0471980544: Speech Communication Rational Approach
0471980552: Babies: Human Development During The First Year
0471980838: Persistent Viral Infections
0471980846: Semiconductor Micromachining
0471980854: Introduction to Computational Chemistry
0471980862: Metallocene-based Polyolefins : Preparation, Properties and Technology
0471980889: Chemistry of Pollution
0471980897: Eradication of Infectious Diseases
0471980943: Intelligent Broadband Networks
0471980951: Intelligent System Applications in Power Engineering
0471980978: MaX-1: A Visual Electromagnetics Platform for PCs
0471981001: High-Strength Materials
0471981028: Neurobiology in the Treatment of Eating Disorders
0471981036: Theory of Statistical Inference
0471981044: Physics
0471981079: Uncertain Friendship : American-French Diplomatic Relations Through the Cold War
0471981087: Psychology and Psychiatry : Integrating Medical Practice
0471981095: Textbook of Treatment Algorithms in Psychopharmacology
0471981214: Chirality in Agrochemicals
0471981230: Hydrolysis, Oxidation and Reduction
0471981265: Consumer Behavior : Basic Findings and Management Implications
0471981281: Accelerating CNS Drug Development
0471981303: Processes and Phenomena in Social Change
0471981311: Strategies for Planned Change
0471981354: Introduction to Community Psychology
0471981419: Linux Kernel Book
0471981427: Computer Graphics for Java Programmers
0471981443: Cognitive Therapy in Groups : Guidelines and Resources for Practice
0471981478: Risk Assessment in Environmental Management : A Guide for Managing Chemical Contamination Problems
0471981494: Waste Treatment and Disposal
0471981508: Study of Enzyme Mechanisms
0471981516: Working and Surviving in Organisations : A Trainer's Guide to Developing Organisational Skills
0471981524: Theory of Modelling and Simulation
0471981532: Tropical Tuber Crops
0471981540: New Quantitative Approach to Powder Technology
0471981559: Sintered Metallic and Ceramic Materials
0471981567: Personnel Selection
0471981605: Financial Markets Tick by Tick
0471981648: Chemistry of Organic Derivatives of Gold and Silver
0471981656: Introduction to Bayesian Inference in Econometrics
0471981664: Waste Treatment and Disposal
0471981680: Glacier Hydrology and Hydrochemistry
0471981699: Marketing Strategies for Competitive Advantage
0471981710: Turbulent Mixing and Chemical Reactions
0471981729: Monte Carlo Applications in Systems Engineering
0471981745: New and Resurgent Infections
0471981907: Studies of Appalachian Geology Northern and Mariti Me
0471981958: Physics and Chemistry of Solids
0471981974: Principles and Practice of Geriatric Psychiatry
0471981990: Governments and Health Systems : Implications of Differing Involvements
0471982008: Engineering Design by Geometric Programming
0471982024: Encyclopaedia of Seed Production of World Crops
0471982075: Interviewing Children : A Guide for Child Care and Forensic Practitioners
0471982105: Zenkovich: Processes of Coastal Develo
0471982121: Applied Nonlinear Optics (Pure & Applied Optics S.)
0471982148: Remembering Trauma : A Psychotherapist's Guide to Memory and Illusion
0471982164: Attributions in Action : A Practical Approach to Coding Qualitative Data
0471982180: Supporting the Families of Children with Autism
0471982202: Fundamentals of Fibre Formation : The Science of Fibre Spinning and Drawing
0471982210: Cognitive Psychotherapy of Psychotic and Personality Disorders : Handbook of Theory and Practice
0471982229: Beyond Diagnosis : Case Formulation Approaches in CBT
0471982253: Casebook in Production Management
0471982288: Psychotherapy, Counselling and Primary Mental Health Care
0471982318: Excessive Appetites : A Psychological View of Addictions
0471982326: Theory of Linear and Integer Programming
0471982377: London : More by Fortune Than Design
0471982385: Psychology, Law and Eyewitness Testimony
0471982407: Finite Elements and Approximations
0471982431: Discovering the Solar System
0471982520: Waveguide Junction Circulators : Theory and Practice
0471982539: Projection Displays
0471982547: Improving Software Practice
0471982555: Cell and Tissue Culture : Laboratory Procedures in Biotechnology
0471982571: Implementing Change with Clinical Audit
0471982598: Gap Junction-Mediated Intercellular Signalling in Health and Disease
0471982601: International Environmental Laws and Regulations
0471982628: Sensory Guidance of Movement
0471982644: Hypoglycemia in Clinical Diabetes
0471982652: Dangerous Waters
0471982725: Molecular Biology of Cytokines
0471982776: Channel Coding for Telecommunications
0471982784: GSM Communication Networks
0471982806: System Safety : HAZOP and Software HAZOP
0471982849: Chirality in Industry II : Developments in the Commercial Manufacture and Applications of Optically Active Compounds
0471982857: Computational Geomechanics with Special Reference to Earthquake Engineering
0471982865: Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces III
0471982873: Extraction Methods for Environmental Analysis
0471982881: Big Change : A Route-Map for Corporate Transformation
0471982938: Amorphous Silicon
0471982962: Practical Statistics for Field Biology
0471982970: Methodology and Tacit Knowledge : Two Experiments in Econometrics
0471982997: Helping Families With Troubled Children
0471983020: Memory : A Guide for Professionals
0471983039: Mind Myths : Exploring Popular Assumptions about the Mind and Brain
0471983071: Elementary Kinematics of Mechanisms.
