0471900702: Disruptive Behavior in Schools
0471900710: Reproductive Biology of Invertebrates : Spermatogenesis and Sperm Function
0471900753: Cutaneous Laser Therapy : Principles and Methods
0471900761: Bank Accounts : A World Guide to Confidentiality
0471900796: International Handbook of Education Systems : Sub-Saharan Africa - North Africa and the Middle East
0471900818: Proper BASIC
0471900826: Organic Synthesis : The Disconnection Approach
0471900834: OR on the Microcomputer : Apple Version
0471900842: O R on the Microcomputer
0471900877: Information Theoretic Indices for Characterization of Chemical Structures
0471900923: Biochemical Plant Pathology
0471900931: Using Video : Psychological and Social Applications
0471900966: High Voltage : Measurement, Testing and Design
0471900974: Nursing Research : Ten Studies in Patient Care
0471900990: WCS)Human Resources Management in the HospitalityIndustry
0471901032: Air Pollution and Plant Life
0471901075: Ecology of Tropical Plants
0471901083: WCS)Course Pack for MGS 633 - Supply Chains and Global Operations
0471901091: Antibiotics for Surgical Infections
0471901105: Finite Element Method Displayed
0471901113: Problem-Oriented Programming Languages
0471901121: Theory of Fourier Series and Integrals
0471901148: Climate and Energy Systems : A Review of Their Interactions
0471901156: Industrial Applications of Lasers
0471901202: Parent-Infant Relationships
0471901229: Numerical Methods in Coupled Systems
0471901237: Physical Environment at Work
0471901245: Fundamentals of Classical Thermodynamics
0471901261: Heart Disease in the Elderly
0471901296: Process of Language Understanding
0471901318: Mathematical Methods in Management
0471901326: Mathematical methods in management.
0471901334: Pascal Compiler Validation
0471901342: Local Area Networks : Issues, Products and Developments
0471901369: Explorations in the Development of Writing : Theory, Research and Practice
0471901377: Advances in Analysis of Behaviour : Biological Factors in Learning
0471901407: Anthropocentric Approach to Computing and Reactive Machines
0471901431: Introduction to Genetic Toxicology
0471901466: Semiconductor Memories
0471901482: Introduction to Semiconductor Microtechnology
0471901490: Policy-Making in the European Community
0471901504: Policy-making in the European community. ED2
0471901512: Introduction to Infrared Image Acquistion and Classification Systems
0471901547: Manual of Accident and Emergency Resuscitation
0471901555: Clinical Trials : A Practical Approach
0471901563: Wandering Continents and Spreading Sea Floors on an Expanding Earth
0471901598: Marine Ecology : A Comprehensive, Integrated Treatise on Life in Oceans and Coastal Waters: Ocean Management - Ecosystems and Organic Resources
0471901644: Recent Advances in Haemotology, Immunology and Blood Transfusion
0471901652: Antibiotic Choice : The Importance of Colonisation Resistance
0471901660: Meniere's Disease : A Comprehensive Appraisal
0471901679: Principles of Antenna Theory
0471901709: Mathematical Programming : Theory and Algorithms
0471901733: Psychopharmacology : An Introduction
0471901792: Background to Palaeohydrology
0471901806: Alcohol-Related Problems : Room for Manoeuvre
0471901814: Physics of Vibrations and Waves
0471901822: Physics of Vibrations and Waves
0471901830: Chemical Reactor Design and Operation
0471901849: Capital Budgeting Techniques
0471901873: Transfer Theory for Trapped Electromagnetic Energy
0471901881: WordStar and CP-M Made Easy
0471901938: Breast Cancer : Diagnosis and Management
0471901954: Introduction to Process Economics
0471901970: Mechanical Vibrations for Engineers
0471901989: Electronic Analog to Digital Converters : Principles, Circuits, Devices, Testing
0471901997: Benzodiazepines Divided : A Multidisciplinary Review
0471902012: Variational and Quasivariational Inequalities : Applications to Free Boundary Problems
0471902020: Organic Reaction Mechanisms, 1982 : An Annual Survey Covering the Literature Dated December 1981 Through November 1982
0471902039: Architects : The Noted and the Ignored
0471902071: Medical Effects of Nuclear War
0471902101: Small Business in the Third World Guidelines for Practical Assistance
0471902136: Wildlife Resources and Economic Development
0471902144: International Handbook of Education Systems : Asia, Australasia and Latin America
0471902152: WCS)Case Pack for MGS614 - Systems Analysis and Design
0471902187: Russian-English Translator's Dictionary : A Guide to Scientific and Technical Usage
0471902195: Cybernetic Systems : Recognition, Learning, Self-Organization
0471902209: Satellite Communications Systems
0471902225: Thermodynamics
0471902276: Fundamentals of Classical Thermodynamics
0471902292: Fundamentals of classical thermodynamics
0471902306: WCS)Harvard Case Map for Strategic Management
0471902322: Threat of Japanese Multinationals : How the West Can Respond
0471902357: Organizations and Experiments : Designing New Ways of Managing Work
0471902381: WCS)Course Pack for ECN 251 - Economics for Managers : Selected Chapters from Economics for Strategy 3e and Other Supplemental Readings
0471902403: Microchip Technology : The Past and the Future
0471902438: Learning and Applying APL
0471902624: Role of Terrestrial Vegetation in the Global Carbon Cycle : Measurement by Remote Sensing
0471902640: Genes : Structure and Expression
0471902675: Olefin Metathesis and Ring-Opening Polymerization of Cyclo-Olefins
0471902705: Applied Cryogenic Engineering. University of California Engineering and Physical Sciences Extension Series
0471902756: Cryogenic Technology
0471902764: Mechanics of Engineering Materials
0471902772: Understanding Nurses : The Social Psychology of Nursing
0471902810: Computer Simulation in Management Science
0471902829: Chemistry of the Metal Carbon : The Structure Preparation, Thermochemistry and Characterization of Organometallic Compounds
0471902837: Water World : A Modular Approach, Life and Environment
0471902861: Asymtotic Methods in Queuing Theory
0471902888: Managing Southern Soils
0471902896: Small Community Water Supplies : Technology of Small Water Supply Systems in Developing Countries
0471902918: New Directions in Optimum Structural Design
0471902926: Wings, Weights and Wheels
0471902942: Engineering Mechanics : SI-English Version
0471902950: Mineral Recognition
0471902969: WCS)Course Pack for MGM 625 Marketing Management
0471902977: Essays in Design
0471902985: Bone Disease in the Elderly
0471902993: WCS)Course Pack for Strategic Management
0471903000: Communication in Modern Organizations
0471903035: Cutting Communication Costs and Increasing Impacts (Human Communication S.)
