0471961515: Experimental Reversal of Acid Rain Effects : The Gardsjon Roof Project
0471961523: Variation in the Human Genome
0471961558: Dictionary of Metallurgy
0471961604: Doing Business in the US : Legal Opportunities and Pitfalls
0471961620: Dispersion in Estuaries and Coastal Waters
0471961639: Low Cost Urban Sanitation
0471961647: International Business Finance : A Concise Introduction
0471961663: Signal Processing for Industrial Diagnostics
0471961728: Trends in Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies
0471961736: Cognitive Therapy for Delusions, Voices and Paranoia
0471961744: Cycles of Child Maltreatment : Facts, Fallacies and Interventions
0471961752: Psychology of Criminal Conduct : Theory, Research and Practice
0471961825: Organizational Transformation and Learning : A Cybernetic Approach to Management
0471961833: Strategic Planning for Information Systems
0471961868: N-Centered Radicals
0471961876: Theoretical Aspects and Computer Modeling of the Molecular Solid State
0471961930: International Offshore Engineering : Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Offshore Engineering Held at COPPE, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 1995
0471961965: Epidemiological Research Methods
0471961973: Bayesian Approach to Interpreting Archaeological Data
0471962007: Quaternionic and Clifford Calculus for Physicists and Engineers
0471962066: Brief Therapy with Couples : An Integrative Approach
0471962090: Modern Banking in Theory and Practice
0471962120: Principles of External Auditing
0471962147: Climate Change : Developing Southern Hemisphere Perspectives
0471962155: Sedimentary Rocks in the Field
0471962163: Atmosphere and Ocean : A Physical Introduction
0471962198: Dictionary of Environmental and Sustainable Development
0471962201: Dictionary of Environmental and Sustainable Development
0471962252: Immunology for Life Scientists : A Basic Introduction
0471962260: Eccomas, '96
0471962279: Networking Spatial Information Systems
0471962287: Flexible Work Arrangements
0471962309: Merchant Princes of the East : Cultural Delusions, Economic Success and the Overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia
0471962317: Methods and Techniques in Human Geography
0471962368: Geography into the Twenty-First Century
0471962384: Course of Applied Functional Analysis
0471962392: Large Ions : Their Vaporization, Detection and Structural Analysis
0471962406: Principles of Communication Engineering
0471962414: Structure, Energetics and Dynamics of Organic Ions
0471962430: Hypermedia Image Processing Reference CD
0471962538: Large-Scale Structures in the Universe
0471962597: Research in Health Care : Design, Conduct and Interpretation of Health Services Research
0471962600: Abnormalities of IgG Glycosylation and Immunological Disorders
0471962619: CAD Method for Industrial Assembly : Concurrent Design of Products, Equipment and Control Systems
0471962678: Vectors - Expression Systems : Essential Techinques
0471962686: I2C Bus : From Theory to Practice
0471962694: Consumers and Services
0471962708: Mathematics of Finite Elements and Application : Highlights 1996
0471962716: Restraint of Trade
0471962724: Health at the Crossroads : Transport Policy and Urban Health
0471962732: Dictionary of Environmental Science and Engineering : English-Spanish/Spanish-English
0471962759: Handbook of Organic Conductive Molecules and Polymers
0471962767: Management of a Multicultural Workforce
0471962775: Cityports, Coastal Zones and Regional Change : International Perspectives on Planning and Management
0471962791: Computational Learning and Probabilistic Reasoning
0471962805: Modern Heuristic Search Methods
0471962813: Fuzzy Logic
0471962821: Neural Networks and Their Applications
0471962945: Introduction to Queueing Networks
0471962953: Deregulating Telecommunications : The Baby Bells Case for Competition
0471963003: Maillard Reaction
0471963054: Well Logging for Physical Properties : A Handbook for Geophysicists, Geologists, and Engineers
0471963143: Essential Oils : Analysis by Capillary Gas Chromatography and Carbon-13 NMR Spectroscopy
0471963151: Cell Biology
0471963178: Land Degradation in Mediterranean Environments of the World : Nature and Extent, Causes and Solutions
0471963240: DNA Isolation and Sequencing
0471963259: Statistics from Scratch
0471963267: Downstream Processing of Natural Products
0471963283: Data Warehousing
0471963305: Multiple Selves, Multiple Voices : Working with Trauma, Violation, and Dissociation
0471963313: Activity-Based Costing and Management
0471963321: Clinical Audit in Mental Health : Toward a Multidisciplinary Approach
0471963380: Switching Theory : Architectures and Performance in Broadband ATM Networks
0471963399: Quantitative Analysis in Marketing Management
0471963402: Introduction to ATM Design and Performance: With Applications Analysis Software
0471963410: Waves of Fortune : The Past, Present and Future of the UK Continental Shelves in the Oil and Gas Industries
0471963429: Integrated Environmental Management Handbook
0471963437: Brief Therapeutic Consultations : An Approach to Systemic Counselling
0471963453: Glacial Geology : Ice Sheets and Landforms
0471963461: Fractional Fourier Transform
0471963488: Principles and Practice of Geriatric Medicine
0471963496: Revitalizing Rural America : A Perspective on Collaboration and Community
0471963518: Understanding Fossils
0471963534: Cystic Fibrosis--Current Topics
0471963542: Ethnicity and Development : Geographical Perspectives
0471963550: Algorithms and Data Structures in C++
0471963569: Data Visualization Techniques
0471963577: Concise Lexicon of Environmental Terms
0471963585: Hughes' Outline of Modern Psychiatry
0471963607: Biological Psychiatry
0471963615: Nature and Origin of Amyloid Fibrils