0471983098: Queueing Networks : Customers, Signals and Product Form Solutions
0471983128: Hypermedia and the Web : An Engineering Approach
0471983160: Tourism and Economic Development : European Experience
0471983187: European Review of Social Psychology
0471983209: Thermal Quadrupoles : Solving the Heat Equation Through Integral Transforms
0471983225: International Marketing Research : Concepts and Methods
0471983268: Origin and Evolution of Tropical Rain Forests
0471983284: Children With Autism and Asperger Syndrome
0471983292: Clinical Data Management
0471983314: Introductory Astronomy
0471983322: Introductory Astronomy
0471983330: Core Organic Chemistry
0471983349: Child Sexual Abuse : Responding to the Experiences of Children
0471983373: Adaptive Filters Theory and Applications
0471983381: Environment and the Developing World
0471983411: Tourism Promotion and Power : Creating Images, Creating Identities
0471983454: Evolution of American Urban Design : A Chronological Anthology
0471983462: Money and the Space Economy
0471983470: Money and the Space Economy
0471983497: Financial Strategy : Adding Stakeholder Value
0471983500: Excel Models for Business and Operations Management +D3
0471983535: Computer Algebra Systems : A Practical Guide
0471983594: ISDN Explained - Worldwide Network & Applications Technology 3e D3 (plus leaflet)
0471983624: Thermal Analysis
0471983632: Handbook of Thermal Analysis
0471983640: Modern Derivatization Methods for Separation Science
0471983659: In Vivo NMR Spectroscopy : Principles and Techniques
0471983667: Derivatives : The Theory and Practice of Financial Engineering
0471983683: Monument Builders : Modern Architecture and Death, Academy Edition.
0471983691: Properties of Solvents
0471983705: Meta-Analysis of Controlled Clinical Trials
0471983713: Forensic and Environmental Detection of Explosives
0471983721: Practical High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
0471983748: Kinetic Peculiarities of Solid Phase Reactions
0471983756: International Handbook of Alcohol Dependence and Problems
0471983764: Health Economics of Dementia
0471983799: Irrigation
0471983802: Development of Self-Regulation Through Private Speech
0471983810: Biological Mineralization
0471983837: Basic Quantum Mechanics
0471983845: Preparative Gas Chromatography
0471983861: Digital Multimedia
0471983896: Derivatives +CD
0471983918: The Profit Zone: how strategic business design will lead you to tomorrow's profits
0471983926: Economic and Management Methods for Tourism and Hospitality Research
0471983950: Handbook of Contemporary Hospitality Management Research
0471983969: Private Equity
0471983977: X-Rays from Laser Plasmas : Generation and Applications
0471983985: Ecstatic Architecture : The Surprising Link
0471983993: Food Borne Carcinogens : Heterocyclic Amines
0471984051: Trends in Organizational Behavior
0471984078: Competitor Intelligence
0471984116: Modern Petroleum Technology
0471984191: Power of Contemporary Architecture
0471984213: Experimental Approach to Projective Techniques
0471984221: Ephemeral/Portable Architecture
0471984248: Everyday and Architecture
0471984256: Introduction to Computational Chemistry
0471984264: European Review of Social Psychology
0471984272: Information Tectonics
0471984280: Information Tectonics
0471984353: Toward a Metric of Science
0471984388: Strategies for Mentoring : A Blueprint for Successful Organizational Development
0471984418: Planning Beyond 2000
0471984426: Planning Beyond 2000
0471984469: Incised River Channels : Processes, Forms, Engineering, and Management
0471984477: Digital Diffractive Optics : An Introduction to Planar Diffractive Optics and Related Technology
0471984507: Laser Applications in Surface Science and Technology
0471984515: On Growth and Form : Spatio-Temporal Pattern Formation in Biology
0471984523: Ball and Roller Bearings : Theory, Design and Application
0471984566: Children's Homes : A Study in Diversity
0471984574: Competitive Branding : Winning in the Market Place with Value-Added Brands
0471984620: Destination Z : The History of the Future
0471984647: Total Area Networking : ATM, IP, Frame Relay and SMDS Explained
0471984655: Palaeohydrology and Environmental Change
0471984663: Architecture Inside Out : Academy Edition
0471984671: Further Architects in Cyberspace II
0471984698: Modernism and Modernization
0471984701: Port Architecture : Constructing the Littoral
0471984728: Standard Methods for Analysis and Testing of Petroleum and Related Products, and British Standard 2000 Parts, 1999
0471984736: Strategic Flexibility : Managing in a Turbulent Environment
0471984744: Integrating Hydrology, Ecosystem Dynamics, and Biogeochemistry in Complex Landscapes : Report of the Dahlem Workshop on Integrating Hydrology, Ecosystem
0471984752: Caring for Children Away from Home : Messages from Research
0471984760: Going Missing : Young People Absent from Care
0471984779: Leadership in Residential Child Care : Evaluating Qualification Training
0471984795: TheTrouble with Prosperity
0471984825: Introduction to Particle Technology
0471984833: Introduction to Particle Technology
0471984841: Handbook of Archaeological Sciences
0471984892: Algorithms for VLSI Design Automation
0471984906: Services Marketing Management : An International Perspective
0471984930: Homology
0471984957: Quantum Wells, Wires and Dots : Theoretical and Computational Physics
0471984965: Exercise and Sports in Diabetes
0471984973: Managing Strategically in an Interconnected World
0471984981: Habitat Conservation : Managing the Physical Environment
0471985007: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
0471985023: Microstructural Characterization of Materials
0471985031: Intellect Industry : Profiting and Learning from Professional Service Firms
0471985066: Encyclopedia of Material Tensors
0471985074: Electricity Markets : Investment, Performance and Analysis