0471903043: Managerial Control Through Communication (Human Communication S.)
0471903086: Down from the Ivory Tower
0471903094: ICOD-2 Second International Conference on Databases : Proceedings
0471903124: Utilization of Microorganisms in Meat Processing : A Handbook for Meat Plant Operators
0471903159: Microwave and Optical Ray Geometry
0471903167: Application of Transition State Theory to Unimolecular Reactions : An Introduction
0471903183: Digital Processing of Signals : Theory and Practice
0471903191: Advanced Programming : A Practical Course
0471903213: Need Assessment : A Key to User-Oriented Product Innovation
0471903256: Noise Control Scope 24
0471903272: Forecasting Accuracy of Major Time Series Methods
0471903280: Buckling of Shells for Engineers
0471903329: Information System Methodologies : A Collective View
0471903345: APL Management Problems and Answers with Dit of Tools
0471903361: Psychology and Law : Topics from an International Conference
0471903418: Principles and Practice of Clinical Virology
0471903442: Handbook of Work and Organizational Psychology
0471903450: Growth and Development of Birds
0471903477: Mechanisms of Morphological Evolution : A Combined Genetic, Developmental and Ecological Approach
0471903485: Slope Instability
0471903493: Pest and Pathogen Control : Strategic, Tactical and Policy Models
0471903507: Fundamentals of Risk and Insurance (Wiley series in risk and insurance)
0471903531: Fundamentals of Risk and Insurance
0471903566: Introduction to Water Quality Modelling
0471903574: Noise and Society
0471903604: Practical Applications of Infrared Techniques : A New Tool in a New Dimension for Problem Solving
0471903639: Recombinant DNA Technology
0471903647: Plant Ecology in West Africa
0471903736: Microcomputers in Clinical Practice
0471903744: Children's Single-Word Speech
0471903760: Evolving Continents
0471903787: Non-Synaptic Interactions Between Neurons : Modulation of Neurochemical Transmission - Pharmacological and Clinical Aspects
0471903809: Statistical Modelling
0471903817: Store Location and Assessment Research
0471903833: Bank Strategic Management and Marketing
0471903841: Ultrasound in Perinatal Care
0471903868: Molecular Biology Approach to the Neurosciences
0471903884: Management Development : Advances in Practice and Theory
0471903906: Evolving Continents
0471903914: Statistical Modelling
0471903922: Methods in the Neurosciences : Intracellular Perfusions of Excitable Cells
0471903949: Proton and Carbon NMR Spectra of Polymers
0471903965: Finite Elements in Fluids
0471903973: Surface Coatings : Science and Technology
0471903981: Advances in Office Automation
0471904007: Handbook of Work and Organizational Psychology
0471904015: Handbook of Work and Organizational Psychology
0471904023: Differential Diagnosis in Neuropsychiatry
0471904031: Service Management : Strategy and Leadership in Service Business
0471904090: Method in Architecture
0471904104: Computers at Work : A Behavioural Approach
0471904112: Geological Structures
0471904139: Traveling Salesman Problem : A Guided Tour of Combinatorial Optimization
0471904147: Moment Methods in Electromagnetics : Techniques and Applications
0471904163: Energy : Present and Future Options
0471904198: Women Managers : Travellers in a Male World
0471904201: Aero-Thermodynamics and Flow in Turbomachines
0471904228: Mathematical Methods in Economics
0471904236: Strategic Marketing and Management
0471904252: Chemistry of Organic Selenium and Tellurium Compounds
0471904287: Diabetes education.
0471904295: Prolog Database System
0471904309: Stress-Induced Analgesia
0471904325: Basic Guide to Power Electronics
0471904333: WCS)Information Technology for Managment 4th Edition Selected Chapters
0471904376: Molecular Biology Approach to the Neurosciences
0471904384: Minimum Steric Difference : The MTD Method for QSAR Studies
0471904406: Metalloorganic Organic Chemistry
0471904430: Systems : Concepts, Methodologies and Applications
0471904449: Measurement of Neurotransmitter Release In Vivo
0471904457: Measurement of Neurotrannsmitter Release Vivo
0471904511: Monitoring and Maintenance of Aqueous Metal Working Fluids : Emulsions, Synthetics and Hydraulic Fluids
0471904538: Elementary Theory and Design of Flexural Members
0471904562: Connected Components in Binary Images
0471904597: Working Women : An International Survey
0471904619: Marketing by Agreement : A Cross-Cultural Approach to Business Negotiations
0471904635: 8086-8088 Assembly Language Programming
0471904643: Introduction to Queueing Networks
0471904708: Cancer of the Female Reproductive System
0471904716: Drug Discovery : The Evolution of Modern Medicines
0471904740: Small business in the Third World : guidelines for practical assistance.
