470215046: Practical Approach to Data Structures : Related Algorithms in Pascal with Applications
0470215070: ABS Projection Algorithms
0470215097: Graph Colourings
0470215100: Radiopharmaceuticls : Using Radioactive Compounds in Pharmaceutics and Medicine
0470215151: Distributed Group Communication : The Amigo Information Model
0470215194: Development Theory and the Three Worlds
0470215224: Pharmacy and Pharmacotherapy of Asthma
0470215275: Towards Structured Specifying : Techniques and Applications
0470215283: Natural Language Processing Technologies in Artificial Intelligence
0470215321: Accidental Explosions : Types of Explosive Substances
0470215380: Program Architecture for Improved Maintainability in Software Engineering
0470215577: Elasticity : Mathematical Methods and Applications
0470215615: Hemisphere Function in the Human Brain
0470215631: Computer-Aided Engineering Mathematics
0470215666: Understanding Data Communications
0470216050: Potassium Channels : Structure, Classification, Function and Therapeutic Potential
0470216085: Approximate Reasoning Models
0470216166: Computing Technologies : New Directions and Applications
0470216271: Spectroscopy and Structure.
0470216301: Univalent Functions, Fractional Calculus, and Their Applications
0470216344: High-Resolution Computer Graphics Using C
0470216379: Database Support for Software Engineering
0470216409: Elements of Ordinary Differential Equations and Special Functions
0470216417: Experimental Design in Behavioral Research
0470216468: Understanding Knowledge Engineering
0470216530: Aircraft : Structures for Engineering Students
0470216549: Outlines of Paint Technology
0470216662: Global Geomorphology
0470216719: Boranes and Metalloboranes : Structure, Bonding and Reactivity
0470216832: Control System Analysis and Design Using the Smith Chart
0470216921: Foundations of Electronic Devices
0470216956: Design and Analysis of Fatigue Resistant Welded Structures
0470217006: Plant Biochemistry.
0470217030: Impact of Vector and Parallel Architectures on the Gaussian Elimination Algorithm
0470217057: Linear Integrated Circuits
0470217081: Wave Mechanics Applied to Semiconductor Heterostructures
0470217103: Advances in Statistical Physics of Solids and Liquids
0470217111: Quantum Chemistry
0470217200: Introductory Polymer Chemistry
0470217227: Object-Oriented Languages, Systems, and Applications
0470217235: Technology and Economic Development : The Dynamics of Local, Regional and National Change
0470217294: Principles of Plasma Mechanics
0470217308: Geotechnical Engineering
0470217316: Lasers and Non-Linear Optics
0470217332: Distributions and Pseudo-Differential Operators
0470217340: Progress in Partial Differential Equations : The Metz Surveys
0470217375: Jacobson Radical of Classical Rings
0470217448: Continuities and Discontinuities in Political Thought
0470217456: Continuities and Discontinuities in Political Thought
0470217499: Mandarins of Western Europe : The Political Role of Top Civil Servants
0470217545: Applied Geophysics Introduction To Geophysical
0470217561: Building Knowledge-Based Systems : Towards a Methodology
0470217618: European City : A Western Perspective
0470217634: Environmental Pollution Control Engineering
0470217669: Parallel Computation on Regular Arrays
0470217774: Foundations of Continuum Thermodynamics
0470217782: Symmetry and Stereochemistry.
0470217928: Handling Geographical Information : Methodology and Potential Applications
0470218096: Introduction to the Rock-Forming Minerals
0470218142: Biology and Management of Rice Insects
0470218150: Soviet Union : A New Regional Geography?