0471985120: Unique Building : Lord's Media Centre
0471985155: Design Professionals and the Built Environment : An Introduction
0471985163: Design Professionals and the Built Environment : An Introduction
0471985228: Introduction to Planning Practice
0471985279: Economic Geography Reader : Producing and Consuming Global Capitalism
0471985287: Economic Geography Reader : Producing and Consuming Global Capitalism
0471985317: Colour Imaging : Vision and Technology
0471985325: Gender and Architecture
0471985333: Gender and Architecture
0471985406: Environment Statistcis
0471985414: Neural Nets and Chaotic Carriers
0471985430: Physics of Vibrations and Waves
0471985449: Modelling Change in Integrated Economic and Environmental Systems
0471985457: Idea of Time
0471985465: Modelling Scale in Geographical Information Science
0471985473: Water Quality : Processes and Policy
0471985481: Fluvial Processes and Environmental Change
0471985503: Computer Processing of Remotely-Sensed Images : An Introduction
0471985570: Environmental Assessment in Developing and Transitional Countries : Principles, Methods and Practice
0471985597: Environmental Economics : A Critical Overview
0471985600: Reclamation of Contaminated Land
0471985619: Reclamation of Contaminated Land
0471985694: Ice Sheets and Late Quaternary Environmental Change
0471985708: Ice Sheets and Late Quaternary Environmental Change
0471985716: Handbook of Water Economics : Principles and Practice
0471985724: Model Validation : Perspectives in Hydrological Science
0471985732: Aeolian Environments, Sediments and Landforms
0471985740: Global Commons : Environmental and Technological Governance
0471985759: Geocomputation : A Primer
0471985767: Geocomputation : A Primer
0471985775: Advances in Remote Sensing and GIS Analysis
0471985783: Frame Relay Networking
0471985791: Computational Fluid Dynamics '98
0471985805: Computational Fluid Dynamics '98
0471985813: Intelligent Guide to the Stock Market Investment
0471985872: Cross Cultural Psychiatry
0471985880: Vitruvian Fallacy : A History of the Categories in Architecture and Philosophies, Architectural Theory
0471985899: Le Corbusier's Legacy : Principles of Twentieth Century Architectural Theory, Arranged by Category, Architectural Theory
0471985910: Waterborne and Solvent Based Alkyds and Their End User Applications
0471985945: Practical Therapeutics for the Older Patient
0471985953: Type 2 Diabetes
0471985961: Dictionary for Clinical Trials
0471985988: Instant Pharmacology
0471986003: Progress in Developmental Endocrinology
0471986038: Viologens : Physicochemical Properties, Synthesis and Applications of the Salts of 4,4'-Bipyridine
0471986054: Soft Systems Methodology in Action
0471986062: Systems Thinking, Systems Practice : Includes a 30-Year Retrospective
0471986070: Designing Interactive Strategy : From Value Chain to Value Constellation
0471986089: Modeling in Medical Decision Making : A Bayesian Approach
0471986097: Antennas and Propagation for Wireless Communication Systems
0471986100: High Performance Memories : New Architecture DRAMs and SRAMs - Evolution and Function
0471986119: Dictionary for Clinical Trials
0471986135: Atlas of States : Global Change, 1900-2000
0471986143: Understanding Physics
0471986151: Lingo Sorcery
0471986178: Des-Res Architecture
0471986186: Financial Innovation
0471986194: Control Self Assessment
0471986216: Marketing the Unknown : Developing Market Strategies for Technical Innovations
0471986232: Performance Drivers
0471986240: Dictionary of Multimedia and Internet Applications : A Guide for Developers and Users
0471986259: Communications Technology Explained
0471986267: Signal Analysis
0471986291: Identification of Time-Varying Processes
0471986313: Fuzzy Control : Synthesis and Analysis
0471986348: Disease Mapping and Risk Assessment for Public Health
0471986356: Spatial Tessellations : Concepts and Applications of Voronoi Diagrams
0471986380: Progress in Polarography
0471986399: Electricity, Relativity and Magnetism : A Unified Text
0471986402: Understanding Drugs and Behaviour
0471986410: Children, Child Abuse and Child Protection : Placing Children Centrally
0471986429: Out of Hearing : Representing Children in Court
0471986453: Treating Postnatal Depression : A Psychological Approach for Health Care Practitioners
0471986488: Discovering the Solar System
0471986518: Chemicals in the Atmosphere : Solubility, Sources and Reactivity
0471986526: QAM 2 SW t/a Quantitative Analysis for Marketing Management
0471986534: Mathematical Theory of Selection, Recombination, and Mutation
0471986550: Practice and Principles of Pharmaceutical Medicine
0471986577: Engineering Distributed Objects
0471986623: Physical Biochemistry : Principles and Applications
0471986631: Physical Biochemistry : Principles and Applications
0471986658: Encyclopedia of the Antarctica and the Southern Oceans
0471986666: International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology 1999
0471986674: New Managerial Mindsets : Orgainzational Transformation and Strategy Implementation
0471986690: Environmental Analysis of Contaminated Sites : Tools to Measure Success or Failures
0471986712: Fundamentals of Psychoneuroimmunology
0471986739: Elements of Geology
0471986747: Elements of Physical Geology
0471986755: Management Science : An Introduction
0471986771: Elements of physical geology
0471986798: Filtering in the Time and Frequency Domains
0471986801: Handbook of Filter Synthesis
0471986828: Mathematical Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases : Model Building, Analysis and Interpretation
0471986836: Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders : Etiology, Pathogenesis and Therapeutics
0471986852: Hydrology in a Changing Environment
0471986860: Hydrology in a Changing Environment
0471986879: S-Centered Radicals
0471986917: Multi-Way Analysis : Applications in the Chemical Sciences
