0470265620: Bioactive Peptides Produced by Microorganisms
0470265647: Wasted Lives
0470265663: Environmental Quality
0470265671: Mechanisms of Learning and Motivation
0470265728: Introduction to Magnetic Resonance with Applications to Chemistry and Chemical Physics
0470265744: Infants at Risk
0470265760: Ecological Genetics
0470265779: Research Design in Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry
0470265795: Psychiatric Symptoms and Cognitive Loss in the Elderly : Evaluation and Assessment Techniques
0470265817: Participative Approach to Computer Systems Design : A Case Study of the Introduction of a New Computer System
0470265868: Perspectives on Memory Research : Essays in Honor of Uppsala University's 500th Anniversary
0470265876: Guide to Basic Information Sources in Chemistry
0470265884: Introduction to Simulation and SLAM
0470265892: Materials Handling in Farm Production : A Guide to the Control of Handling Costs on the Farm
0470265914: Adolescent Boys in High School : A Psychological Study of Coping and Adaption
0470265922: Drawing and Designing Children's and Teenage Fashions
0470265949: Astronomy Data Book
0470265957: Hypnotherapy : An Exploratory Casebook
0470265973: Structure and Bonding in Solid State Chemistry
0470266023: Sports, Games and Play : Social and Psychological Viewpoints
0470266031: Psychological Development from Infancy : Image to Intention
0470266058: Essential Invertebrate Zoology
0470266074: Cutting and Polishing of Electro-Optic Materials
0470266082: Generalised Functions
0470266090: Numerical Solution of Differential Equations
0470266104: Understanding Job Satisfaction
0470266198: Automatic Chemical Analysis
0470266252: Heat Pumps
0470266279: Blackout Looting : New York City, July 13, 1977
0470266287: Economic Development in Retrospect
0470266295: Soviet Energy System : Resource Use and Policies
0470266317: Nonmetropolitan Industrialization
0470266325: Design of Biological Monitoring Systems for Pest Management
0470266368: Team Development Manual
0470266384: Foundations of Astronomy
0470266406: Maps and Air Photographs
0470266430: Applied Medical Geography
0470266449: Introduction to Seed Technology
0470266457: Modelling and Simulation in Practice
0470266465: Investment for Production : Managing the Plant Investment Process
0470266473: Colour Atlas of the Rat
0470266481: Modeling and Analysis Using Q-Gert Networks
0470266503: Notes on the Methodology of Scientific Research
0470266538: International Lending, Risk and the Euromarkets
0470266546: Multimethod Clinical Assessment
0470266562: Computer Systems in Work Design--the ETHICS Method
0470266570: Causes of Climate
0470266589: Causes of Climate
0470266627: Analysis of Social Interactions : Methods, Issues and Illustrations
0470266635: Conceptual Basis of Language
0470266643: Experimental Study of Personality
0470266732: Management Controls and Marketing Planning
0470266767: Ecology of Small Mammals
0470266864: Welded Joint Design
0470266872: From DNA to Protein
0470266880: Realm of the Terrestrial Planets
0470266902: Mapping from Aerial Photographs
0470266910: Design for Structural Stability
0470266961: Psychology in Social Context
0470266996: Computers in the Teaching Process
0470267046: Education in Systems Science
0470267097: Industry, Prices and Markets
0470267100: Fundamentals of Analytical Flame Spectroscopy
0470267119: Neurosecretion
0470267135: Matrix Theory and Applications for Engineers and Mathematicians
0470267151: Projects and Demonstrations in Astronomy
0470267178: Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Soil Science
0470267186: Prevention of Oil Pollution
0470267194: People, Pattern, and Process
0470267208: Organofluorine Chemicals and Their Industrial Applications
0470267216: Nature of Hypnosis and Suggestion
0470267259: Organic Stereochemistry
0470267275: Circular Storage Tanks and Silos
0470267305: Personal Relationships : Their Structures and Processes
0470267313: Sentence Processing : Psycholinguistic Studies Presented to Merrill Garrett
0470267348: Cognitive Structure : Theory and Measurement of Individual Differences
0470267372: Dialectical Psychology
0470267380: Nonviolent Action and Social Change
0470267399: Adolescent-Parental Separation
0470267429: Atomic and Molecular Collisions
0470267445: Statistical Exercises in Medical Research
0470267453: Physical Environment
0470267461: Introductory ALGOL Sixty-Eight Programming
0470267577: Metallic Materials Specification Handbook
0470267798: Fluid Power Logic Circuit Design
0470267828: Family Life Cycle
0470267852: Psychologists : Personal and Theoretical Pathways
0470267860: Cryonics : A Sociology of Death and Bereavement
0470267879: Community Psychology : Theoretical and Empirical Approaches
0470267887: Location and Environment of Elderly Population
0470267895: Structural Failure in Residential Buildings, Vol. 2: External Walls & Openings
0470267941: Money and Exchange Dealing in International Banking
0470267984: Zoogeography and Diversity in Plankton
0470267992: Introductory ALGOL Sixty-Eight Programming
0470268018: Applied Solar Energy
0470268034: Perception and Its Development : A Tribute to Eleanor J. Gibson
0470268085: Process in Geomorphology
0470268115: Making of Social Psychology
0470268131: Origins of the Infant's Social Responsiveness
0470268158: First Century of Experimental Psychology
0470268174: Stress and Anxiety Vol. 6
0470268182: Energy and Human Needs
0470268204: Environmental Forces on Engineering Structures