0470218193: Tropical African Development : Geographical Perspectives
0470218231: Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations - 11th Dundee Conference
0470218339: Advanced Graphics on the VGA, XGA, TIGA Cards Using Borland C Plus Plus
0470218452: Surveying
0470218495: Aquaculture and the Environment
0470218509: Crustacean Farming
0470218525: Progress in Variational Methods in Hamiltonian Systems and Elliptic Equations
0470218622: Introduction to Supersymmetry and Supergravity
0470218630: Solid State Electronic Engineering Materials
0470218673: Solvability and Bifurcations of Nonlinear Equations
0470218681: Applied Elasticity
0470218843: Economic Growth, Stagnation, and the Working Population in Western Europe
0470218894: Aesthetics of Landscape
0470218932: Progress in Rural Policy and Planning
0470219017: Migration Processes and Patterns : Population Redistribution in the United Kingdom
0470219076: Advances in Parallel Algorithms
0470219300: New Geography of Consumer Spending : Towards a Political Economy Approach
0470219319: Greening of Rural Policy
0470219335: New Political Geography of Eastern Europe
0470219424: Basic Course in Statistics
0470219475: Atlantic Salmon : Natural History, Exploitation and Future Management
0470219521: Energy Efficient Building : A Design Guide
0470219556: Cold Climate Hydrometeorology
0470219572: Hong Kong
0470219599: Understanding GIS
0470219610: Bayesian Statistics
0470219645: West Pacific Rim : An Introduction
0470219653: Political Geography of the 20th Century : A Global Analysis
0470219688: Partial Differential Equations and Related Subjects
0470219696: Carp and Pond Fish Culture : Including Chinese Herbivorous Species, Pike, Tench, Zander, Wels Catfish, and Goldfish
0470219963: Geography of European Integration : A Common European Home
0470219998: Progress in Rural Policy and Planning
0470220368: The New Geography of European Migrations
0470220422: Introduction to Three-D AutoCAD
0470220465: Managing Fast Growing Cities : New Approaches to Urban Planning and Management in the Developing World
0470220511: Fundamentals of Fibre Optics in Telecommunication and Sensor Systems
0470220546: Engineering Mechanics : Applied Mechanics
0470220570: Statistical Analysis of Nonnormal Data
0470220627: Electrical and Electronics Engineering for Scientists and Engineers
0470220694: Mathematical Topics in Fluid Mechanics : Proceedings of the Summer Course Held in Lisbon, Portugal, September 9-13, 1991
0470220716: Riemann Waves and Their Applications
0470220805: Limit Algebras : An Introduction to Subalgebras of C Algebras
0470220856: Statistical Methods : An Introductory Text
0470220864: Glimpses of India's Statistical Heritage
0470221305: Aerodynamics for Engineering Students
0470221321: Plastics : Microstructure Properties and Applications
0470221399: Salmon Aquaculture
0470221550: Adolescence in the Life Cycle : Psychological Change and the Social Context
0470221577: Modern Control System Theory
0470221607: Sugar-Beet Nutrition
0470221623: Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations - 12th Dundee Conference : Evaluation, Presentation, Interpretation
0470221666: Allocation under Uncertainty:Equilibrium and Optimality
0470223693: Electricity and Magnetism
0470224053: Gaming : The Future's Language
0470224800: Oxidation of Petrochemicals : Chemistry and Technology
0470225688: Physics for Biologists
0470226056: Linear Operators : General Theory
0470226951: Functional Chemistry of the Brain
0470227524: Administration : The Word and the Science
0470229322: Analytical Chemistry of Gallium
0470229500: Wireless Telegraphy
0470232684: Comparative Union Democracy : Organization and Opposition in British and American Unions
0470233354: Human Operator in Process Control
0470233389: Color Atlas of Rocks and Minerals in Thin Section
0470233400: Turbulent Flow
0470233508: Contemporary Cookery
0470233540: Advanced Service Techniques
0470233834: Statistical Methods for Medical Investigations
0470234016: Digital and Kalman Filtering
0470234024: Statistical Techniques in Geographical Analysis
0470234032: Underwater Concreting and Repair
0470234164: Colour Atlas of Cucurbit Diseases : Observation, Identification and Control
0470234261: Bringing Geographical Information Systems into Business
0470234318: Chemical Approaches to the Synthesis of Inorganic Materials
0470234326: Aquaculture Development
0470234334: Tropical Forages : Their Role in Sustainable Agriculture
0470234385: Matrices and Tensors in Physics
0470234393: Nonlinear Mechanical Vibrations
0470234458: Principles of Measurement Systems
0470234482: Introduction to 3D Studio
0470234814: Census Users' Handbook
0470234946: Color Atlas of Pests of Ornamental Trees, Shrubs and Flowers
0470235101: GIS for Business and Service Planning
