0471920991: Advances in Selection and Assessment
0471921017: Digital Processing of Signals : Theory and Practice
0471921041: Chemistry of the Carbonyl Group
0471921076: Analysis of Air Pollutants
0471921092: Perception of People and Events
0471921106: HELMHOLTZ ON PERCEPTION: Its Physiology and Development
0471921122: Identity and Community in the Gay World
0471921149: Conservation in Practice.
0471921246: Elements of Molecular Neurobiology
0471921270: Information Technology and the Human Services
0471921289: Color Vision : An Historical Introduction
0471921297: Linear Operators in Spaces with an Indefinite Metric
0471921300: Knowing and Guessing : A Quantitative Study of Inference and Information
0471921327: Stationary Stochastic Models
0471921335: Error Analysis in Numerical Processes
0471921378: Security for Computer Networks : An Introduction to Data Security in Teleprocessing and Electronic Funds Transfer
0471921386: Smoking and Human Behavior
0471921394: Foundations of Programming Languages
0471921424: Combinatorial Search
0471921432: Evaluation of Scientific Research
0471921459: Nerve Growth Factors
0471921467: Simulated Annealing and Boltzmann Machines : A Stochastic Approach to Combinatorial Optimization and Neural Computing
0471921475: World in Perspective : A Directory of World Map Projections
0471921505: Iron in Immunity Cancer and Inflammation
0471921513: Marketing by Agreement : A Cross Cultural Approach to Business Negotiations
0471921548: Novel Drug Delivery and Its Therapeutic Application
0471921564: Cobol 85 for Programmers
0471921572: Aging Stress and Health
0471921637: Historical Change of Large Alluvial Rivers : Western Europe
0471921661: Clinical Child Psychology : Social Learning, Development, and Behaviour
0471921696: Product Innovation
0471921734: Algorithms for Chemists
0471921750: Aerosol Sampling : Science and Practice
0471921777: Languages for Parallel Architectures : Design, Semantics, Implementation Models
0471921793: Techniques for Desert Reclamation
0471921866: Space, Time and Gravitation
0471921874: Numerical Simulation and Optimal
0471921890: Design, Modelling and Control of Pumps : First Bath International Fluid Power Workshop
0471921939: Ecological Impacts of the Oil Industry
0471921947: Al and the Eye
0471921955: Theories of Visual Perception
0471922005: Promise and Performance of American Democracy
0471922013: Chemistry of Sulphonic Acids, Esters and Their Derivatives
0471922056: Promise and Performance of American Democracy
0471922099: Molecular Genetics of Bacteria
0471922110: Precursors and Causes in Development and Psychopathology
0471922153: Engineering Design Methods
0471922188: Electronic Display Devices
0471922196: Elements of Change
0471922218: American Environment : Perceptions and Policies
0471922226: American Environment : Perceptions and Policies
0471922250: Promise and Performance of American Democracy
0471922277: Promise and Performance of American Democracy
0471922307: Abstract Data Types in Modula 2
0471922374: Design and Technology of Integrated Circuits
0471922404: Psychology of the Child
0471922412: Psychology of the Child
0471922536: FORTRAN and the Art of PC Programming
0471922544: Practical Experience in Building Expert Systems
0471922587: Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems : Theory and Operation
0471922595: Managing Distribution and Change : The Total Distribution Concept
0471922633: Trees and Proximity Representati
0471922676: Analysis of Drugs of Abuse
0471922684: Unimolecular Reactions
0471922692: Reproductive Biology of Invertebrates, Fertilization, Development and Parental Care
0471922714: Reproductive Biology of Invertebrates - Fertilization, Development, and Parental Care
0471922781: Methods for Assessing and Reducing Injury from Chemical Accidents
0471922803: Point Defects in Crystals
0471922811: Assignments in Applied Statistics
0471922838: Engineering Mathematics
0471922846: Telework
0471922854: Rational Analysis for a Problematic World : Problems Structuring Methods for Complexity, Uncertainty and Conflict
0471922862: Rational Analysis for a Problematic World : Problems Structuring Methods for Complexity, Uncertainty, and Conflict
0471922870: Fractal Geometry : Mathematical Foundations and Applications
0471922927: Children Helping Children
0471922943: Statistics : A Guide and Reference to the Use of Statistical Methods in the Physical Sciences
0471922951: Statistics : A Guide to the Use of Statistical Methods in the Physical Sciences
0471922994: Genetic Analysis of Tumour Suppression
0471923001: The Constitution of Inorganic Compounds. Atomic Quantum Mechanics: Metals Intermetallic Compounds
0471923036: Concurrent Programming : Fundamental Techniques for Real-Time and Parallel Programming
0471923044: Programming Models for Parallel Systems
0471923052: Biology of Hyaluronan
0471923060: Cellular Basis of Morphogenesis
0471923079: Carbohydrate Recognition in Cellular Function
0471923095: Ige, Mast Cells and the Allergic Response
0471923168: Ozone Depletion and Health
0471923184: Hemispheric Specialization and Psychological Function
0471923192: Panic Disorder : Theory, Research and Therapy
0471923222: XSEL's Progress : The Continuing Journey of an Expert System
0471923230: Corporate Memory
0471923249: Grape Growing
0471923273: Coloring of Plastics
0471923303: Introduction to Process Dynamics and Control
0471923338: Max Weber
0471923389: G Proteins As Mediators of Cellular Signalling Processes
0471923397: Virus Induced Enzymes
0471923427: Analog and Digital Signal Processing
0471923435: Algorithms, Smart Chips and Their Applications
0471923443: From Surfaces to Objects : Computer Vision and 3-Dimensional Scene Analysis
0471923451: From Standard Logic to Logic Programming
0471923486: Introduction to Peptide Chemistry