0470268220: Symbolic Functioning in Childhood
0470268239: Intellectual and Personality Characteristics of Children : Social-Class and Ethnic-Group Differences
0470268336: Schizophrenia, a Biopsychological Perspective
0470268344: Thin Plate Design for In-Plane Loading
0470268352: Soviet Woman in the Family and in Society : A Socialogical Study
0470268379: Economics of Crime
0470268395: Design of Earthquake Resistant Structures
0470268409: Food, Energy and Society
0470268417: Economics of Energy
0470268425: Separation Procedures in Inorganic Analysis : A Practical Handbook
0470268441: Winters of the World
0470268468: Structural Failure in Residential Buildings
0470268492: Ontogeny of Learning and Memory
0470268506: Social Cognition, Inference and Attribution
0470268522: Choice and Perceived Control
0470268530: Biofeedback and Self-Regulation
0470268549: Improving the Long-Term Effects of Psychotherapy : Models of Durable Outcome
0470268557: Techniques of Finite Elements
0470268565: Biochemical Systematics and Evolution
0470268581: Physiology of Parasites
0470268611: Design and Analysis of Experiments
0470268638: Synthetic Aspects of Biologically Active Cyclic Peptides : Gramicidei S and Tyrocidres
0470268670: Windpower Principles : Their Applications on the Small Scale
0470268700: Game Theory : Mathematical Models of Conflict
0470268719: Measurement of Human Aggressiveness
0470268727: Physics for Engineers and Scientists
0470268751: High Performance Loudspeakers
0470268786: Psycholinguistic Research : Implications and Applications
0470268794: Viewdata Revolution
0470268816: Geography & Geographers
0470268875: Planetary Geology
0470268891: Designing a Distributed Processing System
0470268905: Customer Service and Distribution Strategy
0470268913: Micros a Pervasive Force : A Study of the Impact of Microelectronics on Business and Society, 1946-1990
0470269014: Game Theory: Mathematical Models of Conflict
0470269030: Electronics for the Physicist With Applications
0470269057: Dynamic Response of Structures to Wind and Earthquake Loading
0470269073: Safety in Process Plant Design
0470269081: Applied Circuit Theory : Matrix and Computer Methods
0470269111: Life Testing and Reliability Estimation
0470269138: Developing Managerial Information Systems
0470269146: Consumer Behavior : A Pratical Guide
0470269154: Energy Options : Real Economics and the Solar-Hydrogen System
0470269162: General Topology
0470269170: Geothermal Resources
0470269189: Problem Solving and Education
0470269219: Atlas of Rock-Forming Minerals in Thin Section
0470269227: Topics in Enzyme and Fermentation Biotechnology
0470269251: China : A Geographical Survey
0470269324: Digital Computers' Memory Technology
0470269332: Functional Analysis
0470269359: Adult Learning
0470269421: Ecology of Fresh Waters
0470269448: New Concrete Technologies and Building Design
0470269464: Cluster Analysis Algorithms : For Data Reduction and Classification of Objects
0470269529: Alternative Fuels
0470269561: Geography of Famine
0470269596: Theory and Design of Digital Computer Systems
0470269642: Stress Analysis of Polymers
0470269669: Microwaves
0470269685: Environmental Chemistry
0470269707: Population Genetics
0470269774: Passive Solar Heating Design
0470269812: Biochemistry and Structure of Cell Organelles
0470269839: Physics of the Interstellar Medium
0470269898: Developmental Microbiology
0470269928: Money, Finance and Development
0470269944: Evaluating Instructional Technology
0470269960: Concise World Atlas of Geology and Mineral Deposits : Non-Metallic Minerals, Metallic Minerals and Energy Minerals
0470269979: Handbook of Systems Analysis
0470270004: Introduction to Stochastic Processes
0470270012: World Solar Architecture
0470270047: River Pollution Control
0470270063: Statistical Methods in Biology
0470270071: Gravitation, Quanta and the Universe : Proceedings of the Einstein Centenary Symposium Held at Ahmedabad, India 29 January to 3 February, 1979
0470270098: Petroleum and Hard Minerals from the Sea
0470270136: Chemistry of Interfaces
0470270144: Retail Geography
0470270179: North American Urban Patterns
0470270187: American Metropolitan Systems
0470270284: Polymer Materials : An Introduction for Technologists and Scientists
0470270292: A-Z of Clinical Chemistry
0470270330: Biosocial Anthropology
0470270349: Endocrinology
0470270381: Biological Functions of Carbohydrates
0470270470: Nature of Structural Design and Safety
0470270519: Environmental Toxicology
0470270527: Nature of the Stratigraphical Record
0470270551: Housing in Arid Lands : Design and Planning
0470270578: Climatology : Selected Applications
0470270594: Geography of Housing
0470270632: Land Use in America
0470270659: Gas Turbine Engineering : Applications Cycles and Characteristics
0470270675: Interior Planting in Large Buildings
0470270691: Computational Geometry for Design and Manufacture
0470270713: Trace-Organic Sample Handling
0470270748: Management of Marketing
0470270756: Evaluating Curriculum Proposals : A Critical Guide
0470270772: Programming Language Standardization : Computers and Their Applications
0470270780: Applied Discrete-Choice Modelling
0470270799: Plastic Methods for Steel and Concrete Structures
0470270888: Combined Heat and Power : Whole City Heating-Planning: Tomorrow's Energy Economy
0470270918: Creative Thinking and Brainstorming
0470270926: Introduction to Electrical Instrumentation and Measurement Systems