0471986925: Beyond the IT Productivity Paradox
0471986933: Marine Geophysics
0471986941: Marine Geophysics
0471987042: Understanding and Treating Panic Disorder : Cognitive-Behavioural Approaches
0471987077: Building a Better Tomorrow
0471987085: Philip Webb : Pioneer of Arts and Crafts Architecture
0471987107: Concurrency: State Models and Java Programs
0471987115: Post-Modern Electromagnetics : Using Intelligent Maxwell Solvers
0471987123: Sci-Fi Architecture
0471987131: Wiley Polymer Networks Group Review, Synthetic Versus Biological Networks
0471987166: Inelastic Analysis of Structures
0471987174: Over the Horizon : Planning Products Today for Success Tomorrow
0471987182: Strategy and Planning
0471987190: Value Net : A Tool for Competitive Strategy
0471987204: Creative Product Design : A Practical Guide to Requirements Capture Management
0471987212: Medical Statistics : A Commonsense Approach
0471987220: Euro
0471987239: Advanced Credit Risk Analysis : Financial Approaches and Mathematical Models to Assess, Price, and Manage Credit Risk
0471987247: Functional Organic and Polymeric Materials
0471987263: Social Therapy : A Guide to Social Support Interventions for Mental Health Practitioners
0471987271: Social Therapy : A Guide to Social Support Interventions for Mental Health Practitioners
0471987298: Investigative Interviewing : Psychology and Practice
0471987328: Resonance Energy Transfer
0471987506: Reuse in Electronic Design : From Information Modelling to Intellectual Properties
0471987530: Winning the Talent War : A Strategic Approach to Attracting, Developing and Retaining the Best People
0471987565: Basic Solid State Chemistry
0471987581: Introduction to Modern Cosmology
0471987603: General Aspects of Chemistry of Radicals
0471987611: Offender Rehabilitation and Treatment : Effective Programmes and Policies to Reduce Re-Offending
0471987638: Every Business is a Growth Business - How Your Company Can Prosper Year After Year
0471987646: Econometrics
0471987654: Store Wars : The Battle for Mindspace and Shelfspace
0471987662: Shock-Capturing Methods for Free-Surface Shallow Flows
0471987700: More for Inspiration Only
0471987719: Structural Reliability Analysis and Prediction
0471987735: Nonlinear Finite Elements for Continua and Structures
0471987743: Nonlinear Finite Elements for Continua and Structures
0471987751: CBI Series in Practical Strategy, Multinational Strategic Alliances
0471987786: Selectivity in Organic Synthesis
0471987794: Selectivity in Organic Synthesis
0471987816: Cases in Consumer Behaviour
0471987832: Metal Clusters
0471987859: Standard Methods for the Analysis and Testing of Petroleum and Related Products, and British Standard 2000 Parts, 2000
0471987875: Textbook of Clinical Trials
0471987891: Handbook of Reagents for Organic Synthesis
0471987913: Supramolecular Chemistry
0471987921: Digital Mobile Communications and the TETRA System
0471987948: Networked Futures : Trends for Communication Systems Development
0471987972: Physics of Stars
0471987980: Physics of Stars
0471988006: Signals and Systems
0471988014: Information Masters
0471988030: Understanding Suicidal Behaviour : The Suicidal Process Approach to Research, Treatment and Prevention
0471988049: Methods in Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy
0471988057: Journal of Pathology, Molecular and Cellular Themes in Cancer Research
0471988065: Computing Skills for Economists
0471988154: Insect-Plant Interactions and Induced Plant Defence
0471988162: All about Emotions
0471988170: IT Value Quest : How to Capture the Business Value of IT-Based Infrastructure
0471988189: Population Ecotoxicology
0471988197: Global and Transnational Business : Strategy and Management
0471988227: Practical Statistics for Experimental Biologists
0471988243: Conducting GCP-Compliant Clinical Research : A Practical Guide
0471988278: Rhodopsins and Phototransduction
0471988316: Supramolecular Chemistry
0471988324: Data Broadcasting : The Technology and the Business
0471988332: Quick Response : Managing the Supply Chain to Meet Consumer Demand
0471988340: University Builders
0471988359: Creative Accounting and the Cross-Eyed Javelin Thrower
0471988367: Enhancing Lan Performance : Issues and Answers
0471988413: Compendium of Quality of Life Instruments Book plus CD 2-10 user
0471988421: Compendium of Quality of Life Instruments Book plus CD 11-20 user
0471988448: Compendium of Quality of Life Instruments Book Plus Cd 51-100 User
0471988456: Macroeconomics : Understanding the Wealth of Nations
0471988464: Gramicidin and Related Ion Channel-Forming Peptides
0471988472: Handbook of Vibrational Spectroscopy
0471988499: Elliott Wave Principle : Key to Market Behavior
0471988529: Solar Electricity
0471988537: Solar Electricity
0471988545: Semiconductor Devices Explained : Using Active Simulation
0471988553: Telecommunications Optimization
0471988588: Handbook on Offender Assessment and Treatment
0471988596: Aspects of Minimal Architecture II
0471988618: Quantitative Molecular Pharmacology and Informatics in Drug Discovery
0471988634: Avatars in Networked Virtual Environments
0471988642: Fuzzy Cluster Analysis : Methods for Classification, Data Analysis and Image Recognition
0471988650: Power System Quality Assessment
0471988669: Industrial Biofouling : Detection, Prevention and Control
0471988677: Medical Biofilms, Detection, Prevention and Control
0471988685: Portfolio Indexing
0471988693: Multidimensional Chromatography
0471988707: International Textbook of Obesity
0471988758: Smart Card Handbook
0471988766: Evidence Base for Diabetes Care
0471988804: Bacteria in Biology, Biotechnology and Medicine
0471988936: Future Organizational Design : The Scope for the IT-based Enterprise
0471988944: Tourism and National Parks : Issues and Implications
0471994006: Mathematical Models for Surface Water Hydrology : Proceedings of the Workshop Held at the IBM Scientific Center, Pisa Italy.