0471963623: Olfaction in Mosquito-Host Interactions
0471963631: Quantum Theory of Matter : A Novel Introduction
0471963674: Igniting Innovation : Inspiring Organisations by Managing Creativity
0471963682: Directory of Listed Derivative Contracts 1996/97
0471963712: Chemistry and Technology of Isocyanates
0471963720: Monocyclic Azepines
0471963739: Regulation of Body Weight : Biological and Behavioral Mechanisms
0471964301: Quantitative Analysis in Marketing Management
0471964328: Feminist Perspectives in Therapy : An Empowerment Model for Women
0471964336: Computer-Assisted Analytical Spectroscopy
0471964352: Statistics for the Environment, Pollution Assessment and Control
0471964379: Environmental Risks and Rewards for Business
0471964433: Transgenic Plants : A Production System for Industrial and Pharmaceutical Proteins
0471964468: Yeast Physiology and Biotechnology
0471964484: Listen to the Emerging Markets of Southeast Asia : Long-Term Strategies for Effective Partnerships
0471964492: Diversity Management : Triple Loop Learning
0471964522: Designing for Change : A Practical Guide to Business Transformation
0471964530: Groundbreakers : The Key 100 Growth Companies in the UK
0471964549: Information, Organization and Management : Expanding Markets and Corporate Boundaries
0471964557: Tools for Thinking : Modelling in Management Science
0471964565: Dealing with the New Russia : Management Cultures in Collision
0471964654: European Construction Contracts Update
0471964743: Cognitive Therapy of Anxiety Disorders : A Practice Manual and Conceptual Guide
0471964778: Landslide Recognition : Identification, Movement and Causes
0471964794: Total Business Design
0471964808: Environmental Planning and Sustainability
0471964824: Organic Waste Recycling : Technology and Management
0471964883: Joining Processes : An Introduction
0471964972: Fixing Health Budgets
0471965014: European Review of Social Psychology
0471965022: X-Rays : The First Hundred Years
0471965065: Origins and Consequences of Obesity
0471965103: Health Impacts of Large Releases of Radionuclides
0471965162: Managing Information Systems : Strategies for Action
0471965189: Pharmaceutical Industry in the Global Market
0471965219: Online Searching : A Scientist's Perspective
0471965227: Modern Spectroscopy
0471965235: Modern Spectroscopy
0471965243: Evolution of the Universe
0471965308: Ordinary Differential Equations in Theory and Practice
0471965316: Elliptic Functions : A Constructive Approach
0471965340: Modelling Transport
0471965367: Polarization of Light
0471965375: European Social Law
0471965383: Counterexamples in Probability
0471965391: Essentials of Semiconductor Physics
0471965405: Essentials of Semiconductor Physics
0471965413: Principles of Physical Chemistry : Understanding, Molecules, Molecular Assemblies, Supramolecular Machines
0471965448: Derivatives
0471965480: PatientWise
0471965537: Geostatistics for Environmental Scientists
0471965545: Applied Mixed Models in Medicine
0471965553: Concepts in Chemistry : A Contemporary Challenge
0471965626: Modern Methods and Applications in Analysis of Explosives
0471965634: Handbook of Firearms and Ballistics : Examining and Interpreting Forensic Evidence
0471965669: Thermal Design of Heat Exchangers
0471965677: Molecular Basis of Cellular Defence Mechanisms
0471965685: Controlling your Class : A Teacher's Guide to Managing Classroom Behavior
0471965693: Interest-Rate Option Models
0471965707: Handbook of Beach and Shoreface Morphodynamics
0471965715: Assessment of Health Care Technologies : Case Studies, Key Concepts and Strategic Issues
0471965723: Deciphering the Market : Principles of Chart Reading and Trading Stocks, Commodities and Currencies
0471965731: Abnormal Illness Behaviour
0471965782: International Media Liability : Civil Liability in the Information Age
0471965790: Merchandising Intellectual Property Rights
0471965812: German Limited Liability Company
0471965839: Construction and Assessment of Classification Rules
0471965847: People and Tourism in Fragile Environments
0471965863: Way the Modern World Works : World Hegemony to World Impasse
0471965871: Cartographic Design : Theoretical and Practical Perspectives
0471965898: Implementation Challenge
0471965928: Vegetation Mapping : From Patch to Planet
0471965936: Handbook of Organic Conductive Molecules and Polymers
0471965944: Handbook of Organic Conductive Molecules and Polymers, Conductive Polymers Vol. 2 : Synthesis and Electrical Properties
0471965952: Handbook of Organic Conductive Molecules and Polymers, Conductive Polymers Vol. 3 : Spectroscopy and Physical Properties
0471965979: Biocompatiblity : Assessment of Medical Devices and Materials
0471965995: Global Warming, River Flows and Water Resources
0471966002: Geomorphology sans Frontieres
0471966037: Dictionary of Earth Sciences : English-French - French-English
0471966061: Mars and the Development of Life
0471966088: Risk-Based Contaminated Land Investigation and Assessment
0471966096: Environmental Challenge for Central European Economies in Transition
0471966118: Tropical Climatology : An Introduction to the Climate of the Low Latitudes
0471966142: Judicial Review in Scotland
0471966185: Service Economy : A Geographical Approach
0471966193: Psychology of Emotion : Theories of Emotion in Perspective
0471966258: Culture and the Child
0471966266: Culture and Health : Psychological Perspectives on Problems and Practice
0471966274: Making Sense with Offenders : Personal Constructs, Therapy and Change
0471966304: Role of the Laser in Dermatology : An Atlas
0471966339: Managing Contaminated Sites : Problem Diagnosis and Development of Site Restoration
0471966347: Field Geophysics
0471966363: Contemporary Hydrology : Towards Holistic Environmental Science
0471966398: Scenarios