0470270969: Chemistry of Interfaces
0470270985: Assessing students, appraising teaching (New patterns of learning series)
0470270993: Income Distribution : The Limits to Redistribution
0470271019: Modelling with Differential Equations
0470271051: Inorganic Reaction Chemistry Vol.2B : Reactions of the Elements and Their Compounds
0470271078: Mechanical Measurements
0470271086: Electronic Devices and Components
0470271108: Introduction to System Design Using Integrated Circuits
0470271116: Gravity : Black Holes and the Universe
0470271167: Rethinking Mathematical Concepts
0470271183: Counting and Counters
0470271205: Ecology of Tomorrow's World
0470271213: Minerals from the Marine Environment
0470271221: Geographical Economics
0470271280: Physical Principles of Exploration Methods
0470271329: Introductory Econometrics
0470271337: Synthetic Reagents Vol. 4 : Mercuric Acetate; Periodic Acid and Periodates; Sulfuryl Chloride
0470271353: Principles Of Electronic Instrumentation
0470271396: Composition and Properties of Petroleum
0470271418: Amino Acid Analysis
0470271426: Management Guide to Computer Security
0470271450: Economic Geology and Geotectonics
0470271477: Grouting in Engineering Practice
0470271523: Molecular Enzymology
0470271604: Sedimentary Petrology : An Introduction
0470271612: Topics in Nucleic Acid Structure
0470271620: Managing Personnel and Performance : An Alternative Approach
0470271639: Joints in Structural Steelwork : The Design and Performance of Semi-Rigid and Rigid Joints in Steel and Composite Structures and Their Influence on Structural Behavior
0470271647: Basic Principles and Practice of Microprocessors
0470271736: DNA, Chromatin and Chromosomes
0470271779: Case Studies in Mathematical Modelling
0470271787: Waste Recycling for Energy Conservation
0470271795: Unemployment, a Disequilibrium Approach
0470271809: Philosophy of Schooling
0470271817: Relativity, Mechanics and Statistical Physics
0470271833: Remote Sensing in Meteorology, Oceanography and Hydrology
0470271841: Lead in Man and the Environment
0470271892: Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture
0470271949: Industrial Productivity : A Psychological Perspective
0470271957: Recursive Functions in Computer Theory
0470271965: Applied Functional Analysis
0470272031: Ecology of Natural Resources
0470272058: Organization Development Through Teambuilding
0470272066: Microchip Appropriate or Inappropriate Technology
0470272082: Ground Movements and Structures
0470272104: Inorganic Reaction Chemistry Vol.2B : Reactions of the Elements and Their Compounds
0470272112: Catalysis and Chemical Processes
0470272120: Water Research Topics
0470272147: Crystallography for Solid State Physics
0470272155: Response of Marine Animals to Petroleum and Specific Petroleum Hydrocarbons
0470272163: Ecology for Environmental Sciences : Biosphere, Ecosystems and Man
0470272198: Skills of Negotiating
0470272236: Progress in Boundary Element Methods
0470272244: Systems Analysis and Design for Computer Applications
0470272309: Introduction to the Principles of Vibrations of Linear Systems
0470272317: Learning and Visual Communication
0470272333: Environmental Microbiology
0470272341: Genetic Basis of Development
0470272368: Tomorrow's Office Today : Managing Technological Change
0470272384: Invertebrate Biology : A Functional Approach
0470272392: Field Description of Sedimentary Rocks
0470272406: Multinationals Beyond the Market : Intrafirm Trove and the Control of Transfer Pricing
0470272422: Introduction to Statistical Physics
0470272430: Introduction to Microeconomics
0470272449: Cancer Cell Organelles Vol. 11 : Biochemistry
0470272457: Advances in Natural Products Chemistry : Extraction and Isolation of Biologically Active Components
0470272473: Geology of Ireland
0470272503: Basic Geological Mapping
0470272511: Practical Introduction to Computer Graphics
0470272562: International Money and the Real World
0470272597: Time Series Models
0470272600: Geology of Scotland
0470272627: Plant and Insect Mycoplasma Techniques
0470272635: Economics of Time
0470272686: Mathematics for Computing
0470272694: Energy and Packaging
0470272708: Recursive Descent Compiling
0470272716: Understanding Maps
0470272724: Coal Utilisation : Technology, Economics and Policy
0470272759: Liquefied Petroleum Gases : Guide to Properties, Applications and Uses
0470272783: Current Trends in Optics
0470272805: Computing Using BASIC : An Interactive Approach
0470272813: Foundations of Programming with Pascal
0470272856: Nonparametric Geostatistics
0470272902: Money and Employment
0470272945: Smith's Introduction to Industrial Mycology
0470272953: Databases : Proceedings of the First British National Conference on Databases Held at Jesus College, Cambridge, 13-14 July 1981
0470272988: Programming Methods in Structural Design
0470272996: Bulking of Activated Sludge
0470273011: Digital and Microprocessor Engineering
0470273038: Catastrophe : Theory and Applications
0470273054: Programming Language Translation
0470273062: Elements of Group Theory for Physicists
0470273070: Book of Business Communications Checklist
0470273089: Guide to the Electronic Office
0470273151: Ground Water Hydrology : Hydroeconomics, Ground Water Survey and Pumping Tests, Rural Water Supply and Irrigation Systems
0470273186: Structured Programming with COMAL
0470273208: Advances in Transport Processes
0470273216: Data Converters