0471904767: People and Organizations Interacting
0471904775: Psychosocial Stress and Cancer
0471904805: Finite Mathematics : Quantitative Analysis for Management
0471904821: WCS)A Course Pack to accompany Economics 551
0471904848: Biochemistry of Polypeptide Hormones
0471904856: New Revolution
0471904902: Combinatorial Optimization : Annotated Bibliographies
0471904910: Programmed Approach to Human Genetics
0471905011: Symmetry and Structure
0471905089: Chemistry of the Liquid Alkali Metals
0471905097: Pollutants and Their Ecotoxicological Significance
0471905135: Surface Crystallography : An Introduction to Low Energy Electron Diffraction
0471905143: Promoting Health : A Practical Guide to Health Education
0471905178: Drug Formation
0471905194: Introduction to Stochastic Geometry
0471905240: Ecology of Tropical Lakes and Rivers
0471905259: Applied Stream Sanitation
0471905348: Precipitation Process and Analysis
0471905399: Finite Algorithms in Optimization and Data Analysis
0471905437: Social Software of Accounting and Information Systems
0471905453: Appraisal of Tests to Predict the Environmental Behavior of Chemicals : Scope 25
0471905461: Methods for Estimating Risk of Chemical Injury : Human and Non-Human Biota and Ecosystems; SCOPE 26
0471905488: Self, Symptoms, and Psychotherapy
0471905518: Practical Reliability Engineering
0471905526: Immunology of the Bacterial Cell Envelope
0471905534: Stereochemistry of Catalytic Reactions on Metals
0471905550: Research in Psychophysiology
0471905569: Aggression and Dangerousness
0471905585: Electronic Oracle : Computer Models and Social Decisions
0471905593: Constants in Some Inequalities of Analysis
0471905607: Macroeconomic, Models and Policy
0471905615: Converter Engineering : An Introduction to Operations and Theory
0471905623: Antifibrinolytic Drugs : Chemistry, Pharmacology and Clinical Usage
0471905658: Multiplan User's Guide
0471905747: Prepregnancy Care : A Manual for Practice
0471905771: Structure and Spectra of Molecules
0471905801: Elementary Fluid Mechanics.
0471905828: Dictionary of Biomedical Acronyms and Abbreviations
0471905836: Handbook of Tritium NMR Spectroscopy and Applications
0471905852: Elementary Fluid Mechanics 4ED
0471905879: Elementary Fluid Mechanics
0471905895: Elementary Fluid Mechanics : SI Edition
0471905909: Elementary Fluid Mechanics Si Ver
0471905925: Wounded Healers : Mental Health Workers' Experiences of Depression
0471905992: Telegraph and Data Transmission over Shortwave Radio Links : Fundamental Principles and Networks
0471906042: Computer Simulation in Physical Geography
0471906050: Model Building in Mathematical Programming
0471906069: Model Building in Mathematical Programming
0471906085: Microiontophoresis and Pressure Ejection
0471906107: Reactions Under Plasma Conditions Volume 1
0471906115: Reactions Under Plasma Conditions. Volume II
0471906131: Introduction to Fire Dynamics
0471906166: Fundamentals of Physical Metallurgy
0471906182: Engineering Analysis
0471906255: Ecology of Natural Resources
0471906301: WCS)Seminar in Organizations Bus464 Sp 2005
0471906328: Numerical Methods in Heat Transfer
0471906336: Going for Growth : Technological Innovation in Manufacturing Industries
0471906344: Climate Impact Assessment
0471906352: Comparative Models for Electrical Load Forecasting
0471906425: Urinary Tract and the Catheter
0471906441: Organic Structures from Spectra
0471906484: Computer Processing of Remotely-Sensed Images : An Introduction
0471906506: Quantum Field Theory
0471906522: Analytical Measurement and Information Advances in the Information Theoretic Approach to Chemical Analyses
0471906573: Aquatic Microbiology
0471906689: Amino Acid Metabolism
0471906697: Alternative Immunoassays
0471906700: Nonequilibrium Statistical Thermodynamics
0471906719: Mycotoxins : Formation, Analysis and Significance
0471906727: Psychopharmacology of Epilepsy
0471906751: Diagnosing the System for Organizations
0471906778: Finite Element Analysis and Applications
0471906794: Convexity Methods in Variational Calculus
0471906816: Image Processing System Architectures
0471906832: Holographic Interferometry
0471906859: Perfectionists Radical Social Thought In
0471906867: Perfectionists : Radical Social Thought in the North 1815-1860
0471906913: Handbook of Holocene Palaeoecology and Palaeohydrology
0471906956: Fuel Cells
0471906964: Practical Organic Mass Spectrometry
0471906972: Model of the Visual Cortex
0471906980: Oxidation and Reduction in Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
0471907006: Multinational Enterprises, Economic Structure, and International Competitiveness
0471907057: Symmetry and Structure
0471907065: Immunopathology of the Small Intestine
0471907111: New Developments in Clinical Psychology
0471907170: Operational Research
0471907197: Introduction to Linear Programming
0471907200: Compilers : Their Design and Construction Using Pascal
0471907286: Techniques for Measuring Indoor Air Quality
0471907332: Practice of Digital Electronics
0471907375: Practical Statistics for Experimental Biologists
0471907383: Practical Statistics for Experimental Biologists
0471907391: Fifth Generation Computer : The Japanese Challenge
0471907448: Eating Habits : Food Physiology and Learned Behavior
0471907464: Wounded Healers : Mental Health Workers' Experiences of Depression
0471907472: Psychological Aspects of Nuclear War
0471907480: Strategic Discount
0471907588: Insecticides
0471907596: Chemical Bond
0471907618: International Financial Market Fluctuations
0471907669: Spherical Harmonics and Tensors for Classical Field Theory
0471907901: Psychological Perspectives in Psychiatry
0471907928: CAD of Concurrent Computers
0471907952: Irrational Organization : Irrationality As a Basis for Organizational Action and Change
0471907987: Solidification and Cast Structure
0471908010: Operations Management in Service Industries and the Public Sector : Text and Cases
0471908029: Cowpea : Research, Production and Utilization
0471908037: Making Decisions
0471908088: Making Decisions
0471908096: Staying Together : A Practical Way to Make Your Relationship Succeed and Grow
0471908118: Job Stress and Blue Collar Work
0471908126: Beginnings in Relational Communication