0471923532: Alternatives to Asbestos : The Pros and Cons
0471923559: Job Control and Worker Health
0471923591: Particle Physics
0471923605: Digital Television
0471923621: Ingaas Field-Effect Transistors
0471923656: Introduction to the Theory of Atomic and Molecular Collisions
0471923664: Microcomputers in Traffic Engineering
0471923680: Sport Psychology : Concepts and Applications
0471923737: Chemistry of Sulphenic Acids and Their Derivatives
0471923745: Plant Stress from Air Pollution
0471923761: Microwave Transmission for Telecommunications
0471923788: Essentials of Fortran77
0471923796: Computer Communications Systems : Data Circuits, Error Detection, Data Links
0471923818: Influence Diagrams, Belief Nets, and Decision Analysis
0471923826: Winning the Marketing War : A Practical Guide to Competitive Advantage
0471923842: Developing C++ Software
0471923850: Numerical Computation of Internal and External Flows, Fundamentals of Numerical Discretization
0471923885: Stress, Personal Control and Health
0471923893: Anxiety : Theory, Research and Intervention in Clinical and Health Psychology
0471923915: Exploring Statistics with Minitab, a Workbook for the Behavioural Sciences
0471923923: Multiprocessor Performance
0471923958: Soils and the Greenhouse Effect : The Present Status and Future Trends Concerning the Effect of Soils and Their Cover on the Fluxes of Greenhouse Gases, the Surface Energy Balance and the Water Balance
0471923966: Developing Skills With Information Technology
0471924008: Linear Transit Analysis. Volume I: Lumped-Parameter Two-Terminal Networks
0471924016: Strategic Family Play Therapy
0471924059: Bulimia Nervosa : Basic Research, Diagnosis and Therapy
0471924075: Creative Modelling with Lotus 1-2-3
0471924083: First Course in Organic Chemistry
0471924105: Behavioural Medicine : Psychological Treatment of Somatic Disorders
0471924113: Numerical Solution of Antennas in Layered Media
0471924164: Bayesian Theory
0471924172: Algorithms Two : Data Structures and Search Algorithms
0471924202: Knapsack Problems : Algorithms and Computer Implementations
0471924229: Principles of Powder Technology
0471924253: Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems : Theory and Operation
0471924288: Computer modelling for discrete simulation.
0471924318: From Standard Logic to Logic Programming
0471924326: Transmembrane Signalling, Intracellular Messengers and Implications for Drug Development
0471924334: Linear Transient Analysis
0471924350: Physicochemical Processes : For Water Quality Control
0471924369: Parallel Supercomputing : Methods, Algorithms and Applications
0471924377: Improving Floating-Point Programming
0471924393: Graphics Programming in Turbo C
0471924407: Sources of Self Evaluation : A Formal Theory of Significant Others and Social Influence
0471924415: Qualified Student : A History of Selective College Admission in America
0471924423: Learning and Perceptual : Motor Disabilities in Children
0471924431: Orientation in Special Education
0471924458: Electric Power Systems
0471924466: Graphics Programming in Turbo C Disk
0471924482: Electromagnetic Theory for Engineering Applications
0471924512: Three-D Graphics in Pascal
0471924520: Numerical Computation of Internal and External Flows, Computational Methods for Inviscid and Viscous Flows Vol. 2
0471924539: Synchronization and Control of Distributed Systems and Programs
0471924547: New Technology and Manufacturing Management : Strategic Choices for Flexible Production Systems
0471924563: Evolving Professional Self : Stages and Themes in Therapist and Counselor Development
0471924601: Analytical and Numerical Solution of Electric and Magnetic Fields
0471924636: Programmable Logic Controllers : Architecture and Application
0471924644: Chronic Epilepsy : Its Prognosis and Management
0471924652: Semiconductor Memories
0471924679: Botany
0471924687: Botany : An Introduction to Plant Biology
0471924717: Environmental Consequences of Nuclear War : Ecological and Agricultural Effects
0471924725: Key to Psychiatry
0471924733: Dataflow Architecture for Machine Control
0471924776: Lines of Thinking Vol. 2 : Reflections on the Psychology of Thought: Skills, Emotion, Creative Processes, Individual Differences and Teaching Thinking
0471924784: Introduction to Semiconductor Microtechnology
0471924806: Structure and Function of Biofilms
0471924857: Ion Formation from Organic Solids (IFOS IV) : Mass Spectrometry of Involatile Material
0471924865: Diabetic Neuropathy
0471924873: Evaporation in the Uplands
0471924911: Strategic Planning
0471924946: The Chemistry of Double-Bonded Functional Groups : Supplement A, Volume 2 (parts I & II)
0471924954: Computer Communication Systems
0471924970: Parallel Processing and Artificial Intelligence
0471924989: Chemistry of Alkanes and Cycloalkanes
0471925012: Systems of Representation in Young Children : Development and Use
0471925047: Computerised Instrumentation
0471925063: Short-Term Toxicity Tests for Non-Genotoxic Effects
0471925071: European Perspectives in Psychology, Vol. 1, Theoretical Psychometrics Personality Developmental Educational Cognitive Gerontological
0471925098: European Perspectives in Psychology, Vol. 3, Work and Organizational Social and Economic Cross-Cultural
0471925152: Loss Prevention Symposia and CCPS International Conference Proceedings on CD-ROM
0471925160: Medicine, Medical Ethics and the Value of Life
0471925179: Adequacy of Sample Size in Health Studies
0471925225: Strategic Planning for Information Systems
0471925497: Oil and Gas Traps : Aspects of Their Seismostratigraphy, Morphology, and Development
0471925519: Exchange of Trace Gases between Terrestrial Ecosystems and the Atmosphere
0471925535: Office Automation : Context, Experience and Future
0471925543: Managing Information Systems for Profit