0470273224: Mathematical Methods for Mathematicians, Physical Scientists and Engineers
0470273232: Machine Intelligence : Intelligent Systems Practice and Perspective
0470273259: Pascal Implementation
0470273267: Biographical Dictionary of Scientists
0470273283: Site Investigation : A Handbook for Engineers
0470273291: Computational Methods in Structural and Continuum Mechanics
0470273305: Natural Radiation Environmental
0470273313: Portable Programming
0470273321: ADA : A Programmer's Conversion Course
0470273348: Post-Digital Electronics
0470273356: Principles of Text Processing
0470273399: Atlas of Igneous Rocks and Their Textures
0470273402: Statistical Mechanics : Methods and Applications
0470273410: Dealing with Risk : The Planning, Management and Acceptability of Technological Risk
0470273453: Presynaptic Receptors : Mechanisms and Functions
0470273461: Introductory System Engineering
0470273542: Total Curvature in Riemannian Geometry
0470273550: Design and Analysis of Sequential Clinical Trials
0470273569: Small Batteries Vol. 2 : Primary Cells
0470273623: Microcomputers in Education
0470273631: Land Use in America
0470273682: Adult Learning
0470273690: Principles of Real Analysis
0470273720: Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture
0470273739: Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture
0470273747: Cybernetic Systems of Limb Movements in Man, Animals and Robots
0470273755: Quantitative Techniques for Managerial Decision Making : Concepts, Illustrations, and Problems
0470273763: China : The Geography of Development and Modernization
0470273771: China : The Geography of Development and Modernization
0470273917: Optimization Methods in Operations Research and Systems Analysis
0470273941: Advances in Transport Processes
0470273968: Energy and Feedstocks in the Chemical Industry
0470274042: Atmospheric Diffusion : Study of the Dispersion of Windbourne Material from Industrial and Other Sources
0470274050: Principles of Computer Communication Network Design
0470274069: Computer Controlled Testing and Instrumentation
0470274085: Textbook of Dynamics
0470274093: Computerization of Working Life
0470274158: Finite Element Primer
0470274174: Guide to Good Programming Practice
0470274190: Digital Computer's Memory Technology
0470274204: Linear and Nonlinear Differential Equations
0470274212: MOS Devices : Design and Manufacture
0470274239: Electromagnetics and Fluid Dynamics of Gaseous Plasma
0470274247: Modern Control System Theory
0470274271: Electromagnetics
0470274301: System Theory. Microwave Research Institute Symposia Series, Volume 15
0470274395: Microwave Research Institute Symposia Vol. 22 : Computer Communications
0470274409: Proceedings of the Symposium on Optical and Acoustical Micro Electronics. Polytechnic Press. Volume 23
0470274417: Applied Abstract Algebra
0470274425: First Course in Linear Algebra
0470274441: Digital Filtering
0470274476: Chemical Nomenclature Usage
0470274484: Rotor Dynamics
0470274492: Linear Analysis of Frameworks
0470274549: Fourier Optics : An Introduction
0470274573: Introduction to Finite Markov Processes : Continuous Time Finite Markow Processes
0470274581: Principles of Digital Data Transmission
0470274603: Automatic Natural Language Parsing
0470274611: Electrical Power Systems
0470274638: Fuzzy Mathematical Approach to Pattern Recognition
0470274654: Robots and Telechirs
0470274719: Modern Chlor-Alkali Technology
0470274727: Computational Mathematics : An Introduction to Numerical Approximation
0470274786: Fault and Fold Tectonics
0470274794: Handbook of Chemical Equilibria in Analytical Chemistry
0470274824: Optimum Design of Metal Structures
0470274840: FIP Manual of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete
0470274859: Field Description of Metamorphic Rocks
0470274875: Learning Mathematics with Micros
0470274883: Learning Mathematics With Micros
0470274905: Concepts in Analytical Chemistry
0470274964: Dice, Data and Decisions : Introductory Statistics
0470274972: Methods of Protein Analysis
0470275014: Intelligent Systems : The Unprecedented Opportunity
0470275049: On-Line Monitoring of Continuous Process Plant
0470275103: Quantitative Electron-Probe Microanalysis
0470275146: Nature and Origin of the Biological World
0470275162: Windbourne Pests and Diseases : Meteorology of Airborne Organisms
0470275189: Biochemistry of Antimicrobial Action
0470275200: Guide to Medical Mathematics
0470275219: Quality Measuring Instruments in On-Line Process Analysis
0470275227: Fundamentals of Preparative Organic Chemistry
0470275235: Applying Mathematics : A Course in Mathematical Modeling
0470275316: First Course on Electrical Drives
0470275332: Copper and Its Alloys
0470275456: Practical Guide to Computer Communications and Networking
0470275472: Semi-Empirical Methods of Quantum Chemistry
0470275529: Introduction to Palaeobiology : General Paleontology
0470275545: Basic Lubrication Theory
0470275561: Introduction to General Topology
0470276509: High Temperature Resistant Polymers
0470277262: Human Infancy : An Evolutionary Perspective
0470277327: Sociology of Human Fertility
0470280840: Psychology of Depression
0470281170: Photographic Information Recording
0470283211: Practical Process Control
0470287705: Proteins Vol. 1 : Structure and Function
0470287802: Judicial Crises : The Supreme Court in a Changing America
0470287810: Judicial Crises : The Supreme Court in a Changing America
0470288248: Polymerization of Aldehydes and Oxides.