0470235160: Control Systems
0470235179: Worlds of Desire, Realms of Power : A Cultural Geography
0470235187: Patterns of Development : Resources Policy and Economic Growth
0470235276: Properties of Concrete : The Final Edition
0470235284: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
0470235306: Making of Citizens : Cities of Peasants Revisited
0470235322: Global Casino : An Introduction to Environmental Issues
0470235454: Climate Change and Human Societies
0470235500: Climatic Change and the Mediterranean
0470235586: Principles of Engineering Manufacture
0470235624: Spectral Analysis in Engineering: Concepts and Cases
0470235675: Free-Living Freshwater Protozoa
0470235748: Oceanography : An Illustrated Text
0470235772: Health and Societies : Changing Perspectives
0470235780: C for Engineers
0470235845: Environmental Policy in an International Context Vol. 2 : Conflict of Interest
0470235853: Environmental Policy in an International Context : Prospects for Environmental Change
0470235896: Lamps and Lighting
0470235926: Advanced Engineering Dynamics
0470235942: Engineering Design Principles
0470235950: Air Conditioning Applications and Design
0470235969: Turbomachinery Performance Analysis
0470235985: Performance and Stability of Aircraft
0470236019: Concrete Folded Plate Roofs
0470236078: International GlS Dictionary
0470236086: Handbook of Organic Solvent Properties
0470236108: Pastry Magic
0470236140: Intelligent GIS : Location Decisions and Strategic Planning
0470236159: Spatial Analysis : Modelling in a GIS Environment
0470236167: Principles of Engineering Instrumentation
0470236191: Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering
0470236280: Color Atlas of Rocks and Minerals in Thin Section
0470236299: Fluid Mechanics : Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
0470236337: Spatial Reasoning for Effective GIS
0470236353: Differential Urbanization : Linking Urbanization, Polarization Reversal, and Counterurbanization in Developed and Less Developed Countries
0470236523: Geography & Geographers
0470236590: People, Land and Time
0470236760: Beyond Mapping : Concepts, Algorithms, and Issues in GIS
0470236779: GIS and Environmental Modeling : Progress and Research Issues
0470236795: 200 Classic Sauces : Guaranteed Recipes for Every Occasion
0470237031: Beyond Mapping/Spatial Reasoning/Gcon/tmap
0470237090: Water Supply
0470237198: Mechanical Reliability and Design
0470237236: Project Management
0470237260: Successful TQM : Inside Stories from European Quality Award Winners
0470237287: Concurrent Engineering : What's Working Where
0470237333: Dictionary of Social and Market Research
0470237368: Beginning AutoCAD R13 for Windows
0470237376: Modelling With Autocad Release 13 for Windows
0470237384: Simulation with Visual SLAM and AweSim
0470237392: Geographies of Economies
0470237449: Political Geography : A New Introduction
0470237473: Topics in Stereochemistry
0470237600: Communication for Engineers
0470238593: Aberrant Development in Infancy : Human and Animal Studies
0470238631: Growth and Distribution
0470238909: Chemical Kinetics (Homogenous Reactions)
0470238917: Clinical Oncology : A Quantitative Approach
0470238925: Glacial Geomorphology
0470238941: Periglacial Geomorphology
0470239026: Modern Aspects of Inorganic Chemistry
0470241098: Interactional Psychology and Personality
0470241187: On Defusing the Population Bomb
0470241616: Techniques in Nuclear Structure Physics
0470243341: Random Processes Part II
0470243503: Neuropsychology of Thirst:New Findings and Advances in Concepts
0470243716: Transport Phenomena in Aqueous Solutions
0470244038: Understanding Gis: The Arc/Info Method Version 7.1 for Unix and Windows Nt
0470244089: Doughs, Batters, and Meringues
0470244097: Creams, Confections, and Finished Desserts
0470244100: Petits Fours, Chocolate, Frozen Desserts, and Sugar Work
0470244232: Asian Fusion
0470244283: Guide to Microsoft Excel for Scientists and Engineers
0470244291: Beginning AutoCad
0470244313: Metamorphism and Plate Tectonics Regimes
0470244348: Introducing 3D AutoCad
0470244364: Progressing with AutoCAD
0470244399: Getting the Most from Autocad Lt
0470244402: Framework for the World
0470245654: Neurochemistry of Cerebral Electroshock
0470245662: Current Biochemical Approaches to Learning and Memory
0470245670: Essman Current Developments in Psychop
0470245689: Current Developments in Psychopharmacology V2
0470245859: Handbook of Learning and Cognitive Processes
0470245867: Handbook of Learning and Cognitive Processes
0470247401: Glossary of Molecular Biology
0470247908: Selecting Engineering Materials for Chemical and Process Plant
0470248807: New Towns : The British Experience
0470248815: The Politics of Trade: The Evolution of The Superbloc.