0471994014: Criminal Behaviour : A Psychological Analysis
0471994022: Statistical Forecasting
0471994030: Statistical Forecasting
0471994049: Assessment in Higher Education
0471994057: Finite Element Method in Partial Differential Equations
0471994065: Tropical Climatology : An Introduction to the Climates of the Low Latitudes
0471994081: Physics of Vibrations and Waves
0471994103: Water, Wastes and Health in Hot Climates
0471994138: Distant Democracy
0471994146: Uncertainty Principle and Foundations of Quantum Mechanics : A Fifty Years' Survey
0471994162: Capital Budgeting Techniques
0471994200: Europe from Crust to Core
0471994219: Matrix Computation for Engineers and Scientists
0471994227: Carbonatite-Nephelinite Volcanism : An African Case History
0471994235: Policy-Making in the European Communities
0471994332: Earthquake Resistant Design : A Manual for Engineers
0471994340: Perspectives in Endocrine Psychobiology
0471994367: Captive Cities : Studies in the Political Economy of Cities and Regions
0471994375: Quinolines and Its Derivativers
0471994383: B and T Cells in Immune Recognition
0471994391: Abnormal Aging : The Psychology of Senile and Presenile Dementia
0471994413: Primary Commodity Exports and Economic Development : Theory, Evidence and a Study of Malaysia
0471994448: Management System Dynamics
0471994456: Progress in Liquid Physics
0471994464: Finite Elements in Geomechanics
0471994472: Medical Images
0471994480: Introduction to Liquid State Chemistry
0471994499: Information Methods : For Design and Construction
0471994502: Measurement of Intrapersonal Space by Grid Technique
0471994529: Theories of Group Processes
0471994553: Thermodynamics: A Rigorous Postulatory Approach
0471994561: Cyclic Three Prime, Five Prime, Nucleotides : Mechanisms of Action
0471994588: Adult Learning : Psychological Research and Applications
0471994596: Haemostasis : Biochemistry, Physiology and Pathology
0471994677: Biology of Symbiotic Fungi
0471994707: Coastline
0471994715: Mathematical Models in Water Pollution Control
0471994723: Parasuicide
0471994758: Evolving Continents
0471994766: Evolving Continents
0471994782: Chemistry of cyanates and their thio derivatives.
0471994804: Perspectives in the Sociology of Science
0471994820: Energy and the Atmosphere : A Physical-Chemical Approach
0471994839: Instrumentation for Psychology
0471994847: Mathematical and Biological Interrelations
0471994863: Elias Macromolecules Set.
0471994901: Biological Determinants of Sexual Behavior
0471994952: Special Interests and Policymaking : Agricultural Policies and Politics in Britain and The United States of America, 1956-70
0471994960: Chemistry of the Carbon Carbon Triple Bond
0471994995: Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Farming Systems of the Tropics
0471995002: Mathematics, Statistics and Systems for Health
0471995029: Conservation and Agriculture
0471995045: Interpretation and Processing of Vibrational Spectra
0471995061: Conflicting Objectives in Decisions
0471995088: Immunochemistry : An Advanced Textbook
0471995096: Conduct Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence
0471995118: Social Context of Language
0471995126: Cosmic Dust
0471995134: Management for growth.
