0471941328: Practical High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
0471941360: Microsensors : Principles and Applications
0471941379: Biodiversity and Wheat Improvement
0471941387: Stress and Policing : Sources and Strategies
0471941409: Preventing Family Violence
0471941433: More People, Less Erosion : Enviornmental Recovery in Kenya
0471941441: Inorganic Trace Analysis : Philosophy and Practice
0471941484: Garbage Collection : Algorithms for Automatic Dynamic Memory Management
0471941492: Drug Therapy in Old Age
0471941506: Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology
0471941522: Simply Logical
0471941549: Regulation of Cellular Signal Transduction Pathways by Desensitization and Amplification
0471941557: Physics of Stars
0471941565: Liquid-Liquid Extraction Equipment
0471941573: Cooperating Expert Systems in Mechanical Design
0471941581: High Resolution Laser Photoionization and Photoelectron Studies
0471941603: Discovering the Secrets of the Sun
0471941611: Solar Electricity
0471941670: Science of Heterogeneous Polymers : Structure and Thermophysical Properties
0471941689: International Financial Market Investment : A Swiss Banker's Guide
0471941700: Equity Investment Management : How to Select Stocks and Markets
0471941719: Computing Examples Supplement to Models in Biology : Mathematics, Statistics and Computing
0471941727: Neural Tube Defects
0471941743: Twins As a Tool of Behavior Genetics : Report of the Dahlem Worshop on What Are the Mechanisms Mediating the Genetic and Environmental Determinants of Behavior?
0471941778: Photogeneration of Reactive Species for Uv Curing
0471941808: Benchmarking : A Signpost to Excellence in Quality and Productivity
0471941816: Families Coping with Schizophrenia : A Practitioner's Guide to Family Groups
0471941824: Handbook of Psychology in Legal Contexts
0471941832: Critical Control Systems
0471941840: Thermofluids : An Integrated Approach to Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics Principles
0471941859: Programming in Fortran 90 : A First Course for Engineers and Scientists
0471941867: Quantum Field Theory
0471941883: Managing to Communicate : Using Telecommunications for Increased Business Efficiency
0471941891: Corrosion of Aluminum-Based Metal Matrix Composites
0471941913: Chemical Methods in Prokaryotic Systematics
0471941921: Optimization in Industry Vol. 2 : Mathematical Programming and Modeling Techniques in Practice
0471941948: Discovering New Medicines : Careers in Pharmaceutical Research and Development
0471942006: Physical Organic Chemistry, 1st Ed.
0471942030: Passive Vibration Control
0471942049: Cleanroom Design
0471942065: Acidification of Freshwater Ecosystems : Implications for the Future
0471942073: Chemistry of Organic Germanium, Tin and Lead Compounds
0471942111: Adverse Drug Reactions : A Practical Guide to Diagnosis and Management
0471942138: Transient Stability of Power Systems : Theory and Practice
0471942146: Metamorphic Crystallization
0471942170: Pharmacological Methods in Phytotherapy Research Vol. 1 : Selection, Preparation and Pharmacological Evaluation of Plant Material
0471942189: Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry : SIMS IX
0471942235: Local Area Network Performance
0471942278: Understanding Drug Treatment in Mental Health Care
0471942286: Engineering Design Methods : Strategies for Product Design
0471942294: Pleasure, the Politics and the Reality
0471942316: Legumes, the Australian Experience : The Botany, Ecology, and Agriculture of Indigenous and Immigrant Legumes
0471942359: River, Coastal and Shoreline Protection : Erosion Control Using Riprap and Armourstone
0471942367: Decision Making and Problems Incompetence
0471942391: Chemical Nomenclatures and the Computer
0471942405: Software Assitance for Business Re-Engineering
0471942421: Intelligent Hybrid Systems
0471942456: Configuration Management
0471942464: Portability and Performance for Parallel Processing
0471942502: Mediterranean Desertification and Land Use
0471942510: Troubled Families - Problem Children : Working with Parents: A Collaborative Process
0471942537: EC Consumer Law
0471942642: Germline Development : Symposium on Germline Development Held at the Ciba Foundation, London, July 1993
0471942693: Higher Education Credentials : A Guide to Educational Systems in Europe and North America
0471942707: Light Microscopy
0471942723: Project Management : Planning and Control
0471942758: Logic Design with Integrated Circuits
0471942782: Strategies for Sustainable Development : Local Agendas for the Southern Hemisphere
0471942790: Toxic Metals in Soil-Plant Systems
0471942804: Molecular Cryospectroscopy
0471942839: Process Management to Quality Improvement : The Way to Design, Document and Re-Engineer Business Systems
0471942847: Collaboration Management : Inter-Cultural Working: New Issues and Priorities
0471942855: Chromatography for Organic Chemistry
0471942871: Heterogeneous Modification of Polymers : Matrix and Surface Reactions
0471942901: Society, Systems and Man
0471942952: Semiconductor Memories : A Handbook of Design, Manufacture and Application
0471942960: How Many Grapes Went into the Wine : Stafford Beer on the Art and Science of Holistic Management
0471942987: Introduction to Cosmology
0471942995: Theory of Solitons in Inhomogeneous Media
0471943045: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms : Report of the Dahlem Workshop on Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Higher Neural Functions, Berlin, 1993, February 28-March 5
0471943053: Circadian Clocks and Their Adjustment
0471943088: Depression in Old Age