0470288957: Eye Movements, Vision, and Behavior
0470289058: Structure of the Automatic Nervous System
0470289139: Hard Landscape in Concrete
0470289201: Insoluble Monolayers at Liquid-gas Interfaces
0470290447: Modern Developments in Thermodynamics
0470290560: Gandhi's Social Philosophy: Perspective and Relevance
0470290595: How Mammals Run:Anatomical Adaptations
0470290803: Otosclerosis : Genetics and Surgical Rehabilitation
0470291443: Health at Work
0470291508: Paraprofessional Work with Troubled Children
0470291761: Recent Advances in Aquatic Mycology
0470294337: Spectroscopy of Flames
0470295139: Kinetic and Nonsteady-State Effects in Superconductors
0470295716: Sensory Saltation
0470296003: Lie Groups and Their Representations
0470296100: Financing Strikers
0470296224: Color Atlas of Carbonate Sediments and Rocks Under the Microscope
0470296259: Anatomy of Business
0470296836: Design of Building Frames
0470297026: Professions for the People : The Politics of Skill
0470297034: Professions for the People : The Politics of Skill
0470297093: Attachment and Dependency
0470297123: Psychophysics : Method and Theory
0470297433: Principles of Mossbauer Spectroscopy
0470302151: Sociology
0470302186: Psychopathology : A Cognitive View
0470303220: Guide to Addiction and Its Treatment
0470307471: Methods of Biochemical Analysis
0470307528: Methods of Biochemical Analysis
0470308400: Experimental Psycholinguistics
0470308656: Logic of Significance and Context
0470308885: Treatise on Power Metallurgy Vol. 1 : Technology of Metal Powders and Their Products
0470311029: Growth and Change of Schizophrenic Children : A Longitudinal Study
0470312009: Differentiation and Growth of Cells in Vertebrate Tissues
0470312769: Glacial Deposits
0470315105: New Dimensions of World Politics
0470319070: Communities and Alternatives : An Exploration of the Limits of Planning
0470319089: Communities and Alternatives : An Exploration of the Limits of Planning
0470319208: Computational Methods in Linear Algebra
0470319305: Labelling of Deviance
0470319852: Managerial Stress
0470320834: Maintenance Engineering : Organization and Management
0470320842: The development of a child psychiatric treatment Program
0470320869: Making Computers Pay
0470322586: Dampness in Buildings
0470323396: Liquid Crystals and Plastic Crystals Vol. 1 : Preparation, Constitution and Applications
0470323639: Case Studies in Engineering Design
0470324309: Topics in Phosphorous Chemistry Volume 6
0470324783: Hydrogen Bonding by C-H Groups
0470325003: Gaming-Simulation : Rationale Designs and Applications
0470326417: A History of Fishes
0470326573: Knowledge and Cognition
0470327405: Mechanical Design : A Rotary Component Approach
0470327758: Galaxy Formation : A Personal View
0470327774: The Chemistry of The Rarer Platinum Metals (Os, Ru, Ir and Rh)
0470327847: Development Building: The Team Approach
0470328118: Sexual Issues in Marriage: A Contemporary Perspective
0470328193: Sexual Behavior--Current Issues: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
0470329114: Job Satisfaction
0470330007: Intra-Industry Trade
0470336404: Microwave Integrated Circuits
0470336757: Lipid Biochemistry: an introduction;
0470337125: Topics in Transport Phenomena : Bioprocesses, Mathematical Treatment, Mechanisms
0470337850: Computers in Architectural Practice
0470337907: Limit State Design of Prestressed Concrete
0470337915: Limit State Design of Prestressed Concrete Vol. 2 : The Design of the Member
0470338482: Nonlinear Systems: Processing of Random Signals--Classical Analysis. Benchmark Papers in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Volume 10
0470338741: Introduction to Molecular Biology
0470341564: Culture and Language : The Black American Experience
0470342978: Standard Handbook of Textiles
0470343273: Urban and Regional Planning
0470345373: Oceanography : An Illustrated Text
0470345411: Cobol by Command
0470347112: Restraining Myths : Critical Studies of United States' Social Structure and Politics
0470347201: Hamilton Radiometric Dating for Geologists
0470347244: Monte Carlo Methods
0470347902: Propylene and its Industrial Derivatives
0470351489: Perinatal Addiction
0470352035: Arab Attitudes To Israel
0470352116: Palestinians and Israel
0470352388: Advancing with Autocad R14 for Windows 95 and Windows Nt
0470353163: Mathematical Structures of Language
0470354208: Political Economy of Africa
0470354216: Political Economy of Africa
0470355557: Patterns in Biology
0470355662: Building in Value
0470355778: Economics of Transport Appraisal
0470355808: Dielectrics
0470356154: Multi-Story Buildings in Steel
0470356421: Industrial Publicity.
0470356545: Design of Precast Concrete
0470356588: Chemistry of Platinum and Palladium
0470356677: Dictionary of Language and Linguistics
0470357738: Student Africanist's Handbook.