0471995150: Brain Energy Metabolism
0471995169: Essays in Neurochemistry and Neuropharmacology
0471995177: Data Structures and Operating Systems
0471995207: Advanced Engineering Mathematics
0471995215: Advanced Engineering Mathematics
0471995223: Stability and Inflation
0471995231: Organic Reaction Mechanisms an Annual Su
0471995266: Model Building in Mathematical Programming
0471995274: Design in Architecture and the Human Sciences
0471995282: Material Accountability : Theory, Verification and Applications
0471995290: Origin of the Solar System
0471995304: Modification of Soil Structure
0471995312: Decision Networks
0471995320: Potentiometric Water Analysis
0471995355: Singlet Oxygen : Reactions with Organic Compounds and Polymers
0471995371: Manual of Industrial Marketing Research
0471995398: Concepts for Operations Management
0471995401: Models of Cities and Regions
0471995428: Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists
0471995436: Concepts for Operations Management
0471995460: Advances in Experiential Social Processes
0471995479: Stress at Work
0471995487: Gel Chromatography : Theory, Methodology and Application
0471995495: Logic and Society : Contradictions and Possible Worlds
0471995509: Studies in Geriatric Psychiatry
0471995517: Psychopathic Behaviour : Approaches to Research
0471995525: Mathematical Models for Social Psychology
0471995533: Electrical Breakdown of Gases
0471995541: Experience of Depression
0471995568: Essays in Microbiology
0471995576: Hydrobiology : A Text for Engineers and Scientists
0471995746: Architecture and Critical Imagination
0471995754: Geography and the Urban Environment : Progress in Research and Applications
0471995762: Violence and the Family
0471995770: Chemical Bond
0471995797: Codasyl Approach to Data Base Management
0471995827: Risk Assessment of Environmental Hazard : Scope Report 8
0471995843: Diseases of Marine Animals : General Aspects, Protozoa to Gastropoda
0471995878: Generation of Precision Artwork for Printed Circuit Boards
0471995886: Economies and Societies in Latin America : A Geographical Interpretation
0471995894: Not Quite Like Home : Small Hostels for Alcoholics and Others
0471995908: Privacy
0471995916: Numerical Methods in Offshore Engineering
0471995924: Practical Electron Microscopy for Biologists
0471996009: Brain Systems and Psychological Concepts
0471996017: Brain Systems and Psychological Concepts
0471996025: Electrophoresis in the Separation of Biological Macromolecules
0471996033: Conceptual Issues in Operant Psychology
0471996041: Analog Integrated Circuits : Operational Amplifiers and Analog Multipliers
0471996068: International Perspectives in Rural Sociology
0471996076: Tropical Tuber Crops : Yams, Cassava, Sweet Potato, Cocoyams
0471996084: The Tropical Tuber Crops
0471996106: Chemistry of Acid Derivatives, Supplement B
0471996114: Chemistry of Acid Derivatives, Supplement B
0471996122: Designing Organic Syntheses
0471996149: Polymer Surfaces
0471996165: World Communications : Threat or Promise, A Socio-Technical Approach
0471996173: Jungian Psychotherapy : A Study in Analytical Psychology
0471996203: Fibre Cements and Fibre Concretes
0471996211: Molecular Thermodynamics : An Introduction to Statistical Mechanics for Chemists
0471996238: Schizophrenia : An International Follow-Up Study
0471996246: Psychology of Emotion
0471996254: Psychology of Emotion
0471996262: Molten State of Matter : Melting and Crystal Structure
0471996270: Mathematics of Manpower Planning
0471996289: Development of Communication
0471996300: Finite Elements in Fluids
0471996319: Pesticides : Preparation and Mode of Action
0471996335: Studies in the Perception of Language
0471996351: Order in Living Organisms : A Systems Analysis of Evolution
0471996386: Principles of Ecotoxicology. (SCOPE 12)
0471996394: Electronics
0471996408: Electronics
0471996416: Computer Aided Structural Design
0471996440: Statistical Methods for Engineers and Scientists : A Students' Course Book
0471996459: Introduction to Macromolecular Chemistry
0471996467: Behavioural Treatment of Obsessional States
0471996475: Introduction to Organic Chemistry
0471996483: Mechanisms of Osmoregulation in Animals
0471996505: Melancholy Marriage : Depression in Marriage and Psychosocial Approaches to Therapy
0471996513: Variable Impedance Devices
0471996521: Patterns in Crystals
0471996556: Sanitation in Developing Countries
0471996564: Practical Fungal Physiology
0471996580: Dictionary of Microbiology
0471996599: Analysis of Cross-Tabulated Data
0471996602: World Communications : Threat or Promise
0471996610: Consciousness and Self-Regulation - Advances in Research and Theory Vol. 2
0471996645: Reliability Modeling in Electric Power Systems
0471996653: Charge Coupled Devices and Systems
0471996688: The Experience of depression.
0471996696: Personal Construct Theory : Concepts and Applications
0471996742: Physiochemical Measurements by Gas Chromatography
0471996750: Spatial Patterns of Office Growth and Location
0471996769: Group Processes in Social Work : A Theoretical Synthesis
0471996785: Theory of Box Girders
0471996793: Exploring Individual and Organizational Boundaries
0471996815: Moulds, Toxins and Food
0471996823: Creativity and Innovation
0471996831: Survival Probabilities : The Goal of Risk Theory
0471996858: An Introduction to organic chemistry.
0471996882: Concept of a Blood-Brain Barrier
0471996890: Socialist City : Spatial Structure and Urban Policy
0471996904: Emerging Strategies in Social Psychological Research
0471996920: Plant Strategies and Vegetation Processes
0471996955: Plant Strategies and Vegetation Processes
0471996963: Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
0471996971: Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
0471996998: Problem of Political Obligation : A Critical Analysis of Liberal Theory
0471997005: Acousto-Optics
0471997013: Industrial Relations : A Social Psychological Approach
0471997048: Brain Damage, Behaviour and the Mind
0471997129: Surfaces of Normal and Malignant Cells
0471997153: Plastically Crystalline State : Orientationally Disordered Crystals
0471997188: Signs, Symbols and Architecture
0471997218: Management of Energy/environment Systems
0471997226: Encyclopedia of Antibiotics
0471997234: Energy Methods in Finite Element Analysis
0471997242: Enzymes in Cardiology Diagnosis and Research
0471997277: Government Controlled Enterprises : International Strategic and Policy Decisions
0471997285: Dielectric and Electronic Properties of Biological Materials
0471997293: Nervous Body : An Introduction to the Autonomic Nervous System and Behaviour
0471997323: Fundamentals of Mathematics : For Students of Chemistry and Allied Subjects
0471997358: Thin Reinforced Concrete Shells : Special Analysis Problems
0471997366: Practical Approach to Computing
0471997390: Evaluating Management Education
0471997412: Optimization and Approximation
0471997420: Introduction to Statistics : A Nonparametric Approach for the Social Sciences
0471997439: Introduction to Statistics : A Nonparametric Approach for the Social Sciences
0471997455: Environmental Impact Assessment : Principles and Procedures
0471997463: Progress in Resource Management and Environmental Planning
0471997501: Computer Networks and Their Protocols
0471997528: Algorithms : Their Complexity and Efficiency
0471997544: Seepage and Groundwater Flow
0471997552: Numerical Solution of Algebraic Equations
0471997579: Soil Physical Properties and Crop Production in the Tropics
0471997625: Euro Capital Market
0471997684: Managing Knowledge : Building Blocks for Success
0471997692: Architecture of the Borderlands
0471997706: The First Canadians
0471997803: Environmental Physics
0471997889: Model Building in Mathematical Programming
0471997943: World of Business
0471997986: Pyramid odyssey
0471998028: Mrs. Beeton's Cookery For All.