0471966401: Data Warehousing in Action
0471966428: Medical Accidents Handbook
0471966436: Quality of Life in Mental Disorders
0471966452: Complementary Medicine : A Research Perspective
0471966460: Waterborne Disease : Epidemiology and Ecology
0471966479: Improving the Quality of Patient Care
0471966487: Reproductive Biology of Invertebrates
0471966517: Implementing Derivatives Models
0471966533: Forecasting Financial Markets : Exchange Rates, Interest Rates and Asset Management
0471966584: Stocks and Shares
0471966592: Company Share Options
0471966614: Credit Strategy : The Key to Profitable Trading
0471966622: Environmental Management Systems and Cleaner Production
0471966649: Entry and Residence in Europe : Business Guide to Immigration Rules
0471966657: EC Employment Law
0471966746: Thermodynamic Inequalities in Gases and Magnetoplasmas
0471966754: Calculations in Industrial Chemistry : A Series of Solved Problems
0471966762: Human T-Cell Lymphotropic Virus Type I
0471966789: Diabetic Complications
0471966797: Floodplain Processes
0471966819: Semiconductor Micromachining
0471966827: Semiconductor Micromachining, Techniques and Industrial Applications
0471966835: Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometry
0471966851: Green's Function, Finite Elements and Microwave Planar Circuits
0471966894: Renormalization Methods : Critical Phenomena, Chaos, Fractal Structures
0471966916: Low-Cost Sewerage
0471966959: Water Wells : Implementation, Maintenance and Restoration
0471967017: ATM Networks : Principles and Use
0471967025: Personal Financial Planning : How to Fix Your Finances
0471967033: Schizophrenia : Breaking down the Barriers
0471967041: Handbook of Memory Disorders
0471967084: Design Engineering of Biomaterials for Medical Devices
0471967092: Gene Therapy Technologies, Applications and Regulations
0471967122: Multidrug Resistance in Cancer Cells : Molecular, Biochemical, Physiological and Biological Aspects
0471967130: Genital and Neonatal Herpes
0471967149: AIDS and Malignancies
0471967173: Financial Derivatives in Theory and Practice
0471967203: Smart Card Handbook
0471967262: Road Vehicle Automation II : Towards Systems Integration: ROVA '95 International: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference, Held at Vehicle Systems Research Centre, School of Engineering, Bolton Institute, Bolton, U. K., 11th-13th September, 1995
0471967408: Advances in Slow Sand and Alternative Biological Filtration
0471967416: Genus Aeromonas
0471967432: Ultraviolet and Visible Spectroscopy : Analytical Chemistry by Open Learning
0471967467: Emulsion Polymerization and Emulsion Polymers
0471967483: Chemical Beam Epitaxy and Related Techniques
0471967491: Electron Transfer in Chemistry and Biology : An Introduction to the Theory
0471967505: Analysis of Variance for Sensory Data
0471967513: Dicoordinated Carbocations
0471967521: Thermodynamic Optimization of Finite-Time Processes
0471967556: Molecular Electronic-Structure Theory
0471967572: Chemistry of Organic Silicon Compounds
0471967580: Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations
0471967602: Tandem Techniques
0471967629: Mass Spectrometry : Analytical Chemistry by Open Learning
0471967637: NMR Spectroscopy of the Non-Metallic Elements
0471967653: Photovoltaic Conversion of Concentrated Sunlight
0471967661: Introduction to ATM Networks and B-ISDN
0471967742: Advances in Hillslope Processes
0471967777: Fractal Geometry : Mathematical Foundations and Applications
0471967793: Clinical Child Psychology : Social Learning, Development and Behaviour
0471967807: Millard on Traded Options
0471967831: Clinical Psychology and People with Intellectual Disabilities
0471967858: Volumetric Image Analysis
0471967866: Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI '94
0471967874: Introduction to Managing Technology
0471967882: Century of Arterial Hypertension : 1896-1996
0471967890: Incompressible Flow and the Finite Element Method : Advection-Diffusion and Isothermal Laminar Flow
0471967920: Wavelets : Theory and Applications
0471967939: Numerical Schemes for Conservation Laws
0471967963: Polynomial Based Iteration Methods for Symmetric Linear Systems
0471968013: Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress
0471968056: Pesticide Remediation in Soils and Water
0471968064: Fungicidal Activity
0471968080: Reproductive Biology of Invertebrates, Progress in Reproductive Endocrinology
0471968102: Death of Competition : Leadership and Strategy in the Age of Business Ecosystems
0471968137: Handbook of Organic Conductive Molecules and Polymers
0471968161: Dynamics of Meteorology and Climate
0471968196: Queueing Modelling Fundamentals
0471968218: Passive Energy Dissipation Systems in Structural Engineering
0471968234: Shape and Shape Theory
0471968242: CTI in Action
0471968250: Theories of Visual Perception
0471968382: Techniques for Reducing Pesticide Use : Economic and Environmental Benefits
0471968463: Millard on... Profitable Charting Techniques
0471968498: Depression : Neurobiological, Psychopathological and Therapeutic Advances
0471968501: Drug Development for Women
0471968528: Behavioural Ecotoxicology
0471968579: Barrages : Engineering, Design and Environmental Impacts
0471968617: Quality of Life : Assessment, Analysis, and Interpertation
0471968676: Judicial Review Procedure
0471968714: International Information Technology Law
0471968722: Dental Enamel
0471968749: Measuring the Real World : A Textbook of Applied Statistical Methods
0471968781: Insect Viruses and Pest Management
0471968811: Strategic Learning and Knowledge Management
0471968846: Buying and Selling Volatility
0471968854: Chemistry of the Hydrazo, Azo and Azoxy Groups
0471968889: The Dynamic Earth: Textbook in Geosciences
0471968897: Dynamic Earth : Textbook in Geosciences