0470248823: Tritium and Its Compounds
0470249617: Introduction to Coastal Geomorphology
0470249692: Introduction to Geological Structures and Maps
0470249749: Quaternary Environments
0470249854: Geography of the World Economy : An Introduction to Economic Geography
0470249862: Modern Dictionary of Geography
0470249870: Understanding GIS : The ARC/INFO3 Method: Version 7 for UNIX3 and Open VMSTM
0470249951: Eysenck on Extraversion
0470250003: Decorations, Borders and Letters, Marzipan, and Modern Desserts
0470250054: Special and Decorative Breads
0470250062: Traditional, Regional and Special Breads Vol. 2 : Fancy Breads - Viennese Pasteries - Croissants, Brioches - Decorative Breads - Presentation Pieces
0470250070: Pastry Hors d'Oeuvres - Mini-Sandwiches, Canapes - Assorted Snacks - Hot Hors d'Oeuvres, Cold Brochettes - Centerpieces for Buffets
0470250089: Individual Cold Dishes, Pates, Terrines, Galantines and Ballotines, Aspics, Pizzas and Quiches
0470250097: Croustades, Quenelles, Souffles, Beignets, Individual Hot Dishes, Mixed Salads and Fish in Aspic - Lobsters, Poultry in Aspic
0470250100: Meat and Games Vol. 4 : Sauces and Bases Execution, Display and Decoration for Buffets and Receptions
0470250119: Decomaster
0470250127: Bordeaux and Its Wines
0470251506: Radioisotope Laboratory Techniques
0470253509: Growth of Crystals from the Vapour
0470254289: Speech and Hearing Defects and Aids, Language Acquisition
0470254998: Corporate Planning and Procurement
0470255005: Engineering Properties of Rocks.
0470255226: Practical Bakery
0470256389: Principles of Linear Circuit
0470256869: Advances in Aerosol Physics
0470256907: Advances in Aerosol Physics
0470257504: Practical Laboratory Planning
0470257598: Social Science Research : A Handbook for Students
0470258136: Social Psychology for Sociologists
0470258802: Introduction to Ligand Fields
0470258837: Membranes and Their Cellular Functions
0470258853: Findlay's Practical Physical Chemistry. Ninth Edition
0470259000: Introduction to Statistical Science in Agriculture
0470259019: Psychobiology of Convulsive Therapy
0470259965: Monetary Policy
0470261536: Opiate Addiction : Origins and Treatment
0470261544: Business of Science
0470262877: Longitudinal Research in Drug Use : Empirical Findings and Methodological Issues
0470262885: Transport Phenomena in Plants
0470262907: Processing of Memories
0470262915: Computer Aided Circuit Design
0470262923: Principles of Behavioral Assessment
0470262931: Metal Ions in Solution
0470262966: Analysis with Ion-Selective Electrodes
0470262982: Emerging Southeast Asia : A Study in Growth and Stagnation
0470262990: Problems and Solutions in Theoretical Statistics
0470263024: Stochastic Abundance Models
0470263059: Structural Failure in Residential Buildings, Volume 1 : Flat Roofs, Roof Terraces, Balconies
0470263067: Social Psychology of Education : Theory and Research
0470263075: Exchange Risk and Corporate International Finance
0470263083: Handbook for Specific Learning Disabilities
0470263091: Second-Language Acquisition in Childhood
0470263113: Linguistic Functions in Cognitive Theory
0470263148: Biology of Reproduction
0470263164: Psychobiology of Mind
0470263180: Interpersonal Psychoanalysis : New Directions
0470263199: Receptors and Recognition
0470263288: New Product Development : A Systematic Approach to Diversification
0470263296: Radical Education : A Critique of Freeschooling and Deschooling
0470263318: Income Distribution and Economic Inequality
0470263326: Brazil since 1964 : Modernization under a Military Regime
0470263350: Behavior in the Complex Environment
0470263377: Geothermal Energy : It's Past, Present and Future Contributions to the Energy Needs of Man
0470263393: Coal and Energy : The Need to Exploit the World's Most Abundant Fossil Fuel
0470263407: Statistical Methods for the Earth Scientist : An Introduction
0470263458: Pest War
0470263512: Components and Finishes
0470263547: Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Research and Treatment : Psychopharmacologic Considerations
0470263598: Chemical and Biochemical Aspects of Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy
0470263601: Contraceptive Technology, 1978-1979
0470263628: Ethics of Social Intervention
0470263636: Thermodynamic Derivatives for Water and Steam
0470263644: Economic Systems : How Resources Are Allocated
0470263687: Novel Aspects of Reproductive Physiology
0470263695: Mind in Sleep : Psychology and Psychophysiology
0470263725: New Directions in Attribution Research
0470263733: Digital Circuits for Binary Arithmetic
0470263741: Human Response to Crowding
0470263768: Child's Reality
0470263792: Introduction to Marine Science
0470263814: Personality : A New Look at Metatheories