0471943096: Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
0471943142: Keep on Running : The Science of Training and Performance
0471943150: Refractory Depression : Current Strategies and Future Directions
0471943169: Tamoxifen : Molecular Basis of Use in Cancer Treatment and Prevention
0471943177: Perspectives on Marketing Management
0471943304: Multivariable Feedback Control : Analysis and Design
0471943339: Thirty Vital Years : The Positive Experience of Ageing
0471943401: Flame Chemiluminescence Analysis by Molecular Emission Cavity Detection
0471943428: Handbook of Spelling : Theory, Process, and Intervention
0471943436: Standard Methods for Analysis and Testing of Petroleum and Related Products : Methods IP 1 to 402
0471943444: Trends in Organizational Behavior
0471943460: Tuberculosis : Back to the Future
0471943479: Aspects of Uncertainty : A Tribute to D. V. Lindley
0471943509: Programming with Class : A Practical Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with C++
0471943533: State Monopolies Under Ec Law
0471943622: Finite Element Method in Heat Transfer Analysis
0471943630: Discovering the Secrets of the Sun
0471943681: Bioinorganic Chemistry : Inorganic Elements in the Chemistry of Life - an Introduction and Guide
0471943819: Project Finance in Europe
0471943827: Privitisation and Economic Development in Eastern Europe and the CIS : Investment, Acquisition and Managerial Issues
0471943835: Psychological Consequences of Being a Black American : A Source Book of Research by Black Psychologists
0471943843: The Psychological Consequences of Being a Black American: A Sourcebook of Research by Black Psychologists
0471943851: Asymptotic Solutions of Differential Equations and Their Applications
0471943886: Wilcox Public Opinion Pr
0471943908: Perturbation Theory and its Applications in Quantum Theory
0471943916: Clinical Measurement in Drug Evaluation
0471943924: Macromolecular Reactions : Peculiarities, Theory and Experimental Approaches
0471943932: Protein Biotechnology
0471943975: Competence-Based Competition
0471943983: Patients as Victims : Sexual Abuse in Psychotherapy and Counselling
0471943991: Building the Strategically-Responsive Organization
0471944009: Immunology : A Comparative Approach
0471944017: International Financial Market Regulation
0471944025: Managed Futures : An Investor's Guide
0471944041: Intelligent Systems for Finance and Business
0471944068: Work Organization : A Study of Manual Labor and Mass Production
0471944076: Integrating Reliability into Microelectronics Manufacturing
0471944092: Management Accounting and Control Systems
0471944114: Management Accounting and Control Systems
0471944122: Higher-Order Processing in the Visual System
0471944149: Evolution of Mathematical Concepts: An Elementary Study
0471944157: Introduction to the Foundation of Mathematics
0471944173: Clinically Speaking - the Authentic Language of Clinical Medicine
0471944203: Learning from Failure : The Systems Approach
0471944300: Cognitive Psychology and Emotional Disorders
0471944327: Telecommunications and Geography
0471944335: Progress in Tourism, Recreation and Hospitality Management
0471944343: Environmental Remote Sensing from Regional to Global Scales
0471944351: Visualisation in Geographic In
0471944378: Emancipating the Professions : Marketing Opportunities from De-Regulation
0471944394: Activity Costing for Engineers
0471944467: First One Hundred and Fifty Years : A History of John Wiley and Sons Inc
0471944475: APPN Networks
0471944483: Troubled Families - Problem Children : Working with Parents: A Collaborative Process
0471944491: Fundamentals of Speech Synthesis and Speech Recognition : Basic Concepts, State of the Art and Future Challenges
0471944513: Beyond Dispute : The Invention of Team Syntegrity
0471944548: Addictive Behaviour : Cue Exposure Theory and Practice
0471944556: Recent Advances in Partial Differential Equations
0471944564: International Review of Health Psychology
0471944580: Nonlinearity and Chaos in Engineering Dynamics : IUTAM Symposium, UCL, July 1993
0471944599: Fluid-Structure Interaction : Applied Numerical Methods
0471944629: Fresh Waters of Scotland : A National Resource of International Significance
0471944653: Evolution and the Fossil Record
0471944718: Tourist-Historic City
0471944815: Geography and Refugees : Patterns and Processes of Change
0471944912: Biosphere
0471944955: Global Air Pollution
0471945021: Innovation Networks : Spatial Perspectives
0471945048: Migration Processes and Patterns Vol. 1 : Research Progress and Prospects
0471945110: Progress in Tourism, Recreation and Hospitality Management
0471945137: Neotonics and Resources
0471945196: Changing Geography of Advanced Producer Services : Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives
0471945218: Geography of European Integration : A Common European Home
0471945242: Mass Extinctions
0471945250: Cities and Regions in the New Europe : The Global-Local Interplay and Spatial Development Strategies
0471945285: Ethics of Environmental Development
0471945498: Geometry (Benziger Mathematics S.)
0471945536: Intermediate Mathematics (Wiley/Benziger mathematics series)
0471945579: Guide for Wiley-Interscience Authors in the Preparation and Production of Manuscript and Illustrations
0471945609: Mathematics for the Physical Sciences
0471946044: Human Factor in Rural Development
0471946087: Progress in Rural Policy and Planning
0471946095: Progress in Rural Policy and Planning
0471946192: Creation of Mediaeval Parliaments (Major Issues in History S)
0471946206: Creation of Mediaeval Parliaments (Major Issues in History S.)