0471968927: Simulation Modeling: A Guide to Using SIMSCRIPT
0471969001: Microorganisms and Man
0471969028: Way the Earth Works
0471969079: Edge of Chaos : Financial Booms, Bubbles, Crashes and Chaos
0471969087: Options, Futures and Exotic Derivatives
0471969095: Options, Futures and Exotic Derivatives
0471969109: On-Line Investor : Levelling the Information Playing Field
0471969117: Internal Audit Handbook
0471969125: Strategic Development of Credit Unions
0471969133: Sea-Level Changes
0471969141: Sustainable Management of Tropical Catchments
0471969168: Delict - A Comprehensive Guide to the Law
0471969184: Dictionary of Environmental Science for Lawyers
0471969214: Law of Estoppel, Variation and Waiver
0471969222: Introduction to Bose-Einstein Correlations and Subatomic Interferometry
0471969249: Science in the Service of Physical Education and Sport
0471969257: Using Design Protection in the Fashion Industry
0471969265: LAN Performance : Issues and Answers
0471969311: Psychology, Law and Eyewitness Testimony
0471969346: System Dynamics in Economic and Financial Models
0471969354: Metals as Biomaterials : A Handbook
0471969362: Good Clinical Practice : Standard Operating Procedures for Clinical Researchers
0471969397: Cable Supported Bridges : Concept and Design
0471969478: Workflow Handbook 1997
0471969591: Analysis of the Electrical Activity of the Brain
0471969613: Organometallics in Synthesis : A Manual
0471969648: Alzheimer's Disease : Biology, Diagnosis, and Therapeutics
0471969672: Rat Nervous System : An Introduction to Preparatory Techniques
0471969680: Applied Fluvial Geomorphology for River Engineering and Management
0471969699: Business Driven Human Resource Management
0471969729: Electronic Imaging in Astronomy : Detectors and Instrumentation
0471969737: Bacterial Cell Culture : Essential Data
0471969753: Studies in Quaternary Entomology : An Inordinate Fondness for Insects
0471969761: River Management : The Australasian Experience
0471969796: Bose-Einstein Correlations in Particle and Nuclear Physics : A Collection of Reprints
0471969818: Care in the Community
0471969826: Care in the Community
0471969834: Phobias : A Handbook of Theory, Research and Treatment
0471969893: Migration into Rural Areas
0471969907: Peatlands and Environmental Change
0471969915: Artificial Intelligence in Geography
0471969923: Geopolitics of Antarctica : Views from the Southern Oceanic Rim
0471969958: Controlling Environmental Risks from Chemicals : Principles and Practice
0471969966: Molecular Medicine of Viral Hepatitis
0471969974: Coumarins : Biology, Applications and Mode of Action
0471969982: Forensic Aspects of Sleep
0471969990: Allergic Mechanisms and Ummonotherapeutic Strategies
0471970018: Doppler Ultrasound : Physics, Instrumentation and Signal Processing
0471970026: Physical Principles of Medical Ultrasonics
0471970034: Childhood and Adolescent Diabetes
0471970042: International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology 1997
0471970050: Transformation of Meaning in Psychological Therapies
0471970077: Cognitive Developmental Therapy with Children
0471970115: Optimizing the Clinical Development of Antipsychotic Drugs
0471970123: Rising Trends in Asthma : Symposium
0471970131: Fundamentals of Cardiovascular Pharmacology
0471970158: Handbook of Matrices
0471970166: Gene Transcription, DNA Binding Proteins : Essential Techniques
0471970212: Corporate Governance : Responsibilities, Risks and Remuneration
0471970220: Judicial Review Handbook
0471970239: Marketing in the Cyber Age : The Why, the What and the How
0471970247: Smart Material Structures
0471970395: Energy Stabilization of Electrostatic Accelerators
0471970425: Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics
0471970484: Basic Crystallography
0471970492: Basic Crystallography
0471970522: Interviewing Children : A Guide for Child Care and Forensic Practitioners
0471970530: Winning on the Stock Market
0471970549: Polymer Recycling : Science, Technology and Applications
0471970557: Modern Fluoropolymers : High Performance Polymers for Diverse Applications
0471970565: Metal Oxide Chemistry and Synthesis : From Solution to Solid State
0471970581: Chemistry of Aqua Ions : A Tour Through the Periodic Table of the Elements
0471970603: Operational Auditing Handbook
0471970611: Bioprocess Monitoring
0471970638: Drugs in HIV and AIDS
0471970654: Chemistry of Free Radicals : Peroxyl Radicals
0471970662: Oil Pollution at Sea : Civil Liability and Compensation for Damage
0471970697: Advanced Modal Analysis : Techniques for the Rigorous Design of CAD Techniques for Waveguide Components and Filters
0471970700: Synthesis of Organometallic Compounds : A Practical Guide
0471970727: Challenging Reality : In Search of the Future Organization
0471970735: Information Technology and Organizational Transformation : Innovation for the 21st Century Organization
0471970743: Economic Inputs, Legal Outputs : The Role of Economists in Modern Antitrust
0471970751: Managing Business Relationships
0471970786: Life-Span Developmental Psychology
0471970808: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders : Concepts and Therapy
0471970832: Dynamics of Industrial Location : The Factory, the Firm and the Production System
0471970840: Death of Motoring? : Car Making and Automobility in the 21st Century
0471970859: Geographical Data : Characteristics and Sources
0471970867: Endocrine and Hormonal Toxicology
0471970891: High Performance Loudspeakers
0471970913: High Performance Loudspeakers
0471970948: Standard Methods for Analysis and Testing of Petroleum and Related Products - 1997
0471970972: Gene Transcription
0471970980: Cohesive Sediments : 4th Nearshore and Estuarine Cohesive Sediment Transport Conference, Intercoh '94, 11-15 July 1994, Wallingford, England, U. K.