0471925616: Molecular Control of Haemopoiesis
0471925632: Introduction to General Systems Thinking
0471925667: Structured Programming Using PL-C : An Abecedarian
0471925675: Gravitation and Cosmology
0471925683: Psychological Disturbance in Adolescence
0471925691: Principles of Psychotherapy
0471925705: Psychodiagnosis in Schizophrenia
0471925713: Child Development : A Core Approach
0471925764: Methods in Clinical Psychology (Wiley Series on Personality Processes)
0471925799: Microbial Water Stress Physiology : Principles and Perspectives
0471925837: Genes and Cancer
0471925934: Bioreaction Engineering
0471925950: Advanced Engineering Mathematics
0471926035: Artificial Intelligence in Engineering
0471926124: Theory of Probability Vol. 2 : A Critical Introductory Treatment
0471926132: Nitrogen in Higher Plants
0471926140: Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists : Students Course Book
0471926159: Computer Applications in Geography
0471926167: Introduction to Power Electronics
0471926175: Introduction to Power Electronics
0471926205: Nonlinear Multivariate Analysis
0471926213: Biology of Food Irradiation
0471926248: Human Genetic Information No. 149 : Science, Law and Ethics
0471926280: Strategies for Software Engineering : The Management of Risk and Quality
0471926302: Vegetation and Erosion : Processes and Environments
0471926337: Rotordynamics Prediction in Engineering
0471926345: Changing Values in Medical and Healthcare Decision-Making
0471926353: Greenhouse Effect, Climatic Change and Ecosystems
0471926388: Treatment of Autistic Children
0471926434: River Projects and Conservation
0471926442: Quinolines : The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds
0471926450: Information Systems, Services, and Centers
0471926493: Dictionary of Biomedical Acronyms and Abbreviations
0471926515: Physics and Instrumentation of Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound
0471926531: Computer Processing of Remotely-Sensed Images : An Introduction
0471926574: Preparations of Vertebrate Central Nervous System in Vitro
0471926590: Non-linear Circuits : Qualitative Analysis of Non-linear, Non-reciprocal Circuits
0471926655: Higher Algebra
0471926752: Isdn Explained
0471926779: Introduction of Genetically-Modified Organisms into the Environment
0471926809: Fault Diagnosis of Digital Circuits
0471926868: Proto-Oncogenes in Cell Development
0471926876: Neurobiology of Incontinence
0471926884: Biology of Nicotine Dependence
0471926892: Steroids and Neuronal Activity - No. 153
0471926906: Biosynthesis of Aromatic Compounds
0471926914: Bioactive Compounds from Plants
0471926922: Myopia and the Control of Eye Growth
0471926949: RISC Systems
0471926965: Practical Reliability Engineering
0471926973: Economics and American Industry
0471927023: Case Studies in American Industry
0471927031: Case Studies in American Industry
0471927058: Determination of Organic Compounds : Methods and Procedures
0471927074: Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterases : Structure, Regulation, and Drug Action
0471927082: Learning Pharmacology Through MCQ
0471927120: Electromagnetism
0471927139: International Conference on River Flood Hydraulics, Vol. 1
0471927155: Spectral and Chemical Characterization of Organic Compounds : A Laboratory Handbook
0471927163: Systems : Concepts, Methodologies, and Applications
0471927171: Glycine Neurotransmission
0471927201: Statistics in Social Research
0471927228: The New Industrial Society
0471927236: New Industrial Society
0471927244: Physical Methods of Chemistry
0471927252: Physical Methods of Chemistry
0471927260: Techniques of Chemistry, Organic Solvents : Physical Properties and Methods Purification
0471927279: Physical Methods of Chemistry, Electrochemical Methods
0471927287: Physical Methods of Chemistry
0471927295: Techniques of Chemistry : Optical, Spectroscopic and Radioactivity Methods: Iternferometry, Light Scattering, Microscopy, Microwave and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
0471927317: Physical Methods of Chemistry
0471927325: Techniques of Chemistry : Vol. I, Pt. 3C, Physical Methods of Chemistry: Polarimetry
0471927333: Techniques of Chemistry - Physical Methods of Chemistry Vol. 1, Pt. 03D : X-Ray, Nuclear, Male
0471927341: Physical Methods of Chemistry
0471927376: Mechanics
0471927384: Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry : SIMS VII
0471927392: Ssadm for the Advanced Practitioner
0471927422: Scientific Visualization and Graphics Simulation
0471927457: Determination of the Precious Metals : Selected Instrumental Methods
0471927465: Making Software Development Visible
0471927473: Behavioural Gerontology
0471927481: Cyclopropane Derived Reactive Intermediates : Updates from the Chemistry of Functional Groups
0471927511: Data Abstraction and Object-Oriented Programming in C Plus Plus
0471927546: International Review of Health Psychology
0471927554: Natural History of Blackflies
0471927562: Introduction to Radiobiology
0471927589: Fibre Optics : Theory and Applications
0471927600: Computer Analysis of Power Systems
0471927708: Microcomputers and Clinical Psychology : Issues, Applications, and Further Developments
0471927724: Semantics of Programming Languages : An Elementary Introduction Using Structural Operational Semantics
0471927767: Psychology of Dementia
0471927775: Logic for Information Technology
0471927783: Fetal Autonomy and Adaptation
0471927791: Pore Size Engineering in Zeolites
0471927813: Network Management : Techniques, Tools and Systems
0471927856: Twelfth International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy : Proceedings of 12th International Conference
0471927937: Five-Ht 1A Agonists, 5-Ht 3 Antagonists and Benzodiazepines : Their Comparative Behavioral Pharmacology