0471946281: Engineering Fluid Mechanics
0471946346: River Pollution : An Ecological Perspective
0471946419: Transport in the Information Age : Wheels and Wires
0471946443: Mathematical Statistics
0471946486: West Pacific Rim : An Introduction
0471946532: Mathematics : The Alphabet of Science
0471946559: Stability Theory of Dynamical Systems
0471946575: College Algebra
0471946583: College Algebra and Trigonometry
0471946605: Mathematics the Alphabet of Science
0471946613: Mathematics
0471946656: Elementary Mathematics : Its Structure and Concepts
0471946672: Modern Intermediate Algebra
0471946699: Modern Intermediate Algebra
0471946710: College Algebra and Trigonometry
0471946826: Sleep Disorders : Diagnosis and Treatment
0471946850: From Colony to Empire : Essays in the History of American Foreign Relations
0471946958: Freshwater Ecology Principles and Applications: Principles and Applications
0471946982: Seed Planning and Policy for Agricultural Production : The Roles of Government and Private Enterprise in Supply and Distribution
0471947059: Vienna : A Bridge Between Cultures
0471947091: Achieving Environmental Goals : The Concept and Practice of Environmental Performance Review
0471947199: Human Geography in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union
0471947350: Geopolitics of Power and Conflict : Superpowers in the International System, 1945-1992
0471947423: Environmental Management in Agriculture : European Perspectives
0471947504: Short History of Europe Since Napoleon
0471947520: Designs on the Landscape : Everyday Landscapes, Values and Practice
0471947628: Innovation and Environmental Risk
0471947636: Understanding Information : Business, Technology and Geography
0471947717: Population Mobility in Developing Countries : A Reinterpretation
0471947962: Synoptic Climatology in Environmental Analysis : A Primer
0471948004: Williams Guide Halliday
0471948012: Student Study Guide with Programmed Problems and Learning Objectives to Accompany Halliday and Resnick Fundamentals of Physics and Physics, Pts.1 and 2 (2r.e.)
0471948020: Corporate Networks, International Telecommunications and Interdependence
0471948063: Progress in Rural Policy and Planning
0471948128: New Political Geography of Eastern Europe
0471948144: Transport and Communication Innovation in Europe
0471948152: Desertification : Exploding the Myth
0471948225: Local Search in Combinatorial Optimization
0471948241: Experimentation Modeling and Computation in Flow, Turbulence and Combustion
0471948276: Finite Sums Decompositions in Mathematical Analysis
0471948284: Environmental Impact of Railways
0471948292: Probability, Statistics and Optimization
0471948306: Optics Short Course for Engineers and Scientists
0471948365: Coherent Optical System Design
0471948373: Heart of Enterprise
0471948381: Decision and Control : The Meaning of Operational Research and Management Cybernetics
0471948403: Platform for Change
0471948411: Vectors : Essential Data
0471948438: Palaeobiology of Trace Fossils
0471948446: Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes
0471948454: Key to Earth History : An Introduction to Stratigraphy
0471948462: Surface Phases on Silicon : Preparation, Structures, and Properties
0471948489: Labor Economics
0471948519: Commune of Paris, Eighteen Seventy-One
0471948527: Commune of Paris, Eighteen Seventy-One
0471948535: Relativity Theory: Its Origins and Impact on Modern Thought (Major Issues in World History S.)
0471948543: Relativity Theory: Its Origins and Impact on Modern Thought,
0471948578: Geographic Information Systems and the Law
0471948683: New Social Atlas of Britain
0471948691: Seismology
0471948713: Countryside in Trust : Land Management by Conservation, Recreation and Amenity Organisations
0471948721: Environmental Issues and Business
0471948780: Years of Decision : American Politics in the 1890's
0471948802: Student Personnel Work : A Program of Development Relationships
0471948810: Tourism Alternatives : Potential Problems in the Development of Tourism
0471948853: Land Use and the Causes of Global Warming
0471948861: Rome
0471948926: Geography and Transition in the Post-Soviet Republics
0471948934: Re-Use of Contaminated Land
0471948969: Ecotourism : A Sustainable Option?
0471948985: Polar Regions : A Political Geography
0471949000: Birmingham : A Study in Geography, History, and Planning
0471949019: People, Jobs and Mobility in the New Europe
0471949051: Marriage and Family Relations
0471949078: Montreal : The Quest for a Metropolis
0471949086: Channel Tunnel
0471949116: Progress in Rural Policy and Planning
0471949124: Progress in Rural Policy and Planning
0471949140: Educating for Leisure-Centered Living
0471949167: Population Migration and the Changing World Order
0471949264: Climates of the Southern Continents : Present, Past and Future
0471949299: New Germany
0471949310: Atomic Physics
0471949329: New Germany
0471949353: Buenos Aires : Global Dreams, Local Crises
0471949426: Systems and Regions in Global Politics : An Empirical Study of Diplomacy, International Organization and Trade 1950-1991
0471949434: Motor Vehicles in the Environment : Principles and Practice
0471949450: Environmental Change in the Pacific Basin : Chronologies, Causes, Consequences
0471949477: Glasgow : The Socio-Spatial Development of the City
0471949485: Climates of South Asia
0471949574: Communication Involvement : Personal Perspectives
0471949590: City Politics and Public Policy
0471949612: College Professors and Their Impact on Students
0471949639: Coming of Age : Urban America, 1915-1945
0471949655: Ion Mass Spectra
0471949701: Practice and Theory of Electrochemical Machining
0471949752: Principles of Nutrition
0471949795: Havana : Two Faces of the Antillean Metropolis
0471949809: Principles of Nutrition
0471949817: Taipei
0471949825: Government of World Cities : The Future of the Metro Model
0471949868: Environmental Law and Ecological Responsibility : The Concept and Practice of Ecologial Self-Organization
0471949914: Atlas of World Development
0471950009: Ion Beams : With Applications to Ion Implantation
0471950017: Urban Environmental Management : Environmental Change and Urban Design
0471950025: Environment and Mental Health
0471950084: Clinical Approaches to Sex Offenders and Their Victims
0471950092: Agricultural Sustainability : Economic, Environmental and Statistical Considerations
0471950106: Key Reviews in Managerial Psychology
0471950114: Global Classical Solutions for Quaslinear Hyberbolic Systems
0471950157: Crystal as a Supramolecular Entity
0471950165: Statistical Modelling in Hydrology
0471950246: Ethnobotany and the Search for New Drugs
0471950254: Antimicrobial Peptides
0471950262: Vaccines Against Virally Induced Cancers