0471970999: Quality Management in Urban Tourism
0471971006: Polymer Surfaces : From Physics to Technology
0471971014: PatientWise
0471971057: Antibiotic Resistance
0471971065: Organic Reaction Mechanisms 1995 Vol. 95 : An Annual Survey of Literature
0471971073: Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry : Complete 8 Volume Set
0471971081: Handbook of Diagnostic Procedures for Petroleum-Contaminated Sites
0471971138: Exploiting the Internet : Understanding and Exploiting an Investment in the Internet
0471971146: Inorganic Electronic Structure and Spectroscopy, Applications and Case Studies
0471971170: Modern Strategy for Preclinical Pharmaceutical R and D : Towards the Virtual Research Company
0471971227: Drug Regimen Compliance : Issues in Clinical Trials and Patient Management
0471971235: New Europe : Economy, Society and Environment
0471971243: Inorganic Electronic Structure and Spectroscopy, Methodology
0471971294: Chemical Bonds : A Dialog
0471971308: Chemical Bonds : A Dialog
0471971332: Diet, Nutrition & Chronic Disease
0471971367: Statistics Further from Scratch
0471971375: People-Centred Health Promotion
0471971383: Ige Regulation : Molecular Mechanisms
0471971421: Named Organic Reactions
0471971448: Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells
0471971456: Architectures for Digital Signal Processing
0471971472: Generalized Riccati Theory and Robust Control
0471971502: Genetic Algorithms and Grouping Problems
0471971510: Foundations of Neuro-Fuzzy Systems
0471971529: Dairy Cattle
0471971537: Oil and Islam : Social and Economic Issues
0471971545: Molecular Interactions : From van der Waals to Strongly Bound Complexes
0471971553: Freely Suspended Liquid Crystalline Films
0471971634: Reproductive Biology of Invertebrates, Progress in Male Gamete Ultrastructure and Phylogeny
0471971642: Business Unit Strategy
0471971677: Regulating the European Environment
0471971685: Papillomavirus Infections in Human Pathology
0471971758: Quantum Electronics
0471971766: Quantum Electronics
0471971812: STL for C++ Programmers
0471971847: Boundary Integral Equation Methods for Solids and Fluids
0471971898: Analysis, Design and Optimization of Composite Structures
0471971901: Singapore : A Developmental City State
0471971928: Stochastic Processes and Random Vibrations : Theory and Practice
0471971936: Geomorphology and Global Tectonics
0471971944: T Lymphocytes Subpopulations in Immunotoxicology
0471971952: Synthesis of Organometallic Compounds : A Practical Guide
0471971979: Towards Cosmopolis : Planning for Multicultural Cities
0471971987: Towards Cosmopolis : Planning for Multicultural Cities
0471971995: Machine Learning & Data Mining
0471972010: Toxicology of Contact Dermatitis
0471972029: Palladium Reagents and Catalysts : Innovations in Organic Synthesis
0471972053: Implementing Value at Risk
0471972088: Requirements Engineering : Processes and Techniques
0471972223: Making Enquiries into Alleged Child Abuse and Neglect : Partnership with Families
0471972266: Digital Audio Signal Processing
0471972282: Performance of Computer Communication Systems : A Model-Based Approach
0471972290: Introduction to Cosmology
0471972304: Theory and Practice in Behavior Therapy
0471972363: Private Health Sector Growth in Asia : Issues and Implications
0471972371: Edge of Chaos : Financial Booms, Bubbles, Crashes and Chaos
0471972428: Quantum Chemical Methods in Main-Group Chemistry
0471972436: Behaviour Therapy (Series in Psychology)
0471972460: Agri Info : Guidelines for World Crop and Livestock Production
0471972487: Guided Electromagnetic Waves : Properties and Analysis
0471972495: Carbon Dioxide and Plant Responses
0471972533: Principles and Methods in Supramolecular Chemistry
0471972614: Chemical Analysis : Modern Instrumental Methods and Techniques
0471972622: Laboratory Animal Endocrinology : Hormonal Action, Control Mechanisms and Interactions with Drugs
0471972630: Application of Neural Networks to Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Systems
0471972665: Introduction to Scientific Computing
0471972738: Communicable Disease : Epidemiology and Control
0471972770: Immunological Techniques Made Easy
0471972789: Telomeres and Telomerase
0471972797: Oligonucleotides as Therapeutic Agents
0471972835: Basic Mathematics for Chemists
0471972843: Basic Mathematics for Chemists
0471972851: Particle Physics
0471972878: Media Engineering : A Guide to Developing Information Products
0471972886: Rotordynamics Prediction in Engineering
0471972894: Dam Hydraulics
0471972916: Introduction to Fire Dynamics
0471972924: Surface Analysis-The Principal Techniques
0471972975: Pollution Risk Assessment and Management
0471972983: Computational Science for the 21st Century
0471972991: Statistics in Ecotoxicology
0471973025: Mr. Boston : Official Bartender's and Party Guide
0471973408: Principles and Practice of Clinical Virology
0471973432: Using Political Ideas
0471973440: Chemical and Physical Networks Vol. 1 : Formation and Control of Properties
0471973467: Networks and Telecommunications : Design and Operation
0471973475: Field Hydrogeology
0471973483: Stochastic Processes for Water Scientists : Developments and Applications
0471973491: Landslides in the Thick Loess Terrain of North-West China
0471973505: Hydrometry : Principles and Practice
0471973513: Varieties of Fluvial Form
0471973572: Network-Based Images : A Practical Guide to Acquisition, Storage, Conversion, Compression and Transmission
0471973602: Phosphorus
0471973629: Handbook of Enology
0471973637: Handbook of Enology, The Chemistry of Wine Stabilization and Treatments
0471973645: Organic Reaction Mechanisms 1996