0471927988: Fractals : Non-Integral Dimensions and Applications
0471927996: Networks and Telecommunications : Design and Operation
0471928003: Digital Networking and T-Carrier Multiplexing
0471928011: Outline of Modern Psychiatry
0471928038: Measuring Cell Adhesion
0471928054: Solid State Physics
0471928062: Ethics and Law in Health Care and Research
0471928097: Finite Element Method in the Static and Dynamic Deformation and Consolidation of Porous Media
0471928100: Information Engineering for the Advanced Practitioner
0471928119: Clinical Applications of TGF
0471928151: On the Move : The Psychology of Change and Transition
0471928178: Clinical Approaches to Sex Offenders and Their Victims
0471928194: International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 1991
0471928283: Distributed Decision Making : Cognitive Models for Cooperative Work
0471928313: International Review of Studies on Emotion, Vol. 1
0471928356: Data Envelopment Analysis : The Assessment of Performance
0471928380: Combinatorial Algorithms for Integrated Circuit Layout
0471928410: Fungal Infections in the Compromised Patient
0471928437: Practical Medical Ethics
0471928461: Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome
0471928488: Queueing Networks and Product Forms : A Systems Approach
0471928593: Linear Multivariable Control : Algebraic Analysis and Synthesis Methods
0471928631: Continuous-Flow Fast Atom Bombardment Mass Spectrometry
0471928666: Recursive Neural Networks for Associative Memory
0471928674: High Performance Computing : Research and Practice in Japan
0471928747: Dementia : Molecules, Methods and Measures
0471928763: Molecular Genetics and Comparative Evolution
0471928801: Wheat Genetic Resources : Meeting Diverse Needs
0471928836: Self-Tuning Systems : Control and Signal Processing
0471928852: Service Management : Strategy and Leadership in Service Business
0471928860: Mesolimbic Dopamine System : From Motivation to Action
0471928909: Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors
0471928917: Diagnosis of Depression
0471928925: Long-Term Treatment of Depression
0471928933: CASE on Trial
0471928941: Techniques of Chemistry
0471928968: Elucidation of Organic Structures by Physical and Chemical Methods
0471928976: Elucidation of Organic Structures B Physical and Chemical Methods
0471928984: Techniques of Chemistry
0471928992: Techniques of Chemistry : Vol. I, Pt. 6, Physical Methods of Chemistry
0471929034: Chemometrics : Experimental Design
0471929050: Practical Guide to Monoclonal Antibodies
0471929093: Modelling Human Operators in Control System Design
0471929107: Guide to Computer Algrebra Systems
0471929174: Depressive Disorder in Childhood and Adolescence
0471929212: Textbook of Uncommon Cancer
0471929239: Rib Waveguide Theory by the Spectral Index Method
0471929263: Ecosystem Experiments
0471929271: Alzheimer's Disease : Basic Mechanics, Diagnosis, and Therapeutic Strategies
0471929328: Principles and Technology of Modfets 2 Volumes
0471929336: Logic for Information Technology
0471929344: Optoelectronics and Lightwave Technology
0471929352: Innovations in the Psychological Management of Schizophrenia
0471929409: Methods and Tools for Software Configuration Management
0471929417: Data Compression : Techniques and Applications, Hardware and Software Considerations
0471929468: River Conservation and Management
0471929476: Seaweed Resources in Europe : Uses and Potential
0471929506: Software Engineering Explained
0471929549: Methods for Assessing Exposure of Human and Non-Human Biota
0471929573: Childhood Environment and Adult Disease
0471929581: Host-Guest Molecular Interactions : From Chemistry to Biology
0471929603: Regeneration of Vertebrate Sensory Receptor Cells
0471929689: Engineering Applications of Unsteady Fluid Flow
0471929697: Protein Conformation
0471929700: Exploring Brain Functional Anatomy with Positron Tomography
0471929727: Elements of Solid State Physics
0471929735: Elements of Solid State Physics
0471929743: Computer Image Processing in Traffic Engineering
0471929808: Semantics with Applications : A Formal Introduction
0471929816: Spectroscopy of Advanced Materials
0471929832: Potentiometric Water Analysis
0471929867: Preparative Biotransformation : Whole Cells and Isolaated Enzymes
0471929905: Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Systems : The Initial Value Problem
0471929913: Size Enlargement by Agglomeration
0471929972: Cytokine Interactions and Their Control
0471929999: European Review of Social Psychology
0471930016: Multivariate Image Analysis
0471930024: Sleep, Sleepiness and Performance
0471930105: Neural Networks for Optimization and Signal Processing
0471930113: C++ for Programmers
0471930121: Prolog for Natural Language Processing
0471930156: Flexible and Distance Learning
0471930164: Error Free Software
0471930180: Validation Verification and Tests of Knowledge Based Systems
0471930202: New Trends in Animation and Visualization
0471930210: Implementation of Functional Multiprocessors
0471930229: Patai's 1992 Guide to the Chemistry of Functional Groups
0471930253: Weissberg Democracy
0471930326: Satellite Communication System : Systems, Techniques and Technology
0471930334: Principles of Health Care Ethics
0471930350: Geomorphology in the Tropics : A Study of Weathering and Denuation in Low Latitudes
0471930407: Antiviral Chemotherapy
0471930415: No Place to Hide
0471930431: Primer for PHIGS
0471930474: Multivariate Calibration
0471930482: Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety Assessment, Methods and Techniques
0471930490: Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety Assessment, Assessment, Hardware, Software and Human Factors Vol. 2
0471930512: Data Communications : From Fundamentals to Networking
0471930520: Creative Problem Solving : Total Systems Intervention