0471950270: European Review of Social Psychology
0471950319: Surface Photochemistry
0471950386: Applied General Equilibrium Modeling : Imperfect Competition and European Integration
0471950394: Alzheimer's Disease
0471950408: Human Psychopharmacology Vol. 5 : Measures and Methods
0471950416: Human Psychopharmacology Vol. 6 : Measures and Methods
0471950483: Statistics for the Environment : Water Related Issues
0471950513: Acquiring Companies and Business in Europe
0471950521: Pharmacodynamics and Drug Development : Perspectives in Clinical Pharmacology
0471950548: Psychosocial Disorders in Young People : Time Trends and Their Causes
0471950572: Stereochemistry of Coordination Compounds
0471950580: Industrial Intelligent Control : Fundamentals and Applications
0471950599: Fuzzy Logic : Implementation and Applications
0471950602: Mathematical Theory of Reliability of Time Dependent Systems with Practical Applications
0471950629: Image Based Measurement Systems : Object Recognition and Parameter Estimation
0471950645: Digital Speech : Coding for Low Bit Rate Communication Systems
0471950661: Transonic Vortical Gas Flows
0471950718: Late Night Guide to C++
0471950726: Fax Modem Sourcebook
0471950785: Handbook of Memory Disorders
0471950815: Store Wars : The Battle for Mindspace and Shelfspace
0471950823: Data Warehousing
0471950831: Optical Line Systems : Transmission Aspects
0471950866: Designing Interactive Strategy : From Value Chain to Value Constellation
0471950874: Beyond Business Process Reengineering : Towards the Holonic Enterprise
0471950882: Business Process Reengineering : BreakPoint Strategies for Market Dominance
0471950955: Biological Management of Tropical Soil Fertility
0471950971: Practical Guide to Clinical Virology
0471950998: Stochastic Geometry and Its Applications
0471951005: People and Environment in Africa
0471951048: Choquet-Deny Type Functional Equations with Applications to Scholastic Models : Equations with Applications to Probability and Statistics
0471951056: Restoration of Temperate Wetlands
0471951072: Dictionary of Plant Toxins : Phytotoxins
0471951080: Stochastic Programming
0471951099: High-Speed Networks
0471951110: Molecular Genetics of Bacteria
0471951129: Monoterpenoid Indole Alkaloids Vol. 25 : Supplement to Part 4
0471951137: Software Failure : Amazing Stories and Cautionary Tales
0471951145: Computing for Scientists : Principles of Programming with Fortran 90 and C++
0471951196: Rock Weathering and Landform Evolution
0471951226: New Anticonvulsants : Advances in the Treatment of Epilepsy
0471951269: Dictionary of Communications Technology : Terms, Definitions and Abbreviations
0471951358: Self-Tuning Control for Two-Dimensional Processes
0471951366: Diagnosing the System for Organizations
0471951390: Children's Phobias : A Behavioral Perspective
0471951412: Computer Support for Cooperative Work
0471951439: Synthesis and Applications of Isotopically Labelled Compounds 1994 : 1994 Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium, Strasburg, France, 20-24 June 1994
0471951455: Alzheimer's Disease : Optimizing Drug Development Strategies
0471951463: Artificial Life and Virtual Reality
0471951498: Advances in Acoustics Technology
0471951501: Practical Gamma-Ray Spectrometry
0471951552: Mammalian Metabolism of Agrochemicals Vol. 8 : Process in Pesticide Biochemistry and Toxicology
0471951560: Computer Generated Colour: A Practical Guide to Presentation and Display
0471951579: Business Taxation in the European Union
0471951668: Cystic Fibrosis--Current Topics Vol. 2 : Current Topics
0471951684: Geriatric Psychiatry : Key Research Topics for Clinicians
0471951706: Theory and Practical Application of Adjuvants
0471951714: Chemistry of Amino, Nitroso, Nitro and Related Groups
0471951730: Public Interest Perspectives in Environmental Law
0471951773: European Community Aeronautics Research
0471951870: Business Objects : Software Solutions
0471951951: Trigonometry by Wilson, Louis L.; New, Bill D.
0471951978: Urban and Regional Models in Geography and Planning
0471951986: From Idea to Working Model
0471951994: NMR Spectroscopy : Basic Principles, Concepts, and Applications in Chemistry
0471952036: Fluorine-Containing Amino Acids : Synthesis and Properties
0471952044: Divided Britain
0471952060: Software Process Modelling and Technology
0471952079: European Union
0471952087: Readings in Investments
0471952109: Housing, Financial Markets and the Wider Economy
0471952125: Intellectual Property Laws of Europe
0471952168: Fourteenth International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy : Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy, 22-26 August 1994, Hong Kong
0471952192: Research Foundations for Psychotherapy Practice
0471952214: Durability and Change
0471952230: Exponent Attractors for Dissipative Evolution Equations
0471952265: Environmental Law : A Practical Handbook
0471952273: Waste Management Law : A Practical Handbook
0471952346: Calcium, Waves, Gradients and Oscillations
0471952362: Research Advances in Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders
0471952397: European Corporate Insolvency : A Practical Guide
0471952400: Pension Power : Understanding and Control Your Most Valuable Asset
0471952419: International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology 1995
0471952427: Vaccination and World Health : The LSHTM Fourth Annual Public Health Forum
0471952478: Data and Image Compression : Tools and Techniques
0471952486: Floods : Physical Processes and Human Impacts
0471952508: Stereoselective Synthesis
0471952516: Immunological and Molecular Aspects of Bacterial Virulence
0471952524: Flexibility and Constraint in Behavioral Systems
0471952532: Science and Engineering of Thermal Spray Coatings
0471952559: Schizophrenia : Exploring the Spectrum of Psychosis
0471952575: Laboratory Animals : An Introduction for Experiments
0471952583: Stress, the Immune System and Psychiatry
0471952591: Meningococcal Disease
0471952664: Cancer Metastasis : From Mechanisms to Therapies
0471952680: Applications of Synthetic Resin Latices : Fundamental Chemistry of Latices and Applications in Adhesives
0471952699: Understanding the Process of Operational Research : Collected Readings
0471952702: Travel Guide to the Scientific Sited of the British Isles : A Guide to the People, Places and Landmarks of Science
0471952729: Human Resources and Industrial Spaces : A Perspective on Globalization and Localization
0471952745: Unfair Terms in Consumer Agreements - The New Rules Explained
0471952753: Immunoassays
0471952788: Organic Reactions : Simplicity and Logic
0471952796: Cell Adhesion and Human Disease : Symposium
0471952834: Science for the Earth : Can Science Make the World a Better Place?