0471908142: Computational Complexity of Sequential and Parallel Algorithms
0471908150: Tropical Ecology and Physical Edaphology
0471908169: Storage Batteries : A General Treatise on the Physics and Chemistry of Secondary Batteries and Their Engineering Applications
0471908177: Paediatric Perspectives on Epilepsy : A Symposium Held at the Grand Hotel, Eastbourne, December 1984
0471908193: Solute Processes
0471908266: Microbial Disease in Nephrology
0471908304: Parametric Random Vibration
0471908347: Chemical, Biological and Industrial Applications of Infrared Spectroscopy
0471908371: Structural Mechanics : The Behavior of Plates and Shells
0471908398: Britain and the Multinationals
0471908428: Communication Cables and Transmission Systems
0471908444: Algorithms
0471908460: Systemic Sclerosis : Scleroderma
0471908487: Aircraft Hydraulic Systems : An Introduction to the Analysis of Systems and Components
0471908541: Theory of Linear and Integer Programming
0471908584: Dielectric and Dielectric-Loaded Antennas
0471908606: All about Adolescence
0471908614: Techniques for the Automated Optimization of High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Separations
0471908622: Accuracy Estimates and Adaptive Refinements in Finite Element Computations
0471908630: Initial Value Boundary Problems in Mathematical Physics
0471908673: Human Side of New Manufacturing Technology
0471908703: Computerized Approximation and Synthesis of Linear Networks
0471908746: Solid State Chemistry and Its Applications
0471908754: Dyslexia : Its Neuropsychology and Treatment
0471908835: Spectroscopy of Biological Molecules
0471908878: Systems in Stochastic Equilibrium
0471908894: Remote Sensing and Tropical Land Management
0471908908: Characterisation of Spilled Oil Samples : Purpose, Sampling, Analysis and Interpretation
0471908924: Organizations As Theatre : A Social Psychology of Dramatic Appearances
0471908940: Intro to the Theory of Nonlinear Elliptic Equations
0471908959: Topics in Fourier Analysis and Function Spaces
0471908983: Environmental Consequences of Nuclear War (SCOPE 28) : Ecological, Agricultural, and Human Effects
0471909009: Ab Initio Methods in Quantum Chemistry I
0471909025: Outline of Modern Psychiatry
0471909033: International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 1986
0471909068: Medical Care of the Elderly
0471909084: Planet Earth in Jeopardy : Environmental Consequences of Nuclear War (Scope 28)
0471909092: Office Automation : A Social and Organizational Perspective
0471909106: Stocks and Shares
0471909114: Stochastic Modeling and Analysis : A Computational Approach
0471909122: Adolescent Unit
0471909149: Sediment Transport in Gravel-Bed Rivers
0471909157: Computers and the Representation of Geographical Data
0471909181: Environmental Consequences of Nuclear War : Physical and Atmospheric Effects
0471909203: Variable Stars
0471909297: Glacio-Fluvial Sediment Transfer : An Alpine Perspective
0471909300: Artificial Intelligence for Society
0471909327: Aspects of Epilepsy and Psychiatry
0471909343: Primality and Cryptography
0471909424: Ergonomics at Work
0471909432: Ergonomics at Work
0471909467: Malformed Fetus and Stillbirth : A Diagnostic Approach
0471909475: Data Communications Networking Devices : Characteristics, Operation, Applications
0471909521: Advanced Micropipette Techniques for Cell Physiology
0471909548: Energy and the Atmosphere PH : Physical Chemistry Approach
0471909556: Differential Equations : An Introduction with Particular Regard to Applications
0471909599: Mathematics of Computerized Tomography
0471909602: Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos : Geometrical Methods for Engineers and Scientists
0471909637: Elementary Practical Organic Chemistry : Pt. 2, Qualitative Organic Analysis
0471909688: Textbook of Uncommon Cancer
0471909750: Introduction to Organic Photochemistry
0471909807: Gas and Liquid Chromatography in Analytical Chemistry
0471909823: ELISA and Other Solid Phase Immunoassays : Theoretical and Practical Aspects
0471909831: Molecular Connectivity in Structure-Activity Analysis
0471909874: Essays in Agricultural and Food Microbiology
0471909882: Managers, Micros and Mainframes : Integrating Systems for End Users
0471909890: Programming Principles in Computer Graphics
0471909939: Modelling Financial Time Series
0471910015: Using Political Ideas
0471910031: Fundamentals of Information Technology
0471910104: Construction Management Practices
0471910120: Greenhouse Effect, Climatic Change, and Ecosystems
0471910139: Computer Models for Business Decisions
0471910163: Wool Handbook
0471910171: Cancer
0471910252: Silicon Biochemistry
0471910260: Learning Physiology Through MCQ : Comprehensive Text
0471910295: Practical Paediatric Haematology : A Laboratory Worker's Guide to Blood Disorders in Children
0471910309: Music by Computers
0471910376: Synaptic Transmitters and Receptors
0471910384: Japanese Electronics Technology : Enterprise and Innovation
0471910392: Computer Simulation in Management Science
0471910414: Bacterial Cell Surface Techniques
0471910430: Microcomputers in Engineering Applications
0471910449: New Technology and Human Error
0471910457: Mass Spectrometry in Biomedical Research
0471910643: Brush Border Membranes - Symposium
0471910651: Fetal Antigens and Cancer : Symposium No. 96
0471910759: Human Cataract Formation - Symposia No. 106
0471910775: Basement Membranes and Cell Movement - Symposium
0471910791: Value of Preventive Medicine : Symposium No. 110
0471910813: Microbial Toxins and Diarrhoeal Disease : Symposium
0471910856: Growth Factors in Biology and Medicine No. 116 : Symposium
0471910864: Photoperiodism, Melatonin, and the Pineal : Symposium
0471910872: Biochemistry of Macrophages - Symposium
0471910880: Calcium and the Cell : Symposium
0471910899: Antidepressants and Receptor Function
0471910902: Functions of the Proteoglycans
0471910910: Junctional Complexes of Epithelial Cells
0471910929: Selective Neuronal Death
0471910937: Filariasis
0471910945: Novel Diarrhoea Viruses
0471910953: Autoimmunity and Autoimmune Disease
0471910961: Molecular Approaches to Human Polygenic Disease
0471910988: Motor Areas of the Cerebral Cortex
0471911062: Is Man a Robot?