0471930555: Simulation : A Statistical Perspective
0471930563: Chemistry of Organophosphorous Compounds : Phosphine Oxides, Sulphides, Selenides and Tellurides
0471930628: Foundations for Microstrip Circuit Design
0471930636: Personality and Stress : Individual Differences in the Stress Process
0471930644: Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry SIMS Eight : Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
0471930652: Break-Even Analyses : Basic Model, Variants, Extensions
0471930660: Cognitive Aspects of Computer Supported Tasks
0471930687: Obesity and Cachexia Vol. 3 : Physiological Mechanisms and New Approaches to Pharamcological Control
0471930725: Data Communications Networking
0471930733: Interactions among Cell Signalling Systems
0471930776: Modern Spectroscopy
0471930784: Mechanisms of Injury, Protection, and Repair of the Upper Gastrointestinal Tract
0471930806: Ions, Electrodes and Membranes
0471930814: Inventory Control and Management
0471930830: Introduction to Multigrid Methods
0471930849: Stream Hydrology : An Introduction for Ecologists
0471930857: Critical Issues in Information Systems Research
0471930903: Evaluation of Management Information Systems : A Dynamic and Holistic Approach
0471930946: Outliers in Statistical Data
0471930962: Experimental Approaches to Anxiety and Depression
0471930989: Critical Systems Thinking : Directed Readings
0471931004: Malaria
0471931012: Cystic Fibrosis--Current Topics
0471931055: Stress, Personal Control and Health
0471931071: Ecology of Tropical Lakes and Rivers
0471931098: Crystal Growth from Melts
0471931101: Art of Statistical Science : A Tribute to G. S. Watson
0471931128: Anxiety Disorders : A Practitioner's Guide
0471931136: Introducing New Treatments for Cancer : Practical, Ethical and Legal Problems
0471931144: Computer Interactive Data Analysis
0471931152: High Performance Liquid Chromatography
0471931160: Implementations of Distributed Prolog
0471931179: DLP - a Language for Distributed Logic Programming : Design, Semantics and Implementation
0471931195: Lowland Floodplain Rivers : Geomorphological Perspectives
0471931233: Programs and Data Structures in C : Based on ANSI C and C++
0471931241: Programs & Data Structures In C,
0471931276: Investigation of Rates and Mechanisms of Reactions
0471931284: Programming Principles in Computer Graphics
0471931322: Life Experience, Development and Childhood Psychopathology
0471931462: Introduction to Bacteria : For Students of Biology Biotechnology and Medicine
0471931470: Attractive Molecules in Organic Chemistry
0471931489: Software Development by LL1 Syntax Description
0471931527: Bioscience - Society : Report of the Schering Workshop, Berlin 1990, November 25-30
0471931535: Sulphur Cycling on the Continents : Wetlands, Terrestrial Ecosystems and Associated Water Bodies
0471931543: Progress in Laser Therapy : Selected Papers from the October 1990 ILTA Congress
0471931551: Quantum Mechanics
0471931624: Techniques of Chemistry : Vol. 15 Theory and Application of Electron Spin Resonance
0471931632: Solving Singular Systems
0471931640: Fireside Astronomy : An Anecdotal Tour Through the History and Lore of Astronomy
0471931667: Medicine : A Guide for Study and Practice
0471931683: Radioecology after Chernobyl : Biogeochemical Pathways of Artificial Radionuclides
0471931748: Geometry of Reflectng Rays and Inverse Spectral Results
0471931756: Challenges and Strategies for Research in Systems Development : A Research Perspective
0471931780: Risks : Reading Corporate Signals
0471931799: Cocaine : Scientific and Social Dimensions
0471931810: Surface Preparation and Microscopy of Materials
0471931829: Practical Parallel Computing : Status and Prospects
0471931837: Perspectives on Marketing Management, Vol. 2, 1992
0471931845: Multicriteria Decision-Aid
0471931888: Microcomputers Psychology and Medicine
0471931896: Regulating British Medicine : The General Medical Council
0471931918: Use and Misuse of the Seafloor : Report of the Dahlem Workshop on Use and Misuse of Seafloor, Berlin, March 17-22, 1991
0471931934: Reliability by Design
0471931942: International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 1992
0471932000: Plasma and Recombinant Blood Products in Medical Therapy
0471932019: European Review of Social Psychology
0471932051: Field Hydrogeology
0471932124: Immunology : A Foundation Text
0471932175: Genetically Engineered Organisms : Benefit and Risks
0471932213: Field Description of Metamorphic Rocks
0471932345: Practical Genetics
0471932353: Practical Genetics
0471932426: Applied Chemical and Isotopic Groundwater Hydrology
0471932434: Mapping of Geological Structures
0471932485: Field Geophysics
0471932515: In Vitro Techniques in Research
0471932604: Molecules and Minds : Essays on Biology and the Social Order
0471932647: Techniques of Chemistry : Thin Layer Chromatography
0471932663: Techniques of Chemistry : Solutions and Solubilities
0471932671: Applications of Biochemical Systems in Organic Chemistry
0471932698: Chemical Experimentation under Extreme Conditions
0471932701: Applications of Biochemical Systems in Organic Chemistry
0471932728: Techniques of Chemistry
0471932752: Field Description of Igneous Rocks
0471932876: Biotechnology of Biomass Conversion : Fuels and Chemicals
0471932949: Transgenesis : Applications of Gene Transfer
0471933066: Bacillus Thuringiensis, An Environmental Biopesticide : Theory and Practice
0471933074: Cancer and Stress : Psychological, Biological and Coping Studies
0471933082: Quantitative Methods in Neuroanatomy
0471933139: Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
0471933163: Russian-English Translator's Dictionary : A Guide to Scientific and Technical Usage
0471933244: Low Molecular Weight Heparin
0471933260: Environmental Issues in the 1990s