0470263822: Advances in Modern Toxicology : New Concepts in Safety Evaluation
0470263830: Psychological Perspectives in Youth Sports
0470263857: Family Therapy of Drug and Alcohol Abusers
0470263865: Conditioning : An Image Approach
0470263873: Psychotherapy and Training in Clinical Social Work
0470263881: Private Practice : A Handbook for the Independent Mental Health Practitioner
0470263946: Comparative Endocrinology of Prolactin
0470263962: Specificity Of Embryological Interactions
0470263997: Laboratory Handbook of Chromatographic and Allied Methods
0470264012: Pest War
0470264020: Applied Linear Algebra
0470264128: Imm's Outlines of Entomology
0470264136: Mathematical Programming and Control Theory
0470264152: Research and Development and School Change : Learning Research and Development
0470264160: Biosystematics in Agriculture
0470264179: Language of Autistic Children
0470264187: Applied Dream Analysis : A Jungian Approach
0470264225: Violence and Responsibility : The Individual, Family and Society
0470264241: Competent Woman : Perspectives on Development
0470264268: Nude
0470264276: Organic Agriculture : Economic and Ecological Comparisons with Conventional Methods
0470264284: Introduction to Multivariate Techniques for Social and Behavioral Sciences
0470264292: Cognitive Development in the School Years
0470264314: Early Cognitive Development
0470264322: Language Development
0470264373: Cutting for Construction : A Handbook of Methods and Applications of Hard Cutting and Breaking on Site
0470264438: Plant Protection Discipline
0470264470: Misfits in Industry
0470264489: Democratic Processes for Modern Health Agencies : A Guidebook
0470264535: Modern Political Economy
0470264551: Rock-Forming Minerals
0470264586: Charge Transfer Devices
0470264594: Psychology and Women : In Transition
0470264608: Large Ground Movements and Structures
0470264616: Urban Storm Drainage
0470264624: Numerical Methods in Laminar and Turbulent Flow
0470264632: Simulation of Field Water Use and Crop Yield
0470264659: Defining Females : The Nature of Women in Society
0470264691: Introduction to Developmental Biology
0470264721: Guide to the Successful Management of Computer Projects
0470264748: Life Cycles
0470264764: Parent-Child Interaction and Youth Rebellion
0470264780: Atomic Absorption Fluoresence and Flame Emission Spectroscopy : A Practical Approach
0470264802: Principles of Applied Geophysics
0470264810: Flames : Their Structure, Radiation and Temperature
0470264829: Selective Toxicity : The Physico-Chemical Basis of Theory
0470264837: Receptors and Recognition : Taxis and Behavior Elementary Sensory Systems in Biology
0470264845: Cognitive Processes in Animal Behavior
0470264853: Process of Question Answering : A Computersimulation of Cognition
0470264861: Subjective Meaning and Culture : An Assessment Through Word Associations
0470264888: Minicomputers in Sensory and Information Processing Research
0470264896: Eye Movements and the Higher Psychological Functions
0470264918: Chronometric Explorations of Mind
0470264926: Handbook of Industrial Energy Analysis
0470264934: Going International : The Experience of Smaller Companies Overseas
0470264950: Statistical Mechanics of Chain Molecules
0470264969: Chemical Applications of Molecular Beam Scattering
0470265094: Play and Learning
0470265124: Time and Regional Dynamics
0470265140: Using the Telescope : A Handbook for Astronomers
0470265159: Mystery of Wealth : Political Economy, Its Development and Impact on World Events
0470265191: Advances in Instructional Psychology
0470265205: Children's Thinking : What Develops?
0470265213: Attention and Performance VII
0470265256: Macroeconomic Mix to Stop Stagflation
0470265272: Basic Course in Statistics
0470265280: Modelling Large Systems : Limits to Growth Revisited
0470265310: Immobilized Enzymes : Research and Development
0470265337: Microbial Ecology
0470265361: Articulate Intervention : The Interface of Science, Mathematics and Administration
0470265388: Handbook of Analytical Control of Iron and Steel Production
0470265396: Magnetohydrodynamic Flow in Ducts
0470265418: Operator Colligations in Hilbert Spaces
0470265426: Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Molecular Orbital Theory
0470265450: Advances in Environmental Psychology : The Urban Environment
0470265469: Economics of Natural Resources
0470265485: Elements of System-Dynamics Simulation
0470265523: Mathematical Astronomy with a Pocket Calculator
0470265566: Science for Physical Geographers
0470265574: Mathematics for Physical Geographers
0470265582: Organization in Plants
0470265590: Compact Numerical Methods for Computers
0470265612: Managing the Manager's Growth
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