0471911089: Clinical Neurology of Old Age
0471911097: Underachievers in School : Issues and Interventions
0471911100: Membrane Processes
0471911119: Helping Older People : A Psychological Approach
0471911135: Managing Computer Projects
0471911143: Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology
0471911186: Radiochemical Methods
0471911194: Sex Differences in Human Performance
0471911216: Modern Spectroscopy
0471911224: Geology of the Higher Central Himalaya
0471911232: Methods for Assessing the Effects of Mixtures of Chemicals Scope
0471911259: Self and Identity : Psychosocial Perspectives
0471911267: Occurrence and Pathways of Lead, Mercury, Cadium and Arsenic in the Environment : Scope 31
0471911283: C for Programmers
0471911291: Computer Simulation and Modelling
0471911305: Computer Simulation and Modelling
0471911313: Modern Spectroscopy
0471911399: How Machines Think : A General Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
0471911402: Practical HPLC
0471911410: Cognitive Aspects of Computer-Supported Tasks
0471911437: Psychology of Emotion
0471911453: Psychological Bases for Early Education
0471911461: State of the Unions
0471911488: Personal Selection and Productivity
0471911542: Neuronal Serotonin
0471911569: Handbook of Social Psychophysiology
0471911577: Electronics of Measuring Systems
0471911585: Language, Aphasia, and the Right Hemisphere
0471911593: Handbook of Psychophysiology
0471911674: Human Genes and Disease
0471911682: Iron and Infection : Molecular, Physiological and Clinical Aspects
0471911690: Cognitive Approaches to Reading
0471911704: Aerobiological Pathway of Microorganisms
0471911712: Worked Examples in Engineering Mathematics
0471911739: Applied Probability and Queues
0471911755: Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications
0471911771: Quantitative and Qualitative NMR Spectroscopy
0471911798: Applied Geothermics
0471911801: Mechanisms of Photophysical and Photochemical Reactions in Polymers
0471911836: European Dinantian Environments
0471911844: Applied Cognitive Psychology to User-Interface Design
0471911852: Theory of Games and Economic Behavior
0471911879: Cancer and Emotion
0471911887: Pregnancy and Risk
0471911925: ALGOL 60 and FORTRAN IV
0471911984: Current Topics in AIDS
0471912034: Synthetic Peptides As Antigens
0471912069: Measuring Human Problems
0471912085: Risk and Decisions
0471912093: Mantle Xenoliths
0471912107: Finite Element Method in the Deformation and Consolidation of Porous Media
0471912123: Anatomy, Physiology and Psychology of Erosion
0471912212: Using Literature
0471912220: Philosophical Medical Ethics
0471912239: Foetus As Transplant Donor
0471912263: Precambrian in Younger Fold Belts
0471912271: Organization Analysis and Development : The Social Construction of Organizational Behaviour
0471912301: Conduct Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence : A Social Learning Perspective
0471912328: Monoaminergic Neurons at the Light Microscopal and Ultrastructural Level
0471912344: Practical Aspects of Memory Vol. 1 : Memory of Everyday Life
0471912360: Site-Specific Drug Delivery : Cell Biology, Medical and Pharmaceutical Aspects
0471912379: New Horizons in Platelet Activating Factor Research
0471912395: Nonlinear Regression, Functional Relations and Robust Methods Vol. 2 : Statistical Methods of Model Building
0471912409: Liquid State Chemical Physics
0471912417: Chemotherapy of Tropical Diseases
0471912425: Ion Exchange and Sorption Processes in Hydrometallurgy
0471912433: Stochastic Differential Systems : Analysis and Filtering
0471912441: Managing Systems Development
0471912468: Optical Metrology
0471912476: Risk Analysis for Large Projects
0471912492: Geological Disposal of Nuclear Waste
0471912522: Chemical Pattern Recognition
0471912581: Educational Computing
0471912638: Plant Resistance to Viruses
0471912700: Childhood Epilepsies : Neurophysical, Psychosocial and Intervention Aspects
0471912727: Psychophysiology and the Electronic Workplace
0471912778: Microwave Components, Devices, and Active Circuits
0471912786: Assessment and Control of Biochemical Methods
0471912794: Assessment and Control of Biochemical Methods
0471912808: Data Compression : Techniques and Applications Hardware and Software Considerations
0471912824: Foundations of Program Verification
0471912832: Handbook of Blood Transfusion Therapy
0471912859: The Chemistry of the quinonoid compounds.