0471933309: Primer for PHIGS : C Programmer's Edition
0471933325: Tancheng - Lujiang Wrench Fault System
0471933333: Introduction to the Molecular Genetics of Cancer
0471933392: Chemistry of Enamines
0471933406: Engineering Heat Transfer
0471933430: Software Projects : Evolutionary vs. Big-Bang Delivery
0471933457: Voltammetric Determination of Molecules of Biological Significance
0471933546: Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer
0471933562: Fundamentals of Momentum,Heat and Mass Transfer
0471933589: Fundamentals of Momentum Heat & Mass Tra
0471933619: International Relations : A Policymaker Focus
0471933627: Minimal Brain Dysfunction in Children
0471933643: Personal Communication Process
0471933678: Organic Syntheses Via Metal Carbonyls
0471933694: Rehabilitation of the Coronary Patient
0471933708: Microtechniques for the clinical laboratory: Concepts and applications (A Wiley biomedical publication)
0471933716: Perceptual Motor Development Equipment : Inexpensive Ideas and Activities
0471933724: Symbol Formation
0471933732: Multiple Regression and Analysis of Variance : An Introduction for Computer Users in Management and Economics
0471933759: Soviet State
0471933767: Computer-Aided Information Retrieval
0471933775: Social Use of Information
0471933783: Computer Generated Colour : A Practical Guide to Presentation and Display
0471933805: Soviet Russian State
0471933813: Structure Elucidation by NMR in Organic Chemistry : A Practical Guide
0471933848: Postimplantation Development in the Mouse
0471933880: Fundamentals of Psychopharmacology
0471933910: Food Service in Institutions
0471933937: Food Services in Institutions
0471934011: Immunodiagnostic Approaches in Schistosomiasis
0471934046: Acid Soil and Acid Rain
0471934119: Human Psychopharmacology : Measures and Methods
0471934127: Data Fitting in the Chemical Sciences by the Method of Least Squares
0471934135: Aluminum in Biology and Medicine
0471934143: Counselling and Therapy with Refugees : Psychological Problems of Victims of War, Torture and Repression
0471934151: Real-Time Structured Methods : Systems Analysis
0471934178: Planned Changes in Farming Systems : Progress in On-Farm Research
0471934186: Strategic Technology Management
0471934216: Psychoanalytic Counseling
0471934224: Introduction to Mathematical Modelling
0471934232: Intelligent Sensor Technology
0471934283: Linear Control Systems
0471934305: Spatial Tessellations : Concepts and Applications of Voroni Diagrams
0471934348: Linear Control Systems
0471934356: Technology of Electrical Measurements
0471934364: Chemical Searching on an Array Processor
0471934399: Polyfunctional Cytokines : IL-6 and LIF
0471934402: Functional Anatomy of the Neuroendocrine Hypothalamus
0471934429: Quality Manual
0471934445: High Performance Liquid Chromatography : Principles and Methods in Biotechnology
0471934453: Introducing New Treatments for Cancer : Practical, Ethical and Legal Problems
0471934461: Regulation of the Eukaryotic Cell Cycle
0471934488: Corticotropin-Releasing Factor No. 172
0471934518: Spacecraft Systems Engineering
0471934526: Amateur Astronomer's Pathfinder
0471934569: Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces II
0471934593: Molecular Genetics of Human Inherited Disease
0471934607: Immunohistochemistry II
0471934623: Computer Simulation in Management Science
0471934631: International Review of Strategic Management V 3 1992
0471934682: Fluid Power Systems Modelling and Control : Fourth Bath International Fluid Power Workshop, Held at the University of Bath, England, 18th-20th September, 1991
0471934690: Soil Science Analyses : A Guide to Current Use
0471934704: Compositional Data Objects : The IMC-IMCL Reference Manual
0471934720: Security Architecture for Open Distributed Systems
0471934739: Molecular Biology of Immunosuppression
0471934747: Software in Safety-Related Systems
0471934755: Fuzzy Control and Fuzzy Systems
0471934763: Nitrate
0471934798: Children Who Soil : Assessment and Treatment
0471934801: Isdn Explained
0471934844: Multiplexer Reference Manual
0471934852: Many-Sorted Logic and Its Applications
0471934887: Reliability in Procurement and Use : From Specification to Replacement
0471934895: Engineering Electromagnetism
0471934976: Spatial Inhomogeneities and Transient Behaviour in Chemical Kinetics
0471935026: Neural Networks : Theory and Architecture
0471935050: Neurocomputers and Attention Vol. 2 : Connectionism and Neurocomputers
0471935069: Intercellular Communication
0471935093: Chaos
0471935166: Oscillatory Evolution Processes : Quantitative Analyses Arising from Applied Science
0471935204: Soliton Theory
0471935271: Matrix Computation
0471935301: The Construction of Modern Science: Mechanisms and Mechanics
0471935328: Introduction to Peptide Chemistry
0471935352: Dictionary of Earth Sciences : English-French, French-English
0471935360: Concurrent Hardware : The Theory and Practice of Self-Timed Design
0471935379: Visual Representations of Speech Signals
0471935387: Eigenvalues of Matrices
0471935409: Steps in the Scientific Tradition by Richard Westfall; Victor Thoren
0471935425: Clinical Perspectives of Endogenous Opioids Production
0471935441: Dictionary of Environmental Science and Technology
0471935468: Computer Simulation in Physical Geography
0471935484: Being and Belonging
0471935492: Psychology for Living
0471935522: Systems Engineering : Principles and Practice of Computer-Based Systems Engineering
0471935530: Real Time Systems : Investigating Industrial Practice
0471935549: Tool Integration : Environments and Frameworks
0471935557: Method Integration : Concepts and Case Studies
0471935573: Handbook of Practical Coal Geology
0471935581: Gambling on Growth : How to Manage the Small High-Tech Firm