0470358823: Shikimate Pathway
0470358890: Statistical Distribution
0470358904: New Hydrogenating Catalysts : Urushibara Catalysts
0470359854: Woven Stretch and Textured Fabrics
0470359951: Matrix Computer Methods of Vibration Analysis
0470362146: The Physics of Glassy Polymers
0470363053: Metropolitan America in Contemporary Perspective
0470364947: Detection and Estimation
0470367474: Dielectric Spectroscopy of Polymers
0470368160: Business Behaviour
0470368977: Dictionary of Rubber
0470369019: Survival in Society
0470369175: Latin America : The Search for a New International Role
0470369205: Pollution Criteria for Estuaries
0470373032: Outlook for Natural Gas : A Quality Fuel
0470373148: Experimental Methods of Materials Research Volume 3 Rch
0470373407: Airborne Transmission and Airborne Infection: Concepts and Methods Presented at the 6th International Symposium on Aerobiology.
0470374772: Neighborhood Space
0470378360: Off-Site Fabrication
0470381701: Facilities Management and the Business of Space
0470382023: Furopyrans and Furopyrones
0470383755: Business control through multiple regression analysis;: A technique for the numerate manager
0470383852: Plant Mineral Nutrition
0470384360: Guide to Microsoft Excel for Business and Management
0470386754: The Large City: A World Problem
0470390069: Cellulose and Cellulose Derivatives. Second Edition. (FIVE VOLUMES) Parts I; II; III; IV; V
0470390409: Mechanical Behavior of High Polymers
0470392371: Polymer Chemistry of Synthetic Elastomers Part 2
0470392452: Metal Machining : Theory and Applications
0470392703: High Polymers Series
0470392851: Radiation Chemistry of Polymeric Systems. High Polymers Volume XV
0470392959: Configurational Statistics of Polymeric Chains. High Polymers, Volume XVII
0470392991: Caviar
0470393009: Copolymerization. High Polymers Volume XVIII
0470393092: Crystalline Olefin Polymers. High Polymers. A Series of Monographs on the Chemistry, Physics, and Technology of High Polymeric Substances. Vol. 20 Part 1
0470393122: Crystalline Olefin Polymers. Volume 20, Part 2.
0470395346: Pharmaceutical Analysis
0470396105: Physical Methods in Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
0470396210: The Sea
0470399600: Statistics for Comparative Studies
0470400404: A Programmed Text in Statistics 4 Volumes
0470401559: Modern Petroleum Technology
0470402083: Recent Analytical Developments in the Petroleum Industry
0470406402: Ionic Polymers
0470407174: Nutritional Problems in a Changing World
0470407670: Polymer Conversion
0470408766: Responding to Social Change : Community Development Series #19
0470415304: Social Justice and Its Enemies : A Normative Approach to Social Problems
0470415312: Social Justice and Its Enemies: A Normative Approach to Social Problems
0470417455: Howitt: Mass Media Violence & Society
0470417552: Iemoto : The Heart of Japan
0470417560: Iemoto : The Heart of Japan
0470418370: Infrared Detectors (Benchmark papers in optics ; v. 2) by Hudson, Richard D...
0470420251: Limit State Theory of Reinforced Concrete.
0470421304: Colour Seventy Three : Survey Lectures and Abstracts of the Papers to be Presented at the Second Congress of the International Colour Association, University of York
0470426578: Child at School
0470426594: Progress in Polymer Science Vol. 4 : Japan
0470426616: Progress in Polymer Science, Japan
0470427000: Compressible Fluid Flow
0470427302: Hydrography for the Surveyor and Engineer (Aspects of modern land surveying).
0470427310: Energy : From Surplus to Scarcity?
0470427426: Soil stabilization: principles and practice,
0470428074: International Oil Tanker and Terminal Safety Guide
0470428333: Fashion Drawing for Advertising
0470428376: Fashion Design Drawing
0470434406: The solid state: X-ray spectroscopy
0470434457: Textbook on Geometry
0470437324: Metropolitan Growth Vol. 2 : Public Policy for South and Southeast Asia
0470439246: Topology and Normed Spaces
0470439653: Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics
0470439971: Technological Planning and Social Futures
0470441453: Vector Geometry and Linear Algebra: For Engineers and Scientists
0470441917: Cities of Vision
0470442654: How to Approach the China Market: English Version of Japan-China Trade Handbook
0470444975: Composite Structures of Steel and Concrete
0470446080: Basic Psychopathology a Programed Text
0470446153: Migration and Dispersal of Insects by Flight.
0470446161: Population Problem
0470446986: Cryoelectronics
0470448709: Agriculture and the Industrial Revolution
0470448717: Testing Industrial Skills
0470448857: Creative Learning in Perspective
0470449020: Population Growth and Educational Planning in Developing Nations
0470449357: World Protein Resources
0470449365: Sociology in Medicine
0470450827: Drug Use : Epidemiological and Sociological Approaches
0470451718: Electronics and Environments
0470451726: Electrostatics in the Electronic Environment
0470454180: Hypnotics
0470454253: Spectroscopic and Chromatographic Analysis of Mineral Oil
0470455667: Operational Amplifiers in Chemical Instrumentation
0470455675: Thermal Analysis : Comparative Studies in Materials
0470455748: Science and Politics of IQ
0470456108: Childhood Psychosis : Initial Studies and New Insights
0470456744: Human Information Processing (The Experimental Psychology Series)
0470459387: Karno Community Mental Health - Refle
0470460237: Inflammation and Antiinflammation Therapy
0470460687: Nuclear Reactor Fuel Elements: Metallurgy and Fabrication
0470460989: Family in Transition Its Past, Present and Future Pa
0470462329: Politics and Modernization in South and Southeast Asia
0470462337: Politics and Modernization in South and Southeast Asia
0470468424: Organic Spectroscopy
0470469048: Architect's Year Book Vol. 14 : The Inner City
0470469102: Ecological Animal Parasitology
0470477709: ESR Applications to Polymer Research
0470477792: Electronic Circuits and Systems
0470477873: Developing New Brands
0470480742: Representation of Meaning in Memory
0470488794: Inflation Accounting: A Guide for Non-Accountants
0470489057: Infrared Spectra of Surface Compounds
0470489502: Geochemistry of Water
0470490357: Radioecology
0470491213: Psychology of Vocational Guidance
0470493577: West Germany : An Introduction
0470495804: Composite Steel and Concrete Construction
0470496479: Foundations of Differential Geometry
0470496487: Foundations of Differential Geometry
0470497955: Nation Writ Large?