0471912867: Models for Mental Disorder: Conceptual Models in Psychiatry
0471912875: Synthetic Adhesives and Sealants
0471912883: Land Transformation in Agriculture
0471912905: Samples and Standards
0471912956: Psychology of Criminal Conduct : Theory, Research and Practice
0471912964: Weather Radar and Flood Forecasting
0471912972: Laboratory Animals : An Introduction for New Experimenters
0471913006: An Introduction To Southeast Asian Politics
0471913014: An Introduction to Southeast Asian Politics.
0471913049: Brain and Behaviour : Paradigms for Research in Neural Mechanisms
0471913065: Carbon 13 NMR Spectroscopy
0471913073: Electronic Circuit Analysis. A First Course.
0471913081: Electronic Circuit Analysis
0471913111: Introductory College Mathematics
0471913138: Ethical Dilemmas in Health Promotion
0471913219: Chemicals from Coal : New Developments
0471913251: Chemicals from Coal : New Processes
0471913278: Judgmental Forecasting
0471913286: Microbial Problems in the Offshore Oil Industry : Proceedings
0471913308: Principles of Electroanalytical Methods
0471913324: Gas Chromatography
0471913340: Thermal Methods
0471913367: Studies in Osteoarthrosis : Pathogenesis, Intervention, Assessment
0471913375: Business Strategy and Retailing
0471913383: AIDS : The Safety of Blood and Blood Products
0471913405: Eco-Computer : The Impact of Global Intelligence
0471913413: Managing Expert Systems
0471913499: Power Supply Systems in Communications Engineering : Principles
0471913502: Idea of Progress since the Renaissance
0471913510: Idea of Progress since the Renaissance
0471913529: International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology 1987
0471913553: Pathology of pulmonary hypertension (A Wiley medical publication)
0471913588: Energetics of Physical Environment : Energetic Approaches to Physical Geography
0471913618: Sample Pretreatment and Separation
0471913634: Classical Methods
0471913650: Classical Methods
0471913693: Instrumentation
0471913731: High Performance Liquid Chromatography
0471913758: Electrophoresis
0471913790: Visible and Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
0471913839: Infrared Spectroscopy
0471913855: Atomic Absorption and Emission Spectroscopy
0471913871: X-Ray Methods
0471913898: Mass Spectrometry
0471913901: Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Microanalysis. Analytical Chemistr by Open Learning
0471913995: Diagnostic Enzymology
0471914010: Quantitative Bioassay
0471914037: Microprocessor Applications
0471914061: Quantitative Analysis Using Chromatographic Techniques
0471914096: Fiber Optic Cables : Fundamentals, Cable Technology, Installation Practice
0471914126: Genetics and Metabolism
0471914142: Introduction to the Theory of Real Functions
0471914177: Continuous-Time Self-Tuning Control Vol. 1 : Design
0471914193: Soybeans for the Tropics : Research, Production and Utilization
0471914207: Research and the Ageing Population
0471914215: Integrated Digital Communications Networks
0471914223: Integrated Digital Communications Networks
0471914266: ICI Polyurethanes Book
0471914290: Psychology of Embarrassment
0471914304: Introduction to Modern Genetics
0471914312: Synthesis of Fused Heterocycles, Volume 47, Part 1
0471914320: Modelling Cognition
0471914339: Psychology of Emotion
0471914347: Failure Mechanisms in Semiconductor Devices
0471914452: Introduction to Fine Ceramics : Applications in Engineering
0471914495: Haematology and Immunology
0471914517: Nephrology Electrolyte Pathophysiology and Poisoning
0471914606: Problems of Preschool Children
0471914614: Acquisition and Performance of Cognitive Skills
0471914622: Climate Modelling Primer
0471914665: Reproductive Biology of Invertebrates Vol. 3 : Accessory Sex Glands
0471914738: Ion Plating Technology : Developments and Applications
0471914746: Spine of Software : Designing Provably Correct Software-Theory and Practice
0471914762: Financial Modelling in Corporate Management
0471914797: Judgment and Choice
0471914800: Macroeconomic Uncertainty : International Risks and Opportunities for the Corporation
0471914835: Spectroscopy of Inorganic-Based Materials
0471914843: Microelectronics, Automation and Employment in the Automobile Industry
0471914886: Clinical Magnetic Resonance
0471914894: Doppler Ultrasound : Physics Instrumentation and Clinical Applications
0471914932: Data Compression : Techniques and Applications Hardware and Software Considerations
0471914959: Handbook of the Psychophysiology of Human Eating
0471914967: Additives Guide
0471914975: International Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus
0471915009: Managing People in the Personal Social Services
0471915017: Computer Graphics for the IBM PC
0471915025: State Owned Multinationals
0471915033: Earthquake Resistant Design : For Engineers and Architects
0471915041: Thermotropic Liquid Crystals
0471915076: Additives Guide
0471915092: Quantitative Analysis of Computer Systems
0471915106: Perspectives on Health Policy : Australia, New Zealand, United States
0471915114: Communicating Science to the Public
0471915122: Novel Infectious Agents and the Central Nervous System
0471915130: Metastasis
0471915262: Patai's Guide to the Chemistry of Functional Groups
0471915327: Statistical Physics
0471915335: Statistical Physics
0471915343: Optics
0471915351: Optics
0471915440: Weed Science in the Tropics
0471915459: Basic Principles of Marketing Warfare
0471915467: Sedimentation and Tectonics of the Welsh Basin