0471973696: Gold : Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Technology
0471973718: Design of Molecular Materials : Supramolecular Engineering
0471973726: Enantiocontrolled Synthesis of Fluoro-Organic Compounds
0471973831: Introduction to Cosmology
0471973858: Thermal Vibrational Convection
0471973866: Dusty Plasmas : Physics, Chemistry, and Technological Impacts in Plasma Processing
0471973874: Metal Vapour Lasers : Physics, Engineering and Applications
0471973882: Quantum Dot Heterostructures
0471973904: Paradox and Passion in Psychotherapy : An Existential Approach to Therapy and Counselling
0471973912: Dyslexia : A Practitioner's Handbook
0471973947: Modern Thermodynamics : From Heat Engines to Dissipative Structures
0471973955: Theoretical Treatments of Hydrogen Bonding
0471973963: Crystallization Processes
0471973971: Octanol-Water Partition Coefficients
0471974013: Integrated Circuit Failure Analysis : A Guide to Preparation Techniques
0471974021: Strategic Minerals
0471974056: Numerical Palaeobiology : Computer-based Modelling and Analysis of Fossils and Their Distributions
0471974064: Evolution Revolution
0471974072: Evolution Revolution
0471974080: Transportation Planning and the Future
0471974129: Essential Guide to Analytical Chemistry
0471974145: Biological Applications of Infrared Spectroscopy
0471974153: Capillary Electrophoresis in Chiral Analysis
0471974161: Modern Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry
0471974188: Introduction to Analytical Atomic Spectrometry
0471974196: Infrared Vibration-Rotation Spectroscopy : From Free Radicals to the Infrared Sky
0471974218: High Resolution Spectroscopy
0471974234: Spectroscopy for Surface Science
0471974250: Electrothermal Atomization for Analytical Atomic Spectrometry
0471974269: Microscopic X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis
0471974277: Chiral Chromatography
0471974285: Multivariate Analysis of Quality : An Introduction
0471974293: Ecotoxicology of Wild Mammals
0471974307: Elementary Lie Group Analysis and Ordinary Differential Equations
0471974331: Models for Mental Disorder : Conceptual Models in Psychiatry
0471974404: Digital Image Analysis of Microbes : Imaging, Morphometry, Fluorometry Motility Techniques and Applications
0471974420: Introduction to Grobner Bases
0471974439: Handbook of the Psychology of Interviewing
0471974447: Requirements Engineering
0471974455: Modern Methods for Trace Element Determination
0471974501: Buckling Experiments : Shells, Built-Up Structures, Composites and Additional Topics
0471974536: Nutrition and Chemical Toxicity : Implementing Derivative Models
0471974544: Regolith Geology and Geomorphology : Nature and Process
0471974552: Precision Agriculture : Spatial and Temporal Variability of Environmental Quality
0471974560: Plasminogen-Related Growth Factors
0471974595: Environmental Geology : Geology and the Human Environment
0471974609: Material Instabilities in Solids
0471974633: Unlocking the Stratigraphical Record : Advances in Modern Stratigraphy
0471974641: Nonlinear Modelling of High Frequency Financial Time Series
0471974706: Estuaries : A Physical Introduction
0471974714: Estuaries : A Physical Introduction
0471974722: Innovation Challenge
0471974730: Competency-Based Recruitment and Selection
0471974749: Managing in the Turbulent World Economy
0471974803: Strategic Decision Challenge
0471974811: Beyond Business Process Reengineering : Towards the Holonic Enterprise
0471974862: Statistical Analysis of Microstructures in Materials Science
0471974889: Statistical Issues in Drug Development
0471974897: Linear Control Theory : The State Space Approach
0471974900: Multimethodology : Towards Theory and Practice and Mixing and Matching Methodologies
0471974927: Cooperative Strategy : Competing Successfully Through Strategic Alliances
0471974935: CBI Series in Practical Strategy, Virtual Organizations and Beyond : Discovering Imaginary Systems
0471974943: Managing at the Speed of Change : How Resilient Managers Succeed and Prosper Where Others Fail
0471974951: Strategic Development : Methods and Models
0471974986: Deception in Selection
0471974994: Digital Nomad
0471975001: Achieving Maximum Value from Information Systems : A Process Approach
0471975036: Disease Management
0471975052: Neuron in Tissue Culture
0471975087: Software Engineering : Principles and Practice
0471975095: Advances in Drug Discovery Techniques
0471975117: Essential Mathematics for Economics and Business
0471975125: Mechanics of Viscoelastic Solids
0471975133: Consumer Behaviour : A European Perspective
0471975141: Internetworking LANs and WANs : Concepts, Techniques and Methods
0471975168: Dictionary of Communications Technology : Terms, Definitions and Abbreviations
0471975176: Dictionary of Communications Technology : Terms, Definitions and Abbreviations
0471975214: International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry : A Journal of the Psychiatry of Late Life and Allied Sciences
0471975230: Interest Rate Modelling
0471975257: Beyond Diagnosis : Case Formulation Approaches in CBT
0471975265: Successful Credit Control
0471975281: Fit and Healthy Dancer
0471975311: Experiencing Sport
0471975346: Bacteria In Biology, Biotechnology, and Medicine
0471975362: Structure and Imperfections in Amorphous and Crystalline Silicon Dioxide
0471975486: Power System Harmonic Analysis
0471975494: Eigenstructure Assignment for Control System Design
0471975508: Design and Analysis of Sequential Clinical Trials
0471975516: Helping Families With Troubled Children
0471975540: Understanding Physics
0471975575: Boundary Value Problems and Singular Pseudo-Differential Operators