0471952842: Science for the Earth : Can Science Make the World a Better Place?
0471952877: Advances in the Neurobiology of Schizophrenia
0471952885: Practical Guide to Clinical Bacteriology
0471952931: Virus and Virus-Like Diseases of Bulb and Flower Crops
0471952958: Knowledge-Based Decision Support Systems With Applications in Business
0471952966: Electronic Component Reliability : Fundamentals, Modelling, Evaluation, and Assurance
0471952982: Principles of Lightwave Communications
0471952990: Econometric Analysis of Panel Data
0471953008: Econometric Analysis of Panel Data
0471953016: Environmental Behaviour of Agrochemicals
0471953075: Reactions in Solution Vol. 1 : An Applied Analytical Approach
0471953113: Maximum Entropy Econometrics : Robust Estimation with Limited Data
0471953148: Stable Paretian Models in Finance
0471953172: Banks and Bad Debts : Accounting for Loan Losses in International Banking
0471953180: Modelling Financial Time Series
0471953202: International Money and Foreign Exchange Markets
0471953237: Advances in Mass Spectrometry : Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Advanced in Mass Spectrometry, 1994, Budapest, Hungary)
0471953245: Movement and Allied Disorders in Childhood
0471953253: Reforming Health Care
0471953261: Serial Networked Field Instrumentation
0471953288: Impulsivity and Aggression
0471953318: Flow Injection Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
0471953326: Surface Properties of Silicas
0471953334: Directional Statistics
0471953377: Organic Reaction Mechanisms Vol. 93 : An Annual Survey of Literature, 1993
0471953415: Business Guide to European Community Legislation
0471953423: Monosaccharides : Their Chemistry and Their Roles in Natural Products
0471953431: Monosaccharides : Their Chemistry and Their Roles in Natural Products
0471953458: Critical Heuristics of Social Planning : A New Approach to Practical Philosophy
0471953482: Clinical Approaches to Working with Young Offenders
0471953490: Working with Offenders : Psychological Practice in Offender Rehabilitation
0471953504: Modelling and Simulation : Sixth Bay International Fluid Power Workshop: Held at the University of Bath, England, 23rd-24th September, 1993
0471953512: Breakthrough Management : How to Convert Priority Objectives into Results
0471953520: Business Processes : Modelling and Analysis for Re-Engineering and Improvement
0471953539: Product Development : Meeting the Challenge of the Design-Marketing Interface
0471953547: EDI in Europe : How It Works in Practice
0471953555: Group Model Building : Facilitating Team Learning Using System Dynamics
0471953571: Handbook of Systems Analysis Vol. 3 : Cases
0471953601: Quantitative Financial Economics : Stocks, Bonds and Foreign Exchange
0471953628: Advances in Optotronics and Avionics Technologies
0471953636: Advances in Techniques for Engine Applications : Techniques for Aero-Engines
0471953644: Hydride Generation Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
0471953660: Geothermal Energy
0471953717: User Interface Design Book for the Applications Programmer
0471953733: Treatment Approaches for Alcohol and Drug Dependence : An Introductory Guide
0471953741: Biological Psychiatry
0471953776: Capillary Gas Chromatography
0471953784: Handbook of Blood Transfusion Therapy
0471953822: Somatostatin and Its Receptors
0471953830: Advanced Scientific Fortran
0471953903: Spectrochemical Methods of Analysis
0471953938: Evolving Professional Self : Stages and Themes in Therapist and Counselor Development
0471954004: Luminescence Spectrometry in Analytical Chemistry.
0471954012: Trace Analysis Spectroscopic Methods for Elements
0471954039: Depression and the Spiritual in Modern Art : Homage to Mirs
0471954055: Terra 2 : Understanding the Terrestrial Environment: Remote Sensing Data Systems and Networks
0471954071: Protecting LAN Resources : A Comprehensive Guide to Securing, Protecting and Rebuilding a Network
0471954098: Parallel Processing in Cellular Arrays
0471954136: English for Oncology (English for Medical Specialty)
0471954160: Competition : Fair or Foul? Organizing EC Competition Law Compliance
0471954179: Magnetism : Principles and Applications
0471954195: Stereoselective Synthesis
0471954209: Global Continental Palaeohydrology
0471954225: Earthwatch
0471954322: Nutrition and Aging
0471954403: Nutrition and Development
0471954411: Childhood Obesity
0471954489: Mars and the Developement of Life
0471954586: Hidden Universe
0471954616: Applications of Synthetic Resin Latices, Latices in Surface Coatings - Emulsion Paints
0471954624: Applications of Synthetic Resin Latices
0471954632: Role of Nonliving Organic Matter in the Earth's Carbon Cycle
0471954640: Advances in Environmental Remote Sensing
0471954667: Integrated and Simultaneous Design for Robotic Assembly
0471954683: Gas Chromatography : Analytical Chemistry by Open Learning
0471954691: Animal Breeding
0471954705: Quality in the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
0471954748: Optical Metrology
0471954764: Symmetry and Structure : Readable Group Theory for Chemists