0471998095: Solar Houses for a Cold Climate
0471998133: Combat Aircraft
0471998141: Transport Phenomena and Unit Operations : A Combined Approach (Kingfisher Guide)
0471998338: Seedhouse Health
0471998346: Protecting Your Home Paper
0471998362: Planet Earth in Jeopardy : Environmental Consequences of Nuclear War (Scope 28)
0471998370: Papillomaviruses
0471998397: Genes
0471998400: Political Decisions in Canada
0471998427: Computer Tomography : Assessment Criteria, CT System Technology, Clinical Applications
0471998443: Across Canada
0471998508: Polyvinyl Alcohol
0471998532: Journey to Excellence
0471998559: Water World
0471998680: Behaviour, Crime, and Legal Processes : A Guide for Forensic Practitioners
0471998699: Behaviour, Crime and Legal Processes : A Guide for Forensic Practitioners
0471998702: Maverick Deviations : Architectural Works Neil Spiller (1985-1998)
0471998710: Hypersurface Architecture II
0471998729: Sound and the Fury
0471998745: Errand Runner
0471998753: Stress in Health Professionals : Psychological and Organizational Causes and Interventions
0471998761: Stress in Health Professionals
0471998796: Women, Health and the Mind
0471998818: Social Psychology of Personal Relationships
0471998826: Investment Mathematics
0471998834: Image Processing : The Fundamentals
0471998842: In the Firing Line : Violence and Power in Child Protection Work
0471998850: In the Firing Line : Violence and Power in Child Protection Work
0471998869: World of Scripting Languages
0471998907: Multilevel Modelling of Health Statistics
0471998923: Sensitivity Analysis
0471998931: Transport and Trafficking in the Malaria-Infected Erythrocyte
0471998958: Introduction to the Relativity Principle
0471998966: Introduction to the Relativity Principle
0471999008: Analytical Instrumentation : Performance Characteristics and Quality
0471999016: Analytical Instrumentation : Performance Characteristics and Quality
0471999024: Evolutionary Algorithms in Engineering and Computer Science : Recent Advances in Genetic Algorithms, Evolution Strategies, Evolutionary Programming, Genetic Programming and Industrial Applications
0471999032: Chemical Modeling
0471999040: Chemical Modeling
0471999059: Depressive Disorders
0471999067: Schizophrenia
0471999075: Reactivity of Molecular Solids
0471999083: Grignard Reagents : New Developments
0471999091: Reproductive Biology of Invertebrates Progress in Male Gamete Ultrastructure and Phylogeny
0471999105: Reproductive Biology of Invertebrates Vol. 9C : Progress in Male Gamete Ultrastructure and Phylogeny
0471999113: Metallocene-Based Polyolefins : Preparation, Properties and Technology
0471999121: Metallocene-Based Polyolefins
0471999148: Preventing Diabetes : Theory, Practice and New Approaches
0471999156: Analysis Of Economic Data
0471999180: Mechanisms and Biological Significance of Pulsatile Hormone Secretion
0471999776: Transport Phenomena
0471999903: Transport Phenomena
0471999911: Physical Chemistry of Ionic Materials : Ions and Electrons in Solids
0472001027: The Ants.
0472001043: Light: Visible and Invisible
0472001051: The Birds,
0472001094: Virus
0472001108: The Sun.