0471975621: Preventing Mental Illness : Mental Health Promotion in Primary Care
0471975656: Offender Profiling : Theory, Research and Practice
0471975664: Cognitive Behavioural Treatment of Sexual Offenders
0471975672: Brief Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder : Traumatic Incident Reduction and Related Techniques
0471975699: Understanding Psychiatric Treatment : Therapy for Serious Mental Health Disorder in Adults
0471975702: Understanding Psychiatric Treatment : Therapy for Serious Mental Health Disorder in Adults
0471975710: Existential Time-Limited Therapy
0471975729: Statistical Methods in Spatial Epidemiology
0471975737: Gas Dynamics : Theory and Applications
0471975761: Encyclopedia of Biostatistics
0471975869: Collected Works of Jaroslav Hajek : With Commentary
0471975877: Mir Space Station : A Precursor to Space Colonization
0471975907: Introduction to Radiobiology
0471975923: Ethics : The Heart of Health Care
0471975958: Mobile Radio Networks : Networking and Protocols
0471975974: Psychology of Medicine and Surgery : A Guide for Psychologists, Counsellors, Nurses and Doctors
0471975982: Practical Guide to Acquisitions : How to Increase Your Chances of Success
0471975990: CFO : Architect of the Corporation's Future
0471976024: Computer Technolgy in Biomaterials Science and Engineering
0471976040: Applications of Organometallic Compounds
0471976075: Occurrence and Analysis of Organometallic Compounds in the Environment
0471976083: Corrosion Inhibitors : Principles and Applications
0471976105: Arid Zone Geomorphology : Process, Form and Change in Drylands
0471976113: International Environmental Law and Regulations
0471976172: Cognitive Analytic Therapy and Borderline Personality Disorder
0471976180: Cognitive Analytic Therapy and Borderline Personality Disorder : The Model and the Method
0471976199: European Wet Grasslands
0471976202: Transition Metals in Supramolecular Chemistry
0471976229: Beyond Value at Risk
0471976237: Teaching Children With Autism to Mind-Read
0471976296: Beginner's Guide to Mass Spectral Interpretation
0471976318: Introductory Digital Signal Processing with Computer Applications
0471976326: Strategic Discovery : Competing in New Arenas
0471976350: Moon : Resources, Future Development, and Colonization
0471976385: Buckling Experiments: Experimental Methods in Buckling of Thin-Walled Structures, 2 Volume Set,
0471976393: Instant Pharmacology
0471976431: Comparative Statistical Inference
0471976458: Statistics for the Environment, Statistical Aspects of Health and the Environment Vol. 4
0471976474: Statistics of Extremes : Theory and Applications
0471976482: Decision Theory : An Introduction to Dynamic Programming and Sequential Decisions
0471976490: Decision Theory : An Introduction to Dynamic Programming and Sequential Decisions
0471976512: Professionals on Workplace Stress : The Essential Facts
0471976555: Developing Java Software
0471976563: Thirty Years in Chichester
0471976598: Outcome and Innovation in Psychological Treatment of Schizophrenia
0471976628: Clinical Psychology and People with Intellectual Disabilities
0471976636: Clinical Child Psychology : Social Learning, Development and Behaviour
0471976652: Adults with Learning Disabilities : A Practical Approach for Health Professionals
0471976709: Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry : Applications, Theory, and Instrumentation
0471976725: Inorganic Trace Analysis : Philosophy and Practice
0471976733: Digital Processing of Signals : Theory and Practice
0471976776: Electric Power Systems
0471976784: Young People and Mental Health
0471976792: Interpreting Astronomical Spectra
0471976806: Tourism and Recreation in Rural Areas
0471976814: Protection and Conservation of Water Resources : A British Perspective
0471976830: Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
0471976849: Thing of Beauty Is a Rare Thing
0471976857: Measurement and Calibration Requirements for Quality Assurance to ISO 9000
0471976865: Architecture after Geometry
0471976873: Theories and Manifestoes of Contemporary Architecture
0471976881: Glass Canopies : Detail in Building
0471976911: Peter Greenaway : Architecture and Allegory
0471976938: Future Tents Limited (FTL) Architects : Innovations in Tensile Structures
0471976954: Frontiers : Artists and Architects
0471976970: Modern Compiler Design
0471977004: Techniques of Electrochemistry
0471977012: Techniques of Electrochemistry
0471977020: Mechanistic Relationships Between Development and Learning : Report of the Dahlem Workshop on Mechanistic Relationships Between Development and Learning, Berlin, January 19-25, 1997
0471977098: Cities for Citizens : Planning and the Rise of Civil Society in a Global Age
0471977136: Environmental Challenges Confronting the Oil Industry
0471977144: Fluvial Hydraulics : Flow and Transport Processes in Channels of Simple Geometry
0471977160: Liquid State : Applications of Molecular Simulations
0471977187: Business Angels : Securing Start up Finance
0471977225: International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology 1998
0471977241: Distributed Hydrological Modelling : Applications of the Topmodel Concept
0471977276: Violence, Crime, and Mentally Disordered Offenders : Concepts and Methods for Effective Treatment and Prevention
0471977292: Principles and Practice of Clinical Parasitology
0471977306: Speech Recognition : Theory and C++ Implementation
0471977357: Library Builders
0471977381: Contemporary Museums
0471977462: Behnisch & Partners
0471977470: Frank Lloyd Wright Field Guide, West
0471977497: Tom Kovac
0471977519: What Is Feng Shui?