0471935603: Biological Nitrogen Fixation and Sustainability of Tropical Agriculture
0471935611: Growth and Water Use of Forest Plantations
0471935638: Embedded Real-Time Systems : A Specification and Design Methodology
0471935646: SSADM Version 4 : The Advanced Practitioner's Guide
0471935662: Parallel Algorithms for Digital Image Processing, Computer Vision and Neural Networks
0471935670: Generalized Graph Rewriting : Theory and Practice
0471935689: Internetworking LANS and WANS : Concepts, Techniques and Methods
0471935751: Nonlinear Electromechanical Couplings
0471935778: Nonlinear Chemical Waves
0471935808: Understanding Expert Systems : Using Crystal
0471935840: Using Political Ideas
0471935867: Managers Divided : Organisation Politics and Information Technology Management
0471935921: High Resolution XPS of Organic Polymers : The Scienta ESCA300 Database
0471936022: Exploring Brain Functions
0471936030: Global Changes in the Perspective of the Past
0471936049: Fire in the Environment : The Ecological, Atmospheric, and Climatic Importance of Vegetation Fires
0471936073: REDO Compendium : Reverse Engineering for Software Maintenance
0471936081: Ecai 92 : 10th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence
0471936103: Developing C++ Software
0471936111: Software Engineering : Principles and Practice
0471936189: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
0471936200: Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry
0471936235: Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis
0471936278: Markov Decision Processes
0471936286: Greenhouse Earth
0471936294: Language, Thought and Representation
0471936308: Purchasing Management
0471936324: Purchasing Management : Materials in Motion
0471936332: Pattern-Recognition Transforms
0471936367: Landscape Sensitivity
0471936375: Organometallics in Synthesis : A Manual
0471936391: Molecular Aspects of Dermatology
0471936405: Survival Analysis : A Practical Approach
0471936413: Conservation in Progress
0471936464: EC Electricity Law
0471936502: EC Rules of Origin
0471936561: European Financing Laws
0471936758: A Handbook of Numerical Matrix Inversion and Solution of Linear Equations
0471936863: Employment Insolvency Handbook
0471936901: Individual Differences in Children
0471937150: Innovations in Client-Centered Therapy
0471937177: Inorganic Structural Chemistry
0471937274: Vaccine Design
0471937312: Viable System Model : Interpretations and Applications of Stafford Beer's V. S. M.
0471937428: Physics of Vibrations and Waves
0471937436: Deontic Logic in Computer Science : Normative System Specification
0471937444: Oceanography : An Introduction to the Marine Environment
0471937460: Health Economics of Depression
0471937509: Controlling Delinquents -
0471937517: Introduction to Plant Diseases
0471937576: Fractals, Random Shapes and Point Fields : Methods of Geometrical Statistics
0471937606: Economic Geography
0471937630: Sky at Night Ten
0471937649: Medical Statistics : A Commonsense Approach
0471937657: Kevlar Aramid Fiber
0471937703: Forecasting : Methods and Applications
0471937738: Geomorphology and Sedimentology of Lakes and Reservoirs
0471937770: Power of Calculus
0471937819: Power of Calculus
0471937827: Power of Calculus
0471937843: User Interface Software
0471937851: Power of Mathematics : Applications to Management and the Social Sciences
0471937894: Constructing Logic Programs
0471937924: Mathematical Software Tools in C++
0471937932: Making Complex Machinery Move : Automatic Programming and Motion Planning
0471937959: Monitoring Genetically Manipulated Microorganisms in the Environment
0471938009: Automated police information systems
0471938068: Biomolecular Spectroscopy, Vol. 20, Pt. A
0471938092: Solving Large-Scale Problems in Mechanics
0471938106: Community Psychology : Theory and Practice
0471938130: High Performance Liquid Chromatography in Neuroscience Research
0471938173: Polymer Surfaces : From Physics to Technology
0471938246: Polymeric Site-Specific Pharmacotherapy
0471938254: Family Systems Therapy : Developments in the Milan-Systemic Therapies
0471938262: International Review of Health Psychology
0471938297: Computer Algebra in Industry
0471938300: Cluster Ions
0471938319: Unimolecular and Bimolecular Ion-Molecule Reaction Dynamics
0471938335: Environmental Analysis
0471938424: Environmental Change and Human Health
0471938440: Abstract Data Types in Standard ML
0471938483: Asymmetric Synthesis of Natural Products
0471938491: Foundations and Industrial Applications of Microwave and Radio Frequency Fields : Physical and Chemical Processes
0471938505: Information Technology on the Move : Technical and Behavioural Evaluations of Mobile Telecommunications
0471938580: Evolution of Geomorphology : A Nation-by-Nation Summary of Development
0471938661: Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Consciousness
0471938688: Preschool Children in Troubled Families : Approaches to Intervention and Support
0471938718: Encyclopedia of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
0471938726: Polymer Powder Technology
0471938750: Handbook of Language and Social Psychology
0471938777: Friendship and Peer Relations in Children
0471938793: Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome
0471938807: New Concepts in Immunodeficiency Diseases
0471938823: Information Systems Outsourcing : Myths, Metaphors and Realities
0471938831: Business Process Reengineering : Breakpoint Strategies for Market Dominance
0471938858: Environmental Health Engineering in the Tropics : An Introductory Text
0471938874: Introduction to the Mechanical Properties of Solid Polymers
0471938912: Low Energy Ion-Surface Interactions
0471938955: Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
0471939005: Turbulence : Perspectives on Flow and Sediment Transport