0471915505: Noncommutative Noetherian Rings
0471915521: Programming the Finite Element Method
0471915556: Complexity of Boolean Functions
0471915580: Venous Thrombosis : Causation and Prediction
0471915645: Introductory Digital Signal Processing with Computer Applications
0471915696: Neural and Molecular Bases of Learning
0471915718: Elements of Digital Communication
0471915742: Simulation of Manufacturing Systems
0471915750: Advanced Microprocessor Interfacing and the 68000 : Peripherals and Systems
0471915777: Understanding Medical Immunology
0471915815: Origins of Modern Psychiatry
0471915831: Computers, Cognition and Development : Issues for Psychology and Education
0471915858: Computer Strategies, 1990-1999 : Technologies, Costs, Markets
0471915874: Human Plasma Proteins
0471915920: Non-Metal Rings, Cages and Clusters
0471915955: African Geology Reviews
0471915963: Cases in Corporate Finance
0471915998: Introduction to the Numerical Solution of Differential Equations
0471916021: Life Experience, Development and Childhood Psychopathology
0471916099: Optical Crystallography
0471916110: Batteries for Cordless Appliances
0471916137: Handbook of Cognitive Psychophysiology
0471916196: Progress in Pesticide Biochemistry and Toxicology, Herbicides and Plant Growth Regulations
0471916218: Physics of the Planets : Their Origin, Evolution and Structure
0471916226: Biological Psychiatry
0471916234: Towards Better Carbohydrate Vaccines
0471916277: Hdbk Of Static Secondary Ion M
0471916293: Mechanisms of Cell Injury : Implications for Human Health
0471916323: Turbo Pascal, Procedures and Functions for IBM PCs and Compatibles
0471916331: Turbo Prolog
0471916358: Early Prediction and Prevention of Child Abuse
0471916366: Early Prediction and Prevention of Child Abuse
0471916501: Drought Tolerance in Winter Cereals : Proceedings of an International Workshop, 27-31, October 1985, Capri, Italy
0471916544: Liposomes As Drug Carriers : Recent Trends and Progress
0471916579: Biophysical Chemistry of Membrane Functions
0471916625: Excitatory Amino Acids in Health and Disease
0471916676: Communicating with the IBM PC Series : Concepts, Hardware, Software, Networking
0471916730: Thermal Design of Underground Systems
0471916765: Planning Overhead Power Line Routes
0471916803: Epilepsy : Progress in Treatment
0471916838: Biological Perspectives of Schizophrenia
0471916854: Foams and Biliquid Foams (Aphrons)
0471916927: Temperament in Childhood
0471916943: Alluvial Fans : A Field Approach
0471917001: Design and Realization of Bipolar Transistors
0471917044: Chemical Information : A Practical Guide to Utilization
0471917052: Logic Design Projects Using Standard Integrated Circuits
0471917087: Chemistry of Haloketones, Haloaldehydes and Holoimines
0471917117: Progress in Pesticide Biochemistry and Toxicology : Environmental Fate of Pesticides
0471917133: Analysis of Microelectronic Materials and Devices
0471917141: Analytical NMR
0471917168: Computational Quantum Chemistry
0471917214: Chemistry of Conjugated Cyclic Compounds : To Be or Not to Be Like Benzene?
0471917303: Chemical Reactor Design and Operation
0471917311: Elliptic Systems and Quasiconformal Mappings
0471917389: Chemistry of the Cyclopropyl Group
0471917397: Evolving Continents
0471917419: Understanding Family Problems : A Psychological Approach
0471917427: Interpretation of Carbon-13 NMR Spectra
0471917443: Breast Cancer and Stress
0471917451: Complementary Immunoassays
0471917508: Graphical Models in Applied Multivariate Statistics
0471917516: Programs and Data Structures in C
0471917524: Therapeutic Risk : Perception, Measurement, Management
0471917540: Distributed Algorithms and Protocols
0471917559: Coral Reef Geomorphology
0471917605: Introduction to Optimization
0471917680: Handbook of Clinical Psychoneuroendocrinology
0471917702: Behavioural Medicine in Cardiovascular Disorders
0471917710: Functional Analysis of Office Requirements
0471917729: Designing Information Systems Security
0471917737: Employment, Stress and Family Functioning
0471917753: Geomorphology of Rocky Coasts
0471917761: Neurobiology of the Neocortex LS42 : Report of the Dahlem Workshop on Neurobiology of Neocortex, Berlin 1987, May 17-22
0471917826: Molecule Surface Interactions
0471917877: Order Restricted Statistical Inference
0471917893: Telecommuters
0471917915: Basic Histochemistry
0471917923: Problem Management : A Guide for Producers and Players
0471917931: Medicine, the Bare Essentials : Checklists for Study and Practice
0471918008: Modelling Geomorphological Systems
0471918016: Evolutionary Processes and Metaphors
0471918024: European Multinationals in Core Technologies
0471918032: Algebraic Probability Theory
0471918040: Finite Elements in Fluids
0471918059: Maize Breeding and Genetics
0471918067: Sequential Analysis
0471918083: Flying Circus of Physics
0471918113: Bubble Column Reactors
0471918199: Aspects of Recovery from Anesthesia
0471918202: Pathogenesis and Immunity in Pertussis
0471918253: Handbook of Applicable Mathematics
0471918288: Spatial and Temporal Variability in Biospheric and Geospheric Processes : Scope 35
0471918296: Geography, Transparency Acetates
0471918318: Ecotoxicology and Climate
0471918326: Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry : Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS Six), Palais des Congre Versailles, France, September 13-18th, 1987
0471918334: Earthquake Protection
0471918350: Aging and the Nervous System