0471977543: Architectonics of Humanism : Essays on Number in Architecture
0471977594: Modernism Without Rhetoric : The Work of Alison and Peter Smithson
0471977632: Architectural Principles in the Age of Humanism
0471977640: Skyscraper Bioclimatically Considered
0471977659: Handbook of Applied Cognition
0471977667: Unlocking the Stratigraphical Record : Advances in Modern Stratigraphy
0471977675: Characterizing Human Psychological Adaptations
0471977691: Alcohol and Cardiovascular Diseases
0471977713: Epigenetics
0471977721: Antoine Predock
0471977764: Functional Morphology of the Invertebrate Skeleton
0471977772: Modern Transport Geography
0471977780: Counselling Couples in Relationships : An Introduction to the RELATE Approach
0471977799: Principles of Pavement Design
0471977802: Principles of Pavement Design
0471977837: Molecular Genetics of Bacteria
0471977853: The Art of the Long View
0471977896: Biopharmaceuticals
0471977918: People-Centred Health Promotion
0471977926: Chemical Reaction and Reactor Design
0471977969: Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Change : A CBT Workbook for Young People
0471978078: Columns : Detail in Building
0471978094: Hypersurface Architecture
0471978108: Sexual Identity : Sex Roles and Social Change
0471978132: Counselling People with Cancer
0471978183: Biomechanics of the Musculo-Skeletal System
0471978191: Neurotransmitters, Drugs and Brain Function
0471978213: Communications Coding and Signal Processing : Third Volume on Communication Theory and Applications
0471978221: Freshwater Ecosystems and Climate Change in North America : A Regional Assessment
0471978248: Nonlinear Physics of DNA
0471978302: Discriminant Analysis and Class Modelling of Spectroscopic Data
0471978310: Making Sense of the Children Act
0471978361: Handbook of Cognition and Emotion
0471978388: Brief Group Counselling : Integrating Individual and Group Cognitive-Behavioural Approaches
0471978396: Treating Complex Cases : The Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Approach
0471978426: Outcome and Innovation in Psychological Treatment of Schizophrenia
0471978434: Immunological Tolerance
0471978442: Computer Security
0471978469: Broadband Signalling Explained
0471978485: Nuclear Test Explosions
0471978507: Algorithms for Nonlinear Programming and Multiple Objective Decisions
0471978515: Evidence-Based Health Promotion
0471978558: Sci-Fi Aesthetics
0471978566: Tracing Architecture
0471978574: Alessi : The Design Factory
0471978590: Consuming Architecture
0471978604: Spirit of the Machine
0471978612: Cyperspace : The World in the Wires
0471978620: Cyberspace : The World in the Wires
0471978647: Reiser + Umemoto : Recent Projects
0471978663: Early Intervention in Psychosis : A Guide to Concepts, Evidence and Interventions
0471978671: Applied Nonlinear Semigroups : An Introduction
0471978736: Anxiety Disorders
0471978752: High Resolution Flow Modelling in Hydrology and Geomorphology
0471978779: Series in Depression and Anxiety
0471978787: Value Drivers : The Manager's Framework for Identifying the Drivers of Corporate Value Creation
0471978795: Health, Health Care and Health Economics : Perspectives on Distribution
0471978876: Chemistry and Appplications of Amino Crosslinking Agents or Aminoplasts
0471978884: Waterborne and Solvent Based Saturated Polyesters and Their End User Applications
0471978922: Photoinitiators for Free Radical Cationic and Anionic Photopolymerisation
0471978957: Resins for Surface Coatings Vol. 22 : Alkyds and Polyesters
0471978965: Resins for Surface Coatings
0471979007: Practical Guide to Equipment, Processes, and Productivity at a Profit, Powder Coating
0471979015: Biocatalysis for Fine Chemicals Synthesis
0471979031: International Intellectual Property Law 1998
0471979058: Isdn Explained
0471979074: Aqualex
0471979112: Statistical Methods for Chemists
0471979120: ADA for Software Engineers
0471979139: Ergodicity and Stability of Stochastic Processes
0471979147: Applied Microeconomics
0471979171: Maraca : The Biodiversity and Environment of an Amazonian Rainforest
0471979201: Solid State Organometallic Chemistry : Methods and Applications
0471979244: Reagents, Auxiliaries and Catalysts for C-C Bond Formation
0471979252: Handbook of Reagents for Organic Synthesis, Acidic and Basic Reagents Vol. 2
0471979260: Oxidizing and Reducing Agents
0471979279: Activating Agents and Protecting Groups
0471979287: Leadership for Competitive Advantage
0471979295: Trust and Transition : Managing Today's Employment Relationship
0471979309: Ten Keys to Successful Change Management
0471979317: Computer Simulation in Management Science
0471979325: Strategic Market Planning : A Blueprint for Success
0471979333: Managing Outside Pressure : Strategies for Preventing Corporate Disasters
0471979368: Nuclear Physics : Principles and Applications
0471979384: Decision Making for Small Business Management
0471979414: Linear Integrated Circuits
0471979449: Motivation and Emotion
0471979457: Cognitive Therapy for Bipolar Disorder : A Therapist's Guide to Concepts, Methods, and Practice
0471979473: Therapeutics in Geriatric Neuropsychiatry
0471979511: Grain Boundaries : Their Microstructure and Chemistry
0471979538: Working in Children's Homes : Challenges and Complexities
0471979546: At the Crest of the Tidal Wave : A Forecast for the Great Bear Market
0471979554: Euro
0471979562: Sampling for Analytical Purposes
0471979570: Risk Management and Analysis Vol. 1 : Measuring and Modelling Financial Risk
0471979589: Interest-Rate Option Models : Understanding, Analysing and Using Models for Exotic Interest-Rate Options
0471979597: Risk Management and Analysis : New Markets and Products
0471979600: Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics : SI Version
0471979643: High Performance Liquid Chromatography Software
0471979651: Community Computing
0471979716: Profit Patterns : 30 Ways to Anticipate and Profit from Strategic Forces Reshaping your Business
0471979759: Methods of Electronic-Structure Calculations : From Molecules to Solids
0471979767: Methods of Electronic-Structure Calculations : From Molecules to Solids
0471979775: Materials and Processes
0471979783: Evolutionary Developmental Biology of the Cerebral Cortex
0471979791: Population Genetics of Multiple Loci
0471979821: THE NEONATE Clinical Biochemistry, Physiology, and Pathology
0471979848: Introductory Digital Signal Processing with Computer Applications
0471979864: Giant Vesicles
0471980072: WCS)Fundamentals of Physics 7th Edition Extended Volume 2 for SUNY Buffalo
0471980307: Principles of Color Reproduction
0471980498: Chemistry of the Amides
0471980501: Chemistry of the Alkenes
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