0471939021: Lock-and-Key Principle Vol. 1 : The State of the Art--100 Years On
0471939056: Eating Disorders : Personal Construct Therapy and Change
0471939064: Mobile Communications
0471939072: European Review of Social Psychology
0471939080: Clinical Approaches to the Mentally Disordered Offender
0471939099: Fortress NHS : A Philosophical Review of the National Health Service
0471939102: Health Promotion : Philosophy, Practice, and Prejudice
0471939110: Spectroscopy of New Materials
0471939145: GTPase Superfamily No. 176
0471939188: Synthetic Rubber Monograph
0471939226: Frontiers of Family Law
0471939250: Young Offenders and Alcohol Related Crime : A Practitioner's Guidebook
0471939269: Life Stories : Personal Construct Therapy with the Elderly
0471939285: Morphological Investigations of Single Neurons in Vitro
0471939293: Disease, Diagnosis, and Decision
0471939307: International Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus
0471939323: Total Information Systems Management : A European Approach
0471939358: Perturbation Theory in Mathematical Programming and Its Application
0471939404: Iron and Infection : Molecular, Physiological and Clinical Aspects
0471939412: Interacting with Virtual Environments
0471939420: Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos and Econometrics
0471939439: Passive Solar Commercial and Institutional Buildings : A Sourcebook of Examples and Design Insights
0471939447: Crop Protection and Sustainable Agriculture
0471939455: Origins and Development of High Ability
0471939463: Molecular Basis of Smell and Taste Transduction
0471939471: Biosynthesis of the Tetrapyrrole Pigments
0471939587: International Review of Strategic Management
0471939625: Craft of Decision Modelling
0471939641: Strategic Issues in Health Care Management
0471939676: Beyond TQM
0471939684: International Review of Strategic Management V 4 1993
0471939714: Physical Properties of Polymeric Gels
0471939722: Virtual Worlds and Multimedia
0471939730: Z : An Introduction to Formal Methods
0471939749: Practice of Engineering Management : A New Approach
0471939757: Teleworking Explained
0471939773: Insulin Resistance
0471939803: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Psychosis : Theory and Practice
0471939838: Models for Mental Disorder : Conceptual Models in Psychiatry
0471939846: Introduction to Recombinant DNA in Medicine
0471939870: Analysing Survival Data from Clinical Trials and Observational Studies
0471939889: Mass Spectrometric Study of the Vaporization of Oxide Systems
0471939897: Strategic Precision : Improving Performance Through Organizational Efficiency
0471939900: Strategic Thinking : Leadership and the Management of Change
0471939919: Growth Hormone Treatment in Down's Syndrome
0471939935: Networks and Algorithms
0471939978: Medical Care of the Elderly
0471939986: Guide to the Complete Interpretation of Infrared Spectral of Organic Structures
0471939994: Shikimic Acid : Metabolism and Metabolites
0471940003: Introductory Physics
0471940038: North American Health Care Policy in the 1990s
0471940046: Windows Wisdom : For C and C++ Programmers
0471940054: Optical Amplifiers and Their Applications
0471940062: Formal Methods Fact File : VDM and Z
0471940240: European Construction Contracts
0471940291: Methods of Execution of Orders and Judgements in Europe : Wiley Series in Commercial Law
0471940348: Technical Connection
0471940356: Machine tools and machining practices (Manufacturing technology series)
0471940364: Machine Tools and MacHining Practices
0471940399: Modern Methods for Trace Element Determination
0471940410: Token-Ring Networks : Characteristics, Operation, Construction, and Management
0471940429: Healthy Software Project : A Guide to Successful Development and Management
0471940445: Patients as Victims : Sexual Abuse in Psychotherapy and Counselling
0471940453: Decision Methodology
0471940518: International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 1994
0471940526: Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology
0471940534: Three-Phase Electrical Machine Systems : Computer Simulation
0471940542: Quality and Excellence in Human Services
0471940550: Nation on Trial : America and the War of 1812
0471940585: Pharmacoepidemiology
0471940593: Scheduling Theory and Its Applications
0471940607: Geographical Information Handling-Research and Applications
0471940658: Mass Spectrometry in Science and Technology
0471940674: Structural Engineering
0471940682: Structural Engineering, Volume 1: Introduction to Design Concepts and Analysis
0471940690: Structural Engineering: Volume 2: Indeterminate Structures
0471940704: Critical Years (Problems in American History S.)
0471940712: Critical Years : American Foreign Policy, 1793-1823
0471940720: Structural Engineering, Behavior of Members and Systems
0471940747: Chemistry of the Cyclopropyl Group
0471940755: Quality Control in Clinical Chemistry
0471940763: Development of Communication
0471940771: Applied Operations Research : A Survey
0471940798: Nutritional Needs of Athletes
0471940801: EDP Systems for Credit Management
0471940895: European Case Law on the Judgements Convention
0471940909: Linear and Nonlinear Waves
0471940925: Clinical Data Management
0471940933: Molecular Biology in Histopathology
0471941069: Design Agenda : A Guide to Successful Design Management
0471941077: Strategic Information Systems : A European Perspective
0471941123: Environmental Impact Assessment for Waste Treatment and Disposal Facilities
0471941131: Guidance and Control of Ocean Vehicles
0471941190: Reproductive Biology of Invertebrates Vol. 6 : Asexual Propagation and Reproductive Strategies
0471941220: Simulation Surgery
0471941247: Object Orientation : Technology, Techniques, Management and Migration
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