0471918385: From Standard Logic to Logic Programming
0471918393: Ovarian Cancer : The Way Ahead
0471918423: Coastal Dunes : Form and Process
0471918458: Cognitive Psychology and Emotional Disorders
0471918474: Component and Correspondence Analysis
0471918482: Syntheses and Separations Using Functional Polymers
0471918504: Handbook of Child Nursing Care
0471918555: Thermodynamics of Crystals
0471918601: Feminist Perspectives in Therapy : An Empowerment Model for Women
0471918652: After Suicide
0471918679: Clinical and Educational Implications Vol. 2
0471918695: Data Communications Networking Devices
0471918709: Acidification in Tropical Countries : (SCOPE 36)
0471918717: Mental Health Problems in Old Age
0471918741: Ethics : The Heart of Health Care
0471918768: Plasma Spraying of Metallic and Ceramic Materials
0471918776: State Variable Methods in Automatic Control
0471918784: Radiochemicals on Biomedical Research
0471918792: Causes, Coping, and Consequences of Stress at Work
0471918806: Industrial Biocides
0471918814: Medical Statistics : A Commonsense Approach
0471918857: Cell and Molecular Biology of Vertebrate Hard Tissues
0471918881: Office Information Systems : Management Issues and Methods
0471918938: Introduction to NMR Spectroscopy
0471918946: Introduction to NMR Spectroscopy
0471918954: Spectroscopy of Surfaces
0471918970: Social Change Colonial Situation
0471918997: Biochemistry of Photosynthesis
0471919004: Biochemical Applications of Mass Spectrometry
0471919020: Plasticity of the Neuromuscular System
0471919039: Proton Passage Across Cell Membranes
0471919047: Cyanide Compounds in Biology
0471919071: Application of Pattern Recognition to Catalytic Research
0471919136: Beyond Sexual Abuse : Therapy with Women Who Were Childhood Victims
0471919179: Meaning of Work and Technological Options
0471919187: Chemistry of Sulphinic Acids, Esters and Derivatives
0471919225: Methods of Optimization
0471919233: Twice Ten : An Introduction to Poetry
0471919241: Methods of Optimization
0471919322: Problems of Preschool Children
0471919349: Spectroscopy of Biological Molecules : New Advances
0471919357: Communications and Data Management
0471919454: Fermentation and Enzyme Technology
0471919500: Numerical and Matrix Methods in Structural Mechanics, with Applications to Computers
0471919519: Worked Examples in Advanced Engineering Mathematics
0471919527: Averaged Moduli of Smoothness
0471919535: Epilepsy Behaviour and Cognitive Function
0471919551: International Conference on River Regime
0471919578: Perspectives in Psychiatry : The Worcester Lectures
0471919586: Dynamics Reported
0471919594: Steroids in Diseases of the Central Nervous System
0471919667: Expert Systems : Introducing the Technology
0471919675: Expert Systems in Business and Finance : Issues and Applications
0471919683: Systems That Support Decision Makers : Description and Analysis
0471919691: Information Systems Maintenance : Comparative Cases
0471919705: Work, Stress, Disease and Life Expectancy
0471919748: Theory of the Evolution of Development
0471919772: Process and Structure in Human Decision Making
0471919780: Practical Guide to Clinical Virology
0471919799: Channelized Rivers : Perspectives for Environmental Management
0471919837: Stress and Challenge at the Top : The Paradox of the Successful Executive
0471919888: Geomorphology in Environmental Planning
0471919896: Advanced Spreadsheet Modelling With LOTUS 1-2-3
0471919950: Mechanical Properties of Solid Polymers
0471919993: Generation and Application of Pseudorandom Sequences for Random Testing
0471920010: Principles for Creating Clothing.
0471920029: Strategic Planning for Information Systems
0471920037: Active Participation in Change : The Theory and Practice of Brief Cognitive-Analytic Therapy
0471920045: Switched-Mode Power Supplies in Practice
0471920134: Macroeconomic Uncertainty : International Risks and Opportunities for the Corporation
0471920142: Interactive 3D Computer Graphics
0471920185: Interactive 3D computer graphics.
0471920193: Chemical Modification of Insect Behaviour in Plant Protection
0471920266: Communication Problem Solving
0471920274: Compiling Functional Languages
0471920282: Working with Animal Chromosomes
0471920290: Organic Reaction Mechanisms : An Annual Survey of Literature, 1988
0471920320: Assessment in Higher Education
0471920339: Twinning and Twins
0471920347: Advances in Applied Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
0471920444: Psychopharmacology : An Introduction
0471920452: Handbook of Military Psychology
0471920479: Changing Atmosphere
0471920517: Advances in Drug Therapy of Gastro-Intestinal Ulceration
0471920568: Statistical Dynamics of Nonlinear and Time Varying Systems
0471920592: Multi-Armed Bandit Allocation Indices
0471920622: Analysis of Peptides and Proteins by Mass Spectrometry : Proceedings of the Fourth Texas Symposium on Mass Spectrometry
0471920649: Numerical Analysis : A Comprehensive Introduction
0471920673: Aging : A Biomedical Perspective
0471920681: Changing Ideas in Health Care
0471920746: Organization of Hypocrisy : Talk, Decisions and Actions in Organizations
0471920754: Etiology of Dementia of Alzheimer's Type
0471920762: Human Skills
0471920797: Finite Element Approximation for Optimal Shape Design : Theory and Applications
0471920800: Design of Drugs to MacRomolecular Targets
0471920959: Personal Goals and Work Design
0471920983: Organic Waste Recycling
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