0470500506: Volumetric Analysis Hardcover by Kolthoff, Izaak Maurits
0470500549: Volumetric Analysis
0470502231: Sauna : The Finnish Bath
0470504269: Heat Resistant Polymers
0470504285: Anomalous Photoconductivity
0470505907: Modern microeconomics
0470506261: Electron-Ion Exchangers : A New Group of Redoxites
0470506350: Threshold analysis,
0470507969: Labour Input and the Theory of the Labour Market
0470509201: Elementary Theory of Eisenstein Series
0470510358: Pulsating Stars
0470510994: Information-Lossless Automata of Finite Order
0470511001: Theoretical Principles of Psychosomatic Medicine
0470511265: Analytical Serology of Microorganisms
0470511605: Concept Dictionary of English
0470511966: Political Power in Poor Neighborhoods
0470515317: Designing for Human Behavior Archtiecture and the Behavioral Sciences
0470517182: Psychological Deprivation in Childhood
0470517212: Wealth from Knowledge
0470518871: Essential Invertebrate Zoology
0470519258: Layish Islamic Law (Studies in Islamic culture and history)
0470521007: Economic Growth Versus the Environment
0470521422: Molecular Behavior and the Development of Polymer Materials
0470521511: Blast Furnaces and Steel Slag : Production, Properties and Uses
0470522682: Classical Mechanics -
0470522739: International Banking and Finance
0470526106: Attitudes and Their Measurement
0470527765: Geochemistry of Iron
0470531053: Psychosocial Stress: Population, Environment, and Quality of Life
0470531266: Cognitive Theory of Learning : Research on Hypothesis Testing
0470531495: Psychopharmacology : A Biological Approach
0470531592: Theory and Design of Digital Computers
0470531959: English As a Foreign Language in Ten Countries
0470533773: Engineering Quantities and Systems of Units
0470538910: Introduction to Quantum Electronics
0470539909: Wave Mechanics and Valency. by Linnett, J. W.
0470540400: Adsorption of Polymers
0470541156: Statistical Design of Fatigue Experiments
0470541164: Comparative Public Policy : Issues, Theories and Methods
0470541172: Politics of Aid, Trade, and Investment
0470541210: Automatic Computational Techniques in Civil and Structural Engineering
0470541229: Consistency Controversy: Readings on the Impact of Attitude on Behaviour
0470541237: Consistency Controversy
0470541245: Gradient Liquid Chromatography
0470541504: Digital Filters & the Fast Fourier Trans
0470541571: Spatial Organization of Cerebral Processes
0470542004: Job Evaluation. A Critical Review
0470543221: Guide to management techniques,: With glossary of management terms
0470543361: Human Memory the Processing of Information
0470544473: Elementary Plasma Physics
0470544562: Bearings in Structural Engineering
0470544805: Strategy for Rural Change
0470544945: Puerto Rico and the Puerto Ricans : Studies in History and Society
0470547502: Stochastic Automata : Constructive Theory
0470548517: Origins and International Economics of Space Exploration
0470552859: Our Polluted Food : A Survey of the Risks
0470553707: Experimental Studies in Adult Learning and Memory
0470556501: Elements of Functional Analysis
0470557362: An introduction to the analysis and processing of signals
0470559764: Wind Loading on Buildings
0470561491: Freshwater Ecology
0470562846: Auditorium Acoustics
0470563389: Tradition and Change in a Turkish Town
0470563397: Tradition and Change in a Turkish Town
0470563478: Adjustment : A Longitudinal Study
0470563753: Laboratory Techniques in Zoology
0470565330: Optimum Design of Structures
0470565373: Radiation Physics and Chemistry of Polymers
0470565551: Isocyanide complexes of metals (Interscience monographs on chemistry, inorganic chemistry section)
0470565780: Hormone Action
0470566434: Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data
0470566558: Biochemistry of Bacterial Growth
0470567600: Nature of International Society
0470567740: Practice of Mental Health Consultation
0470567791: Carbon and Graphite Handbook
0470568682: Population, Environment and the Quality of Life
0470569867: Man-Made Fibers
0470569883: Kinetics in Anaytical Chemistry
0470571241: Fatty Acids: Their Chemistry, Properties, Production and Uses: Pt. 5
0470572159: Paleogeographic Principles of Oil and Gas Prospecting
0470572450: Corporate Society
0470572507: Systemic Fungicides
0470573570: Coupling Research and Production
0470573597: Makers of China : Confucius to Mao
0470573619: Introduction to Radiation Protection
0470573627: Dimethyl Sulphoxide
0470573651: Romantic Progression
0470574100: Role of Additives in Plastics
0470575352: Photographic Processing Chemistry
0470576006: Location and Space in Social Administration
0470577703: Convolution and Fourier Transforms for Communications Engineers
0470578912: Analysing Qualitative Data
0470580208: Building performance