0471954772: Spray Atomization and Deposition
0471954780: Agriculture and Environmental Change : Temporal and Spatial Dimensions
0471954799: Nuclear Condensed Matter Physics : Nuclear Methods and Applications
0471954802: Total Area Networking
0471954810: ESD in Silicon Integrated Circuits
0471954829: Failure Mechanisms in Semiconductor Devices
0471954845: Ecology of Woodland Creation
0471954853: People and Politics
0471954918: Mental Illness in General Health Care : An International Study
0471954942: Nonlinear Theory of Shells Through Variational Principles : From Elemetary Algebra to Different Geometry
0471954969: Free Radicals in Organic Chemistry
0471955000: Intravenous Nutrition in the High Risk
0471955078: Survival and Religion : Biological Evolution and Cultural Change
0471955108: Understanding the Problem of Operational Research : Collected Readings
0471955124: Introduction to Organosulfur Chemistry
0471955132: Non-Reproductive Actions of Sex Steroids
0471955140: Polarons and Applications
0471955175: Time Effects in Rock Mechanics
0471955183: Environmental Management : Issues and Solutions
0471955191: Clinical Handbook of Marriage and Couples Interventions
0471955213: Methyl Bromide Issue
0471955221: Limit Theorems in Change-Point Analysis
0471955256: Diabetes Prediction, Prevention, and Genetic Counselling in IDDM
0471955264: Justice and Health Care : Comparative Perspectives
0471955299: Computer Algebra in Industry 2 : Problem Solving in Practice
0471955302: People and Environment in Africa
0471955353: Practical Numerical Analysis
0471955426: Dictionary of Communications Technology : Terms, Definitions and Abbreviations
0471955477: Symmetry and Structure : Readable Group Theory for Chemists
0471955558: Introduction to Applied and Environmental Geophysics
0471955566: Island Tourism : Management Principles and Practice
0471955582: Climate Modelling Primer
0471955590: Standard Methods for Analysis and Testing of Petroleum and Related Products 1995
0471955639: Metal Vapour Ion Lasers : Kinetic Processes and Gas Discharges
0471955647: Molecular and Clinical Aspects of Bacterial Vaccine Development
0471955698: Natural Management of Woods : Continuous Cover Forestry
0471955701: Dynamic Nature of Ecosystems : Chaos and Order Entwined
0471955787: Hidden Mind : Psychology, Psychotherapy and Unconscious Processes
0471955795: Emotionally Abused and Neglected Child : Identification, Assessment and Intervention
0471955817: Anxiety : Theory, Research and Intervention in Clinical and Health Psychology
0471955868: Creative Computing in Health and Social Care
0471955876: Benchmarking Workbook : With Examples and Ready-Made Forms
0471955884: Quality Systems Manual : The Definitive Guide to ISO 9000 Family and TickIT
0471955892: Computational Fluid Dynamics Review 1995
0471955906: Solving Problem Solving
0471955965: Computing for Scientists : Principles of Programming with Fortran 90 and C++
0471955981: Crystallography
0471956007: Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors : Advances in Basic Research and Clinical Practice
0471956031: Introduction to Management for Engineers
0471956058: Cyber Business : Mindsets for a Wired Age
0471956066: Towards the Visual Microprocessor : VLSI Design and the Use of Cellular Neural Network Universal Machines
0471956082: EU : Understanding the Brussels Process
0471956120: John Dewey As Educator : His Design for Work in Education, (1894-1904)
0471956155: John Dewey As Educator : His Design for Work in Education, (1894-1904)
0471956198: Geography Change South Africa
0471956201: An Introduction to Industrial Organic Chemistry
0471956228: Managing Derivative Risk
0471956236: Econometric Inference Using Simulation Techniques
0471956260: Marketing and Social Issues (Marketing S.)
0471956317: Organic Structures from Spectra
0471956333: Social Aspects of Sustainable Dryland Management
0471956341: Hydrology
0471956368: Fuzzy Sets, Fuzzy Logic Fuzzy Methods With Applications
0471956392: Plastic Optical Fibres - Practical Applications
0471956414: Cellular Mobile Radio Systems : Designing Systems for Capacity Optimization
0471956422: Handbook of Image Processing Operators
0471956430: Power System Dynamics and Stability
0471956449: Foundation and Electroheat : A Unified Approach
0471956457: Advanced Vehicles and Infrastructure Systems : Computer Applications, Control and Automation
0471956511: Wind Loads on Structures
0471956562: Structural Analysis, Design and Control by the Virtual Distortion Method
0471956597: Computational Heat Transfer Vol. 1 : Mathematical Modelling
0471956600: Computational Heat Transfer - The Finite Difference Methodology
0471956619: Buckling Experiments : Basic Concepts, Columns, Beams and Plates
0471956627: Finite Element Modeling of Environmental Problems : Surface and Subsurface Flow and Transport
0471956643: Hydraulic Fracture Mechanics : A Unified Approach
0471956651: Ultra-Fast and Ultra-Parallel Optoelectronics
0471956686: Assessment : Problems, Developments and Statistical Issues
0471956694: Man and His Physical Universe. An Integrated Course in Physical Science.