0472001124: Space Chemistry
0472001159: Two-Person Game Theory: The Essential Ideas
0472001167: Soil Animals
0472001175: N-person game theory;: Concepts and applications (Ann Arbor science library)
0472001183: The Wasps
0472001191: Child growth (Ann Arbor science library)
0472001205: The Evolution of Man (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics)
0472001213: Bird Sounds
0472001221: Whales and Dolphins
0472002155: English Sentence Structure -
0472002376: Catching on the American Idioms
0472002430: Words for Students of English: A Vocabulary Series for ESL (Pitt Series in English as a Second Language)
0472002503: Pronunciation Exercises for English as a Second Language : Second Edition (Pitt Series in English as a Second Language)
0472002511: Encounters in Modern Hebrew : Level 1
0472002570: Form Function in Architecture : Volume II (Form Function Series , Vol 2)
0472002635: Kutiyattam : Sanskrit Theater of India
0472002708: Intermediate Toefl Test Practices
0472002767: The Destruction of Troy: A Diplomatic and Color Facsimile Edition of Hunterian MS V.2.8 in Glasgow University Library (Society for Early English and Norse Electronic Texts. Series A, 4)
0472002783: Open Sesame
0472002821: Mastery: A University Word List Reader - Audio Cassette (Audio Book)
0472002848: Russian for Business and Pleasure
0472002856: Eureka!: Discovering American English and Culture through Proverbs, Fables, Myths, and Legends
0472002902: Choice Readings: Book 2 (Intl)
0472002910: Form Function in Architecture
0472002937: Randai : Folk Theater, Dance, and Martial Arts of West Sumatra
0472002961: Speechcraft: Workbook for International Ta Discourse (Michigan Series in English for Academic & Professional Purposes)
0472003003: Speaking and Social Interaction
0472003011: More Mastery: Vocabulary for Academic Reading (English as a Second Language (Audio Univ. of Michigan))
0472003054: The Odyssey
0472003089: Samantha and Samantha: The Sequel
0472003119: Targeting Listening and Speaking: Strategies and Activities for ESL/EFL Students
0472003143: Zero in: Phrasal Verbs in Context
0472003208: Strategies for College Success : A Study Skills Guide
0472003224: Fish Trek, Version 2.0 : An Adventure in Articles for Language Students
0472005006: Grocery Shopping Guide
0472007025: Years of Poverty, Years of Plenty: The Changing Economic Fortunes of American Workers and Families (An Institute for Social Research Publication)
0472007033: Years of Poverty, Years of Plenty: The Changing Economic Fortunes of American Workers and Families (An Institute for Social Research Publication)
0472010026: Middle English Dictionary : Plan and Bibliography,Supplement 1
0472010123: Middle English Dictionary
0472010336: Middle English Dictionary
0472010425: Middle English Dictionary
0472010514: Middle English Dictionary
0472010522: Middle English Dictionary
0472010530: Middle English Dictionary
0472010611: Middle English Dictionary
0472010638: Middle English Dictionary
0472010646: Middle English Dictionary
0472010719: Middle English Dictionary
0472010727: Middle English Dictionary
0472010735: Middle English Dictionary
0472010824: Middle English Dictionary
0472010832: Middle English Dictionary
0472010840: Middle English Dictionary
0472010859: Middle English Dictionary
0472010913: Middle English Dictionary
0472010921: Middle English Dictionary
0472011014: Middle English Dictionary
0472011111: Middle English Dictionary
0472011219: Middle English Dictionary
0472011227: Middle English Dictionary
0472011235: Middle English Dictionary
0472011243: Middle English Dictionary
0472011251: Middle English Dictionary
0472011324: Middle English Dictionary
0472011413: Middle English Dictionary
0472011421: Middle English Dictionary
0472011510: Middle English Dictionary
0472011529: Middle English Dictionary
0472011537: Middle English Dictionary
0472011545: Middle English Dictionary
0472011618: Middle English Dictionary
0472011626: Middle English Dictionary
0472011634: Middle English Dictionary
0472011642: Middle English Dictionary
0472011650: Middle English Dictionary
0472011669: Middle English Dictionary
0472011677: Middle English Dictionary
0472011685: Middle English Dictionary
0472011715: Middle English Dictionary
0472011812: Middle English Dictionary
0472011820: Middle English Dictionary
0472011839: Middle English Dictionary
0472011847: Middle English Dictionary
0472011855: Middle English Dictionary
0472011863: Middle English Dictionary
0472011928: Middle English Dictionary
0472011936: Middle English Dictionary
0472011944: Middle English Dictionary
0472011952: Middle English Dictionary
0472011960: Middle English Dictionary
0472011979: Middle English Dictionary
0472011987: Middle English Dictionary
0472011995: Middle English Dictionary
0472012002: Middle English Dictionary
0472012010: Middle English Dictionary
0472012029: Middle English Dictionary
0472012037: Middle English Dictionary
0472012053: Middle English Dictionary
0472012061: Middle English Dictionary
0472012088: Middle English Dictionary
0472012118: Middle English Dictionary
0472012126: Middle English Dictionary
0472012134: Middle English Dictionary
0472012150: Middle English Dictionary
0472012169: Middle English Dictionary
0472012177: Middle English Dictionary
0472012185: Middle English Dictionary
0472012207: Middle English Dictionary
0472012215: Middle English Dictionary
0472012223: Middle English Dictionary
0472012231: Middle English Dictionary
0472012258: Middle English Dictionary
0472012274: Middle English Dictionary
0472012282: Middle English Dictionary
0472012290: Middle English Dictionary
0472012304: Middle English Dictionary
0472012312: Middle English Dictionary
0472012347: Middle English Dictionary
0472012363: Middle English Dictionary : X/Y/Z
0472020099: Fluid Inclusion Research - Proceedings of COFFI Volume 9 1976
0472027026: Terracotta lamps from Karanis, Egypt: Excavations of the University of Michigan
0472027042: Ideology and Everyday Life : Anthropology, Neomaxist thought and the problem of Ideology and the Social Whole
0472027077: Prehistory of the Ayacucho Basin, Peru : Nonceramic Artifacts
0472027212: Historical Metaphors and Mythical Realities : Structure in the Early History of the Sandwich Islands Kingdom
0472030000: Dearly Beloved Friends: Henry James's Letters to Younger Men
0472030019: Sails of the Herring Fleet
0472030027: Imagining Adoption: Essays on Literature and Culture
0472030035: The Xavante in Transition, Health, Ecology, and Bioanthropology in Central Brazil (Human-Environmental Interaction series)
0472030043: DNA Mystique
0472030051: Politics of Rights
0472030078: Further Requirements Interviews Broad
0472030086: Castle Nowhere: Lake County Sketches
0472030094: Shakespeare behind Bars: One Teacher's Story of the Power of Drama in a Women's Prinson
0472030108: Susan Glaspell in Context : American Theater, Culture, and Politics, 1915-48.
0472030116: Public Opinion and American Foreign Policy, Revised Edition (Analytical Perspectives on Politics).
0472030124: Garden for Life
0472030132: Intermediate Reading Practices
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