0470580259: Analytical Models for Urban and Regional Planning
0470580356: New Atlantic Challange
0470581158: Meteorites and Their Origins
0470581166: Thyristor Control
0470581174: Transition Metal Complexes of Phosphorous, Arsenic, and Antimony Ligand
0470581182: Vibration of Linear Mechanical Systems
0470581190: Techniques and Topics in Bioinorganic Chemistry
0470581212: Productivity through people;: A practical guide to improvement
0470581697: Power
0470583827: Cytogenetics of Man and Other Animals
0470583932: Chemistry of the Atmosphere
0470583940: Organophosphorous Stereochemistry. Origins and P (III and IV) Compounds. Part 1. Benchmark Papers in Organic Chemistry. 3
0470583959: Organophosphorus Stereochemistry (Part.2) TWO ONLY
0470584289: Contemporary Approaches to Conditioning and Learning
0470584556: Crystalline Solids
0470585587: Textbook of Theoretical Botany
0470589809: Positional Astronomy
0470590076: Elementary Analysis of Variance for the Behavioural Sciences
0470590092: Plant Layout
0470590254: Women and Achievement : Social and Motivational Analyses
0470590351: Linear Analysis of Thin-Walled Elastic Structures
0470592052: Polarographic Techniques
0470593350: Coding Processes in Human Memory
0470593520: Psychobiology of Depression
0470593555: Psychoanalytic concepts of depression
0470596120: Beyond the Veil : Male - Female Dynamics in a Modern Muslim Society
0470596139: Beyond the Veil : Male - Female Dynamics in a Modern Muslim Society
0470596147: Finance and Analysis of Capital Projects
0470601108: Machine Intelligence
0470601450: Behavioral Research Methods in Environmental Design
0470601469: Behavioral Research Methods in Environmental Design
0470601507: On MacHine Intelligence
0470603003: Analytical Chemistry of Neptunium
0470603917: Stability and Origin of Biological Information
0470603925: Psychological Testing in Personnel Assessment
0470609184: Models of Economic Growth; Proceedings of a Conference Held by the International Economic Association at Jerusalem
0470611650: Caribbean Patterns
0470611847: Metamorphism and metamorphic belts
0470612800: Variational Principles and Methods
0470613181: Man-Made Fibres
0470613270: Functional Analysis in Historical Perspective
0470614404: Risk in Business Decision
0470615656: Essential Formulae for Electrical Engineers
0470615796: Separation Methods in Biochemistry
0470615842: History of Urban Form : Prehistory to the Renaissance
0470615877: Aspects of Educational Change
0470618515: Biochemical Spectroscopy
0470618523: Bibliography for Adlerian Psychology
0470618736: Histamine. Mechanisms of Regulation of the Biogenic Amines Level in the Tissues with Special Reference to Histamine.
0470619104: Chile's Marxist Experiment
0470619155: Semiconductor Opto-Electronics
0470619570: Food and Health of Western Man
0470623616: Gas Kinetics
0470625104: Statistics : Problems and Solutions
0470625252: Human Memory V : Theory and Data
0470627158: Analytical Chemistry of Transplutonium Elements
0470628057: Provisional Government
0470628669: Control Systems Engineering
0470629150: Specific Dyslexia: The Research Report of the ICAA Word Blind Centre for Dyslexic Children
0470630108: Economic Thought of the Twentieth Century
0470630116: Smith Ricardo Marx : Observations on the History of Economic Thought
0470630736: Analytical Chemistry of Germanium
0470630760: Analytical Chemistry of Selenium and Tellurium
0470630787: Elementary Kinetics of Membrane Carrier Transport
0470631058: Applications of Fuzzy Sets to Systems Analysis
0470631619: Chemical Tables
0470632801: High Alumina Cement Concrete
0470635851: Seven Years Old in the Home Environment
0470636556: Sciences, the Humanities, and the Technological Threat
0470636602: Universities between Two Worlds
0470638605: Analytical Chemistry of Fluorine
0470642254: Business in Japan : A Guide to Japanese Business Practice and Procedure
0470647795: Advances in Enzymology and Related Areas of Molecular Biology
0470648120: ADVANCES IN ENZYMOLOGY, Vol. 19
0470648457: Advances in Enzymology and Related Areas of Molecular Biology
0470650907: Simulation Model Building
0470651326: Principles of Organic Synthesis
0470651466: Insect Hormones
0470652594: Magnetic Bubbles
0470652845: Structural Polymers : Testing Methods
0470653078: Introduction to Earthquake Engineering
0470653507: Pollution and Marine Ecology
0470655356: Concrete Technology
0470655399: Concrete Technology
0470655402: Concrete Technology
0470657235: Organization of Length and Class : Empirical Consequences of a Piagetion Formulism
0470657243: Logical Inference
0470657286: Plastic Films and Packaging
0470657308: Reasoning in Adolescence - Deductive Inference
0470666005: The Superpowers The United States and the Soviet Union Compared
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