0471956740: Ordinary Differential Equations in Theory and Practice
0471956767: Theory and Algorithms for Linear Optimization : An Interior Point Approach
0471956791: Optimal Control : Basics and Beyond
0471956864: What Works : Reducing Reoffending Guidelines from Research and Practice
0471956872: Molecular Chemistry of the Transition Elements : An Introductory Course
0471956899: Molecular Aspects of Aging : Report of the Dahlem Workshop on Molecular Aspects of Aging, Berlin, 13-18 February, 1994
0471956902: Robotic Observatories
0471956929: Trends in Organizational Behavior
0471956945: Doing Business in the Uk
0471956961: Parallel Solution Methods in Computational Mechanics
0471956988: Antibody Applications : Essential Techniques
0471957003: Organization of Data Processing Function (Wiley business data processing library)
0471957046: Business Guide to Competition Law
0471957054: Development of the Cerebral Cortex
0471957062: Chemistry of Organophosphorus Compounds Vol. 4 : Ter- And Quinque-Valent Phosphorous Acids and Their Derivatives
0471957070: European Review of Social Psychology
0471957097: Model Code of Safe Practice Vol. 20 : Code of Practice for the Design and Operation of On-Board Truck Computer Systems for Road Tankers
0471957127: Practical Guide to Modern Hematology Analyzers
0471957135: Anxiolytic Compounds : Perspectives in Drug Development
0471957143: Understanding and Teaching Children with Autism
0471957151: Orchids : Scientific Studies
0471957178: Solute Modelling in Catchment Systems
0471957186: Molecular Biology and Pathology of Elastic Tissues
0471957194: Genetics of Criminal and Antisocial Behaviour
0471957208: T Cell Subsets in Infectious and Autoimmune Diseases
0471957240: Techniques in Fractal Geometry
0471957275: Changing River Channels
0471957283: Sediment and Water Quality in River Catchments
0471957291: Psychopharmacology : An Introduction
0471957348: Immobilised Living Cell Systems : Modelling and Experimental Methods
0471957364: Quantum Theory, Black Holes and Inflation
0471957380: Simulation in Manufacturing
0471957399: Electronic, Optoelectronic and Magnetic Thin Films : Proceedings of the Eight International School in Condensed Matter Physics, Varna, Bulgaria, 18th-23rd September 1994
0471957402: Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers
0471957437: Frequency Domain Filtering Strategies for Hybrid Optical Information Processing
0471957461: Electromagnetic Transients in Power Systems
0471957518: Strategic Renaissance and Business Transformation
0471957526: Steepland Geomorphology
0471957534: Rehabilitation of Rivers : Principles and Implementation
0471957542: Geomorphology and Groundwater
0471957666: Protocols for Gene Transfer in Neuroscience : Towards Gene Therapy of Neurological Disorders
0471957674: Practical Reliability Engineering
0471957690: Special Trends in Thermal Analysis
0471957704: Macromolecular Syntheses
0471957712: Psychology of Pain
0471957720: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder : A Cognitive and Neuropsychological Perspective
0471957739: Psychology of Pain
0471957747: Modern Techniques in Raman Spectroscopy
0471957755: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder : A Cognitive Neuropsychological Perspective
0471957860: Brief Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy
0471957879: Understanding Psychological Preparation for Sports
0471957887: Trends in Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies
0471957925: Spacecraft Systems Engineering
0471957941: Systems Modelling for Energy Policy
0471957968: Sitting in the Hot Seat : Leaders and Teams for Critical Incident Management
0471957984: From Concepts to Capabilities : Understanding and Exploiting Change As a Competitive Advantage
0471958042: Project Risk Management : Processes, Techniques and Insights
0471958069: Strategic Integration
0471958107: Solution Techniques for Large-Scale Cfd Problems
0471958123: MDI and TDI : A Source Book and Practical Guide
0471958158: Stochastic Programming Problems with Probability and Quantile Functions
0471958166: Statistical Shape Analysis
0471958182: Surface Coatings : Science and Technology
0471958190: Software Reuse : A Holistic Approach
0471958204: Systems Information and Information Systems : Making Sense of the Field
0471958212: Improving Safety Culture : A Practical Guide
0471958220: Beyond the Information Systems Outsourcing Bandwagon - The Insourcing Response
0471958239: Eleventh Commandment : Transforming to Own Customers
0471958263: Transformation of Meaning in Psychological Therapies
0471958298: Contemporary International Hypnosis : Proceedings of the XIIIth International Congress on Hypnosis, Melbourne, Australia, August 6-12, 1994
0471958301: Metal Speciation and Bioavailability in Aquatic Systems
0471958336: Geographic Information from Space : Processes and Applications of Geocoded Satellite Images
0471958352: Formal Methods for Real-Time Computing
0471958395: Encyclopedia of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Vol. 1 : Historical Perspectives
0471958409: Palaeoecological Events During the Last 15,000 Years : Regional Synthesis of Palaeoecological Studies in Lakes and Mires in Europe
0471958425: Salt Weathering Hazards
0471958433: Ultraviolet Reflections : Life under a Thinning Ozone Layer
0471958476: Scale Issues in Hydrological Modelling
0471958484: Functional Analysis in Clinical Psychology
0471958492: Experimentation, Modelling and Computationing Flow, Turbulence and Combustion
0471958506: Finite Element Approximation for Optimal Shape, Material and Topology Design
0471958530: Active Galactic Nuclei
0471958549: Trends in Software Process
0471958573: Formal Methods Fact File : VDM and Z
0471958654: Instrumental Element and Multi-Element Analysis of Plant Samples : Methods and Applications
0471958662: Multivariabl Control System Design Techniques : Dominance and Direct Methods
0471958670: Fuzzy Expert System Tools
0471958697: Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture
0471958700: Display Systems : Design and Applications
0471958719: Virtual Reality Homebrewer's Handbook
0471958751: Advanced Signal Processing and Digital Noise Reduction
0471958778: Access to B-ISDN Via Pons
0471958808: LAN Testing and Troubleshooting : Reliability Tuning Techniques
0471958867: Stress, Stress Hormones and the Immune System
0471958883: Understanding and Teaching Children with Autism
0471958891: Cycles of Child Maltreatment : Facts, Fallacies and Interventions
0471958905: Cancer and the Family
0471958913: Benchmarking : A Signpost to Excellence in Quality and Productivity
0471958980: Demand Analysis
0471959022: Principles of Physical Chemistry : Understanding Molecules, Molecular Assemblies, Supramolecular Machines
0471959030: Lymphocyte Signalling : Mechanisms, Subversion, and Manipulation
0471959049: Protective Oxide Scales and Their Breakdown
0471959057: Practical Clinical Enzymology : Techniques and Interpretations and Biochemical Profiling
0471959081: Rethinking Strategic Management : Ways to Improve Competitive Performance
0471959111: Methods to Assess the Effects of Chemicals on Ecosystems
0471959154: Practical Clinical Microbiology and Mycology : Techniques and Interpretations
0471959189: Biomedical Applications of Spectroscopy
0471959197: Molecular Chemistry of the Transition Elements : An Introductory Course
0471959200: Supramolecular Control of Structure and Reactivity
0471959219: Modelling Molecular Structures
0471959235: Modelling Molecular Structures
0471959243: Physical Chemistry of Non-aqueous Solutions of Cellulose and Its Derivatives
0471959251: Stochastic Processes for Insurance and Finance
0471959278: Rural Restructuring : Global Processes and Their Responses
0471959286: Technological Change and the Rural Enviornment
0471959294: Rural Enterprise : Shifting Perspectives on Small-Scale Production
0471959324: Regulating Agriculture
0471959340: Organic Reaction Mechanisms : An Annual Survey of Literature, 1994
0471959359: Atmospheric Particles
0471959367: Structure and Surface Reactions of Soil Particles
0471959383: Advanced Applications of NMR to Organometallic Chemistry
0471959405: Trying Sociology
0471959413: Calcium Signalling in the Nervous System
0471959421: Chronicle of Pre-Telescopic Astronomy
0471959499: Semiconductors
0471959510: Economic Causes of Imperialism
0471959529: Geoscience Instrumentation
0471959537: Cytokine Regulation of Humoral Immunity : Basic and Clinical Aspects
0471959545: Sociology of Crime and Delinquency
0471959553: Sociology of Crime and Delinquency
0471959561: Supplement A3 : The Chemistry of Double-Bonded Functional Groups
0471959588: Crime and Culture
0471959596: Calculus : An Applied Approach
0471959626: Marine Gas Turbines
0471959642: Ultramicro Weight Determination in Controlled Environments
0471959650: Wonnacott Statistics
0471959669: Introductory Statistics
0471959715: Introductory Statistics
0471959723: Introductory Statistics for Business and Economics
0471959790: Project Manpower Management : Management Process in Construction Practice
0471959804: Introductory Statistics for Business and Economics
0471959812: Econometrics
0471959820: Introductory Statistics
0471959839: The Legacy Of The American Civil War
0471959847: The Legacy of the American Civil War
0471959855: Electromechanical Dynamics : Discrete Systems
0471959944: Chemical Warfare Agents : Toxicology and Treatment
0471959987: Commercial Bank Loan and Investment Behavior
0471960039: Elementary Mechanics of Plastic Flow in Metal Forming
0471960047: Local Resource Management in Africa
0471960063: Statistical Experiment Design and Interpretation : An Introduction with Agricultural Examples
0471960071: Immunotherapy in Cancer
0471960128: Development of European Gas Markets : Environmental, Economic and Political Perspectives
0471960144: New Russian Space Programme : From Competition to Collaboration
0471960217: Stress : Conceptual and Biological Aspects
0471960241: Aurora : Sun-Earth Interactions
0471960276: RISC Systems and Applications
0471960292: Polymer Spectroscopy
0471960306: A Study of Antimetabolites
0471960314: Basic Geological Mapping
0471960330: Heterocycles in Life and Society : An Introduction to Heterocyclic Chemistry and Biochemistry and the Role of Heterocycles in Science, Technology, Medicine and Agriculture
0471960349: Heterocycles in Life and Society : An Introduction to Heterocyclic Chemistry and Biochemistry and the Role of Heterocycles in Science, Technology, Medicine and Agriculture
0471960365: Inorganic Materials
0471960403: Project Management in the Process Industries
0471960411: Upwelling in the Ocean : Modern Processes and Ancient Records
0471960438: Gel Electrophoresis
0471960462: Reuters Guide to World Bond Markets
0471960470: Values and the Environment : A Social Science Perspective
0471960500: Active Galactic Nuclei
0471960551: Personality Change.
0471960586: Post Traumatic Stress Disorders : Concepts and Therapy
0471960608: Analysing Design Activity
0471960616: Plant Response to Air Pollution
0471960624: Global Perspectives on River Conservation
0471960683: N-Nylons : Their Synthesis, Structure, and Properties
0471960748: Agricultural and Environmental Research in Small Countries : Innovative Approaches to Strategic Planning
0471960756: Dictionary of Environmental Science and Technology
0471960764: Integrated Pest Management in the Tropics : Current Status and Future Prospects
0471960799: Elements of Molecular Neurobiology
0471960829: Behavioural Gerontology : Central Issues in the Psychology of Aging
0471960934: High Latitude Climate and Remote Sensing
0471960942: Molecular Biology of HIV/AIDS
0471960969: Economics of American Forestry
0471960977: Modern Techniques for Polymer Characterisation
0471961019: Worster Environmental Pr (Wiley Sourcebooks in American Social Thought)
0471961043: Principles and Practice of Clinical Mycology
0471961086: Handbook of Mental Health Economics and Health Policy, Schizophrenia
0471961116: International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology 1996
0471961124: Valuing the Environment : Economic Approaches to Environmental Evaluation
0471961159: Fundamentals of Psychopharmacology
0471961167: Managing Bank Capital : Capital Allocation and Performance Measurement
0471961175: Manager and the Internal Auditor
0471961191: Territories, Boundaries and Consciousness : The Changing Geographies of the Finnish-Russian Border
0471961205: Antiviral Drug Resistance
0471961213: Regolith, Soils and Landforms
0471961221: EC Distribution Law
0471961256: P2 Purionoceptors : Localization, Function and Transduction Mechanisms -No. 198
0471961264: Investment Biker
0471961280: Design and Performance : Eighth Bath International Fluid Power Workshop: Held at the University of Bath, England, 20th-22nd September 1995
0471961345: Finite-Element Modeling of Unbounded Media
0471961361: Handbook of the Clinical Psychology of Ageing
0471961396: River Channel Restoration : Guiding Principles for Sustainable Projects
0471961418: Depressive Disorder in Childhood and Adolescence
0471961450: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
0471961485: Depression and Physical Illness
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